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Oxetol 300 mg side effects

Hi there, My dad is 58yrs old, he's an epilepsy patient for last 30+ years..Right from inital stage till date he has been using sodium valproate 400mg twice a day. Recently a few weeks back he's affected with epilepsy (fits) after nearly two years gap. As a common practice we have consulted the doctor and has make him to undergo all the test (ECG/EPG) etc tests. As a result the doctor whom we consulted has advised to stop using sodium valproate 400mg and replace it with Oxetol 300mg and assured this should take care of the issue. Now all im worried here is, with my dad being 58yrs old, will changing the medicine now have any kind of impact? Will he be safe? Please advise, im pretty worried about his health... Thanks Pr ## It is normal for someone's body to adjust to a medica...

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Keppra generics comparison

My wife is on Keppra (brand name) and wishes to switch to generic brand. Do you have an experience with the various Keppra brands or with switching from the brand name to the generic? Tks. djs ## Yes, my daughter was switched to the generic brand by my pharmacy because my insurancen no longer covered the brand name when the generic brand came out. My daughter was in and out of the hospital for the next two months (for two weeks the first months and 3 of 4 weeks the second month) immediately following the switch. The doctors immedicately switched her back to the brand keppra. I do not recommend switching without doctor supervision. ## My husband was switched to the generic because we could not afford the brand name co-pay. He was on Dilantin and having horrible side effects. He is 55 and...

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Keppra Drug Information

Can anyone tell me how to get off of Keppra? I am only on 250mg 2x daily and I want off. ## Your best bet is to talk to your doctor so you can stop under medical supervision. ## I agree, I stopped cold turkey after only two days and thought my topamax would be enough I paid the price and was lucky to be alive.... ## I started off at 500 mg 2 times a day, then down to 500 mg a day, and now down to 250 mg..I seem to have some panic atacks. My heart beats fast, i get nauseaus and I have to lie down. Is this a side effect of tapering down? ## I don't believe the slow reduction in Keppra is a problem but the topomax is. I have used a number of antiseizure drugs in my years. I am presently on Keppra and have it down to 750 mg a day which works for me. just for the record many people on hi...

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injury-induced partial complex seizures during sleep, Keppr

I am now a healthy 60 year old woman and I fell and hit my head on the farm 25 years ago. Since then I have suffered from partial complex seizures that occur during sleep (not every night). I am currently taking 3000 mg of divalproex and 1000 of carbamazapine daily however my seizures are still uncontrolled and appear to be happening more often. Now my neurologist wants to place me on Keppra but I'm afraid that as a result, I might have unexpected seizures that are either stronger or that occur during the day; I haven't had a daytime seizure or a grand mal sort of seizure in years and don't want those again. I want to be assured the Keppra won't induce those and I hope you can provide me with your insight. ## Unfortunately, there is no way to guarantee that it won't....

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I am a 41 year old Family Doctor who requires 2 seizure medications. Topamax 200mg BID has been my mainstay for almost a decade. I have tried (in addition) Depakote, Lamictal and several others. Now Keppra. Although my seizures are controlled, I have developed the most severe cystic acne I have ever seen. Face, ears, neck, chest...incredibly painfully. These cysts have started blocking my tear ducts--my eyes are terribly swollen in the morning. I feel the tracts of these cysts up both nostrils. I have tried everything over the counter, all prescription remedies (Retin-A, minocycline, doxycycline) All to no avail. In addition to the acne, I (who consider myself an even-tempered, non-confrontational human) have become the most hostile, angry the point I cannot stand myself. H...

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solco Keppra Levetiracetam

Rose colored tablet with SLC 222 on one side & blank on the other, claimed to be Levetiracetam 500 mg generic for Keppra. The bottle at the pharmacy had a big black X written on the label and a picture of a yellow tablet (which is what I've been taking). Is this really Levetiracetam? Mfg: Solco Heal? ## Yes, Solco Healthcare list this tablet as containing 500mgs of Levetiracetam. The FDA lists its typical side effects as possibly including nausea, dizziness, mood swings, personality change and weight gain. Is there anything else I can help with? ## I have been taking Keppra (Levetiracetam) with an imprint of "slc 222" for a year now. Mood swings were hell in the beginning, but are fine now. I recommend not taking this when dealing with depression because it has made mine...

