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white round pill with r7 imprint

I found a large off white pill with the imprint of r7 on one side and nothing on the other side. Anyone know what this is? ## Although I don't remember the brand I happen to have a few of these in my pocket right now, and these large white pills stamped r7 are actually antacids, mint flavored, chewable. ## Hello Cat, As Dave said before the pills you are describing, according to the [1] NIH, are antacid medication used for heartburn relief. Here is some additional information that the NIH provides on this particular pill. Product Code 46122-153 Imprint R7 Name Good Neighbor Pharmacy Antacid Regular Strength Active Ingredients Calcium Carbonate 550 Mg Magnesium Hydroxide 110 Mg Label Author Amerisource Bergen Color White Size 16mm Shape Round Score 1 Inactive Ingredients - Starch, C...

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Feksen generic Nexium

Filled my nexium 40 prescription from what I thought was a Canadian pharmacy. Package finally came in. Inside is medicine labeled "feksen" that says it is EQ to Esomeprazole which is Nexium. The pill is orange in color with no markings. I have tried to email the company from which i purchased this from but they do not return my emails. Please advise if this really is the eq. to nexium. ## Hi Ann, Do the tablets have an imprint of some kind on them? I haven't been able to find any information whatsoever on "feksen", let alone being able to relate it to Esomeprazole. If the company hasn't even been returning your emails, I would also be wondering if those are real pills at all. ## no markings at all. weird to me that the sleeve that they come in are labeled as such...

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oblong light purple pill with ~P~ on one side

Anybody know what this pill is? Have looker on various pill identification sites and can't find it. ## Hi Kristi, I understand that your description denotes squiggly lines ~ on either side of the "P". Was that intentional or did you just put those there to single out the "P"? There is an oblong light purple pill with a "P" on one side sitting above an underscore _ This particular pill is identified as an OTC heartburn reliever made by Procter & Gamble, commonly known as Prilosec (containing 20.6 mg of omeprazole magnesium). If you could please post back with any additional information on the squiggly lines that would be great. I hope this helps! ## I have a pill that is Pink oblong with the imprint 'P' and two swirly lines on both sides almost lik...

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small round white pill with N OTC on it

It is supposed to be a headache medicine from Mexico. Can anyone tell me what it is? It is round and white with the letter N at the top and OTC at the bottom. ## I HAVE VERITGO WILL THIS PILL HELP ME THE PILL IS WHITE ROUND AND IT HAS THE LETTER N AT THE TOP AND LETTERS OTC AT THE BOTTOM ## Hello Christina, I found a pill description on the NIH database that matches your description. The pill they have is a NeuroBion pill, below is some additional information that I sourced from the NIH on this medication. Imprint NOTC Name NeuroBion Ingredients Thiamine Hydrochloride 100mg Pyridoxine Hydrochloride 100mg Cyanocobalamin 200ug Label Author Benard Industries Inc Color White Size 11mm Shape Round Score 1 NDC 55959-117 Inactive Ingredients Calcium Carbonate Calcium Phosphate, Dibasic, Anhydr...

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ACID REBOUND and Rebamipide Mucosta

after stopping meds omeprazole 20mg twice a day which i took for 45 days, i suffered from acid rebound, severe burning sensation in stomach i never felt before after i was told by a gastroent to stop taking meds. he put me on mucosta 3x a day for 7 days and asked me to come back if symptoms still there. is mucosta safe to take 2wks and wont cause any complications? ## Why were you taking the Omeprazole? If it was to treat a specific condition, such as an ulcer or GERD, then 45 days is a really short time to be on it, most of these medications are used for at least 3 to 4 months. Did he say why he wanted you to stop taking it? Acid rebound is always possible, when you stop using these types of medications abruptly. The Rebamipide is an amino acid derivative, that is used to mucosal prote...

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cherifer vitamins affect stomach

I neeed answers please for the stomach discomfort after intaking cherifer capsul with zinc ## i also experience stomach ache after drinking cherifer pgm :( twice ko palang sya nainom parehas na sumakit tyan ko. tinake ko sya after meal. ittry ko sya itake before meal baka di na sumakit tyan ko. ## Wag e pag sasabay ang cherifer sa food na may iron, especially yung cherifer with zinc. Chemical reaction of zinc and iron results to upset stomach. Eat foods with iron such as milk after 2-3 hkurs you take cherifer. ## Due to the potency, the NIH warns that this medication may cause some nausea as a side effect, in some people that take it. It may also cause constipation and stomach pain. Is there anything else I can help with? ## my tummy aches after i take cherifer pgm with zinc. is it okay...

