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lindamine Says:

can anybody tell me if they are prescribed more than 250mg per day for nuvigil. I take a 250 mg tablet at 8 a.m. and feel like I need another by 2:00 in the day does not end until around 8:oopm --- I gotta be alert, alive and active till then.

I was taking Dexedrine for this "breakthrough" period, but that can not be had anywhere!'s missing on the market, nobody (pharmacies) can get it anymore.

Nuvigil has been a miracle med for me, as many of my other psych meds cause extreme fatigue, pdoc prescribed this.....miraculous, not to mention helping me lift out of a two year depression....between this med (nuvigil) and Latuda---my life has finally changed....just trying to work out the kinks.

Thank you for taking the time to read....I appreciate any feedback

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lindamine Says:

update.....but would really love to hear other's experiences with nuvigil STILL.......

I mentioned I could not get dexedrine normal release tabs anywhere.....that has not changed.....but pdoc and I decided to try Dexedrine spansules-extended I am taking a 10mg XR tablet oF the Dex....and now only need 125 mg of nuvigil at 10a.m.(INSTEAD OF 250 MGS-alone)...that is 1/2 of what I was taking.....I think this is good news, as these type of meds build up tolerance.

I do plan on "holiday time" from one or the other along my journeys for this reason. (tolerance/addiction)
All my worries....basically due to Dexedrine not being available any more- now at rest. They messed up on the production and shipping to different parts of the country (so says the FDA) this forced me on to a much stronger med ....which, I have come to find out, is a delightful replacement/adddition to my med regime.......
Pdoc is very happy with my am I.
I have been treatment resistant bipolar for two years....all the psych meds bring on extreme fatigue, and the Dex and Nuvigil are used on me as both an energy helper and also help with my severe depression.....
I am finally on the road to recovery, it feels....

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Xena Warrior Princess Says:

I also have struggled with bipolar depression for years until recently trying Nuvigil. It cut through the "fog" as I call the it when you're extremely depressed and it seems like your brain is half asleep. I was on 2 antidepressants as well as a medication for anxiety until trying Nuvigil. I felt tired and unmotivated 9 out of 10 days and only functioned by sheer willpower. I have read about some people that take up to 3 Nuvigil a day however that was a person with Narcolepsy. Did you have any trouble with A-price of Nuvigil and insurance authorization B. Anxiety/Mania as they say it can cause or worsen manic episodes. Is the Dexedrine for the depression, energy, adhd, or none of the above? I am having similar issues with Nuvigil. One day it works great the next I'm dragging 6 hrs later. Also I didn't want to take it with my adhd medication but am now having a lot of trouble with getting distracted and talking too much.

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Verwon Says:

Glad you found another option that works for you, lindamine, because from the information I can find, it seems that 250mgs of the Nuvigil is the maximum recommended daily dose.



Xena, Dexedrine is a similar medication, as you can see from the link I've provided above, it contains the active ingredient Dextroamphetamine.

Are there any other questions or comments?

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niki barrett Says:

i have narcolepsy and i am also taking dexedrine. i have been ever since 1993. it comes in a extended release form and any pharmacy can order that in for you. but when you go to the doctor, they have to write sr on the script to get that kind. hope this helps. niki

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JB0817 Says:

I have found myself with the same dilemma as the person needing more Nuvigil by 2 pm!
I take it for type a depression (always wanting to sleep during daytime hours, although I sleep well at night).
And this has been a fierce debate between my husband & I because I DO often take more than one a day, but have a history of drug addiction. Was sexually abused as a child & never got the proper help. Finally got the diagnosis of PTSD, & am on MAOI. But if I don't have NUVIGIL, I don't want to do anything! I'm so hard on myself that I'm just chasing that old high again, like I'm back in the addiction again. But the committee in my BRAIN tells me I need another one & it won't SHUT UP & I feel (seriously) like I can't BREATHE until I take another half of one! Every month I PROMISE myself that I'm going to take them CORRECTLY, but I fail every time! This in return, crushes my little self-esteem, because I think I'm that same POS I used to be!
I abused opiates mostly, but by the end of my addiction (2 yrs ago), I would take anything. But, now I've learned having PTSD, I was just self-medicating b/c I didn't have the tools or the support to work through my sever depression and PTSD symptoms.
Oh, and, this has gotten to the point that I'm having my husband distribute them to me, so I can be accountable, but I'm finding myself counting down the hours until he gets home so I can guilt-trip him into giving me more! Lastly, I'm SCARED to talk to my psychiatrist about this problem in FEAR that they'll just 'cut me off'.
So, now every time I go there, I'm not being completely honest, so I feel I'm RUINING my ONLY OPPORTUNITY to HEAL & get the help I need!
If SOMEONE out there can help, PLEASE help me out!

