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diane 35 pills no menstruation

Hi, it's my first time taking Diane 35 pills. I already finished the 21-day pack of tablets and now it's my 4th day of being tablet-free but still didn't get my period. I didn't skip any tablet but sometimes I'm taking the tablets late by 1 or 2hrs. Is there any possibility that I'm pregnant? And if this is just a side effect, should I start taking another pack after finishing the 7-day rest even i didn't get my period yet or should I wait for my period to come and finish before starting a new diane pack? Hoping for some clarified answers. Thank you. ## If you didn't miss any tablets, then there isn't much of a risk of pregnancy, according to the NIH and you should continue taking them as instructed. According to the side effects listed by the NIH, so...

jevity 1 2 side effects

My husband has had a GJ tube since Feb 25/15. He is experiencing extreme abdominal pain for about 4 hours each evening, starting about 4:30pm. His feedings start about 5:30-6pm. No one has an answer for us. We tried breaking the feedings up from 15 hours, to 2 or 3 sessions, no help. Also, he has red, awfully sore skin in the groin area since starting the feedings as well. Is this a burn from strong urine caused from the feedings? We have tried medication, ointments and NOTHING is helping this poor man! Any help would be much appreciated. ## Jevity has been known to cause side effects, such as nausea, stomach burning, stomach pain, bowel problems, and diarrhea, in some people that take it, according to FDA reports. You can see some details on Jevity here as provided by people that have...

valoron n retard 150/12mg

oblong white pill ## valoron N retard has been recommended for me for my chronic pain (neuropathic pain post surgery - laminectomy). the literature is in German and I would like information about the drug in english regarding dosage, sidw wffwcts, cautions,,pharmacokinetics,etc ## valoron N retard has been recommended for me for my chronic pain (neuropathic pain post surgery - laminectomy). the literature is in German and I would like information about the drug in english regarding dosage, side effects, cautions,,pharmacokinetics,etc ## Valoron N Retard is a medication from Germany that is listed as containing Naoloxone, and Tilidine. It is an opiate pain reliever, that also helps prevent the abuse of other opiates, while someone is being treated with it. The FDA warns that opiates carr...

Changing Trust pills into other pills.

I've been using trust pills for 2 months but I experienced different kinds of side effects like headache nausea one my friend told me to change into lady pills instead. It is ok to use it during the last tablet of trust pills? And I had a contact with my husband after taking 4 tablets of lady pills. Am I protected against pregnancy? ## If you just continue from one oral contraceptive tablet to the other, without missing any tablets/taking a break in between, then you should still be protected against pregnancy. You can also do a safe switch by starting the new tablets, when you would start a new package of the former tablets, at the end of your menstrual cycle. Are there any other questions? ## I've been using Lady Pills for than a month, now I'm using the second box and I...

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diacort nifuroxazida

green and yellow capsule ## I went to the pharmacy in Costa Rica after one day of serious stomac pain. Problem is that the pharmacist didnt understand a single word english.. so I only pointed on my stomac and said Ouch. I havent been able to go to the bathroom and I feel like throwing up but its impossible. Should I keep taking these pills? And how often, because I didnt get a description. 400 mg Diacort Nufuroxazida, green and yellow cupsule. ## My friend is in Costa Rica and came down with stomach cramping and diarrhea on Sunday, (20) and went to a doctor yesterday morning because pain was so bad. Doc prescribe diacort and glutapak, so you may be on the right track. She was still pretty sick last night and haven't spoken to her today. Hope you both are better soon! ## Hello, Just...

Hyospasmol pills

I have migraines - is the above mentioned medication good for treating them? ## Hyospasmol is listed as containing the active ingredient Scopolamine; which is used to treat conditions such as motion sickness, nausea, IBS and intestinal cramping. I actually would not recommend this medication for migraines since some of its side effects (listed below) are likely to give you a headache on their own: Blurred vision; dizziness; drowsiness; dry mouth; flushing. If you suffer from migraines there are a number of natural alternatives that don't have the side effects of this medication. I would suggest looking into some essential oils and/or herbs (such as basil and oregano) for this treatment to get the best results. Maybe even a combination of sorts :) I wish you the best and I hope this ...

