Bendectin And Birth Defects

Dana Says:

I took this drug in the 1970's while pregnant. Am looking for the side effects to the babies. Drug has been off the market for many years. Not sure on correct spelling. Used for nausea and vomiting during pregnancy. Thank you for any help you can send me. Sincerely, Dana.

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Angela Says:


The drug Bendictine you are referring to was reported to cause birth defects in some cases. But a similar drug is prescribed today and it's called Diclectin. Funny how some people will say to stay away from something while others say it's perfectly safe. I think it's a matter of speaking to at least several physicians and following your intuition, as far as what feels right for you and who you trust.

The drug Diclectin is a combination of Doxylamine (an antihistamine) and Vitamin B6.

A good resource with a brief overview on Diclectin can be viewed at

Hope this helps!

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Carol Says:

I was prescribed Benedictine in 1970. Exactly what were the birth defects this drug caused? I had only briefly heard little info about four years after taking it. And know it is very important that I know more about it. Thanks.

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Jeni Says:

I was prescribed bendictine in 1970 also for my first pregnancy. My daughter, who is now 35, did have a serious birth defect in that her uterus was misshapen and she was unable to sustain a pregnancy. After hundreds of tests and procedures including invitro, she finally became a mother through surrogacy. Many of her friends the same age have experienced infertility and have had to resort to in vitro and more to become mothers. I would be interested in obtaining info on any class action suit regarding bendictine. As in my daughters case, we had no idea there was any birth defect/problem until she reached adulthood and then her gynecologist made the connection to the drug.

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Carol Says:

We have a son. And we were wondering if there would be reproductive birth defects in male babies. Is there any other resources to check this out any further? Thanks

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Dana Jones Says:

I had 4 son's, all in the 70's. The 1st 3 I took Bendictine regular for nausa and vomiting. My 1st born has 2 children. The boy has ADHD at 9 yrs. The girl is 18 months and looks/acts healthy. My 2nd son has never married, is very good looking, but is extreamly slow. He finally graduated from high school when he was 20 yrs. Can't hold down a job because he moves too slow. His cognitive understanding is slow in some things and high in others. He's good at mechanics, has a low self esteem and can't sell himself to a boss for a job. The few jobs he's had, his brothers have gotten for him, but he couldn't hold them. He's the one I'm concerned about. Doesn't smoke, doesn't drink, lives with my mother and does odd chores for her and my self for money.
The 3rd son has 2 healthy girls with another on the way.
I too wonder if Bendictin has something to do with # 2 son's slowness. At age 3 he was not talking, and I had him in a special school that took children from birth to 4yrs. The 1 yr he was able to be in the program was marvelous. From there he went to preschool and on to reg. school. Was very hard for him in school, repeated grade 2, and never excelled.
Any comments out there??

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Carol Says:

Our son is healthy. He did inherit asthma, which I have and runs in my family. Otherwise is healthy, intelligent, hard working. My only concern was the birth defect they first warned users of. He has met someone he is very serious about, and I was trying to find out as much info as I possibly could. I believe I toke Benedictine for months. I had severe morning sickness for six months. Thank-you for your reply.

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Sandy Says:

I also took bendictine in 1978 -79 My daughter had an eye problem Duanes Syndrome the nerve from her eye to her brain was under developed.She has had problems with her hearing her whole life had tubes numerous times now at 29 years old she just had a tube again her Doctor told her that she has nerve damage from birth and she needs a hearing aid in her one ear. She suffers from learning disabilities but to top it all off she resently found out she has the beginnings of glacoma Now as a Mom I am really seriously wondering if these problems were due to the medicine i took so long ago.i always new that it was taken off the market for birth defects but always thought it was missing fingers and toes per say ... Now I wish I really knew what the birth defects were any info anyone can give me would certainly be appreciated. Thank you

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Carol Says:

I was also on bendictine for my 2 pregnancies in 1980 and 82. Both my son and daughter at the age of 24 started loosing their hair. We don't have family history of early hair loss, especially in women. Has anyone else had this problem? My son also was born with no enamel on his teeth.

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Jeni Says:

To Carol - I am suprised that you took Bendictine in 1980 & 82 as I could not take it with my second child in 1975 as my OBGYN said it had been taken off the market then becauce of birth defects. I remember it clearly as I was deathly sick with the second child almost the whole pregnancy!