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USED FOR EPILPESEY ## The name of the medication is actually Keppra, it contains the active ingredient Levetiracetam, it is an anticonvulsant. Learn more Keppra details here. Side effects may include nausea, dizziness, unsteady gait and forgetfulness. Are there any questions or comments? ## is this drug ok with anti depressants and anxiety and Lithium? ## I just started keppra and I feel very tired and my vision is blurry

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Sleepwalking on Keppra

I have been taking Keppra for a few years. Within the first year I had a sleepwalking experience where I literally woke up not where I went to bed on my feet. I have been told I have been sleepwalking a few times now and I'm going to see my neurologist tomorrow. Has anybody else had issues like this? I have been prescribed different medications over the years for what I would call a mild seizure disorder (few and far between) I have never had a reaction like this. ## Hello, Bob! How are you? I'm sorry about the problem you've had. These anticonvulsant medications can really cause some odd side effects, since they work on brain chemicals. You may also experience mood swings, weight gain, dizziness and headache. What did you find out from your neurologist? You may need to try ...

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Took a double dose of keppra by accident

My husband takes keppra 2x's a day with doses of 750mg in the morning and 750mg at night. He took two 750mg tonight by accident. What should I look for? ## It can be taken safely in doses of up to 3,000mgs per day, but it is always best for him to inform his doctor to be sure. Did he experience any adverse effects? Typically taking a higher dosage would cause worsened side effects, which may include nausea, dizziness, drowsiness, and mood swings. ## My son took his medicine twice this morning. He took, 4,000 mg of Keppra and he took 1,200 mg of Oxcarbazepine within an hour. Will he be OK? What should I do? He is 18 years old. ## My son just took two 5mL doses of Keppra. What should I do? Should I skip his dose in the morning or what?

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will keppra show up on a drug test

Would keppra for epilepsy show up on a urine drug test? My partner has only been diagnosed with Epilepsy but had to do a urine drug test for a job and it came back positive for benzos, THC and Cocaine. ## Does keppra show up on urine tests? I don't want it to show up on my employment urine test.

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Seizure onset at age 20

My son had his first seizure in August 2015. He is now 21. It was not witnessed by me but by a healthcare professional during a routine appt. All labs, CT, Eeg came back normal. He was not put on medication at that time. Then he had another seizure in November. This one we witnessed and it confirmed our concerns. He had an MRI and sleep study. The MRI was normal but sleep study showed severe sleep apnea. Where we are now...he is currently on Keppra 2000 mg a day and has been seizure free for 4 months. He hates the cpap but is very compliant with his meds. He is a college student and enjoys going out and drinking occasionally, which I do not agree is a wise choice. His doctor told him the same. The adjustment to all this has taken a toll on him. He can't drive until June, he has alwa...

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keppra and acne

I am 25 and have been on Keppra for about 2 years. I have not had any seizures since last January but I have developed SEVERE cystic Acne. I had some acne when I was young but this is scaring and distoring my face and neck? This is not listedas a side effect but I didn't have this before and it is the only medication I take. I sa on some blogs that others has similar issues is that true. ## The side effect information that you receive from the pharmacy or find on the monographs on our site are just abbreviated versions, only required to list the first so many prominent side effects, there are usually many more that you will only find if you specifically look for the 'full prescribing information' or 'physicians prescribing information. Here's the link to one: ## Toda...

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Keppra side effect ?

Hi. I'm 34. I had a brAin stroke due to AVM hemmoraging last year . I got gamma knife surgery done but it takes three years for gamma to work(80percent chance that it will work. If it doesn't then I'll have to get gamma done again ). Anyway I've been on Keppra twice a day ever since (500mg twice a day). Recently I've started noticing that I feel stressed all the time . Like I have to do something very important . I get easily irritated and I can't control my emotions . I feel claustrophobic and overly burdened . The doctor mentioned that often after gamma some chemical is released in the brain that causes such symptoms n it only disappears once it completes it's cycle . He has given me meds for that . Has anyone else experienced something like this ? ## Sam, ...