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can I get pregnant if I've missed an oralcon pill

Hi my name is Dudu. I've been on the oralcon tablet for about a year now. I have never missed a tablet but this past weekend I did, by mistake. Friday I took my tablet normally @ 6am on that friday we went for a family function. Saturday morning I had realized that I forgot my pills @ home & we would be back sunday. So wen we got back on sunday I took both saturday & sunday dose together which was around 1pm. Monday morning I took my normal dose @ 6am & had intercourse 10min later. Is there a possibility that I could fall pregnant? I'm worried. Pls help. Thank you. ## Hello, Dudu! How are you? Yes, a missed pill means that there is a risk of pregnancy. You'll need to wait and see if you get your next period and if you don't, then get checked for pregnancy. Th...

false positive on drug test for benzodiazepines help please

Today i went in for my pain management and got a positive drug test gor benzos ehich i have not taking the dr said it was calozapine which i have not heard of and i dont want to get kicked out of pain management last night i took a tiny piece of dramamine and 2 nights ago i took a flexaril to help put me to sleep i also take adderall lisinopril norco 7.5 and tramadol why is this happening to me i've always taken medicine as perscribed and im freakin out ## Flexeril is a benzo. ## I have thr opposite issue... my meds are not showing on 3 urine test two different labs. I am requesting a blood test. Maybe you should too. I heard energy drinks like Monster can give a false positive for benzos. My friend's now decease boyfriend (drug reasons) was in drug court and was actually keepin...

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stomach pain when taking cherifer pgm

Can i take this supplement without having a meal? Are there any circumstances that may occur? I asked these because i am having a stomach ache (not severe) after i took Cherifer PGM after breakfast. I am hoping for a quick response, btw i'm 16y/o. Thank you. ?? ## I suffer stomachache once I take cherifer pgm after dinner. ## Cherifer PGM is a pretty potent nutritional supplement, so it can cause stomach aches, and nausea, in some people that take it. Taking it with food may help mitigate that side effect. Kou, how long after dinner do you take it? Have you tried taking it just before, or during your meal?

cherifer vitamins effect

I've been using the Cherifer pgm 10-22 for four days, and after 20 minutes of taking it, I get stomach aches. I drink it after eating and the stomach pain is like the pain you experience when you are food poisoned. Am I doing it the right way? ## Hi Celeste, You are not alone, I myself, experiences the same discomfort when drinking Cherifer PGM with Zinc 10-22 , I noticed that the pain intensifies (feeling of like bitter stomach and wanting to throw up), specially if I drink it after having a Meal or drinking milk. I also noticed that my sleep is deep when taking the supplement but I easily wake up or is having some kind of sleep disturbance. and not to mention darker complexion and pimples., but I guess this are the signs that your body is already producing growth hormones, From mo...

white pill v 4235

I have this pill , white oblong with v on one side and 42/35 on the other. I dont' understand what it is......can anyone tell me? ## Based on the description provided, I found your pill to be Metoclopramide HCl (10 mg), which is primarily used to treat nausea and vomiting. For more information about this drug, please refer to the link below... If you have any more questions or concerns, please post back and I will be happy to help you. ## white v 4235 pill ## Hi Jen, The pill marked V 4235 is the same pill mentioned above. (Metoclopramide 10 mg) Please take a look at my reply below for more information about this pill. Thank you. ## My mother-in-law takes this pill everyday before each meal.She is under the impression that she takes it to open her throat so she doesn't choke.Can...

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Spasmo Proxyvon Side Effects / Withdrawal Effects

I am taking spasmo proxyvon 18-20 tablets per day since 5 years continuously, but now each day i'm having pain in stomach, nausea, and vomiting. I want to stop taking these pills forever, so plz tell me the withdrawal effects and long term side effects of the tablets. Please help me. ## i have been addicted to sp for the past ten years taking 4 to 5 a day. i am healthy & strong. i do exercises everyday and have a good appetite. now i want to stop taking this .....please help me out. i want to stop in a proper way to restrain the withdrawal effects. ## Spasmo Proxyvon contains the active ingredient Dextropropoxyphene. The severe or irreversible adverse effects of Dextropropoxyphene, which give rise to further complications, can include Sinus tachycardia, Hypotension, Orthostatic ...

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what is actamol and it used for

IVE BEEN GIVEN MEDICATION BY A DOCTOR THEIR NAMES ARERANMOXY, ASCORBIC ACID,ACTAMOL,FLUSTAT,BROFEN AND DPH SYRYP. I GET VERY DROWSY AFTER DRINKING THEM. COULD I BE AALERGIC OR I SHOULD NOT TAKE THEM ALL AT ONCE ## Hello, Mampinga! How are you? Drowsiness can be a normal side effect of most medications, especially, if you're taking several at once and it is completely normal. As reported by the U.S. FDA you may also experience nausea, dizziness and headache. If your doctor approves, you can break them up and take them at different times, depending on what works for you. Is there anything else I can help with? ## What are actamol pills used for? Is it common to have a running stomach and feeling hot after taking actamol tablet?

combitic global caplet erectafil

Bought erectafil 60mg pills and would like to know if it's the real thing. ## I received an order of 20mg caplets and they are definitely fake. In addition they gave me bad headaches and nausea. ## Actually I tried them. Split them into 4. Looked up sugar coating of pills and it's one of 3 ways they make pills. The pills worked great. Had a friend of mine try one and he said it was incredible. I've had no negative effects. ## i ordered cialis daily (5mg) but what i received was erectafil 5mg in heart shape. my question is is this product the same? the manufacturer name labelled was combotic global caplet pvt ltd. ## When you're not going through a licensed pharmacy, I feel that the only honest way to verify if something contains what it's supposed to, is to have the ...

