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Narcolepsy is a long-term neurological disorder that involves a decreased ability to regulate sleep\u2013wake cycles. Symptoms often include periods of excessive daytime sleepiness and brief involuntary sleep episodes. About 70% of those affected also experience episodes of sudden loss of muscle strength, known as cataplexy. Narcolepsy paired with cataplexy is evidenced to be an autoimmune disorder. These experiences of cataplexy can be brought on by strong emotions. Less commonly, there may ...

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Nuvigil 250 mg causing mood swings and fatigue?

I have been on 250 mg of Nuvigil 1 1/2 weeks prescribed by my sleep doctor. First day was very good but as the days progressed I have had some mood swings, still feel like I need a nap in the afternoon, and feel bloated with a slight headache and rear neck pain. I have sleep apnea and use a cpap which stops the snoring but not feeling rested. I'm waiting for my doctor to call me to discuss the side effects and what he recommends. Not very happy at this time. Need to find a solution to feel awake and energized. ## I too have sleep apnea...I just took my first dose of 250mg, i was hesitant to try it because of all the side effects. I foolishly took it at 5pm after work and while I would be home in case i had a reaction. Well, i was more alert & did not crash from exhaustion, but I...

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Modafinil and fatigue while running

I've been taking Modafinil for a couple of years (100 mg a day) but in the last two months instead of feeling better when running I feel dizzy and irritable. My legs get tired and every couple of miles I have to stop. Considering that I've been running in the heat I probably shouldn't take it when the temperature is fairly high. Last year I didn't have these kind of problems. Any suggestions coming from your own experience? Thanks!

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Modafinil and Viagra Mix. Any Positive Effects?

If I mix Modafinil & Viagra, what can I expect? Any positive results if I have ED? What if I don't have ED & mix both meds? I know there can be minor interaction & some side effects, but what are some of the positive results of mixing? ## Maybe increased heart attack risk?

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Modafinil with alcohol

My specialist wants to prescribe me Modafinil for narcolepsy and I'm doing some research into it and its effects. A lot of stuff online says you can't have alcohol if you've taken it. Wondering if anyone has real-world experience of this? Do you need to be as careful as it makes out? Is that an overcautious warning due to lack of research or is it true and it's bye bye Friday night wine? ## I have a friend who takes Provigil and he didn’t stop drinking socially. I would be careful though, I take adderall and I know that it can sometimes keep me from “feeling” the effects of alcohol even though it definitely is affecting me, so maybe that’s the concern? I would ask your doctor though. ## I lost control faster when drinking on modafinil.

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Nuvigil Experience

Taking Nuvigil 150 mg for 2 days, feeling awesome as compared to before -awake and productive all day. I still yawn like I'm tired all day but stay awake. Also i cant stop swallowing and drinking water like constantly. Headaches. The main thing is im a chronic pain patient and i dont even want or need my pain meds until it wears off!! Anyone else have a similar experience? ## Yes. I have general chronic muscle pain. Nuvigil reduces that pain. ## I've been abusing opiate pills for years, last year or so I've been using every single day. I came across some of these nuvigil pills recently and since taking them my opiate use has decreased significantly. Not sure what to make of this really

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Feeling funny hours after taking Modafinil

I recently started Modafinil 200mg 1x day. I've been taking it in the morning to treat my exhaustion from idiopathic hypersomnia. It has been wonderful... however, the last three days I have noticed around late afternoon I begin to feel a bit off. My head slightly hurts, my body feels a bit overstimulated, as if I'm not sure if I want to go lay down or go run a lap, but I definitely can't stand the thought of talking to people anymore. I'm also slightly dizzy. Not head spinning dizzy, but just feel a bit off kilter. Has anyone else experienced something like this? Could this possibly be the effects of the drug wearing off toward the end of the day? I might cut them in half and take one half in the morning and one half at noon like my doctor suggested to help ease me into...

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What is Nuvigil used for?

What is Nuvigil it for? Any information would be helpful. ## Need information on NUVIGIO please . Thank You ## Nuvigil is a stimulant class medication that is most commonly used to treat sleepiness from sleep apnea, narcolepsy, and some types of ADHD. The FDA warns that there is a risk of these medications being habit forming, and may cause side effects, such as nausea, headache, dizziness, insomnia, and nervousness Ref: Medline Plus Nuvigil Is there anything I can help with?

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My Modafinil prescription is not affordable and now I have to detox from it

I had been ordering Modafinil with the permission of my Psychiatrist for 5 years with no problem from 3 different overseas pharmacies. Last week I got a letter from U.S. Customs telling me they seized the most recent package, and I would be fined and federally prosecuted if I was caught doing it again. Now I have to go off of it. I have two weeks left. I heard the detox is terrible but my doctor said to just stop it. I have no choice. I have no where to get it. So I am advising one thing and asking one question: Please don't think you can't get caught buying drugs overseas! Be careful and think it through. I was lucky with just a warning! My question is has anyone ever detoxed off of 200 mgs. Modafinil twice a day, and what was it like? ## Nobody thinks they're going to get ...

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Namfill 200 (Modafinil)

Hi There - I filled my Provigil prescription but received NAMFIL 200 instead. Searching around does not reveal much except that it is manufactured by a company called Naman Pharma Drugs. Does anyone have any experience with this medication? I fear it could be the wrong medicine. ## I have taken Modafanil for over 5 years and i have never heard of "Namfil 200". Even as a substitute for Provigil.

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Sunosi with Modafanil

Is it okay to take a 75mg Sunosi in the morning (5-6am) and then take a 200mg Modafanil around 12? ## They are in different medication classes, so there are times a doctor may prescribe them together, if necessary, but you shouldn't combine them, without a physician's approval. Sunosi contains Solriamfetol, it is a dopamine, and norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor, while Modafanil is an actual stimulant. The typical side effects of taking them may include nausea, dizziness, headache, insomnia, nervousness, mood changes, and anorexia. Have they both been prescribed for you? Are you on any other medications? ## s, both have been prescribed for me. I have never discussed taking them on the same day. I do take other prescribed medications but nothing that is contraindicated to not tak...

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