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no periods after using norethisterone 5mg. is it a sign of pregnancy

i was having regular periods till 13th may. after this i got my periods on 26 june and now no periods. i had done intercourse on or after 26 july. before that it was protective. my doctor advised me to use norethisterone 5mg 3 times a day for 3 days. i have taken last one on 11 august but still no periods. i have done test on kit and its negative. is it possible that results may be wrong or how many days will it take to have periods ? ## Hello, Ruhi! How are you? No, if the test was negative, then it isn't likely that you're pregnant. You may just be experiencing a hormonal imbalance. Have you consulted your doctor, again? They may need do some more checking to find a solution. ## My last period is July 13,2016.. I did on Pregnancy Test the result is Positive, right away we Go t...

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keppra 1ooo gm

I'm have epilepsy I'm taking1000 gm Keppra for years and not having seizure attack any more how much is Precautionary doses i can take or can i stop taking keppra ? ## You should take the dosage that your doctor has prescribed, taking a lower amount, or stopping it may cause you to experience seizures. The NIH lists the typical side effects of this medication as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache, mood swings, and weight gain. Is there anything else I can help with?

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I can't remember if I took my keppra

I think I accidentally took a double dose of keppra - I'm on 750 mg twice daily, what should i expect? ## Hello, Ann! How are you? Did you experience any adverse effects? It can taken in doses up to 3,000mgs a day, so an overdose is doubtful, though that can vary depending on the person and how their body reacts to it, but you will most likely experience more side effects than usual and you may feel very dizzy, nauseous and drowsy, as listed by the FDA. It would also be wise to contact your doctor and inform them of what happened to be safe. Is there anything else I can help with? ## Ann, I take 1500 mg Levetiracetam ER once in the morning and 150 mg of lamotrigine 3x's a day in divided doses. As a reminder, I have set alarms on my cell phone when to take each med. I also take k...

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Started Keppra and experiencing severe pain on skin of feet

My son, 37, had a massive stroke caused by sepsis 19 months ago. He had neuropathy in both feet, got a strp infection in his feet which went septic and then had the stroke. He then had charcot foot bilaterally, very severely, which has been corrected as much as possible over last year thru surgery. He suffered a seizure 10 months ago from being put on Ultram. Now 3 days ago, he suffered another seizure blamed just on having a lowered seizure threshhold. He was put on 500mg Keppra every 12 hours. This morning, he started having extremely severe pain in his feet on the skin and the pain is moving around on the bottoms and tops of his feet. He has endured extreme amounts of pain in the past, but this is SO sharp and burning that he cries out every time it hits him... which is every few mom...

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Discontinue Keppra medication

I'm on 500 mg of keppra a day. I have never had an actual seizure but was prescribed it as I used to get really hot and nauseous, and feel faint. I have been on this for 3yrs. Can I stop taking it? ## Hello, Andrea! How are you? Actually, those could have been seizures. When you experience such symptoms, it could be due to focal point seizures, as explained by the NIH. Thus. I'd not recommend stopping the medication, without your doctor's approval. The relevant question is, have you experienced these symptoms, since you've been taking the Keppra? If not, then you have your answer that they were focal point seizures. The FDA lists the typical side effects of this medication as possibly including nausea, dizziness, dry mouth, mood swings and weight gain.

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Keppra 250 mgs

Recently have been having vague memory problems lasting 30 to 60 secs. Am68 yrs old. Dr suggested imay have epilepsy. Hiwsafeisthis drug andcanI fly ## Hello, Ann! How are you? It is no more safe or risky than most other medications. It is an anticonvulsant and it can cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, dry mouth, memory loss and change of personality, as reported by the FDA. Do you mean flying in a plane or are you a pilot?

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keppra xr, lamictal,& topamax- costa rica

i'm thinking of working in costa rica in a year or so.... i don't know if they have my seizure meds- lamictal, keppra xr, and topamax. they all have to be brand name, unfortunately... i can't seem to find a website that has a list for meds to countries. ## None of those drugs are controlled substances, ask your doctor (and call your insurance company) and see if you can get a year's supply prescribed at one time - most insurance companies will allow you to get a 6 month supply at one time by mail, you can try for a year - if not, have them do the 6 month supply and then have the second 6 month supply sent to your mom or someone else and have them reshipped to you in Costa Rica. ## There really is no comprehensive list available, anywhere, for what medications would be av...

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