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ketoanalogues ketosteril

ketosteril was prescribed by my doctor in treatment of suspected kidney failure. The drug is very expensive here in the philippines, is there any substitute for Ketosteril 600 which is much cheaper? ## What is ketosteril capsule? Is this really effective to avert renal failure. My mom's creatinine is 2.1 living on one kidney. She is hypertensive and with controlled diabeties. Thank you! ## As to what other medication options may be available in the Philippines, I am sorry, I can't help you. Have you tried asking the doctor or pharmacist? That said, I am also having a difficult time discovering information regarding its use and efficacy. I am very sorry. Does anyone else have any information that can help? ## KETOSTERIL? appears to be manufactured by Fresenius Kabi and contain: ...

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White Oblong Pill 05b/05b?

What is this pill pls? Found it in a wrapper, first few letters were Busca ## The pill is buscapina, sodium metamizol, used for severe menstrual cramps I always carry a couple for the "damsel in distress " in my first aid kit ## I've tried search for this several times and still cannot find anything. I also can't find anything listed under Busca, but I have to wonder if it is a foreign medication that may contain some form of Butylscopolamine. Is anyone else familiar with this product? ## Can i combine mitazole with nefidepin ## The pill is called buscopan or buscoduo it is usually found in Brazil and other south american countries ## I always take them, they are called Buscapina. I think the name of the drug in English is Butylscopolamine. Has a super bitter flavour and...

Klion d 100 tingling / discharge / odor

I was given Klion D 100 for a bacteria infection. I have taken one treatment and I'm experiencing a wet discharge with a slight fishy odor and a tingling sensation. Is this normal? Or should I return to my Doctor? ## Hello, Demetria! How are you? Those can be normal side effects of a bacterial vaginal infection. You may also experience nausea, dizziness, and spotting, according to the U.S. FDA. What type of infection is being treated? ## I've been taking Klion d 100 for 6 days now and I had intercourse with my partner last night. Now I'm feeling cramps throughout my body when I pee. Should I be having intercourse while on the medication? ## I have been taking klion d 100 but unfortunately I inserted it the wrong place should I be prescribe another one or is that ok ## I'...

Loprin vs Disprin

Can I use Disprin tablets while taking Loprin? I have a prostate problem and have been using Duodart capsules once a day. I'd like to know if I can take Disprin tablets to relieve the urine flow? ## Disprin will not do anything to alleviate the urine flow. The NIH lists its typical side effects as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache, dry mouth, and constipation. It also carries the risk of being habit forming. Have you been prescribed any other medications? ## I hve pain lower to stomach from last year ... Frst dr dignosis hpylori GERD i take treatmnt do endoscopy... But after endoscopy i feel pain lower than stomach frst dr say maybe there is mild infectation due to endoscopy but i take alot of antiobiotic .. Stil using mebervine nd zopent but i cnt rid from this pain......

what is m171 pill used for

kindly give me the use of the drug M171, or what kind of a body condition does it cure? ## My husband has these oval shaped pills marked with m171. Please help, what is the use of them? The pill color is light pink. ## Pl tell me the pink tablet M171 what is it used for ## Can samone tell me what is M171...i find it in my gal frend bag ## I wanna know is it Atroiza and M171 pill it's the same medication and for which dieses I found this pills in my ex-boyfriend's pocket ## M171 is an antiretroviral drug. Your partner may have HIV. ## What is a use of the pill m171 is for ## To those whom did not know and suspecting that m171 could possibly be for hiv the answer to that is true, yes it is for the virus and is taken daily. ## Can someone tell what m171 used for i find in it in my ...

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side effects from taking Althea Pills

i stopped using Althea on my second pack becoz i can't bear anymore the constant hunger pangs, terrible dizziness, vomiting. And it made my body gained weight fast! It made my boobs much bigger too. Not really worth it, made wary to take other pills tbh. The side effects that i endured esp the dizziness are unbearable. Hopefully new users won't have the same problems i encountered. I am not recommening this pill though. ## Hello First time ko dn magtake ng althea pills Tanong ko lang normal ba Yung everyday spotting?? hnd naman ako nahihilo Nakakamiss n ko siang pack at pang 3 days free pills ko na ngyon.. Reply po kayo salamat ## Correction nakakaisang pack na ko Natapos ko nung sept.30 ## Yes were same experiencing while taking althea pills its my 2nd day now...and i got heada...


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