Topamax Memory Loss

Absent Minded Says:

I'm on 100mg of Topamax 3 times a day. I've been on it for over 2 years now. I day all 3 doses at once. I take it as a mood stabalizer. It also helps my migraines and assists in weight loss but I've noticed sever memory loss as the years go on. My husband has had to repeat whole conversations to me. Ones we've had just a week prior. It's been more and more noticeable in the last 12 months. Does anyone else share this issue?

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Verwon Says:

No, it isn't a listed side effect for this medication, but it is difficult to know how it may affect anyone taking it on a long-term basis, since we are all different.

Have you discussed the problem with your doctor?

Do you take any other medications?

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Marquis Says:

I was on topamax for weight loss and had four seizures and prior to taking this had never suffered a seizure ever

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Colleen W Says:

Yes, I have been on this medication for about 5 years and it totally gives me brain fog. It seems my short term memory sometimes is non existent. There's times I cannot remember how to spell a simple word or even remember someones name I've worked with for 10 years... it's crazy. I talked to my doctor and he told me that this was a common complaint that he hears so he told me to take it at night. I found it best to take right after I get home from work. My nickname for it is 'stupimax'. LOL. The reason I take it is for my migraines. It also helps with weight control. I have to be careful because it makes me lose my appetite and therefore skip meals. If you have anymore questions, just ask. :)

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Colleen W Says:

ALSO, my girlfriend from high school (we're 48 now) takes topamax for migraines and she also has the same side effects as us.

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Deborah Says:

I took Topamax and it does cause short term memory loss. I was on it for about 1 year and it got to the point that I could not remember how to get to everyday place like the grocery. I had to make sure that I had my GPS on whenever I went anywhere because even though I may remember how to get there I might forget how to get back. The one thing that concerned me most was that I was trying to send my granddaughter an email and I could not remember how to spell her name. This upset me to the point of tears. I also know my husband's info almost better than my own and one day I had to give his SS# for something and I had to call him and ask him what it was. We have been married for over 35 years at this point but with some memory exercises I soon had to learn how to retain some info. It does get better and your body adjusts to the medication.

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cherokeemama Says:

I take 400 mg ...200 twice a day for migraines and fibromyalgia and its worked wonders. But yes you do suffer from brain fog or farts as I like to call them and sometimes hour can forget little things around the house... What you were about to do or say....what hubby just said. Yeah. That sucks. Two things. Tell your doctor right away. Secondly, start reading and playing brain games on android or iPhone or whatever. Its our responsibility to keep our brains from growing into a pile of veggies. Believe me you will tell the difference. Keep that brain and synapses from going to sleep you will feel better. I promise. I was just where you were...this medicine has a tendency to do this to us. Just be a step ahead. Good luck sweet cheeks and if you need anything let me know. God bless us all!

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Dana Says:

I have been onTopamax 100 mg once a day to prevent migraines for about 10 years now. For about a year I have noticed memory loss. At first my doctor told me it was just stress. I was having stress. But as the months went on the stress subsided but the memory loss has gotten much worse. I repeat stories and conversations, forget things and even coworker's names. I'm only 48!

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John Says:

I was on Topamax for approximately 7 years for, what the doctor called, "Minor Seizure Disorder" and had a terrible memory loss, primarily long term memory. I was taking 200mg per day. I changed neurologists and he immediately changed my medication to Lamotrigine (150mg) and after the first tablet my seizures completely stopped. That's been about 3 months now and not one single problem. I also noticed that I became much more alert, outgoing my short-term memory came back. Unfortunately the long-term memory is still shot. I thing the Topamax wiped it out and will not be returning. Fortunately my beautiful wife of 49 years still have a memory sharp as can be and she substitutes for my crappy one. As far as I'm concerned Topamax is a Medicine From Hell! I had a number of physiological problems clear up as soon as I was off of the topamax. My advice to anyone taking this stuff for seizure is to check with their physician about Lamotrigine.

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Deborah Says:

I have tried the memory exercises to try to recover my loss information but I do believe that it is permanent. I have to try real hard to appear normal but I forget what I am talking about in conversations. I hope some memory comes back but it does cause permanent memory loss..

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shelly Says:

Me too.. I have a severe problem of forgetting and my adult children take total advantage of me on that.. I went to my family dr and he lowered my topamax from 100 to 50 mg a day, I've been taking it for 12 yrs. then he sent me to a Brain Dr cause i thought i had brain cancer or tumor or something, so i wanted to get checked. This dr gives out topamax and he told me to keep taking it, he upped my dose to 200 daily and he said because im going through some major menopause issues that could be my problem. BTW, all women who are in their older years 35 and up or had a hysterectomy the losing hair and globs of it coming out in the shower, forgetfulness, hot flashes all day and night to the point you need to change your t-shirt undies or p.j's (your better off sleeping naked if you can) itchy burning and hot flashes then you'll get a chill, fingernails peeling off, ect ect that's all pre menopause and/or your in menopause. I've had these symptoms for 6-7 years and I'm going bonkers.. Topamax does NOT WORK ANYMORE after taken it for several years. I lost 30 lbs at the right time of my life when my ex-husband and I separated back in 1999 here it is 2016 and I started gaining weight back and getting my headaches again back in 2011. I still take topamax today at a low dose to help my migraines to just a plain ole headache but the pounds keep adding up on me i cant lose them for s***. I need to wean myself off of them so i dont get ill for 2 weeks.. I'm wondering if I stop the topamax for a few months then start them again will they work for me like they did back in 1999?

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Heather Says:

I too had the same dose and experience however my short term memory did not come back. I haven't taken Topamax for about 5 years now. I have had to resort to taking Aricept to function and have any kind of memory. I wish I had known this would happen, it sucks.

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Re: Heather (# 11) Expand Referenced Message

I have been on 400mgs of Topamax a day for years. My pharmacy calls it Dopamax! I take it for my epilepsy. I am down to 100mgs a day now and still cant remember anything. My good friends have to remind me when its my grandkids birthdays or I will be in trouble! Also the drug causes extreme eye pressure! I had 20/20 vision when I started taking it. I am now blind as a bat! Beyond progressives!!! And I just found out the damage is irreversible! My brain disorder was not enough! Now I can't see s***!!! Can't remember anything. Big price to pay to weigh 5lbs less.

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