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Side effects of Vimpat - should I wean off myself?

My previous neurologist had me drop Oxtellar cold turkey and start Vimpat the next day, 100 mg. In the morning and 100mg in the evening. Was so sick for a week I couldn't function. Next week was better. But then I began to have shortness of breath, pitting edema, discomfort in my chest and arm. Primary care doctor put me in the hospital thinking it was CHF. Ran tests for 24hrs, had to release me - NOTHING WRONG. I did some research, all side effects of Vimpat. Can't see my new neurologist until March 15!! Want to wean myself off the Vimpat but all my family say NO! Is it safe for me to continue this med??? My eyes are beginning to change to a yellowish color - I just don't know what to do!!! ## Hello, Lillie! How are you doing? Has there been any change? If your eyes are tur...

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Was on dilantin for almost 48 years now vimpat

I had a seizure when 13 years old and put on dilantin. Had 2 more seizures till I was 21 and no more. I am now 61 years old. So it has been 40 years and no seizures. Mayo clinic md said per eeg I can have a seizure if I don't take seizure meds (?). From there he weaned me off dilantin and put me vimpat. I have been fully on vimpat for 1.5 months. My walking is bad - due to my cerebellum, which is bad due to the dilantin. Since on vimpat my unnormal gait has changed with different unnormal attributes. I have recently acquired tinnitus.... I am a buzzing bee. Unsure if it's from the vimpat or other reasons. I am trying to see my gp and neurologist about this - but still waiting for some questions answered. Like to my gp's nurse - should I see my gp 1st or do you want to refer ...

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Withdrawal symptoms from vimpat

I started taking vimpat i think last June or July. Not too sure, the meds have messed with my mind big time. Stayed at 200 mg, kept having grand mal seizures so eventually got up to 600mg a day. Had double vision, couldn't walk, numbness, memory loss, acted like a zombie, slept a lot, and was depressed. So she took me down to 500mg, nothing changed. I took myself down to 300, 100 in the am and 200 at night. Double vision and loss of leg control seemed to go away but i still couldn't think straight and wasn't myself. I have taken myself completely off vimpat to try to have a life again before the seizure comes that kills me, but i feel very, very depressed, alone, scared and ultimately just want to die. I can't just go see a doctor though due to Medicaid cutting me off wh...

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Stopped vimpat due to swollen glands

My daughter has been on vimpat 15 months. She has swollen glands off and on. Last week her glands were the size of small plums! Her primary said it was not an infection as her neurologist suggested. The neuro said stop the vimpat but now she is very sluggish and sleepy all day, but her glades have gone down completely. Should she have stopped cold turkey? She says sees bright spots and feels disoriented. ## Hello Kanie, I am happy to hear that your daughters glands swelling has gone down and fortunately for you the National Institute of Health has deemed that Vimpat (lacosamide) is not a dependency forming drug. This means that it is alright for her to have stopped the drug without weening off of it. That brings me to my next point, if she is seeing bright spots and feeling disoriented ...

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how do you go off vimpat

Weaning off of vimpat from 100 mg twice daily to 100 once daily in the morning. I have explained to the dr. That it’s causing eye problems, hair loss, memory loss. I have not had a seizure in a year. Wanted to know the best way to wean off. My dr. Refuses to wean me off so I’m doing it myself. Until I can find another second opinion. ## It would be best not to stop taking it, instead it should be replaced with a different medication. There are others that you can try. The first one my husband was taking caused a severe personality change, so he had to switch to a different one, this new one has worked wonderfully for him for several years, now. While eye problems, hair loss, memory loss, mood changes, and weight gain can be normal side effects, according to FDA reports, the ...

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Vimpat how to wing off

my son just switched from levetraceta/Kepra to Vimpat. he uses 7.5 ml 2x daily once in the morning and one dose early evening . he has completed one week of this full dosage and i fill like it is causing more frequent little seizures . so i cut back his dose to one dose of 7.5 1st day his 2nd day to 5ml . he seems to be doing ok . he is 11yrs old. its the weekend so i cant get info from the doctor . has anyone out there gone through this ???? ## It would be best not to change his dosage, without his doctor's approval. If he stopped the Keppra abruptly to switch, that could cause some withdrawal effects, which may include seizures. It happened to my husband, when he first switch off of Keppra to a different medication and is generally nothing to worry about, unless they turn into ful...