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Erik Says:

I also went through my Dr. telling him I felt the same way...he told me to break another in half and take it around 2:00 worked great until time to fill next turned down for 11/2 pills a day...played roulette with insurance company.they would usually fill it on the 25th freed samples from the doctor...on my days off I would only take 1 or a half if I was just laying around the house. there are ways around it..just be good in math and keep bothering the Dr.'s office for samples...good luck

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Stacy Says:

Nuvigil is an absolute GOD-SEND for me!!! I have been on anti-depressants since 1990 - super strong family history of depression, alcoholism, etc... I was also dx'd in 1985 with MS, age 25. Back in those dinosaur days for MS...there were no MS meds. I promptly decided to take those 2 words, "multiple sclerosis" OUT OF MY VOCABULARY & lived in denial for the next 25 years...until things got SO BAD that I had no choice but to go to an MS neurologist because my issues were UNDENIABLY OBVIOUS! I was immediately diagnosed with secondary progressive MS. ANYWAY - back to Nuvigil: I beat myself up for years & years for being such a tired & lazy woman. Over the years - my genius psychiatrist and I have experimented with just about every SSRI there is. So I now take Zoloft 300mg/day & Lamictal 100mg/day for depression, Synthroid .50mcg/day (had borderline low thyroid causing more depression); Gilenya (my MS med); Klonopin 1mg PRN (up to 4 daily - which I never have to take 4) and finally NUVIGIL!!! I take 250 mg when I get up in the a.m., and 250mg. in the afternoon for energy and focus.

I have also taken Adderall - which I ramped up to 60mg/day, anything less was not working...but found that it was making me EXTREMELY ANXIOUS w/heart palpitations at times. I cut out all caffeine hoping it would help - but did not.

NUVIGIL IS THE ONLY THING THAT GETS ME UP & FUNCTIONING! Without it, I have no energy, no motivation & often miss out on "fun" things because I feel so lethargic! YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!! Nuvigil targets the dopamine receptors in our brains - so if you're dopamine deficient, this is why it works so well! :)

Every one is different with different brain chemistries. DO NOT FEEL GUILTY ABOUT NEEDING THIS MEDICATION! If your doc "cuts you off" - YOU NEED TO CUT HIM OFF! There ARE wonderful psychiatrists out there... If you live in the Dallas area - I could recommend mine. DON'T LOSE HOPE! I hope to hear from you JB0817. :)

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JB0817 Says:

Stacy- thank you! So much for reaching out to me! I am still counting down the days until I get my refill & pdoc says state of MO has stopped all samples of Nuvigil.
Please email me my email address is:
{edited for privacy}
So we can talk directly to one another. Again THANK YOU FOR REACHING OUT TO ME!

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Mike Says:

I'm about the same age as Stacy and for the past two decades have fought the tiredness that comes with depression and is exacerbated by anti depressants. I have taken almost every medicine used in psychopharmacology. When I took Dexedrine, Ritalin, Adderall, I often became agitated. The Nuvigil is great. However, when I take one 250mg in the morning, I'm zapped by or before 2:00pm. I know my dopamine system is broken. In the past, I was taking the daily max. of hydrocodone due to pain)(which coincided with my taking antipsychotics to boost the anti depressants. Stopping the antipsychotics and hydrocodone at the same time was just awful. However, I still have pain. Taking a small amount of the hydrocodone with the Nuvigil makes me act normal. Otherwise, I am always tired and not very fun to be around. I have an amazing skill set, however I've locked myself away for the past two decades. I was just always too tired. My psychiatrist goes strictly by the books. Also, I don't want to keep needing to increase the dose of Nuvigil. However, this is the first winter I have ever endured this well. For the past two decades, the tiredness has left me with a constant death wish. If not for a supportive family, I would not be here. I know the dosing on the Nuvigil is arbitrarily determined. I would love to hear from stacy or anyone who is a patient in the system. I've been hospitalized five times. Put through a series of twelve shock treatments. Bailed out on being a part of the VNS trials. Am currently considering the option of deep brain stimulation in FL. I've tried Prozac, Wellbutrin, Anafranil. Parnate, Paxil, Remeron, Celexa, Zoloft, at one point the dr at a teaching hospital told me to take Effexor xr 150mg X 7 - 1050mg per day. I don't suggest this. I do have abnormally low blood pressure. In the end, each psychiatrist wants the patient to get well However, liability insurance and the DEA prevent a lot of patients from getting the best outcome. However, with all the soldiers returning with PTSD, there will be an urgent need for therapies that work. I've rambled on but I would love to hear from you. And thanks for these posts

