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dg bennett Says:

i guarantee it is addictive. I went off thinking it wasn't and suffered worse withdrawals than coming off oxycocdone.

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Verwon Says:

Lyrica, which contains the active ingredient Pregabalin, is an anticonvulsant, which is also used to treat nerve pain, anxiety and as a mood stabilizer.

It is not a narcotic, however, it has been known to cause withdrawal effects in people that have been taking it for a long period of time, when they stop taking it abruptly.

This happens, because your body gets used to anything you ingest on a regular basis and if you stop using it, your body has to readjust to not having that substance. It is called dependence.

More details:


Have things improved for you?

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Pregabalin Goblin Says:

Lyrica is addictive in the extreme. But true: Lyrica not a narcotic. It is an anti-convulsant with sedative properties and some degree of anti-psychotic effects; it calms the brain but also slows the metabolism, causing weight gain. I was a borderline Anorexic and at first gaining weight was good because I was a size 0 and emaciated. But I barely eat and keep on gaining. I weight more than I ever thought I could, and I keep thinking everyone thinks I'm FAT. If so, they're right: I weigh too much. Docs say I am not "obese" but "just overweight," but I feel obese and it's not good. But that's hardly the worst: Lyrica is, it turns out, as addictive as H. And Lyrica Withdrawal is, as I will demonstrate herein, TRUE AGONY. And true peril.

I used up my Lyrica (pregabalin) too fast this month, and because it is a Controlled Substance, I could not refill it for a solid WEEK!!!! Was that an extreme ordeal or just a minor inconvenience?

IT WAS CATASTROPHIC. Anyone "In The Know" would say, "Oh, dear Lord help us! It's Lyrica!!!!" Because LYRICA WITHDRAWAL IS HELL, HELL, HELL!!!!!!!

Now, as it happens, folks, I did have some Hydrocodone (a true opioid narcotic) on hand that my rheumatologist had seen fit to prescribe. He only gives me a little here and there. He is very careful with those, as with Lyrica. If I use up my Lyrica too fast, he cannot advance me more, because a line MUST be drawn somewhere, and I understand that very well, but all told, it was still A WEEK FROM THE NINTH CIRCLE OF HELL.

I could take the narcotic Hydrocodone now & then in relatively small doses, just enough to take the edge off the pain; and, yes, I take it occasionally to try to obviate the HORRIFIC AND EXCRUCIATING SYMPTOMS OF PREGABALIN WITHDRAWAL, which, no hyperbole here, I honestly felt were going to KILL ME, they were SO TERRIBLE. I had to endure such a desperate craving as I have NEVER KNOWN ANYWHERE BEFORE THIS!!!

How I endured EIGHT DAYS WITHOUT LYRICA is beyond my comprehension. I was INSANE all week long. Then, this morning: FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wrote this: "After days on end of indescribable AGONY, of spirit and body, I am about to go to town to the pharmacy to obtain that which I so desperately crave with the same frenzied anticipation with which a mythical Vampyre craves the magickal life-blood! Ohhhhhhhh, my LYRICA (pregabalin)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Object of my obsession! Friend and cousin Doreen Littlefield is RIGHT ~ it is a habit so inescapable that I ponder whether pregabalin should be ranked alongside H!!!! I must make haste thither or die!!!!!!!! Lyrica, Lyrica, Lyrica!!!! Thou durst possessth my very SOUL!!!! I drooleth in frenzied anticipation! I rendeth mine garments! I MUST HAVE IT!!!! — feeling Lyrica-Lust!" So I posted this morning, trying to use just a bit of truly goofy sardonic humor to cope with my awful state.

So I "scored," and oh, yeah, right there in the grocery store, I "fixed" right away. Took the pill bottle out of the bag near the entrance and popped a few. Waiting for the long, long, long-craved relief from the ongoing Withdrawal (which apparently would go on for months otherwise!); waiting for my terrible craving for Lyrica to finally CEASE. "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh," gasped the Pregabalin Goblin, eyes rolling back, body shuddering in reaction: FINALLY.

