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I've been taking the generic for Lamictal for about five years. Recently I've been feeling different at about the beginning of the year. I use to take the white ones but now I am taking a generic by Taro. What is the best generic for this drug? I never really payed any attention until I started getting this crazy migraines. If anyone has any insights it would be much appreciated. ## There's really no way to say which is the best, since different people can react differently, so it depends on what works for you. The best idea I can give you is to check with your pharmacy and see who manufactured the ones that you used to take and ask if they can order them back in for you. They usually can and will sometimes do so for their regular customers. Does anyone else have any advice ...

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I have been taking Lamictal (100mg 3x/day) for more than a decade. I take the pill that is peach or pink colored, Six sided and I think made by Mylan or Aurobindo. These pills seem a bit more powdery than the white versions. For whatever reason they work much much better for me, than the white ones…does anyone know how/where i can find these pink pills or know why they work better for me? Anyone else had this experience? ## Have you tried asking your pharmacy about them? They should have records that will allow them to look up who the manufacturer was, and they may be able to order them in for you. Is this the tablet you were taking? If so, it is manufactured by GlaxoSmithKline. The FDA lists the typical side effects of Lamictal as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache, ...

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Hey all - I've been on Lamictal for about 8 months (bipolar) and I titrated up to 200mg, except during the jump from 150-200mg I quit smoking cigarettes and marijuana at almost precisely the same time I upped the Lamictal dose. I read in some medical literature that nicotine suppresses the effectiveness of Lamictal, and I can only speculate about the marijuana/Lamictal relationship. So there I was thinking that I was taking 150mg, but while smoking, my body probably wasn't absorbing/utilizing that much (quantitative difference? not sure). From the dose jump, 150-200mg, I noticed a vast increase in the substantiality of side effects that Lamictal proposed upon me from the get-go. Light headedness, word-finding problems, difficultly reading/spelling, handwriting and math out the w...

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My doctor started me on Lamictal 3mg for my mood disorder. What is the usual dosage for this medication? This seems like a low dose. Does anyone else take this medication for mood disorders? ## I need to get info about the meds my spouse is taking. He is seeing several specialists and each one gives him prescriptions and he is taking about 30 meds a day. I think it is too much and affecting him. Any help?? ## Hi April, It looks like dosages for Lamictal can range from 2 mg all the way up to 200 mg. [1] So yes, 3 mg would be on the lower end of the dosing scale. Was he prescribed the orally disintegrating tablets? From what I read this medication can be used to help treat seizures as well as help with mood swings for adults with bipolar disorder. [2]

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Hi. I started lamotrigine last Aug and lost my appetite in October. I have had significant weight loss. I don't want to go off of it, because it has been incredibly helpful mood wise. Has anyone experienced this and switched to another med as a solution? If so, what was that medication and how did you find the transition and the efficacy of the new drug? Thanks very much. ## Hello, Kwwilkie! How are you doing? Has there been any change? Lamotrigine has been known to cause loss of appetite, as a side effect, along with nausea, blurred vision, poor concentration, and skin rash. Are you on any other medications? Have you consulted your doctor to be sure that the weight loss is due to the medication? As to trying a different medication, there are many available, but what else have you t...

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I started taking Lamictal for panick attacks about a month ago. Im 29/female who has never needed prescriptions for this, but panick attacks have been hitting me out of nowhere lately. Anyways, the nurse practitioner started me on 25mg for 2 weeks, 50mg 2 weeks, and 100mg this week. The weekends before my dosage needed to be increasesed, I would have HORRIBLE panick attacks, I mean worse than the first ones before the meds. I'm tiny 5"0 and I've lost 8lbs due to panick attacks every 2 weeks for over a month. I just can't put anything down. Now I'm on 100mg a day and see no signs of improvement. I cry every time I try to express myself, im starting to develop agoraphobic behavior, and I'm terrified to travel now, which is ridiculous because I am a touring musician...

