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side effects for used of sabril 500mg & lametec 50mg for 3yrs child

my 3yrs daughter effected by fits from last nov-09 ## side effect sabril 500 mg for 3yrs old daughter ## daughter effected by fits ## I have been using lametec 250 per day for the past 2 years, before for a long period i was using Zeptol 1000mg.Does the lametec will adversely affect me and in pregnancy time?Will it harm the fetus?Please do reply. ## My son 3.5 years has been put on lametec 100 mg per day. He simply doesn’t move & lie always on bed with constant drolling. It this is the permanent side effect of or a temporary effect , as doc is going to tapperd the lametec once he found the effective control over convulsions ## please give valid clarification to our post since it will be a great relief to all of us and helps in the future..

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My son is 7 months old Dr were giving ACTH therapy because sone is having some problem like on birth he did not cry and now a days he is not responding well .But it is not improving at they dicided to give alternate medicine SABRIL 500. i don't know that if it is having any side effect.Please anybody let me know fore the same.-thanks RP Yadav