AND CEASE IT DID!!! Yes!! Although I am experiencing quite nasty side-effects from suddenly continuing my Lyrica treatment after the 8-day interruption, and although my brain and body are very confused and still struggling to cope, I feel a sense of utterly sublime relief. I FINALLY have pregabalin in my system; it sizzles like cool peppermint in my veins, sweetly chilling me and putting out the frantic fire of the fever that had literally threatened to consume me, whole.

I needed the pregabalin like nothing I have ever needed before; I am ashamed but I am grateful! Eight days had only put me into the BEGINNING of the terrible ordeal that would ensue if I did stop taking Lyrica altogether. Months, even a year, it might take to fully recover. IF, that is, I made it. Yes, boys 'n' girls in PrescriptionLand, Lyrica withdrawal, in certain rare instances, can KILL YOU!

Now, compare & contrast: narcotic withdrawal, though horribly painful and unpleasant, rarely kills. It WILL make you desperately sick for about two weeks if you have a serious narcotic habit, especially if you're mainlining. But honey, it probably won't kill you. It will just FEEL that way for awhile, but if you don't start using again, you can wait it out and get clean. If you have a serious street narcotic habit, your habit itself, and the methods you must use to acquire the means to sustain it, will most likely kill you. GET HELP!!!

But, can withdrawal from OTHER types of addictive controlled substances actually cause the death of the patient or user? Patently, YES. It isn't common, but it isn't impossible either. Again, compare & contrast: Delirium Tremens from withdrawal from heavy alcohol abuse, and withdrawal from prescribed barbiturates, produce potentially lethal withdrawal effects. I know because I was on phenobarb for awhile as an adolescent but was suddenly taken off it, by a doc who as it turns out was being investigated by the DEA.

I was just a kid, taking my seizure med on time every day in my then-regimented "Straight A student type A achiever" life. I was a "Good Kid," but I didn't know until I was abruptly taken off the phenobarb that I was an "accidental addict". The resulting withdrawal very nearly killed me: no hyperbole here, no sarcasm; I'm serious. Among other things, I had terrible tonic-clonic (grand mal) seizures!

Well, guess what, boys 'n' girls in Lyrica-Land!!! LYRICA WITHDRAWAL IS WORSE EVEN THAN THAT. Again no hyperbole here (I know I've used both hyperbole and satirical humor elsewhere in this essay, but not here. I literally say and mean THAT IN SOME CASES LYRICA WITHDRAWAL CAN KILL YOU. I'm lucky mine didn't.

And, think my Doc's a hard-a$$? No, he's just trying to be a good Doc and NOT AN ENABLER. Well, okay, the guy can be a hard-a$$, when all the cards are on the proverbial table and the symbolic chips are down; he has to be. And he's put me in my place a few times, right 'n' proper, and will brook no interference on my part; he treats me with respect but lets me know I had damn well better toe the line. He expects and deserves my respect in return. Under that gentle exterior is an Alpha Male. But usually he's soft-spoken and masterful. And he is an excellent and very avidly sought-after rheumatologist and I'm lucky to have him! I'm just fearful that he's going to work himself unto a heart-attack. Another "Type A" personality. LIKE ME, except presently I'm not in a position of social leadership and authority. YET.

And so, he said the trouble is that I have three legitimate medical reasons to take a moderate dose of Lyrica, and it would be extremely difficult, if not outright impossible, to find several substitutes that'd go together and do the job.

"So," says he, "you MUST learn to control that compulsion with Lyrica. The dose I'm prescribing, if followed closely, will resolve your medical issues without fostering a hard-core addiction." In short, he knows I have a habit and craving for pregabalin specifically, but he expects me to master it. He's right: I must. I tell him how tough it is, and though he is generally a very empathic and sympathetic gent, he looks at me steely-eyed and says shortly,"I don't care. You're causing me no end of pain with your antics. If you don't get a grip on this, I'm going to have no choice but to cut you off! ARE WE CLEAR???" He rarely gets angry but I'd managed to make him absolutely furious. His hands were shaking. I felt awful; I kept apologizing and thinking he was going to have his heart-attack any moment. Later, when he calmed down, I timidly joked, "Pregabalin-Gate!" He was still simmering but said with cool acknowledgement of my silly sense of humor, "Hmmmm." At that time I started being afraid that when he finally had his massive coronary, it'd be ALL MY FAULT. Me and LYRICA!!!!