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Hi, I am taking Lamictal, 150 mg, for years and years, along with an antidepressant - at the moment Lexapro - and for anxiety I take 1.5 mg of Klonopin. My diagnosis is dysthymia - constant low level depression - and I am struggling with it for years and it doesn't go away. I was my happiest on antidepressants and anti-anxiety meds only. That's why I'm planning on asking my shrink to stop the Lamictal. Have any of you experienced withdrawal symptoms and how do they manifest? Thank you! ## You will most likely have to taper off it, due to the fact that while it does help some people with mental health problems, it is actually an anticonvulsant, so stopping it abruptly could put you at risk of experiencing seizures, according to FDA warnings. Other withdrawals effects may incl...

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I have been on Lamictal for seven years and think it is great except it has caused sleepless nights. I have tried taking it early in the evening. I take 500mg. a day. Anyone else have this issue? ## i to have been on lamictal or about 8or nine years now for epilepsy i was haveing since the age of 25 i was on tegretol alone befor then and still having a few fits here and there since ive been on lamictal i have.nt had one even got my driving licence back its brillant i recormend it to any one ## I take it twice a day, have u ever tried to that? Can I ask, if your still taking it, what the name of the generic manufacturer is?

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HAs anyone had experience with Lamictal causing mania? It definetely did for me. Landed me in the hospital for 6 days and took a full month to subside. Thanks, Pati ## want pictures ## images ## To Pati..YES, I have had trouble titrating dosage up to as little as 50 mg. each time, within 3 days, I was "wild". I have been on it for 3 months at 25 mg/day and can't stand it anymore. I am feeling that anger and uncontorollable impulses again. and no sleep. I am stopping this tonight and pray that I find a doctor who actually understands the anxiety part and bipolar people need sleep, desperately. ## To Pati I have just quit for the very same reasons but had hallucinations to add to the mix. I was only on it for Epilepsy and have just come off 100mg cold turkey as couldn't ta...

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I have bought the brand longevita, a potent curcumin supplement. Would like to find put if it interacts wit lamictal? ## Hello, Sass! How are you? I didn't find any problems or interactions listed, but it is always best to double check this information to be safe. You should also be aware that some potent supplements can cause nausea, when you take them. Lamictal is classified by the FDA as being an anticonvulsant that may also be used to treat some other conditions, as deemed appropriate by your doctor. Typical side effects may possibly include nausea, dizziness, mood swings and weight changes. Is there anything else I can help with? ## Thank you for your reply. I am also having issues with my eyes as well as weakness and burning tongue (not all days, but some). Achy eyes and at ti...

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Having trouble sleeping and having crying fits and shakyness - anyone else experiancing this on this medicine? ## i've just been prescribed this to STOP my crying fits & mood instability! I havent filled the prescription yet though becuase I read up on it last night & i'm scared to take this medicine!!!!! It has ALOT of warnings! how long have you been on this medicine? ## I'm experiencing the Sevier crying fits & shakyness coming off lamical very abrupedly.I've been off now four 3 wks & will never go back on it.I was on it about 9 mo. ## My 7 1/2 yr old daughter has been taking this medication for several months now, supposely to help with her seizures. I know the feeling of going through the crying & shaking spells because my daughter has been throu...

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I've been taking 200 mg of lamictal for epilepsy for ten years. Will this show up on a blood or urine test?? How long does it take to get out of your system so it won't show up?? ## First of all, when you are taking a medication, under a doctors orders, there is no reason to worry, all you have to do is tell them that, when you go in for the test. They cannot deny you the use of medications that are essential to your health. Exceptions to this rule are only made for non-essential medications, such as narcotics or Benzodiazepines for people who work in jobs where being under the influence of those can be extremely dangerous, such as someone who is an airline pilot. And second, no, this type of medication is not even tested for and will not show up on the standard urine of blood t...

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mood regulator ## I'm not finding anything under this name. Did you possibly mean to ask about Lamictal? It contains the active ingredient Lamotrigine, which is used to treat seizures, and bipolar disorder. The FDA lists its typical side effects as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache, mood changes, and weight changes.

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I have been taking Lamictal ffor only 4 days so far. On the 3rd day, in mid afternoon, I started having pinkish color urine. As the day went on, the color of my urine got darker and darker until late evening it was a darker red. By 11pm, my urine was a dark red but I went to bed. Went I got up the next morning the urine was a normal color until about noontime it started a light pink color. As the day went on, my urine would turn from a light pink to a darker red by the time I went to bed. This morning I did not take the Lamictal because I wondered if this medic ation was causing the blood in my urine. Today, I did not take my lamictal and I have not had any blood in my urine at all today. Is anyone experiencing this same side effect as I have? ## Hello, I do have blood in my urine somet...