can mesovit plus act as an abortion pill

I have a 4month old baby and i m breast feeding.i found that i m 1 month pregnant.i dont want to continue my pregnancy and cannot even tell my husband.i want an abortion.will mesovit plus help.if yes please let me know the dosage. ## Is mesovit plus an abortion pill? ## Can high dosage of omeprazole cause a miscarriage ## Hi.. delay Po Ang Mens Ko running For 1month Na. Effective Po Ba Tlga ang Cortal plus Any softdrinks Im Not Yet Sure If Pregnant Ako Ngauon pa lang Kse ako Na delay Notice me plss

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round blue pill 44 346

I have a pill with 44 on top, then 346 under that and it is blue. Can you identify it? The pill is round. ## Hello Judy, I was able to find a pill that matches everything except the NIH lists it as "pink". Is it possible that the pill is some kind of purplish and could be listed as pink instead of blue? In any case here is the info for the pill that I found. Product Code 21130-346 Imprint 44;346 Name Stomach Relief Ingredients Bismuth Subsalicylate 262mg Label Author Better Living Brands, LLC Color Pink Size 16mm Shape Oval Score 1 Inactive Ingredients - Calcium Carbonate - D&c Red No. 27 - D&c Red No. 30 - Magnesium Stearate - Mannitol - Cellulose, Microcrystalline - Povidone - Stearic Acid I hope this is the right pill. Just let me know if the pill is absolutely blue a...

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indigestion problem

Eating little food and having more toilet, my first toilet comes out quickly within 5 to 10 minutes as do normal person have. After then pre sure again mounts for the stool to come out. And this process is repeated 3-4 times during my first toilet. And this consumes time 30-40 minutes of my first toilet. In morning two times for toilet. In evening one time for toilet. I have fibroscan report normal. My vitamin b12 and vitamin d level came to be very low. I m taking methylcobalamin 1500mcg two times a day. Also butter milk one glass in morning.


Little circle blue pill that has the word Mylantin on it. ## Greetings, I've searched all around and absolutely nothing comes up for the word mylantin regarding pills or the medical industry. I have found many similar pharmaceutical companies such as Mylan or Mylanta. This leads me to believe that we are overlooking something here, perhaps there is a break somewhere or the structuring of the letters could be off. Maybe if you give me a bit more information on the imprint itself I can think of a different way to look up the pill. Do the letters circle around the pill or are they centered or perhaps even some are over the others?

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h 86 cancer cure and alternatives

Thanks for the info placed on here about H86. One of the cures for cancer that I have been reading on is sodium bicarbonate, that's right, baking soda. Many cancers are of the fungus type. Though red in appearance, they are white as most funguses are. There are many videos on youtube about the use of sodium bicarbonate, one being a cure for cancer. It is worth checking out. ## Baking soda is a cure for cancer. Cancer can not live in an alkaline environment. The trick is to get the baking soda into the cancer cell which has a protection against it. Cancer cells require 22 times the amount of sugars as normal cells. Originally baking soda was heated with maple syrup 1 part maple syrup 3 parts real maple syrup. This boils over easily so use a double boiler and put 1 or 2 spoons in a gl...

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Razocid DSR Information

Recently my doctor prescribed Razocid DSR tablets. l would like to know more about this drug and how to use it? Please give me more information.

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Levosulpiride- Rabeprazole COMBINATION

what is the rationale of rabeprazole levosulpiride combination ## When used with a proton pump inhibitor, such as the Rabeprazole, the Levosulpiride is added for its prokinetic properties, which can facilitate gastric emptying. Are there any other questions? ## PLEASE GIVE INFORMATION OF LATEST RESEARCH OF MEDICAL RELATED ## I have been taking Rabeprazole 20mg, for the last many months (may be 6 - 8 months) to controll stomach reflux. At the same time I'm suffering with spinal disease (vertib 4, 5 being damaged). Stomach reflux is being experienced, perhaps due to use of pain killers. Now I have been advised to take levopraid with rabeprazole. Pl advise. S. Ali ## What are the advantage of Levosulpride and rabeprazole combinations as compared with rabeprazole and domeperidone combin...

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Razo side effects

I am consuming Razo 20 for more than 6 months. What are the side effects of the medicine? ## Razo contains the active ingredient Rabeprazole, this is a proton pump inhibitor used to treat ulcers, GERD and heartburn. Common side effects may include: nausea, flatulence, diarrhea and vertigo. You can read more here: Is there anything else I can help you with? ## Hi i am also using razo 20 mg ..iam feeling severe muscle aches. even i eat well sometimes i am feeling very tired in my muscle. is it because of this tablets or is there any other reason fr this. do i need to see doctor ## I am also taking Razo 20 mg medicines and Kinpride 1 mg for treating my ulcers in the stomach. I have gained 5 kgs of weight in merely 2 months since i started taking these medicines. Is it possible that this is...