As for the narcotic Hydrocodone, he tells me that some of his patients had become addicted to it from other doctors and he had to wean them off of it. In my case, I'm not addicted to the narcotic, because of a limited tolerance inherited from both parents as a rare recessive gene; on his cancer deathbed, Dad ripped out his morphine pump; Mom on her own cancer deathbed refused morphine; they both hated it so much. Me, I can make some use of narcotics, but in a limited sense. But for all I know, if my Doc wasn't so very careful with it, I might have been by now. So I'm grateful to him for taking a firm stand on that AND with the Lyrica: he knows what he's doing. I just need to work WITH him. I have a therapist I see. She's in the loop too. It's an ongoing process.

I now have a pill container/organizer that will help me to plan out my Lyrica doses each day of each month so that I do not run smack into this horrific and painful situation ever again...of course, I'm almost out of the Hydrocodone, which usually I'd have doled out to myself a little bit at a time, as my rheumatologist prescribes it to be used a little bit at a time if my pain levels really spike. My Mom had RA so I wasn't all that surprised when it started in on my hands and knees. I can't even bend some of my fingers at all any more. I'm violently allergic (anaphylactic) to NSAIDs, much to my frequent extreme frustration! So, I'll kind of miss the hydrocodone, but my Doc has to be strict about it, understandably; he will prescribe a little bit more of them next month and since I will not be running out of Lyrica again (NO WAY!!!) I won't need to use the narcotic as a substitute for it...I'll be able to just take the pills occasionally, when pain literally forms an obstacle to getting anything done! For now, I'm setting aside the few narcotic pills I have left.

Unlike Lyrica, I am accustomed to going most of the month without Hydrocodone; technically, THAT drug is considered MORE addictive than even Lyrica, so my Doc wants to be absolutely certain he does not ever prescribe enough of it to foster any kind of a habit. The dose of Hydrocodone is way too low and the allotted supply way too small to support a habit. Better off that way, I say. The Lyrica situation's bad enough to deal with; I truly do NOT need THAT on top of it, or even BECAUSE of it! So I comply. I mean, I comply with the narcotic rules he has; it makes sense; he's a doctor, not an enabler. But, ohhhhh, boy, things are so different with the Lyrica: it took me months and months to finally accept that I had acquired a Lyrica HABIT. Admitting it was devastating. But it was necessary.

NOTHING is a substitute for LYRICA (pregabalin); Lyrica WITHDRAWAL is literally and figuratively a HELL ON EARTH and I just went through it!!! NEVER AGAIN! I survived it (BARELY) but I cannot allow my addiction to Lyrica to drive me to use too much of it and wind up enduring eight-plus days of withdrawal again; NOOOO WAAAAY!!!!

So: Lyrica helps me, true; but LYRICA CAN BE A DEMANDING TASKMISTRESS; it has drawn me inexorably into its steely clutches as its helpless slave, a dark seduction worthy of Faustian figures in Gothic tales. Oh, yes, my friends. The Pfizer company has repeated the history made a century before by the Bayer corporation when they, too, introduced a drug to the public that bore a feminine heroic name which, like Lyrica, connotes both seduction and implied mercy: H.

YES, I AM COMPARING LYRICA TO H. My Gentleman friend used to be hooked on H (Horse), he mainlined it. I can't imagine using needles to IV; I take Lyrica orally. Anyway, he no longer is a slave of narcotics. He's fully clean and free of H now; I'm proud of him.

But when he saw me in the throes of pregabalin withdrawal, he said it was worse than H withdrawal, that it had some things in common with Delerium Tremens experienced by hard-core alcoholics during withdrawal, and that he can tell clearly that this mysterious young drug is indeed the H of our new age!