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Carolyn Reynolds Says:

I also took the medication Bendictine for nausea during my pregnancy with my daughter who was born in 1978. Her birth defects involved her heart and lungs. She was born with a hole between the lower chambers of the heart and with a rare congenital lung defect called lobar emphysema in which the bronchial tube collapsed when she tried to exhale. She was 6 weeks old when I discovered something was wrong with her. The lung condition was what triggered the suspicion she had a problem. She was breathing in, but not able to exhale all of the air from her lungs. This caused her upper right lung lobe to expand, collapsing the rest of the right lung and pushing her heart out of place. Her symptoms, projectile vomiting and abnormal breathing pattern, were my clues something was wrong. I was very young, but wise enough to take her to a physician. She had to have the upper lobe of her right lung removed at 6 1/2 weeks of age, and later when she was about 2 to 2 1/2 months old, she had to have the hole in her heart repaired. I contacted an attorney after all was well again, and he was very insensitive to my situation because he thought I was lucky it was something that could be corrected. He obviously never had to sit in a waiting room on 2 occasions wondering if his child would make it through the surgery. I am now a register nurse, and I firmly believe that the reason some children had limb defects while others had internal defects was dependent on what phase of development the fetus was in during the time the mother was taking the drug. I only took the drug for a few weeks, and apparently took it during development of the heart and lungs and stopped in time before the limbs were effected.

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Carol Says:

Yes, I did take it for my children born in 1980 and 1982. I heard after the birth of my second child that it had been removed from the market. I wonder why I was able to take it in the 80's?

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Carolyn Reynolds Says:

Oh, I forgot to add, prior to getting pregnant with my daughter, I had a miscarriage that during the pregnancy I was taking the drug for morning sickness. Years after learning the drug was causing all of these problems in these children of mothers who had taken Bendictine, I suspected the miscarriage was my body's way of disposing of what would have been in some way, a handicapped child.

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Dorie neal Says:

Jeni- I took Bendictine in 1978/79 and gave birth to a daughter. i took it in 1980 and gave birth to a son. I took it in 1982 and gave birth to another daughter.
Both daughters have abnormalities with their reproductive systems: the first born has a dual system: two cervix's, two uterus, but the proper ovaries and fallopian tubes. She may not be able to carry a fetus to birth.
The second daughter now, we just found out, also has a dual reproductive system...
My son so far we don't know.
Additionally, the oldest daughter suddenly developed Celiac disease (intolerance to gluten) the younger daughter tested possible...but not to the severity and totality of the older daughter.
I am an RN. I think we should talk if somehow possible?
Dorie from No. Calfiornia

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Dorie neal Says:

Dana - I also took this drug in 1979, 1980 and 1982. I have two daughters with defective reproductive systems. I am an RN. so far we don't know if my son has any problems. Also, both girls are Celiac... gluten intolerance. but the fact that they both have dual reproductive systems is really strong evidence that something is amiss! I wish to discuss thiis with you, if possible.
Dorie Neal No. California

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eva delawder Says:

I also took bendictin in 1978-79, my daughter was born with club feet. I have aways thought there was a connection.

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linda Says:

OMG...I am so glad I stumbled onto this page! Thank you all for sharing your stories! Please allow me to share mine. I am 43, born in 1964. I have a crazy life story but I'll try to keep it short. I have Sensorineural Hearing Loss they say I was born with and didn't notice until it progressed by age 29. I now have had optic neuritis with damage to optic nerve and had already been named a glaucoma suspect because of large optic nerves. I can no longer read with my right eye. I have fibromyalgia, Mitral valve prolapse, PSVT I could go appears to be affecting my entire CNS. I have had blood work, MRI and a spinal tap but even though it sounds like MS, it is not supported by test results. With that being said, I had been searching for answers, reviewed what medical records I could find and even went to the courthouse and made copies of my parents divorce papers. Attached to the documents where my father filed for divorce were copies of my mother’s medical records. There before me was, I felt could be answers. When my mom was expecting me she attempted suicide by ingesting 75mg. of Elavil and 1 gr. of Butisol Sodium. Also the medical records show she took the prescription bendictine in am and pm. Strange how life Dad has since passed away and I don't think I can speak to my mother again. Other things have happened with her and I don't like to communicate with her. Does anyone think these medications could be the source of my health crisis? I appreciate any information you can provide.

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dee Says:

I a reading all these comments with interest. I have a 27 year old who was diagnosed with Autism in1986. I have long since wondered the correlation (if any) between Autism and bendictin. I took it in 1981. I am shocked to here it was recalled. 3 other mothers I know, who have autistic chilren also took Bendictin in the 80;s,

Anyone know if there has been any studies on the connection with this and neurological diseases?

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kathy Says:

I took the Bendictine in 1980 my daughter has been diagnost with MS ! my mother in law took the drug in 1955 my sister in law has since died from the results I firmly believe that it is related...

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stephanie jubin Says:

I have a question regarding the drug Bendictine. My mother took this in 1973-74 when she was pregnant with me, and I have always had muscle problems and now in my 30's diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis. Has anyone heard of this type of effect. Please send an email or respond I would love to hear from you.

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kathy Says:

Stephanie, MS is also an autoimmune diseases ! sounds like it is related to me.

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