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What does the "LEG" mean (20 MG TAB LEG)

What does the "LEG" mean on the prescription bottle immediately following the dosage (20 MG TAB LEG)? This was for acid reflux medication, nothing to do with legs. ## I found the answer. LEG means Lower Esophageal-Gastrointestinal (symptoms, treatment). The medication was for severe heartburn and acid reflux. ## Thanks for the helpful feedback Bruce! Just out of curiosity, which medication are you taking exactly? At first glance I was under the unique impression that LEG might've been an abbreviation for the active ingredient (since I don't normally see the indications mentioned on a prescription bottle - typically just the drug name in my experience), but what you have found certainly makes sense - especially if the medication was prescribed for a related condition. I h... ...

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Pain Medication Help

Injured under workers comp in Tallahassee Florida I was taking percocet and now my adjustor stopped me from seeing the doctor who was writing my pain meds does anyone know how I can get my medication and who can you report this adjustor to ## Workers comp can be quite the hassle, as I've seen from personal experience. My mom was actually going through a similar situation with her adjuster and eventually had to get an attorney to work with her on the legality of situations like this. Although I'm not completely familiar with the process involved in that, it's probably where'd I'd recommend starting if you're intent is to take action against your adjuster - in hopes of finding a new one. In the meantime, it sounds like you may also have to be open to trying other f... ...

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Vivan Medication

does vivan used for ADHD have side effects such as sleepiness, swollen legs and feet, hot flashes, lack of a monthly menestration, and hands and arms that ache a lot? ## DId you mean Vyvanse, which contains the active ingredient Lisdexamfetamine? If so, you should contact your doctor as soon as possible, the aches and swelling could be signs of serious reactions to this medication, which may require proper medical treatment. ...

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pota chloride what does 20,meq er tab blu mean?

Can the side effects include stiffness & cramps in both hands? ## Hello, Paul! How are you? That means that they contain 20 milliequivalents per tablet, that's the dosage and the ER denotes them as being time released. The main side effect of this supplement, as listed by the FDA, is stomach pain and nausea, so it's best to take it with food. As to the stiffness and cramping, that is most likely caused by your potassium being low, but you should have it checked out, just in case. Is there anything else I can help with? ## I am taking lots chloride 10meg er cap for potassium but I still get leg and arm cramps. So I stopped taking them for a week no cramps. So what gives. ...

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what does "Leg" stand for on my prescription

Immediately following the drug name on my prescription, is the word "Leg": Losartan Potassium 100mg Tab Leg What does "Leg" mean? ## Hello, Gayle! How are you? That is an abbreviation for the manufacturer, Legacy Pharmaceuticals. Some pharmacies list it on the label, some don't, and some might change each time you pick up a refill. LOL The FDA lists the typical side effects of this medication as possibly including nausea, dizziness, increased urination, hypotension, and headache. Is there anything else I can help with? ## What does "LEG" mean on my 20mg Lisinopril prescription? I cannot find the explanation for the letters LEG on this prescription. ...

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What Does Xanax Taste Like

Yes, i have alot of experience with xanax. if they are rectangle, 3 cuts, and say xanax on one side and 2 on the other, your good. u didnt get ripped off. they are legit. ## What if they look perfect and taste just like chalk? ## That means you got snookered!~ ## My zanax does not taste bittier. It is from the drug store. My have a kinda sweet taste ## Could be Xantac instead. Happened to me once at Walgreens ## The taste has simply changed! It never I’m 30 yrs tasted moldy bitter. Makes me sick! Did I get ripped off from pharmacy?? ## I just gotten some Xanax bars look legit but are sweet not bitter. Anyone help me with this? I don't kno if they put a sweetner in these particular brand. I have 15 yrs experience, can't go without them. Advice plz ## They are just as bitter... ...

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what does a real xanax bar look like

I have the 2mg white bars xanax on one side 2 on the other side. My problem is the pill is like smaller way smaller any ideas. It says everything a reg one says, well the white xanax ones. I'm just curious as they are really small. Still the same length but tiny. ## Jmazz If this rx was obtained legally by prescription and filled in a US pharmacy I'd say chances are it's a legit Xanax. If obtained by other means the size differential is a sure indicator that's it's a fake ## I'd also like to add that the size of any given pill actually depends on what inactive ingredients the manufacturer has chosen to use in it. The FDA has an approved list of ingredients that they are allowed to choose from, some bulkier than others, so it is always possible that tablets from o... ...