So: well, to synopsize: Bayer gave the world H just over 100 years ago and she changed the world forever; now, a century later, from the similar but updated mercy of Pfizer, we have another imperious goddess: the "gift" of Lyrica, the H of the 21st Century!

So, BEWARE of LYRICA! I can't live with it ~ BUT I CANNOT POSSIBLY LIVE WITHOUT IT! Lyrica has hold of my very SOUL. I am fighting to free myself but after five years I ponder the weighty question of whether there can possibly be a shred of HOPE for the wretched likes of ME: the Pregabalin Goblin!!!


O sweet LYRICA! ~ It quietly soothes your brain and it kindly takes your pain and it makes you want to sweetly, sadly, GENTLY love it forevermore; and when your sparkling crystal fountainhead of pregabalin runs dry, and you are bereft of the wonder drug of our Brave New World, the "Soma" of Aldous Huxley's classic dystopian vision, which can be none other than Lyrica ~ and O Horrors! ~ you are denied this dear, precious peace in the form of the luminous snowy white powder that is Lyrica, and ~ WITHDRAWAL ~ O Torment of Stygian Depths! ~ you will endure the dreaded humiliation and mortification and agony of full withdrawal from Lyrica; and when it hits, you will die a thousand times every hour of every day, in torture beyond any and all attempts at description. YOU WILL BURN AWAY IN DESPERATE FEVER FROM THE INSIDE OUT.

Drenched in sweat, shivering uncontrollably, vomiting, weeping, hallucinating, gasping for breath, staggering from one room to the next, barely sleeping, even suffering sudden and dangerously violent convulsive seizures! Pregabalin withdrawal is beyond HELL!

And then ~ O Joy! YOU FINALLY SCORE! As I did this morning, finally obtaining my Lyrica refill from the pharmacy. (I bought some milk and cereal too whilst I was there) ~ so, okay, okay, guys; I know that isn't exactly like buying H or blow or crystal meth from a shady Dealer in a rat-infested back alley in the seamier portions of town, but bear with me, okay? Allow me a wee bit of poetic license, because scoring is scoring, no matter how low-key and "legit". ~~~

So, likewise, my unknown colleague: when Lyrica again opens her loving, cold arms to you, to alleviate your desperate need, to cool your frantic fever: she will give you that special ice-kiss that sets her utterly alone on a highest crystal mountaintop away from all other addictive drugs. THERE IS NOTHING LIKE LYRICA.

You may soon discover, as I have, that THERE NOW CAN BE NO LIFE WITHOUT LYRICA. Ever again. I have been conscripted and have no true hope of ever being free. I have RA and Fibromyalgia and have had a brush with Adenocarcinoma. I have PTSD and I am in constant, chronic nerve pain. Above all that, I have been slowly, surely SEDUCED. Like all addicts, I know I must serve her whether I want to or not: Lyrica I must, must, must, must, must, must possess! Lyrica must be MINE at all hazards. And SO SHE IS.

In exchange for some measure of freedom from my constant awful suffering, I have willingly given Lyrica my SOUL. Would I do it all over again if I had any idea how powerfully addictive this drug is...? CERTAINLY NOT. But it is too late for me now. Save yourself if you can, and consider very carefully what you will sacrifice if you allow your suffering to make you a slave to Lyrica,. IT IS WORTH IT??? Can a SLAVE ever truly be fulfilled, happy, healthy, or free? I think we all truly know the answer to THAT one. I chose the "Dark Side," and I bitterly rue it every day I live and breathe,. GOD HELP ME AND OTHERS LIKE ME!!! Lyrica is being very heavily marketed (like H was a century ago) and more and more slaves are pressed into soulless service to Empress Lyrica! WHAT IS NEXT????

