Sudden Withdrawal From Neurontin

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Sinda Says:
I have been taking 600 mg of Neurontin 4x a day for about 2 years and recentlty ran out of this medication due to excrutiating slow service from mandatory mail order RX company.... I was extremely agitated during this time (approx. 5 days), nervous, stressed out, etc. Has anyone else had these symptons as a result of sudden withdrawal from Neurontin? I can't understand why this happened, I felt so scared and lousy for that time. Is this a known reaction for this med? I haven't been able to find an answer. I take it for relief from carpel tunnel syndrom. Thanks

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Verwon Says:
Almost any med, or substance, even you morning coffee, will cause some withdrawal symptoms when you have been used to having it in your body for awhile, and suddenly stop taking it. Did it ease when you finally started taking it again? If you have any concerns or problems, you should speak with your doctor.

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Sinda Says:
Yes, it did subside, thank you. I was however looking for info specific to Neurontin, why it would cause this specific reaction; how it works, etc... I am handicapped, on several (too many!) prescription meds, but have never had a reaction like this from sudden withdrawal and I realized I did not really know very much about Neurontin despite reading info provided from pharmacy when dispensing prescription. I did talk to my Dr. at the time but he did not have this specific info.

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Verwon Says:
There is normally a lot more information available than what you get from your doctor or pharmacy, when they give you a prescribing leaflet with your prescription, they are only allowed to list a certain amount of side effects and some basic information, this is from the FDA with the theory that they do not want to scare people away from taking needed meds. To get more information and details, you actually have to look for the physician's prescribing information, sometimes it is also listed under full prescribing information, and they usually don't make it available to the public, as they just want Doctors and pharmacists to read it.

However, you can usually find these online by doing a search, so to see if it contains anything relevant to what you are looking for:

PDF Cache: pfizer / download / uspi_neurontin.pdf neurontin full prescribing information &hl=en&gl=us&ct=clnk&cd=1



I am also disabled and suffer chronic pain, however, this drug did not work for me, no matter how high my doc raised the dosage. It is funny that way, it only works for some people for certain types of nerve pain. It can also be affected by what other meds you are taking, including opiates. Opiates tend to make it work better in your body and strengthen its effects, so if you are taking it concomittantly with those, then your withdrawal symptoms can also be affected by that.

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Sinda Says:
Wow, I've just did some reading in the websites you graciously sent to me and am shocked and amazed! I am lucky I only experienced nervousness - it could have been so much worse! Thank you, this is the info I was trying to find! It is outrageous that such important information is withheld (or at least extremely hard to find.) I am going to use these websites to do more research about the other prescriptions I am taking. I clearly don't know how to do a search well - the websites I reached did not have anything much beyond what was in prescribing leaflets. d Best Regards, Sinda

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Verwon Says:
I am so very glad they helped. You will even come across some websites that have a page or a pop-up that asks if you are medical professional and if you say no, they will not let you access the info, saying it is only available to professionals, so you have to do some clever searching to find what you are seeking.

If you search, using an engine such as google, make sure to always include the words full prescribing information and then the name of the drug, or physician's prescribing information with the drug name. That is the only way to find out all the real information that is out there.

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Cameron Jenkins Says:
A Google search of gabapentin withdrawal also reported nausea, somatic pain, respiratory infections in one elderly patient, and in other rare cases epilepsis in patients who didn't have a syndrome before.

This unnerves me. I was taking gabapentin for rehabilitiation after surgery for carpal tunnel release. My doctor gave no warning about cutting gabapentin, so when the refills ran out, I didn't bother refilling.

Now I've been in extreme, unexplained nerve pain up and down my spine for four days, and I just now dredged up the reason why, along with the fact that I could've had a seizure any of the times I've been driving.

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Cameron Jenkins Says:
Just pored over pfizer's documentation. To be fair, the incidence of patients aquiring epilepticus status on withdrawal is only about a tenth of a percent more than participants withdrawing from a placebo.

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Susan Says:
If you read the medication pamplets that are provided with the prescription, in the side effects that are listed with the prescription it list that it is important to take as prescribed and not miss a dose. Additionally there is information regarding Sudden WITHDRAWAL FROM THE DRUG CAN CAUSE SEIZURES. If you are running low on your Neurontin ask your doctor if he can prescribe you a short term presciption to get you thru the 5 day wait, or if you should space out your drugs so they will last for the full 5 days. Sometimes, your doctor can also provide you with samples to help you in these situations. Don't try to handle this on your own, but contact your doctor. I had a drug that I was running low on, and it was a necessary mail order pharmacy sent it overnight mail due to the delay in the doctor's office getting the prescription to them. Let the health care provider and mail order pharmacy know your situation. They are there to help you and keep you healthy....

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Harriet Says:
Go to defective and find the danger in this drug.

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Harriet Says:
I took one pill of Neurontin and I could hardly breathe, was extremely dizzy and then fell. They use this medicine for many things. It was designed for epileptics but they now use it as an anti-depressant, etc. You are experiencing withdraw symptoms which will subside if you don't take it anymore. Lots of luck.

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dee dee Says:
I am also going through Neurontin withdrawals. I was on it for 7 months for RSD pain caused from a fall through a window. I weaned myself off (though maybe not as slow as I should have) over the course of a week. I was on 1, 800 mg per day. It has been five days and I have terrible stomach cramps and pain, nervousness, cannot sleep, and am extremely tired. I can't seem to find any information on how long these withdrawal symptoms should last? Any info is appreciated. And is what I am experiencing normal?