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The meaning of GRE or LEG on my medicine label

My Atorvastatin from the same pharmacy (Walmart) had GRE on the label one time and LEG on the same medicine the next time. What does GRE and LEG mean? Are they different? ## No, it is the same medication, those are just abbreviations for the manufacturers, since this is a generic. For example, the GRE usually stands for Greenstone, which is the name of a pharmaceutical manufacturer. The FDA lists the typical side effects for this medication as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache, and joint/muscle aches. Is there anything else I can help with? ...

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what kinda of pill is it

little white round pill with m on one side and L 7 on the other ## Did you mean to say M T 7? If so, I located the white round pill to be Tramadol hydrochloride (50 mg). Tramadol is used for treating moderate to moderately severe pain. The drug has a wide range of applications, including treatment for restless leg syndrome, acid reflux, and fibermyosis. For information about this drug, please refer to the link below... If you have any more questions or concerns, please post back and I will be happy to help you. ...

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what does a hydrocodone 10 pill look like

There was only DICODID made by knoll in Germany but it was withdrawn last year. Only Hydrocodone now available is ZOHYDRO SR in the USA. It is also made in combination with high amounts of acetaminophen, usually 325, 500 or 650mg, one goes as high as 750mg! But there is legislation coming into force limiting any dosage unit of acetaminophen (paracetamol) in the USA (where 100% of the entire world's Hydrocodone is now used since the deletion of DICODID) to 300mg. Abbott have already issued their new 10/300mg pill. But I am afraid that Hydrocodone as a single drug now is only available as an SR med under that ZOHYDRO brand. If required then would have to be crushed finely to defeat the ridiculous slow release mechanism which means you can no longer get the benefit of the drug to the e... ...

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Leg and foot pain

In October I had a PE and have been on Xarelto since. Currently I take 20mg per day and every other day constant pain in my legs and feet. Does any one have any suggestions? ## parish are you on any kind of diuretic/water pill? could be electrolyte imbalance it causes muscle aches, cramps and restless legs. eat some bananas, drink some Gatorade, v8 is great, and try a magnesium supplement. you can also take an Epsom salt bath, soak for about 10 to 15 min. the minerals and electrolytes begin absorbing immediately and the warm bath feels good. worth a try. hope this helps ## @Parrish, I don't mean to provoke any further concerns, but according to NIH.gov, experiencing pain in the legs is regarded as a potentially serious side effect that you should contact your doctor about immediatel... ...

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why does my leg itch from cellulitus

I've been on bactrim ds for 50 hours because i was diagnosed with cellulitis and it seems only when i elevate my leg that redness appears inside my thigh and it has gotten bigger and warm . but only when i elevate it do i notice this . should i be worried? also I've noticed its been a bit itchy what does that mean? ## Hello, Willard! How are you doing? The symptoms you've described may mean that something is affecting the circulation in that leg. Have you contacted your doctor, again? This is something that you should have checked out, as soon as possible. ...

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Marijuana legalization as a means of dealing with opiate ODs

Statistics point out that opioid overdose related deaths are significantly lower in states that have medical marijuana programs in place. As a short or long term chronic pain patient, what are your views on this topic? Do you think marijuana (CBD's included) has effectively secured its spot as a means of adjunctive pain management where the excessive use of opiates outweighs potential benefits? ## So says my Doctor. Others say it helps to get off opiates. ## David, Absolutely! Before I started on a daily Rx for pain I used to consume marijuana a lot. I never had any problems sleeping or with depression, worked 75 hours every other week (Sat. 7am - Sun 7pm was 1 job, and I could sleep) and went to College Full Time. Then I had to take Rx's here and there, and then came the drug p... ...

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Could this mean sumthing else?

