Is L194 Famotidine?

Cameron Says:

I also found a round pill that is smooth, round but not flat and has L194 on one side... The other side is blank. I remember taking them I thought for pain but i threw away the bottle.. I don't believe It's for heartburn... Help

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Verwon Says:

20mgs of Famotidine is exactly what these tablets are, I have a bottle right here, because I take them every day for GERD and gastritis. These are a generic for Pepcid.

Famotidine 20 mg L194

NDC: 0904-5780

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Shifani Says:

If you don't "believe" that's what they are then you shouldn't post a response here. You should post based on facts.

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Alan Says:

Generic Pepcid. Find them at Walmart for $4 per 100.

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Ron Says:

Of all the countless sites, I like your philosophy on privacy best. Thank you.

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nicki Says:

L194 is also tramadol which is for pain. It's name brand is ultra I have a whole bottle of prescribed medication without logo

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papaw Says:

l194 is not tramadol. tramadol requires a prescription. it is not for pain as we know it unless you have heartburn. consult your pharmacist.

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Nicki Nick Says:

This could also be Tramadol. A non opioid analgesic that binds to the opiod receptors helping w/ pain. I believe they're (The DEA) is going to up it's status to a scheduled narcotic this year. I am currently prescribed these and it's a white round non scored pill (pea sized but not that round) one side is blank the other side has L194 engraved in it.

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Nicki Says:

It is consult your pharmacist because I do have a script for it. I also have my generic otc heartburn pills that have the same engraving except it's scored and the other side isn't blank A pharm's # 727-327-8801 its a Walgreens

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DrVersluis Says:

L194 is also tramadol. The other L194 medication is used for heartburn and has the same engraving. You can tell the difference between the two if you look at the blank side of the pill. Tramadol has a blank side and no score on it. The Famotidine has a blank side with a score in the middle. However there have been some manufacturers that do not score the Famotidine, so be careful. Thanks.

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BC Says:

L194 is absolutely without a doubt not tramadol, this is the only place you will find someone claiming that it is

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Chris Says:

L194 is famotidine 20mg. I have a bottle of kroger brand "heartburn prevention" famotidine tablets 20mg with imprint L194 on one side, nothing on the other. small, white, & round.

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wille Says:

I searched pill identifers on the Internet for L194. the only results were famotidine. the people claiming they are tramadol are wrong. they either are mistaken or someone ripped them off

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Tuke Says:

This is completely incorrect and should not have been posted as firm knowledge before being CONFIRMED!!

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IzzyNyc Says:

Actually the word you are looking for is ultram

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IzzyNyc Says:

Oh yeah and by the way's neither ultram or tramadol...which is the same damn thing anyway it's famotadine...I take it everyday. So don't be worried.

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Tuke Says:

This is correct..sitting in front of a small bottle NOW!

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Candy Says:

Tramadol is called Ultram...not Ultra...n this pill isn't Tramadol. I have the exact same pills n my grandfather is a retired pharmacist that still work now n then n he gave me these for my Acid Reflux disease...

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Candy Says:

Ikr...ppl need to get their facts straight before talking about things...

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phreakyamy Says:

I miss my pawpaw... But yea. It's def for heartburn. I have found a few in the bottom of a junk drawer in desperate need of de-junking. (*´`*)

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confused Says:

Well, I am so glad I got this figured out -ha ha
it is either famotadine or however you spell it...or Taramadol.

Which one is it you guys?

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