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xarelto fluid retention

I had to take Xarelto due to two sinus venous thrombosis in my head. 8 weeks of heparin injections showed no side effects. But with the first day of taking Xarelto my body reacted by retaining water. Within the first three weeks I gained 24.46 lb hill exercising 5 times a week and eating as I always did. After retaining more and more water I stopped taking it after three months. I started with a weight of 120 lb at a height of 5''8 and now I weigh 157 lb. I have to ad that I started taking it in the middle of March and stopped taking it at the end of June. I was not able to loose any water/weight. I eat less than I always did before even while I exercise. All doctors couldn't find the one thing that changed through Xarelto. Has anybody ever experienced something like this wh...

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can xarelto cause weight loss

I have been taking xarelto for 5 months and have lost 28 pounds without any change in diet. It's not a bad thing as I needed to lose some weight. I am assuming it is from the drug. Has this happened to anyone else? ## Hi Rob, I haven't found any record of weight loss on Xarelto's list of side effects from the US National Institute of Health. However they do list "loss of appetite" which could inherently bring about weight loss... The only discrepancy here is that you said you didn't change your diet... So if you're not eating less (from a loss of appetite) then that is definitely a mystery to me... If anything, at least it's good to hear that the weight loss has been a welcomed side effect. I just hope it all balances out when you reach that comfortable s...

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Xarelto and Piascledine

Can Xarelto and Piascledine be taken together? I am currently on my last pack of Xarelto, however I now all of a sudden, after 6months am having pain in the leg I have the clot in. It has not swollen up as it did before and someone recommended I take Piascledine. Can I? Regularpain killers either don't work or are on the 'do not take' list ?? ## Given that you have had a clot in that leg, and are taking the Xarelto, it would be best for you to consult your doctor. Even if there is no swelling, the pain may be due to the clot, due to another forming, or etc. Only your doctor can say with certainty what is causing it, and how to treat it properly. Ref: Xarelto Information As to the Piascledine, it is nothing more than a supplement that contains Avocado, soybean, and other vege...

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Xarelto side effects. (tinnitus and more)

Hello to anyone interested. I have been taking Xarelto for 3 months. 20mg once a day for DVT and P.E's post knee replacement. Started searching for possible effects of the drug and have found that many people seem to have similar side effects to mine. First surprise was sudden nose bleeds. Was warned that I may get a rash or itches, and I certainly do. Bruising for no apparent reason also and increased back pain (although to be fair I do have severe spinal issues) but probably the most annoying thing is very loud ringing in my ears (tinnitus), more so in one side. I'm pretty sure that we are not just imagining this stuff folks, and for those professionals that downplay the tinnitus, it is no joke! It is making life quite difficult. Head aches (some quite severe) are also a probl...

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Surgery and Xarelto

When stopping xarelto is it a process to quitting all of the sudden. I was told there were risk. I ask because I had 3 clots in the lungs and 3 in my legs about a month ago. But now I have a torn meniscus and need surgery The surgeon says ill have to be off the med for at least 7 days but my physician may think its too early ## It would be best to follow your surgeon's instructions, and just make sure your doctor is monitoring you regularly. There may be a slight risk from stopping the Xarelto, such as increased risk of clotting, but there is a definite risk if you are on it too close to surgery, since that increases your risk of bleeding and hemorrhage. Are you on any other medications? What is the current status of the blood clots? ## Is an INR required prior to eye surgery using ...

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Chest pain 1 - 2 hours after taking Xarelto

I have recently been put onto Xarelto for blood clots in both lungs, I'm into my 5th week of taking this drug, day one it bought on the chest pain, I did get other side effects but most have subsided now with the exception of the chest pain. Doctors tell me it is not connected. I did a little experiment as the medication can be taken morning or night, I swapped the morning 1 X 20 mg to the evening, chest pain has stopped during the day but now comes on in the evening 1 - 2 hours after taking the Xarelto. I do suffer from coronary artery spasms otherwise known as prinzmetal angina but never get that everyday. It is listed in the consumer product sheet as a major side effect yet doctors are saying "It's not". Anyone else experienced chest pain after taking Xarelto? ## I we...

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Xarelto every other day instead of daily

I have a successful cardio version 2 months ago. I take 200mg Amiodarone and 20mg xarelto daily. I am in a higher insurance tier until Jan 2017 and a 90 day supply of xarelto is $455 (I pay 45%) I don't want to stop taking xarelto but can I take xarelto every other day instead of daily? ## Hello, Ernie! How are you? You should take it as instructed by your doctor, because doing otherwise could put you in life-threatening danger. The FDA lists its typical side effects as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache, increased risk of bleeding and easy bruising. However, given that this one is so expensive, you may want to ask your doctor about a cheaper alternative that you can try. Is there anything else I can help with? ## What if there is no other alternative? My copay with Medi...