I have severe swollen ankles feet and legs..... Plus I have even been vomiting headache my lower legs and feet, are hot to touch.. Plus red in colour . I went to my doctor who was away and saw his partner who told me that he believed it was the coveram that I was recently put on.....I'm not too sure if it is that is the case but will go off it and back onto coversil ..... The only thing that was wrong with coversil is my blood pressure was thru the roof this is why I was changed in the first place to coveran that brought my blood pressure back to a normal persons.... If you can give me your thoughts on this that would be awesome thank you have an awesome weekend ahead.... ## Hello, Maree! How are you? Yes, the symptoms you're experiencing could be due to the Coveram. It has been... ...

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I Am Loosing My Hair On Plavic Iisprol And Meds For Restless Legs Whats Wrong With Them

I WANT TO KNOW IF MY HAIR LOOSE IS FROM ANY MEDS.I AM TAKING PLAZIX, LISPEOL,PRAMPEXOLE,GAPENTIN 100MG. ## Did you mean LIsinopril, for high blood pressure/cardiac conditions? If so, then it may be causing the problem, there are many medications in this class that can cause hair loss as a side effect. Have you talked to your doctor about the issue? ...

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does azitidine[vidaza] cause chin pain?

my father 75 year old, on his third month in vidaza. every month he had diffrent side effects. this time his both leg shin is so painful. does it mean his MDS is became really bad or is it still a side effect of vidaza or vidaza didn't work for him? ## Hello, Sarah! How is your father doing? Unfortunately, all cancer medications tend to make people pretty miserable and cause crazy side effects, its just the nature of how they work. Any unusual symptoms should be discussed with his doctor, to be sure, but generally you can't rule much out, with these medications. Other side effects, as listed by the FDA, may include nausea, stomach pain, diarrhea, headache, anxiety, dizziness and cold symptoms. Is there anything else I can help with? ...

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how long does it take gabapentin to work

I have nerve pain in my right arm Doctor gave me gabapentin 300mgs to take twice daily how long does it take before I feel it working ## Hello, Dano! How are you? Since it isn't an actual analgesic, it may take 4 to 5 weeks, before it reaches its full level of efficacy in your body to see if it helps you. The FDA lists its typical side effects as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache, dry mouth and weight gain. Is there anything else I can help with? ## took 3 days for relief of my nerve pain this time atound (in my buttock of all places) 2 years ago it is the only drug that kept me sane while waiting for a knee replacement. ## i took that 2 every 6 hours and i started walking down the steps and my legs gave out, i don't mean it will happen to you cos everybody is diffe... ...

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leg cramps

I have been taking simvastatin for 2 months. My legs and feet cramp terrible. Does anyone else have this problem? If so what can I do for relief? ## Simvastatin, the generic for Zocor, is commonly used to help lower cholesterol. Unfortunately, many people experience side effects from Statin medications. That said, muscle cramping is listed as a rare side effect, this means you should contact your doctor immediately to report it to them. You may require a dosage or medication change. You can read more on the medication here: Have you mentioned this to your doctor, yet? ...

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Ibuprofen 800 mg caused leg pain

After I started taking this pill my left leg started having massive sharp pains and it got worse every day. I was in so much pain, I was in bed all day and night for a week and a half till I stopped taking them. Four days after taking I stopped it's slowly going away. Why is this happening and how do I get my leg back to normal? ## This medication is a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory and the FDA does warn that it can increase the risk of bleeding, which means there is a risk you've experienced a blood clot. If that is the case, your life could be in danger and you need to consult a doctor immediately. How are you doing, now? Has there been any change? Are you on any other medications? ...

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smz/tmp ds 800-160 fever and leg swelling

I took smz/tmp for a bladder infection. After finishing the pills my feet legs and hands started swelling. It's hard to breath after just getting up and going to the bathroom, I have to sit down. Question, how long does this smz/tmp remain in your system? I took 14 pills of smz/tmp ds 800-160. ## Hello, Cecilia! How are you? Has there been any change? Please see you doctor if you are still in this condition. On rare occasions, this medication may cause fluid retention, which could lead to congestive heart failure and the symptoms you've describe could mean that's what's happening to you, as reported by the FDA. Thus, better safe than sorry! You may also be experiencing a dangerous allergic reaction. Both of these require medical treatment, as soon as possible. IE: Immedi... ...

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