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xoul Says:

i have been taking lyrica for almost 10 years... i stop taking it a few days ago and i am feeling like crap.... my body aching all over .. my pillow feels like a big hard stone... my fever on and off ... having trouble sleeping...why am i taking it off?? Lyrica doesnt do much to me nowadays... i just tired of having a fever every time i forget or fail to take it... today already my 5th day without any of them.. and I feel like going crazy... for your info before, I took 150mg of lyrica 2 times a day. ...

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Kitty Says:

I have been taking Lyrica 75mg X 3/day, and have in past been prescribed 2x that much. I reduced to 75mg x4/day, eventually back to 3X/day. I have not been aware of addiction to Lyrica. I often forget to take it all day until the burning, tingling, aching nerve pain returns later in the day that is so disturbing I cannot sleep, cannot have a life. I have been diagnosed w/ neuropathy, but it is my belief that if I saw a qualified doctor, I would probably be diagnosed w/ fibromyalgia, based on extensive Google research and on persons whom I've met who share my difficulties.
Could I still unwittingly become addicted to it? Due to the horrible weight gain and big belly side effects, I am considering switching to Neurontin. Is there any difference?

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KatK Says:
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I'm not sure but I have been taking gabapentin for a year now for neuropathy and my Dr was finally able to get an insurance approval for lyrica. I really hope it works better.

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Sunlight Says:

I was taking Lyrica for months and I either forgot to take and stopped but I never felt sick like the above person. I now take neurontin , but it does not work as well as Lyrica for Fibromyalgia pain. Neurontin is a great medication is just not good for my pain.

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Jim Says:
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If any of you want more info on lyrica, look up "lyrica lawsuit" here on medschat and you will find more problems with that medicine.

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KatK Says:
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Update- so after two months on Lyrica- I have noticed a difference in the neuropathy- I can sleep through most of the night without my feet burning or feeling like they are being stabbed! The down side is my dr is crazy- he thinks that I need to give my body "time offf"from the Lyrica and let it clear out of my system- this is different from everything I have read! I am in the process of changing doctors now. The good news is I am not going through horrible withdrawals- BUT my feet are back to stabbing pain and burning again, I hate my doctor right now

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Jim Says:
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I ended up getting on medical MMJ to Aleve the pain in my feet from neuropathy. It works better than lyrica and with minor side effects.

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Fast Eddie Says:
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You are either misguided by psychobabble concerning your supposed addiction, or extremely misguided. I have been on both morphine and the highest prescribable dose of Fentanyl patches and Lyrica which didn't do anything... I have kicked the patches with low dose morphine. I kicked Lyrica with Tylenol. I hope you never get on illicit drugs, I did for 30 years, kicked it with just marijuana. It's all a mental thing.

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Jim Says:
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If careful the MMJ works as good or better than lyrical. But I do agree it can lead to other illicit drugs. Because of that I am now looking into more natural oils and other options and try to get off the drugs altogether thank you for your response to this post.

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Aeryn Says:
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Wow, interesting read and experience but I have the Complete opposite experience. I usually crave and over use my oxy and/or hydrocodone medicine but when taking lyrica I don't even crave it. I feel totally motivated and want to clean even! I do have problems concentrating but hopefully that will go away. If I miss days I don't feel anything other then of course the back and leg pain that I take it for in the first place. My friend had to stop taking it because she became suicidal but she stopped cold turkey and also had no side effects or withdrawal.
Quite interesting indeed how we some can have such different reactions when outside chemicals are introduced to our body's natural chemistry. If I was younger and more adept to schooling, that would have been a fun field of study, but I digress... I'm so sorry you have to go through the rough patches with this med, but I'm glad it was created because it definitely seems to help you and I both and for that I am eternally grateful

