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Could i give my 3 year old a scopex 10mg tablet?

Could i give my child scopex 10mg 1 tablet for cramps? She is 3 years old. ## You should definitely run this by their pediatrician, but likely not. The active ingredient in this medication is Hyoscine, also known as Scopolamine. I was reading a leaflet on Scopex and it states "Due to the risk of provoking hyperpyrexia it should not be given to patients, especially children where the ambient temperature is high." It also says "Use with caution in children, geriatric patients, patients with diarrhoea, fever, and in conditions characterised by tachycardia". Source ## Hello, Lee! How is your daughter? Please do not give her any medication without her doctor's approval. It is very, very easy to overdose a child to the point of fatal toxicity. Additionally, there are many ...

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what is scopex used for

Are u allowed to take scopex if u not pregnant? ## Hi mpumza, Scopex contains the active ingredient Hyoscine, a derivative of Scopolamine, which is used to prevent nausea and vomiting associated with motion sickness or gastrointestinal spams. Although this medication is commonly prescribed for pregnant women, it's use is not solely intended for a specific group of people. If interested, I would suggest talking to your doctor for more specific details on how it can benefit you. I hope this helps! ## Does the Dr allowed to give scopex to the patient if shes not pregnant? ## Will scopex stop the spasms I keep having from the kidney pain which is very sore ## Can my wife get pregnant if she use scopex tablets?

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use of Scopex pills

the use of scopex pills ## Scopex contains Hyoscine (Scopolamine) and is commonly used to treat intestinal spasms, such as you might experience if you suffered from IBS. Common side effects may include: dry mouth, throat and nasal passages. Learn more: Are there any comments or questions? ## Can my wife get pregnant if she is using scopex tabelts

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Hyospasmol pills

I have migraines - is the above mentioned medication good for treating them? ## Hyospasmol is listed as containing the active ingredient Scopolamine; which is used to treat conditions such as motion sickness, nausea, IBS and intestinal cramping. I actually would not recommend this medication for migraines since some of its side effects (listed below) are likely to give you a headache on their own: Blurred vision; dizziness; drowsiness; dry mouth; flushing. If you suffer from migraines there are a number of natural alternatives that don't have the side effects of this medication. I would suggest looking into some essential oils and/or herbs (such as basil and oregano) for this treatment to get the best results. Maybe even a combination of sorts :) I wish you the best and I hope this ...

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is anybody being prescribed scopolamine for depression

is anyone being prescribed scopolamine off-label for depression? the NIMH is doing clinical trials for same and apparently it works, however my p-doc won't prescribe it for me. ## Since it is only in clinical trials, this does not necessarily mean that it works for depression. The trials may be showing some positive results, so far, but there is a lot more involved to making sure it is working and safe to be used that way. As to your doctor not prescribing it, that is entirely up to him. He is not obligated to prescribe something, just because you learned some information on it and want him to do so. What are you currently taking? ## Yes. I was in the study back in 2006 and have been successfully depression free thanks to scopolamine, taken only for a few days every 3-4 months, with...

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Hyospasmol Drug Information

What are the indications, contraindications, dosage and side effects of this medication? ## Hyospasmol is listed as containing the active ingredient Scopolamine, it is used to treat conditions such as motion sickness, nausea, IBS and intestinal cramping. Common side effects may include: dry mouth, dry throat, dry nasal passages and constipation. Read more: The max dosage in tablet form is 0.4mgs. Do you have any other questions? ## My 12yr old daughter complains bout stomach cramps can I give her 1 hyospasmol tablet. ## Ís it safe to use on pregnant people ## My urologist prescribed uromax and hyospasmol for small calcification within the kidney. None of the articles on the net indicate these meds for problem what should have been prescribed ## My son is 4years old, can I give him ...

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Is Scopex Safe To Use During Pregnancy

scopex has been prescribed to me for gall and i am pregnant is it safe to use ## Scopex contains the active ingredient Scopolamine and no, while I don't have any specific information on why, it is listed as not being safe during pregnancy. Have you consulted your doctor? ## I'm suffering frm crop pain is it safe to use scorpexthat the doc bescribed for my 3year old son, I'm 6 month pregnant... ## I have stomach cramps is it safe for me to use scapex tablets I'm 4 months pregnant

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Scopolomine For Depression

who has experience with scopolomine for depression? ## Hi Paula, If you're looking for more individuals with experience on Scopolamine, I think the two threads linked below here will have a lot of information to offer: /Discuss/is-anybody-being-prescribed-scopolamine-for-depression-209022.htm /Discuss/Ketamine-for-Depression-231123.htm Each of these threads have over 100 replies and counting. I hope this helps! ## Thank you David, appreciate your kind response. I have read the Ketamine thread, I saw that you had quite a bit of input although I don't remember where you are in your journey to successful treatment. I have posted about my VERY successful clinical trial with Ketamine infusions, unfortunately a week after my last infusion, all debilitating symptoms returned. This is a...

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muscle back pain

Can I use hyospas as I am struggling with this pain for a day. ## Hello, Bennett! How are you? This medication is listed as containing the active ingredient Scopolamine, which is commonly used as an antispasmodic, but in most cases for gastrointestinal issues. What has your doctor told you to take? Its typical side effects, as listed by the NIH, may possibly include dizziness, drowsiness and dry mouth.