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scott Says:

Id like to share my experiance with nuvigil and clear about alotnof the roomers on what it does or doesnt. I feel people sometimes only post the bad and the people who like it dont feel the need to post.ok so short as i can here it goes ive had depression and apnea following extreme daytime sleepyness since i was a child i jus hate the daytime lights all bothered me it effected me so much i worked at nights. I drank coffee all that did was bring me up fast then jittery anxious. Adderall rittilan same thing. I found out why even though i was in bed 9hrs a nite i wasnt going int deep sleep r.e.m i wake up every hr cuz of the apnea. So i never got into deep sleep so its not the hrs ur in bed its the amount of uninterupted dream state sleep that counts. Now with that said nuvigil is awesome ok i got prescribed 250mg guys girls dont take that much! U do notnneed it i cracked em into threes and take 55-70mg a day. People say its like a strong cup of coffee and that its artificiap enrgy and u crash this is completly not true nuvigil is not a stimulant at all so it doesnt geek u out and crash like coffee. The reasons it keeps u awake is still unkown. My experiance is its made me a better person i feel like ok get up move we got stuff to do things to take on money to make get to the gym it motivated me! U dont feel like your on a drug guys your not hi u dont feel anything just good. And yes u will get tired at the end of the day but for me it feels like totally normal u put a days work in time to sleep not my hi ran out im crashing. It really gave me my life back. I do know u get tollerant to any drug so i do take days off and i feel fine. I think so many of u are getting a placebo effect from the negative stuff u read. Also the reason i believe u guys are so tired still is becsuse of other meds ur on. Like antidepressants sedate the heck out of u so nuvigil is working against that thats why i cut out anti depressants cuz of the sedation. The weird thing is im happier on nuvigil no depression i started a new busness and im doing great. And my appetite is great as opposed to people saying it killed theirs. Also i dont get tired after eating a big meal and i havnt taken my afternoon nap since ive started nuvigil. But guys girls if your not sleeping and on antidepressants thas why nuvigil isnt working its not gonna fight all that. I love the drug but moderation is key. The reason ur getting 250 prescribed is cuz its 400 a month and they are slamming the insurance comp. I don have insurance and even if i did i still wouldnt take 250. Hope this helps anyone wants to ask me anything i will respond. I read alot of post and noone really has said what ive said i feel this needs to be heard. We have one life guys one we dont have time to waist feelling bad waiting for antidepressants to work then when they work fighting off the sedation i did all that crap. Thank u all for ur time and i share all of your issues guys im not talking down to anyone :-)

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Leslie34ivemissedbeingawake Says:

Hello there, I got my 1st prescription of Nuvigil 150 mgs for free with the manufacture's coupon, & my Dr. had to adjust my dose to 250 mg before the 30 days was up. I went to get it filled & even with a discount card it was $549, I can't afford it. I don't have health insurance or Rx coverage, does anyone know how I can get my medication for less? Im on 72 milligrams of methadone for opiate dependency, & suffer from extreme fatigue, so with methadone my tiredness & fatigue are doubled. I totaled my car & was hit by a semi on the highway about 3 weeks ago, so I desperately need my Nuvigil prescription. Is there any help out there?

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Erik Says:

Hi...this will help.....go to is the manufacturer of nuvigil...I also dont have insurance...i actually take 1 1/2 250mg. tabs a day and it is FREE you have to apply but if you don't make alot of money and no insurance they will probably do the same for you...they are also very nice and helpful...good luck!!!

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BG2014 Says:

Hi Stacy. I know I am replying over a year later so I don't now if you're going to get this but if so I am in Dallas and need a recommendation. I don't know how to get in contact with you though a they edit email addresses. I look forward to hopefully getting a reply from you. Thanks in advance!