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I am needing to find out what a small white round pill with LMT on one side and a score on the other side is. Can anyone please help me to identify it? ## Hi Michelle, I located a couple different small white round pills with LMT on one side, followed by another set of numbers on the back, that were identified as different doses of Lamictal (lamotrigine) - An anticonvulsant medication used for bipolar disorder, seizures, etc... For verification, the manufacturer of these LMT tablets is GlaxoSmithKline. I only wanted to share this information in case you thought that your pill could be related. Please post back if you have any further details to add.

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I have been on Lamictal 50 mg and have recently gone up to 150 mg a day. I have been experiencing numbness, tingling, and loss of strength in my left arm and left leg only. Has any one else had similar side effects? ## You don't say why doctor prescribed Lamictal. I'm on 100 mg for hemiplegic migraines. Left side is weak and right side is numb. Symptoms are not from the medication but rather the type of headache. You need to talk with your physician to see if there is another ## I recently started Lamictal for Bi-polar. I'm up to 100mg(?). With Lexapro,and today started Vistaril too. I too have experienced that left hand /arm numbness feeling. Sometimes my feet get tingley up to below my knees at night when I'm lying in bed. I have alot of anxiety about taking medication...

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I have been using lamictal for about 5 months now and my reflux seems to be getting worse. I have had reflux for years but it has been controled well on zegerid up intill now. Has anyone heard of this reaction. ## Lamictal contains the active ingredient Lamotigrine, it's an anticonvulsant used to treat BiPolar disorder and seizures. Acid reflux is not listed as a commonly known side effect, however, some medications can make it worse or irritate it. Have you tried speaking to your doctor about this? ## Have an appointment with my GI doctor on Tuesday the 24th. I have intentions of talking to her then. Thank you for your reply.A548 ## Not reflux but when I swallow it feels like my esophagus has narrowed, no trouble eating or drinking but swallowing is not normal.

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## Please see the drug page about Lamictal for more details. You can also read the full monograph at: Do you have any other questions or information to add? Please post back if you do... ## I have been taking a graduating dose of lamictal and am now on 100mg but will increase to 200mg next week. I have found that I have put on xtra weight and that sleeping at night has become a problem. My dr has now prescribed respedal at night to help me sleep and the occasional sleeping tablet when I am in a hyper cycle. Has anyone else had the same side effects. I also have muscle aches that seem to zero on a specific place ie. my ankles or my one arm or back, this only seems to last a few days then moves to another place. Could this be the meds causing it. ## Ducky - what you are reporting about si...

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Hi. I have a close friend that is prescribed these. She has had additiction issues in the past. She's prone to epileptic seizures... She is prescribed Lamictal for this. She explains to me that the AN 415 Orange pill is also prescribed to her. What would the effect be if she took too many, like say 8 to 12 or 15? Bottom,line... Would or could these used to get a high? If so... What would that "high" be like, what characteristics would I feel if I did this. Thanks ## This medication is actually most commonly used to treat drug addiction. The FDA warns that it carries the risk of being habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, headache, dry mouth, and constipation. As to how it makes you feel, I cannot say, since I have never taken it. Can anyone tha...

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I started trimictal for bipolar. Slowly increasing dosage. But this week when I doubled again I Began getting pimples on my scalp.. ? Only other thing I take is subs and been on my em for 2 years. So not them. These things feel like built hairs real painful. Never experienced anything like it. Also night terrors started when I began trimictal. ## Hi Krissy, I haven't been able to find any information on a medication by the name of Trimictal, could you be referring to Lamictal perhaps? Based on my research, Lamotrigine, marketed in the US and most of Europe as Lamictal /lmktl/ by GlaxoSmithKline, is an anticonvulsant drug used in the treatment of epilepsy and bipolar disorder. It is also used off-label as an adjunct in treating clinical depression. For epilepsy, it is used to treat f...

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