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Shalomia Says:
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Wow dear! I just got my first prescription for Lyrica today 75 mg. I have suffered chronic pain -a cross that is mine to have to bear (it seems). The day before doctor appointment! I cooked dinner having to sit on the floor to peel the potatoes "which is coming a habit" now-a-days! NEVER SUFFERED BACK AILMENTS IN MY LIFE OF LIVING LIL OVER A HALF CENTURY, but look like in mid-30's the docs says :) Praise God for a Blessed looking youthful countenance! But back trauma started in 2015! I use to stand on my feet working 18 day shifts EASY in my forties and fifties STILL! Til the Horror of back PAIN! A bend is difficult :( But the day before to see my very skilled Physician a compassionate foreign doctor BUT STRICT WITH THE PAIN MEDS AS WELL --I am as well thankful for the sternness! And am one that listen to my doctors and Follow instructions all though for years suffering chronic debilitating migraines have been pain HELL! I have cried a Many of days, cause always was told : Cannot prescribe pain Narc medication, so WAITED IN ANGUISHING Vomiting Pain 20 years before I was offered Pain Management doctor therapy! I am funny when comes to meds that are strong! I remember getting a prescription 20 years ago for Valium -cause of worst depression issues and greatest heart palpitations of PANIC ATTACKS THAT WAS UNBELIEVABLE! Only turning to PRAYER AND CRYING OUT TO GOD AND THE PRAYER WARRIOR TEAMS THAT WALKED ME THROUGH IT -until it subsided! But I actually thought I was checking out - they were that bad! But still was afraid in those days of meds! Cause growing up Mom gave us Cod fish Oil for EVERYTHING AND ANYTHING to this day "it still tries to haunt me --but I have blocked it from doing such! We were dirt poor, she meant well and was smart of the healing properties in it! Getting it down was the MIRACLE! Yuck a thousand times! Yuck, yucky, YUCK!!! But left New York the land of "PEOPLE JUST DO NOT NEED MEDS" it was looked down upon --So you suffered but TROOPED ON THROUGH IT FOR YEARS AND THROUGH TEARS! But after Mum passed on ..I passed out of NY to Good Ol OKLAHOMA - with Migraines and full-blown PANIC ATTACKS that did NOT REMAIN IN NEW YORK as I desperately Prayed! In the birth of my fifth son I had a doctor that cared enough to inquire about these Panic attacks ...Word for Word he knew EXACTLY what they were and prescribed the Valium! By then I had heard about the dreaded --V-- med called Valium! I was terrified of it! It was kept in my cabinet for 5 years and I just broke from the suffering so bad "I FINALLY indulged one ...then came the klonopin and xanax here and there! Never cared to keep myself medicated up! Work schedule in multiple careers was too hectic! But it sure changed those PANIC ATTACKS AND ANXIETY Heart palpitations! In just a NEEDED pill! And Doctors in Oklahoma are very generous to help with Pain meds and them things. I suffered so bad from Preeclemsia (sorry for misspell) but pregnancy disease today known as toxemia!

