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Multiple sclerosis (MS) is the most common demyelinating disease, in which the insulating covers of nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord are damaged. This damage disrupts the ability of parts of the nervous system to transmit signals, resulting in a range of signs and symptoms, including physical, mental, and sometimes psychiatric problems. Specific symptoms can include double vision, blindness in one eye, muscle weakness, and trouble with sensation or coordination. MS takes several forms...

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Stuffy nose and sneezing on Aubagio

I have had a nasty cold since starting Aubagio 4 weeks ago. Is this a side effect? I am 36 and was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2004. I really have no support with my disease. ## Hi there Angela. I was started on Aubagio a week ago now and I also have had a continuous blocked nose as well as all over flu-like symptoms. My normal aches and pains have doubled in intensity as well, and don't even get me started on the energy and mood dip. ?? MS nurse had warned me of the side effects...but I didn't think I'd get them all at the same time. I have to really fight to keep motivated and I just hope to god that my body gets used to the tablets as quickly as possible, as I really couldn't take 6 months of this. ?? I'm sick and tired of feeling sick and tired. I'm ...

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Tysabri and muscle spasms

I have MS and infuse with Tysabri. I am having severe muscle spasms. I am allergic to Lyrica, Baclofen, Methocarbamol, all prednizone drugs, etc. I take Dilaudid for pain as I also have a frontal-lobe brain tumor. I do go to a pain clinic, but my insurance BC/BS has denied my claim for muscle relaxants. Apparently, my pain clinic cannot prescribe Soma. I suffer from migraines and I am asking what can be prescribed for severe muscle spasms? Thank you. ## Hi Rae, sorry to hear about your pain. There's another thread on this site asking about Diclofenac in conjunction with Tysabri. I checked both the webmd and medscape drug interaction tools and nothing was listed between those 2 drugs. Have you asked your doctor about Diclofenac? I'd be really interested to know what they say. Alt...

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Pain pills that start with the letter R

for multiple sclerosis ## I am not sure if the medication I have in mind is specifically for MS related pain, but from what I understand it is mostly for relapsing-remitting MS and secondary progressive MS with relapses. It is called Rebif, active ingredient Interferon Beta 1a. Is that what you have in mind or could it be a different name?? ## Rebif is a shot, not for pain but to help stop relapses in M.S. I have M.S., there is no pill just for pain for M.S. We use the same meds as anyone: Norco, Fentanyl, Neurontin, etc. ## Is Rebut used in extreme headaches due to a pulled neck muscle and severed neck vertebrae? If not, what is the suggestion? ## I have a co-worker that is killing herself with a pain med that I only know it starts with an R. She acts as if she is drunk and drives in t...

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Diclofenac in conjunction with Tysabri

I take Tysabri for multiple sclerosis. I am struggling with arthritis pain, as I can't take immuno suppresant therapy with Tyasabri. My only drug allergy is to sulfa. Is Diclofenac an option? ## I checked several interaction databases and none of them listed any problems with taking these two drugs together. Of course, the best judge of what is safe for you to use is going to be your doctor. ## What pain pill can help nerve pain from a severed arm, plus chronic ankylosing spondylitis? ## I receive a Tysabri infusion for M.S. - Can I take Diclofenac for muscle pain?

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Going off Ampryra after 3 months

I got off ampyra after taking for 3 months because I felt it did not help my walking and caused other problems. I was not happy putting up with insomnia but was willing to tolerate if it was a tradeoff with walking. Since being off the medicine for one week my walking is terrible and balance worse than when I started. Has anyone else noticed problems when they stopped taking medicine after a 3 month period. I still feel the ampyra did not help but do not understand why I am worse off now than when I started the med. ## Sounds like we had the same results. I tried Ampyra for three months, during which time my walking actually seemed to slow a bit. I stopped using it when I got a nasty UTI, which gave me symptoms similar to an MS exacerbation. It took two rounds of antibiotics to finally ...

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Fertility and Aubagio

I read all about teratogenic effects for women who consumes Aubagio but I haven´t found anything in literature for men? How does Aubagio reflects on men semen, and do they need to pass therapy with active carbon like women if they are planing family? Konwing that spermatogenesis takes about 6 month.

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Aubagio side efftects

since taking aubagio my big toe tips are red swollen and painful. Very painful. Could this be from the acid Aubagio creates; should I be concerned about gout? I already have elevated liver levels (after 38 days) of taking aubagio. Taking 2 more weeks and checking liver levels again. ## Hi, Candy! Actually, Aubagio can cause peripheral neuropathy, which could explain what you're experiencing. However, you need to consult your doctor to get an actual diagnosis and see if it is from the medication. Learn more Aubagio details here. I see the 2 weeks has passed since you posted this, how was the second check on your liver levels? ## my levels peaked at 135 and 142 during month 1 & 2 of taking Aubagio. Remained on Aubagio and the levels over the past few weeks have slowly gone down. N...

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Ampyra did not work, walking much worse

I took Ampyra for 9 weeks--twice a day for one week but the insomnia was so bad my neurologist took me off for 1 week, then 1/day a.m. for two more months, but walking was worse, not better, I thought possibly because I was getting so little sleep Since stopping it 8 weeks ago my walking has gotten significantly worse. Over the past several years, my MS has been stable according to MRIs with walking deteriorating very slightly, but after stopping Ampyra, walking and balance are significantly and increasingly worse. I hope my MS has not kicked up again after all these years. In addition to insomnia, the most significant side effect was terrible stomach pains, way beyond the "indigestion" listed in the side effects, and I lost several pounds I didn't want to lose. That pain en...

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I took this drug in 1979 with my second child. My son was born 15 weeks premature and suffered many complications in the few months after. His lungs ruptured eight times, he had a whole in his heart and suffered bleeding to the brain. He is now 31 and is blind, suffers from cerebral palsy, mentally delayed. His blindness is due to the detachment of his optic nerve. I was told by acquaintances that his prematurity is a side effect from this drug. Is this true? ## I also took Benedictine in 1966 and 1971. My son was born 4 weeks premature and at 6 weeks of age was an asthmatic. At the age of 20 months he developed the Nephrotic Syndrome. This condition effects the autoimune system and he literally drowns in his own body fluid. At the age of 15 years it stopped due to mega doses of prednis...

doctors who will prescribe pain medication COMO/ MID-MISSOURI

I got stuck by an SUV while riding my bike to the park. this has been over a year and with out health insurance i my back and left shoulder am in a lot of pain. Does anyone know of a good Dr. in Columbia ,mo , or mid-Missouri that will write pain scripts? thank you for your time guys. ## I had three car accident in over two and a half months destroy my shoulder my spine was already straight from previous car accidents is muscular dystrophy and multiple sclerosis and I'm meeting decided doctor there's them to just sitting there right for any opiate pain medications so I need a doctor so I can go back to work and have a life again


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