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Side effects after switching from Xarelto to Eliquis

Since switching from xarelto to eliquis two years ago, I have been experiencing extreme bouts of sluggishness, itching and hives. Is that normal? ## I was switched to Eliquis low twice daily dose after 9 months on 20mg once daily Xarelto as i wanted to come off blood thinners altogether but specialist felt i was candidate for repeat blood clots due to age and other health factors. Dreadful experience - only on Eliquis 3 days before side effects of intense pins and needles all over body, pounding head, made me stop them. Back to Xarelto at specialist's insistence. Lesser side effects on Xarelto but still unhappy with feelings of weakness in legs, muddled thinking, loss of balance. Finally stopped Xarelto last month (my choice, not specialist's) and have slowly regained balance an...

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Xarelto is a very dangerous drug.

Xarelto has increased my weight by 9kgs. It has given me dreadful reflux chest pain and fatigue. My legs ache my nose has scabs. I feel ill every single day. I would not have taken the drug if I had been told the possible side effects, which by the way are played down by the maker Bayer and Johnson. This year I have had a PE... Then I was advised there is no antidote for this drug if you get a bleed. I have googled Xarelto and a lot of cases of fatal bleeding have been documented. And you can bet a lot that haven't. I am furious that my Dr put me on this drug. He tells me I can't stop taking it as it can have a rebound effect and cause a stroke. The manufacturer should be taken to court. ## Hi I have been off Xarelto for about a week now. I am scared bc the doctor did not send m...

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Can Xarelto cause gas / flatulence?

I began taking Xarelto again for a few weeks after my second incident of DVT and PE. Ever since I started taking it this time, I have noticed an increase in flatulence. Since this medication is the only thing that has changed in my life, besides the blood clots themselves, I am suspicious of it. Has anyone else experienced this and can simply taking gas medication take care of it. This has been a very embarrassing problem to have. ## @tmpjax30, According to the US National Institute of Health, "abdominal/stomach swelling" is listed as a possible side effect of Xarelto. I wonder if this may be playing a role in the flatulence you're experiencing? I haven't found any other articles suggesting that gas was a possibility, but if Xarelto really is the underlying culprit, I su...

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Xarelto and menstrual clots

Hi I'm 37 and have been on Xarelto for 15 days. I started my period 9 days ago and I've been passing huge clots (like the length of my middle finger) multiple times an hour. I'm bleeding through super+ tampons every hour, I can literally feel clots falling out of me. I've been to the ER as directed by my pcp and gynecologist and I'm still being told there’s not much that can be done. Is this normal? How long does it last? My periods before Xarelto were very normal and no clotting. I'm not on any form of birth control as my tubes are tied. At this point I’d rather discontinue the medication and take my chances of developing another blood clot vs continue bleeding like this. ## Yes, unfortunately, menstrual issues are a common side effect of anticoagula...

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Xarelto and weight gain

I have been on 15mg of Xarelto along with 40mg of Crestor for approximatley 8 months and have suffered through a distended abdomen and burning and aching in my hips, legs and feet. After blood tests and scans ruled out anything sinister I chose to stop taking Crestor altogether. Within a week my abdomen was no longer distented and much of the pain in my hips and legs reduced to a point where I actually got some sleep. I have now started back doing my walking and concentrating on eating everything right but my weight inexplicably is going up and up. I have also noticed my tension type headache and tinnitus which I have had both for 11 years has intensified and difficult to ignore. I can only think the weight gain can be caused by Xarelto...there seems to be no other explanation and I hav...

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Extreme fatigue on Xarelto

Hello, Hope someone can help. I've been hitting a wall of fatigue everyday about 1pm to the point where I need to take a 2 hour nap when my daughter is napping and its painful to wake up even after that. I take Xarelto everyday with dinner to treat a DVT. I've been on it 4 months. Is this a known side effect? I tested my theory when I started to realize this began after taking Xarelto and skipped a dose one evening. The following day I didn't need a nap and didnt have that same debilitating exhaustion. I'm only 34 this is no time to be this tired after a full nights sleep! It feels like a crash, an unnatural exhaustion. Thanks! ## Hi! Sorry about the problem that you're having. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to find a lot of side effect information on this dr...