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Is Vimpat available in Canada? Where?

cost for 1 month suppy in US is $350. Looking for lower cost way to obtain this med. Daughter just started after other meds proved miserable for her. thanks for any info or lead. ## i don't know but i have been in canada and u.s. with uk anyone with a lifelong illness like me get prescriptions free, it has been like that for a long time but the goverments there i honestly cannot remember. have u asked your doc.,? or a nurse who would b able to tell u. there is alot of change in government worldwide so keep asking. dandy ## Any medication from a foreign country would have to be prescribed there, in which case a person is allowed to bring a 3 month supply into the U.S., thus a visit to that country would be required every 3 months. The FDA lists this medication as possibly causing sid...

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I AM TAKING LAMICTAL 200MG TWICE DAY, KEPPRA 1500MG TWICE DAILY AND JUST ADDED VIMPAT TO MY OTHER TWO I AM TAKING. AND IF THIS ONE WORKS, THEY WILL TAKE ONE OF MY MEDICINES THAT I TAKING KNOW. ## Many typical antiepileptic drugs, like carbamazepine or lamotrigine, slow the recovery from inactivation and hence reduce the ability of neurons to fire action potentials. As inactivation only occurs in neurons firing action potentials, this means that drug that modulate fast inactivation selectively reduce the firing in active cells. ## I also wanted to make sure you know that Lamotrigine is a generic of Lamictal. ## I read your reply regarding lamictal; however, I do not understand your answer. Is it possible to give a simple yes or no if it is safe to take with depression related meds? ## Wh...

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does vimpat contain sulfa

does vimpat contain sulfa? ## My wife was just recently put on Vimpat. She is on Depacote ER and Vimpat is supose to be in addition to it. A piggy back med. She has broken out in hives with several other meds. She just asked me if it looks like she is breaking out again. She does have a couple small pimple like spots, but nothing like the other times. My question is, is Vimpat a Sulfa based med? Thank You for your help. ## Does company contain sulphide or similar? My daughter was prescribed pregabalin and had to be hospitalized with very adverse side effects. I am worried for her to start this med as it has similar effects to pregabalin. ## It shouldn't. I'll allergic to sulfa, and no issues with vimpat. She may be allergic to something else in it. ## There are differences betwe...

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Vimpat Interacting With Lamictal

Does anyone else take Vimpat along with Lamictal? I started having a severe side effect when I added Vimpat to help control my partial seizures. I would become extremely dizzy and it felt like my eyes were working independent of one another, like i was walking sideways. this effect made me have motion sickness so I would lay down with my eyes closed and it literally felt like a was spinning around and around and around, so that didnt help the nausea as you can imagine. this would last for about 2 hours, then slowly it would taper off till I felt normal again. When I mentioned it to my doctor, she said that there has any been any recorded interactions with the two medications. Has anyone else ever had this problem? ## There are no interactions listed, just as your doctor has stated, but ...

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Vimpat dosage going up, possibly making things worse

My boyfriend is on depakota ER, and Vimpat. Previously he was on gabapentin, which stopped working. So Vimpat replaced that. The first week, he was to take all 3 meds to wean himself off the gabapentin. The following 2 weeks, he was to continue the Vimpat 50mg, and after that go up to 100mg. It was a SAVING GRACE, as he was having multiple seizures a week, and om the days he wasnt, he was still having the burning headaches and such that come with his seizures. Once he started Vimpat 50mg twice a day, all of that stopped. Even the headaches, and burning. It's only been 3 weeks but, it's done tremendously in this short time. This week, he has went up to 100mg, and it's almost like it's made things worse. It's only been 3 days, but he has felt horribly bad (like before ...

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Reducing vimpat dosage

I have been on vimpat, 150 mg twice per day since October and felt like a zombie and always tired. My doc recently reduced vimpat to 100 mg twice per day. I felt better and seem to over due my activities because today I woke up totally exhausted and slept all day. Has anyone felt totally exhausted when reducing vimpat? If yes, how long does it last? ## Yes, that can be a normal withdrawal effect, when you stop a medication, or lower your dosage. You may also experience nausea, fever, chills, and pain. It may take several weeks for things to balance back out, if they don't, then you should consult your doctor. Is this the only medication you are currently taking? ## Yes, I am only on vimpat. For 15 years I was misdiagnosed as having MS and 6 months ago, after being hospitalised in an...

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Vimpat 800 mg drug info

I am taking Vimpat 800 mg, and I would like to know more about this medication. ## Be careful with whatever medicine(s) you take because I have been on all of them while relying only on conventional medicine and my doctors but none of them have worked to control epilepsy or depression until I solved the problems myself. Because of the side effects that I went through I could not live that way and learned of complementary & alternative medicine such as herbal supplements, yoga, biofeedback, meditation, deep breathing, acupuncture, magnet therapy, and bodytalk. Most natural approaches improved my physical and mental conditions, giving me spirituality and confidence to reduce or eliminate some prescriptions drugs that were doing no good to me, but causing hemorrhoids, diplopia, thought...