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elf Says:
i have been on 1600 mgs of neurotin for about 10 yrs i want to quit i have weaned down to 1200mgs i am concerned about quitting after being on it so long is there any danger?

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J Says:

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leesa Says:
My son, age 42, has been on mega doses of Neurontin, Celexa, Hydroxyzine, Temazepam and Dilantin for bi-polar and seizure disorders. The doctor added Abilify to the mix and within 3 days my son was so confused that he didn't know his name, birthday or how to dress himself. I took him to the ER and doctors there took him off everything with the exception of 3 (800 mg) Neurontin, 1 (40 mg) Celexa, and 1 (30 mg) Temazepam, and 3 (100mg) Dilantin per day. Soon after this sudden withdrawal he started having abdominal pains and loss of appetite. He has had every test for gastrointestinal problems, gall bladder and pancreas, and nothing's shown up. I am at the point where I don't know what to do. After reading the posts on this site I believe he is having withdrawal from having the doses of all these drugs lowered at one time. His PCP put him on Bentyl a week ago but I don't see much change in his health. Any suggestion?

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Lee Says:
I have just been started on a low dose of Neurontin for pain of neuropathy, I assume. I really do not want to take another drug, (after reading the information and comments at this site) which does not specifically address my chronic discomfort from numbness, which is the only pain I experience for the most part. Has anyone any experience with Neurontin with the severe discomfort of neuropathy in my case?. I also recognized that certain drugs make my neuropathy worse. (Maybe even caused it to begin with). Again, has anyone had this specific problem?

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elf Says:
i hve been on neurotin for yrs i weaned from 1600 mg to 400
i have recently broke up the capsule so i can only take a little.
iwaske up early and edgy. yesterday i was very shaky and felt like i was on speed. it was awful
i am trying to get new insurance so i can go the dr.
i lknow i am going through with drawal i have been on it for yrs.

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D-. Dan Says:
Looking for information discussed
on CNN (06-30-09) regarding the medication Diprovan Michael Jackson requested for sleep aid from his nurse/Dr. Information requested is for basic info., for
personal educational knowledge. Spelling of mentioned drug is likely
wrong. Thank you.

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elf Says:
i am weaning off 400 mgs of neurontion i was 1600, now i am just opening up the capsules and taking a little powder. i am anxious and shaky hopefully that won;t last to much longer

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Paul Says:
I have been going through neurontin withdrawals, usually I do not experience side effects from meds but they were obviously resulting from the meds I have been taking for chronic pain. I was taking four 600 mg tablets of Neurontin a day, and I was wondering why I always felt so uninhibited and mentally clouded while taking the medicine, but I had always assumed it was the tramadol I have been taking as well. Well I stopped the med suddenly and have experienced extreme fatigue and muscle weakness, profuse sweating, shakes, racing thoughts and bad anxiety, and the worst part, definitely the worst part is the hypersensitivity and pain I have had, I would get an itch and it would be feel like someone just slashed me with a sharp object, so any minor stimulation feels excruciating. I am 7 days through the withdrawals, I just hope they end soon, I am tired of being so fatigued and weak, but my head is so much clearer that I don't want to sacrifice it and refill the script. Also my stomach has been extremely ill, meds that used to never bother me before now make me feel like I am about to vomit. Whoever withdraws from the medicine or begins it is going to be going on a wild ride, and by no means am I implying that its fun, but I read the FDA report on neurontin and it seemed to do well in its trials, and had demonstrated some efficacy compared to the placebo, but it wasn't that significant in my opinion. I lowered people's pain levels about 2 levels I think on the 1-10 scale at about 1200 and 2400 titrations. And plus I talked to a doctor at my clinic and he said that I should not have done that due to the seizure risks, but I already knew it was an anti-epileptic and that I am taking other medicines and stimulants that increase my risk of having a seizure on top of that, and he said I should restart it and reduce it slowly, but I don't think I am going to still.

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Ginny Says:
I too use Neurontion and six months ago was using 600-mg. per day. I decided I was fed up with all the strong pain pills I was on and began detoxing in January 09. Once I successfully got off Oxycontin, I began lowering the dosages of all my other drugs by about 25% each month. When I got my Neurontin down to 200-mg. per day without too much of an issue, I thought I would just quit it the following month. After a few days without it, I found my self going through much of what you have described. I went back to the 200-mg. and have remained there for three months now. I also found that it is very helpful for my pain level especially since I have discontinued the high dosages of Oxycontin I had been using and reduced my use of Norco, for breakthrough pain, by 25%. Today I will be reducing my Norco dosage another 25%, which will be 50% less of the dosage I had been using for many years up to January 09. Slow reduction of your medication's, watching your bodies response to the reductions,is the safest manner in which to get off of any drug. Even when a medication is not considered addictive, the body has become reliant upon it's regulation of certain areas of your bodies system and overnight discontinuance can stress the body to the point of causing heart attacks, blackouts, unstable gate and a host of unlisted side effects. If you want to get off it, reduce your daily milligrams each month by about 25% and in this manner you will discover if you want to go all the way off, or stay on a low dose because you realize that it does help your pain level. Anyway, that is what I've done. I decided to stay at 200-mg. a day because I found that anything less allowed my pain level to run amuck during my day. However, I feel great that I did reduce it by 400 MG.s in just a few months without an issue.

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