Oblong Light Purple Pill With ~p~ On One Side


Anybody know what this pill is? Have looked on various pill identification sites and can't find it.

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This is likely over the counter Pamprin which is used in treating menstrual cramps and related symptoms (NDC 71687-3003).

Active Ingredients:
- Acetaminophen 500 mg
- Pamabrom 25 mg
- Pyrilamine maleate 15 mg

Color: Purple
Score: No score
Shape: Capsule
Size: 18mm
Imprint Code: P

Source: DailyMed

Please note that because this is an over the counter product, the appearance is subject to change and there could be other over the counter products with a similar appearance. They are not regulated as strictly as prescription drugs.

This was updated July 2020 to reflect the most current information

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I have a pill that is Pink oblong with the imprint 'P' and two swirly lines on both sides almost like '~P~' but the second swirly line is facing the other way

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I have found the same pill. I am pretty familiar with most pills. My first impression was prilosec or Daron because of shape or color. Purplish with ~P~ imprinted on one side. Just like that. Squiggly line P then squiggly line. I then noticed it had a coating like a time release on an oxycontin or something like that. Never seen it before. Can't find a pic or any information on it. Any help would be helpful. Found in kids room.

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I found a pill as well like that and I am trying to identify and have yet to be successful. The squiggly lines are ON the pill. It does NOT have an underscore. It looks just like this:

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The purple pill that pools lile this ~p~ is a pamprin pill. Not sure of the mg.... I just take 2 for my cramps. Pamprin pills can come in white too, just depends which box ya buy. If your kid is a female it makes perfect sense that she had this pill to help her with her period cramps. Now maybe you should trust your daughter and stop snooping around in her room. It's extremely invasive, and you will loose your relationship with your daughter if she finds out... over a Tylenol type pill.

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What is the pill you have with ~p~, I found one as well.

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At least my daughter will be alive. She can thank me later.

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You are a parent to your daughter not her friend. You will not lose your daughter or turn her away from you. My child is 19 and she understood that I was always looking out for her best interest. I read text messages, had passwords to all her online social media accounts and would go into them whenever I felt the need. Again, stay strong and be a parent not a friend.

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The one side of that pill is ~ p ~ please tell me wat it I'd. And it's just that way on the pill.

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I have the same light color purple oblong pill in hand and mine is a pamprin, for menstrual cramps.

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I found the same pill. Can anyone help identify.? I mean this pill did not come out of thin air, come on ppl!!!!!

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its just a freaking Pamprin(compared to Midol) for period symptoms.

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If your still searching for the ID of that pink pill that dropped from the sky lol it would be pamprin it's similar to midol if that's more familiar to you.

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It's a pms pill , it's over the counter and helps with mood, cramps and other pms symptoms

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Pamprin ~P~ for menstrual cramps
I was wondering the same thing .

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lol, do you really have all her passwords and secrets? So Naive

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The purple oblong pill is called pamprin. It's for women... used for cramps.

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Re: Tiff (# 4) Expand Referenced Message

I found a baggy with 3 of those same pills. I can't find anything about them. Hope you had better luck.

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For those who don't have common sense to read the comments to find out what the mysterious pill is... ITS PAMPRIN... for menstrual cramps.
How do I know the people who said it is pamprin are correct? I use pamprin and have a bottle of them.

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Re: Jules (# 18) Expand Referenced Message

It's pamprin, if you had even bothered to read the comments. It's for menstrual cramps.

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Re: Lynn (# 7) Expand Referenced Message

Lynn, don't even take that response to heart. You're doing a great job keep it up. And should your daughter get mad at you then that's okay, she'll get over it and appreciate you more because you cared enough to check as she gets older and is still alive.

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Re: Roy (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

Thank you Roy for such a thorough and non judgemental response.

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Re: Michelle (# 5) Expand Referenced Message

You would not make a great mom. Any parent not concerned if they found a pill is why we have a drug epidemic and children being raised by peers vs parents.

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Re: Lou lou (# 47) Expand Referenced Message

The pill in question is pamprin.

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Re: Lou lou (# 47) Expand Referenced Message

The pamprin pill?

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I can't believe how many of us have found the same pill lol what are the odds?

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Re: Roy (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

Can a man use this pill for pain in your back.

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Re: Marie (# 11) Expand Referenced Message

Why not take the pill to a Pharmacist. I swear people lack a minuscule amount of Common Sense at times. WOW!

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It is a freaking Pamprin! If you are so damn worried you should have taken the pill to a Pharmacist instead of an Online Forum ??????

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Re: Marie (# 9) Expand Referenced Message

Just what the pill say on one side ~p~

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