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can taking vimpat with cranberry juice cause seizures

a week ago I gave my client her Vimpat with 50% water & 50% cranberry juice. She had several back to back gran mal seizures causing her to be hospitalized. Did the cranberry juice counter act the vimpat? ## Hello, Nene50! How are you? How is she doing? I didn't find any interactions or problems listed between the Vimpat and any form of cranberry. Did the doctors have any idea what caused them? Even the best seizure control medicines don't always keep them 100% prevented, so blaming yourself really isn't reasonable. ## Hello just wondering my brother cant swallow pills he takes vimpat 150mg anyway i was told not to crush anymore so i started cuting it into pieces now the pharmist told me to stop cutting what should i do can it be put into some type of beverage or juices #...

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Vimpat Effectiveness

i'm female and 59. had epilepsy since birth. it disappeared when periods came but returned when 2nd baby was born. he is 29 and it has been that length of time that i waited to get a pill 'vimpat' which i think is the best yet. does anyone else like it? I still have fits about one per month. perhaps when i see the doctor again he will up it but does anyone taking it have side affects? I had one in bed on sunday and i am still tired in fact exausted! one of the side affects is tiredness but i have never felt like this, in fact i won't stay on computer long, i just wanted to know if anyone else who takes it is realy tired. dandy ## My son just went up from 300 to 400mg Vimpat / day-- he's very tired We are trying to wean Topomax. My son can't talk so I don't kn...

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off hctz and now on vimpat...need joint med

My doctor told me to stop taking hctz after being on it for 7+ years on 2-2-17 because I was feeling dizzy and I had a seizure. My neurologist put me on Vimpat for seizures on 2-3. Hctz worked very well for my joints and especially my knees after 3 knee surgeries. What can I take to help my burning knees while taking vimpat? I have tried 6 ibuprofen per day but they do not work that well. No problem with peeing without hctz the diuretic I was taking. Do I need a diuretic for edema or a joint pain med which don't work. Help! I am 60 and female.

Vimpat dissolving

Hello, I have been on vimpat for a little over a year. No complaints. I take 200 mg twice a day. I am wondering how long it takes to dissolve in our stomach and into the blood stream? ## Regular release medications usually take about 15 to 20 minutes to start working, after you take them. The FDA lists the typical side effects of Vimpat as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache, memory loss, and weight changes. Is there anything else I can help with?

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Is Vimpat effective if only taken once daily?

I am new to Vimpat. I am currently titrating my dose up from 50mg twice a day...up to 150mg twice a day. My problem is that the evening dose of Vimpat causes terrible insomnia (and I already have chronic sleeping troubles), and it also causes vivid nightmares. I need to know if the medication will still work if I take both pills in the morning and none in the evening. ## Hello, Tina! How are you? No, it wouldn't be a good idea, because it only works in the body for a certain period of time, which is why another dose needs to be taken later. The insomnia and vivid dreaming side effects should wear off, after about 4 weeks, once your body gets used to the medication. But if they are causing serious problems for you, then you should speak to your doctor as you may need to try a differe...

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Can Vimpac harm me If I have never had a seizure

Dr gave me Vimpac and said I was having seizures but I have never had one. Been on it for 6 months and now I have headaches, a rash on the side of my neck, balance is off and vision is blurry. I also have trouble sleeping at night but also trouble keeping myself awake during the day. I'm more depressed and my anger has stepped up times 20. What should i do cause the dr won't do anything right now. & no I have not had any blood work since I have been on the drug. 6 months going on 7. ## There are different types of seizures, so sometimes people don't realize that they are experiencing a seizure. For example, my husband has been diagnosed with epilepsy, after experience weird moments where he'd get a feeling of deja vu and kind of space out for a few minutes, then expe...

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How to wean off Vimpat

I have been on Vimpat since April of 15th 2015. Did surgery for my seizures and no seizure since august of last year.....its been 1 year and I will slowly start weaning off the Vimpat. I am currently taking 100mg/day with 300mg lamictal. Doc told me to start weaning off the vimpat it in 50mg increments you start doing this? Thanks ## It should be done as slowly as possible, in most cases the preferred method is to gradually reduce your dose, while also spacing each dose further and further apart. Typically in 25mg increments and then adding a half hour, an hour... Did your doctor not provide you with any instructions? Stopping to to fast can create the risk of your experiencing seizures, again, according to the FDA, so you must be very careful. Are you seeing a neurologist, o...

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