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Stacy Says:

Yes - NUVIGIL is a lifesaver for me as well! My body "metabolizes" meds at a very high rate -- and I'm at the top of Nuvigil's recommended dosages. I take 2 of the 250mg's per day: 1 in the a.m., 1 mid-afternoon. I have MS with more cognitive problems than physical. I also have depression, & horrible adult ADD - so combine that w/MS' brain SHORT-circuiting and the ADD, throw that in a blender- and voilà! So not only does Nuvigil actually get me OUT of bed - it is what gives me motivation to LIVE LIFE, break out of isolation, & reach out to others. Relieving my depression (atypical depression) is another bonus! Biggest complaint: EXCESSIVELY HIGH COST! I am paying $1100.00/month right now for a 30 day supply. My Nuvigil "savings card" has apparently expired - and all attempts to get SOME KIND OF FINANCIAL RELIEF from the manufacturer have been met with closed doors. But where there is a will, there is a way...

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Stacy Says:

Holy cow! I just saw your post to Stacy...and if that's me, Stacy - I don't remember what we may have been communicating about...big surprise on the memory thing... Please reply IF and WHEN you see this!!!

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Ana Says:

I used to take 3 250mg. of nuvigil a day. After my lay off and changing my insurance, I was only able to receive 1 250mg a day. I have MS AND My fatigue was so crippling that 3 x day grounded me. I didn't feel hyper or drunk but focused and alert. My depression ended and my self confidence emerged. Trust me, I wish I could tell you that Nuvigil is not needed to achieve such improvments, but in my case, years of trying all sorts of alternative cures has proven otherwise. I never read online blogs and this is the first time I've replied to one. It's comforting to read that I'm not the only sufferer needing help. I hate that a pill/pills makes me feel normal. It is cruel that insurance companies trump doctors. Now my fatigue is back, my depression resurfaced and ambition is non existent. MS and stress are a bad combination. On 3xday I had no side effects. I could even fall asleep easily after work. Now that I'm not taking it 3x daily, I feel drugged and zoned out. Irony.

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WhisperingWillow Says:

Ok, I am a 7 year recovering Encephilitis victim & most people have NO IDEA what tired and un-motivated is. After YEARS of fighting to be somewhat normal. Nuvigil is an absolute GOD send. I am a 37 yr old Mom that has fared extremely well under the circumstances BUT I still cannot make myself take a bath or brush my hair without Nuvigil. NO DESIRE FOR ANYTHING!!!! The cezures that came with the illness didnt help matters( Cezure Pills ) Since there isnt alot out there for the types of Brain problems some of us have guys. My Neurologist & Pain physician have me on Nuvigil 250mg 1/2 to 1 per day along with Hydrocodone x3 per day. The combination of the 2 keeps me up, happy, pain free and with a little Desire. Without it. Forget it!! The Nuvigil keeps me up & with Desire. The Hydrocodone kills the pain and adds the energy. My Neurologist says that this is the best we can do & I get tested once a year. My organs are perfectly fine. I have NO ill effects with Nuvigil and it is not for speed. Nuvigil to me is for staying power and Task desire..Thats hard to find in any medication or concoction, much less with no ill effects. You are NOT going to get speed out of this BUT it will help and it will keep you up.

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Greg Says:

Hi Stacy, My name is Greg, I'm interested in speaking with you further. I'm currently 36 yrs old and was diagnosed with MS when I was 19. I also went thru a denial period, but went on some meds in my 20's. Then I had a bad relapse which had me in the hospital for 16 days. Got out feeling great, stupidly I stopped all meds, Was doing great until about 5 months ago when my entire life changed, Had the worst relapse ever and my current neurologist said I may be on my into secondary progressive MS. I'm still not close to being close to proper. I've taken enough Prednisone to awaken a dead horse, I got put on Nuvigil for the constant fatigue which seems to help but it really wasn't what I was anticipating. Meaning I get back to being tired sooner than i thought. I'm more interested about the MS if you dont mind talking about it. Thank you and hopefully speak to you soon.

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Jackie Says:

5JB0817, I know that your post is several years old but, FYI-there are people who are known as 'rapid metabolizers' and because of the
genetic liver enzymes that they have, medicines like NUVIGIL don't work as long for them. Look up rapid drug metabolizers. There are genetic blood evaluations for this.

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Prib7 Says:

I am prescribed 2 250mg nuvigil a day.I take 1 and 1 half before work and then take the other half 4 hour's later

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