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Jessica's Pharmacy in Progreso, Mexico

We have been coming to Jessica's Pharmacy in Progreso, Mexico for many years but now we are trying to get a hold of them by phone to find out if they have a certain medicine or not there. Please can anyone provide me with a telephone number to Jessica's Pharmacy? ## I have a number on a card from them but it appears to be out of service... (956) xxx-xxxx {edited for privacy} ## Can you tell me if Jessica's Pharmacy in Progreso, Mexico carries any of the following medications: Xarelto 20 mg Sildenafil 100mg Voltaren Gel 1% 100g Acxion 30mg (30 tabs) Methimazole 5mg 20 tabs ## I am looking for the medication Corlanor. If Jessica's Pharmacy in Progreso Mexico carries it, can you please tell me how much it costs? Thank you. ## Does Jessica's Pharmacy carry this product? ...

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Weight Gain after starting Xarelto

I just started (09/29/2016) Xarelto - 15 mg 2x/day for a large DVT and multiple PE's. In one month I have ballooned 20+ lbs. My legs look like tree trunks, but feel like cement blocks. My arms and hands are swollen, and my stomach looks like I've been sucking on a helium tank. Now, to make matters worse, I started severe dizziness and nausea.....I couldn't walk a straight line if I was forced to!! I spoke with my cardiologist but he had no answers. Of course, I'm told it's probably my diet, but I know this is not the problem. This is what provoked me to search the internet. I'm obviously not the only one feeling like they should be floating in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. I'm calling my PCP tomorrow!! Best of health to everyone :) ## Hello, Nicole!...

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Xarelto and Leg Spasms

I have been taking Xarelto 15mg twice daily for 2 months now for 2 dvts below the knee. 1 in gastrenimus in the calf and 1 in popliteal below or behind the knee. Ultrasound 2 weeks ago showed the dvt in popliteal is gone but the dvt in gastrenimus in my calf is still there. Shortly after starting Xarelto I started having involuntary whole leg spasms in the leg with the dvts. My whole leg tightens up and almost feels like an electric shock but only lasts about 2 to 3 seconds then goes away. Sometimes it will happen 2 to 3 times. The thing is this only happens while I'm waking up from a sleep or nap. Anybody have had this happen while on Xarelto? ## That is listed by the FDA among the possible side effects of Xarelto, along with nausea, increased risk of bleeding, easy bruising, and h...

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vaginal bleeding on xarelto

Hi I'm 25 on xarelto for about 2 weeks now. I was on coumadin for 7 months previously but I had vaginal bleeding constantly from about 3 1/2 months in. Doctors attributed it to side effects. Switched to xarelto started on a Sunday night 20mg Monday morning lots of vaginal bleeding (sorry if its tmi) now its been off and on. I also have an IUD my gyno cleared it as any infections or what not. I'm just wondering if any ladies dealt with this on xarelto. I start 10mg tonight so I hope it helps. This sucks it affects my relationship and everyday life! ## Hello, Danielle! How are you doing? I am very sorry about the problem that you're having. What I think we need to look at here is actually the combination of the Xarelto and your IUD. IUDs usually do cause irregular bleeding and...

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Stopping Xarelto

I have been instructed to stop my 20mg a day after being on it for 6 months (2 PE's one in each lung at Xmas) and I have to say I am really worried and every little pain I think its come back. I have another 3 weeks to go until I got for a blood test to see if I am prone to clots however I am completely paranoid. Anyone else had the same feelings....as the meds have been my comfort blanket for so long..... ## Have you had a hypercoagulability test? Mine revealed a Factor B Leiden gene mutation, so I will never stop taking blood thinners. If you can have that blood test, it will let you know if you have a tendency to clot. ## Do you mean Factor V Leiden? Been on 20 mg Xarelto since march 2014. Had double pneumonia in jan 2014 accompanied by DVT which threw clots to my lungs. In hospt...

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How long does it take for xarelto to enter your system after a dose?

Took 300 mg because couldn't take the pain anymore wondering if this is going to hurt me and how long it takes to enter your system and what is going to happen? ## Hello, Nana! How are you? Have you sought medical attention? That is far too much to take at once. Xarelto is not a pain reliever, it is a blood thinner used to treat or prevent blood clots. Its typical side effects may possibly include nausea, dizziness, headache, joint/muscle pain, increased risk of bleeding and easy bruising. If you took that much, you need to see a doctor and inform them immediately. ## I am between insurance right now, and had to pay $500.00 for my last prescription of Xarelto 20 mg. Was wondering if I can take it every other night, hoping the 30 day supply will last me long enough until I obtain ins...

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JNJ Study on Xarelto

I am looking for the entire JNJ study on Xarelto. ## Hi Charles - Have you already viewed the following page on ClinicalTrials.gov? I believe that you can access a variety of documents from there: The New England Journal of Medicine also has an article on the study conducted by MAGELLAN: Are you looking for any other parts of the study?

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