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Omeprazole Cr

Does this medicine cause you to have a strong odor in your urine? ## No, I don't see it listed anywhere as a possible side effect, even among the rare ones. Learn more Omeprazole details here. Is it the only medication you take? Have you been dehydrated at all? ## My urine smells strongly of petrol. I have stopped taking Losec and smell has diminished. ## The smell in my urine is definitely from omoprozole Has there been a change in manufacture. ## I have also noticed an odd urine smell on omeprazole. I do take other otc antacids but I suspect the omeprazole. ## +1 I started Omeprazole, and urine odor followed. I stop, it goes away. I don't understand why this side effect seems under-reported, when it seems easy to spot the correlation/control of the symptom. More worrisome, is...

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Problem with Kremers Urban KU 136

I have taken Omeprazole for years from various manufacturers and never had a problem. My pharmacy just switched to Kremers Urban KU 136 this week, and they don't do anything. When I am not on medication for GERD, I wake up every night gagging on vomit. In the past when I am taking Omeprazole daily, I wake up maybe one night a month usually because I ate something too close to bed time. I use a pillow wedge to sleep upright and am fine. When I took the Kremers Urban KU 136, I was up every night gagging on vomit and the pillow wedge didn't help. I bought Nexium over the counter and am now back to not having any issues. I told my pharmacy, but they didn't seem to care. Wondering if anyone else is experiencing this with Kremers Urban KU 136? ## I called my pharmacy with the same...

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Gastritis and Thyronorm 50mcg

Since last 1 year I am taking Thyronorm 50mcg when my TSH was 15.6. Presently since last 6 month or so the TSH level is 2 to 3 . I take TSH & FT4 test regularly. Now a days I have feeling of upset stomach, gastritis, constipation. Should I reduce the doses to 25mcg. or stop taking medicine ## TSH 2-3 is fine. Consult INMAS Timarpur Delhi ## Have you consulted your doctor? They are the only person that will be able to help you decide what's causing the problem and if you need to adjust your medication. In addition, Gastritis isn't just suffering from a case of gas, it's more serious than that: ## My Tsh IS 100 MY DOCTOR RECOMMENDED 50 MCG THYROXINE 2 TAB DAILY HOW MANY DAYS I USE THIS MEDICINE

Is L194 Famotidine?

I also found a round pill that is smooth, round but not flat and has L194 on one side... The other side is blank. I remember taking them I thought for pain but i threw away the bottle.. I don't believe It's for heartburn... Help ## 20mgs of Famotidine is exactly what these tablets are, I have a bottle right here, because I take them every day for GERD and gastritis. These are a generic for Pepcid. NDC: 0904-5780 ## If you don't "believe" that's what they are then you shouldn't post a response here. You should post based on facts. ## Generic Pepcid. Find them at Walmart for $4 per 100. ## Of all the countless sites, I like your philosophy on privacy best. Thank you. ## L194 is also tramadol which is for pain. It's name brand is ultra I have a whole bottle...

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I have GERD, suffer terrably bad.I've been cut off medicaid & I have not a cent to my name.My Dr. perscribed Nexium 4 me 4 about 2 yrs. now.I havn't had Nexium 4 about a year & suffer daily w/ GERD.Sometimes if my family has any extra change someone will buy me over the counter anti-acids for me which I'm very Greatful.this morn I sit here hurting sooo bad,then I remembered the old Baking Soda in the spice cabinet...It's not Nexium,but it helps... ## Hope vega is out there today,2 see that any help & advise is useful.I do Thank God... 4 this Drug disscution board,We all need each other from time 2 time,without puting ourselves out there 2 be contacted if we don't want 2...again GOD BLESS... ## You are very right about baking soda. I am in SA and i recenlt...

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Large round white pill cross scored on one side and R on the other

I found a large white pill in my house with the letter “R” on one side & “X” on the other. Having trouble identifying it. Please help. Thanks. ## What is it Large round white pill R ON ONE SIDE X ON THE OTHER ## Hello Craig7, I was able to find a rather large white pill with only the letter R on one side and it is scored on the back, which may resemble the letter X. The pill I found is a Calcium Carbonate 550 MG / Magnesium Hydroxide 110 MG Chewable Tablet (Rolaids). Below I have linked some information on this pill that I sourced from the NIH. NDC: 41167-1000 Ingredient(s): - Calcium Carbonate 550mg - Magnesium Hydroxide 110mg Inactive Ingredient(s): - Dextrose - Magnesium stearate - Silicon dioxide - Stearic acid - Sucralose - Sucrose Imprint: R Label Autho...

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