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small pink tablet with a P on one side and 10 on the other--PROPINOX is written under SERTAL ## can I buy sertal in U.S.A , and if so can I please get contact information. ## Sorry, you will have to seek that information elsewhere, this site does not sell drugs here, we are strictly an information only site. ## What is sertal Forte? What does it do? ## It is for spasms and also prescripted under the first 3 months of pregnancy to relax the uterus and avoid contractions ## How does compare Sertal to Scopolamine butylbromide (Buscapina, Buscopan)? Thank you.

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Dhacopan is it safe?

hi i am 10weeks pregnant i am hvng acute pain on my right lower abdomen which radiats on my lower right side of my back....docts hv done scan and blood test but didnt find anything and has askef me to tk this medicne..i am very scared bcz its a c category medicine and i am v scared pls help. ## The active ingredient in Dhacopan is Scopolamine and the information available on it is limited, but you can read the available monograph here: Category C means that there have been no controlled studies in human to show whether or not it is safe. Have you discussed your fears with your doctor?

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Scopolamine Hydrobromide

Hello A friend of mine got back from Bogota and that His Lawyer was given something that made him lose all memory of what happened to him he was at a club was the last thing he can remember.He was robbed and left miles from the club. Police say he was drugged and robbed my People who target Americans could the drug be Scopolamine Hydrobromide ? ## I'm doubtful that Scopolamine would cause such effects, because it would probably require too large of a dosage. It was more than likely something such as Rohypnol, which is also called the date rape drug, because it causes such effects and requires only a small dosage to do so. Are there any other questions or comments? ## I hear 5 milligrams would do it?Thanks for the reply Joe

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Dhacopan Tablet

Is it okay for someone who is allergic to painkillers/paracatemol to consume dhacopan tablet? ## Have you asked your doctor, or pharmacist? The active ingredient in Dhacopan is Scopolamine and the information available on it is limited, but you can read the available monograph here:

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Hyospasmol medication

I have migrane. Is hyospasmol the right treatment for migrane and for a heart that beats faster than it should be. ## What has your doctor advised? Hyospasmol contains Scopolamine and while it does have some legitimate medical uses, you should consult a doctor to see why you have an irregular heart beat, to rule out possibly dangerous medical conditions.

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Having Discomfort Of Stomuch Want To Take Scopinal

plz advise me that can i take scopinal for the discomfort of stomuch with light pain ## Have you seen a doctor to discover what is causing the problem? Whenever you are having pain, you should see a doctor, who can diagnose the problem and advise you on proper treatment. Scopinal contains the active ingredient Scopolamine and while it can help with some stomach and intestinal issues, it isn't appropriate for everything. For instance, if your pain is caused by a problem associated with stomach acid, you'd be better off with a antacid medication. ## hello my dear friend you may take this for management at onset .But its very necessary to know the cause of pain . If you are getting same pain again and again .i think its very necessary to know the cause .Without knowing cause ,we ca...

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Scopex Tablets

What are scopex tablets for,especially given to two months pregnant woman? ## Scopex contains the active ingredient Hyoscine, a derivative of Scopolamine, which is used to prevent nausea and vomiting. My best guess would be that the doctor prescribed it to treat morning sickness. Learn more: Is there anything else I can help with? ## Can scopex tablets be consumed during breast feeding, for a 2 month old baby?

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Hyoscine N Butylbromide

what is the use of hyoscine-n-butylbromide sorbisine?and also its side effects. ## Hyoscine, also known as Scopolamine is commonly used to treat conditions such as: nausea, motion sickness, vertigo and intestinal cramping. Side effects may include: dry mouth, dry throat, blurred vision and constipation. Learn more: Are there any questions or comments?

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Can Morphin And Scopolamine Be Mixed

for example, a 70 year 0ld man with terminal cancer is receiving morphine, scropolamine, lorazepam, and rubinol via subcutaneous butterfly device. What are their specific uses in the management of the cancer patient? ## Morphine is a narcotic pain reliever, so in this case, it is being used to help alleviate his suffering and make him more comfortable. It may cause side effects, such as: nausea, drowsiness, dizziness and dry mouth. Scopolamine helps prevent nausea and vomiting. So, it also makes sense, because the Morphine can cause nausea, as well as other cancer treatments. Its most common side effects may include: dry mouth, nose and throat. As to mixing it with the Morphine, the only thing here that needs to be watched for is the possibility of central nervous system depression, t...

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nursing consideration of buscopan

nursing consideration of buscopan ## Butylscopolamine, also known as scopolamine butylbromide and hyoscine butylbromide, is a peripherally acting antimuscarinic, anticholinergic agent used as an abdominal-specific antispasmodic. It is a quaternary ammonium compound and a semisynthetic derivative of scopolamine. It is marketed under the trade name Buscopan by Boehringer Ingelheim GmbH, Germany, who also offer a combination of butylscopolamine and acetaminophen, marketed under the name Buscopan Plus. Butylscopolamine is used to treat pain and discomfort caused by abdominal cramps, menstrual cramps, or other spasmodic activity in the digestive system. It is not an analgesic in the normal sense, since it doesn't 'mask' or 'cover over' the pain, but rather works to preven...

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what is scopinal

hyoscine-N-butyl bromide ## It is another name for Scopolamine, in many cases it is used to treat conditions such as motion sickness or intestinal cramping. You can read more on it here: Susten is generally used for women who has some sort of Progesterone Deficiency, this can affect their abiility to get pregnant. Some doctors use it to ensure that you do not develop a deficiency. this site is not medical professionals, so to use it you should follow your doctor or pharmacists instructions. have you tried asking them for more details? Do you have any other questions?

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