My last son was a premature birth at 9 months. I swelled up to a fluid filled waddling 200 pound 'dead woman walking at 38 having him! We were both on brink of death, closest I've ever been! I felt it.. when I waddled to my doctors team of finest Physician's in Oklahoma "they were Stunned". I told them it was getting hard to breathe! Of course it was they took one X-ray and found my Heart cavity was filling up with fluid FAST! They told me you do not have time to even pack a bag "just get your Lil 4 year old in care of family and meet us at hospital PROMPT! I refused ambulance care because I needed to get my four year old Son into responsible care, my girlfriend Matrix came to the rescue "her and my four year was best friend with her four year old and two-year old boys :) Well off to Hospital and was wheeled promptly to emergency care to have like 40 lbs of fluid drained out my body right there ! And wheeled to room to have baby, I was starred at by hospital medical team "I could see in their face" they felt I was going to die ! Cause they honestly told me my liver prelates was higher then anybody's they had ever seen! Which does in Most cases mean death ! I could feel death and as I sat strait forward in bed waiting for eperdormal to be inj. to my back ! I just said to the Lord "it is your call, if you ready for me now then WHAT CAN I DO!!! I will be leaving huh? And left there, I had no fear, was in to much distress and PAIN THANK HEAVENS FOR EPIDURALS ...that spelled incorrectly too sorry! But Being able to push that baby out naturally SAVED MY LIFE AND THE GLORY IS GODS ! Because my former two were c-section deliveries ...and on top of all my body was able to make it through --cutting me Open for 3rd time was not a Option for this very illustrious African doctor who was sent in at noon ! And sometimes neighbors just should not visit in time of crisis if their intentions are DEVIOUS ! Like lady neighbor before delivery "I think her intentions were good but me grogging in and out from the Demerol "WHICH I HATE" pain level excruciating so had no choice ! But watching me pass in and out to wait for cervix to dilate, my purse caught her eye and was way to much TEMPTATION FOR HER and she swiped my 23 dollars I stuck in purse "just to give to matrix when she visited to bringing her kids and my son to see me to give to her for a lil McDonald change. The strange thing was I had just cashed a $723.00 check and almost took it with me but stopped and tucked it at home and just snatched the $23 pocket change money ! This woman knew my predicament was perilous and thieves me OUT LOL people can be petty ..she should have taken the purse a lamb skin exclusive Chanel bag $1,500 -Lol ! But He delivered baby successfully Natural birth anyhow ! Then the more real peril started: my Lil 5 pound premature was in critical care ICU as I to recover ICU and was bumped up to the Heart patient floor 'where they put you in the Lavish Private suites in case you die -they want the atmosphere to be pleasant! I never in my life been in a hospital suite as roomy and elegant as that! But was told my Son IF LIVED would be connected to a heart box machine and prepared me when I saw him he was connected to every tube you could inj. in a Lil baby that small ! When I wobbled down there ..I did not wait to be wheeled (I wobbled down there), "he looked like a freak of nature" I remember all the words spoke by the medical practitioners and began to NOT RECEIVE ANY OF IT!!! I laid my hands on that incubator and PRAYED TO GOD And OVER HIM TO PULL THROUGH AND LIVE AND BE A THRIVING NORMAL HEALTHY BOY! I was broken to see him like this! But make a long story short --lol--I named him Saint, he is 20 now and a military Soldier Army and in college and Serve on Base here in Texas and travel to different countries on Military business! He trained Top 3 most disciplined In his platoon rah rah!!! :))) And is a designer Artist of mind blowing explosive Paintings all throughout the years for him there were trials with chronic Asthma--severe bad bouts, nebulizer treatments we could live with that! And doctors assessment was that he could "possibly grow out of it" AND HE DID!!! It was a dream for him, he loathed those medicines inhalers everywhere he went!

Antibiotics GALORE calls from work to pick him up fevers 104! It got bad, rush to hospital for inj. to open his lungs up! But JESUS IS THE WONDER HEALER AND BEST PHYSICIAN THERE IS! He give all the rest their Experience and direct and guide the GOOD DOCTORS RESPECT THE HIPPOCRATIC OATH OF MEDICINE ! THANK HEAVENS FOR THAT! But I was released out of hospital but with still much danger but they got to get you out ...but before I left my Main Lady doctor was in Africa when all this was going down ! And word was immediately sent to her - She got on plane and headed straight to hospital and she sat down by my bedside hurt as hurt could be and with tears in her eyes! Apologized to me and with further honesty told me: they should have caught The toxemia in time! Cause on my appointments I would tell them 'I am swelling and I never been through anything like this --and Lots of Mothers have died from preeclemsia aka toxemia pregnancies!!! So that act of concern stopped my process of a Multi-Million dollar legal suit! Lots of others would have Taken the money but in integrity 'I accepted the most sincere apology that she gave! I think doctors go through enough and I certainly did not want under my belt DOCTOR SUER! Had I DIED MY FAMILY WOULD HAVE DEFINITELY SUED AND HELD THEM ACCOUNTABLE! But that is another reason they do not want to dispense meds! It is the schemers who plot against the docs for the insurance cash! They have to be cautious! But at same time diagnose case by individual base and not by the cheaters! But recovering at home in serious pain I was prescribed Oxi I think and I took one and Threw up and Trashed the rest! I am sensitive to hard powerful narcs! I cannot do Morphine and having those c-sections they put me on that "I could not control the nodding and I said take it away, by that time I was scared to take anything else they have for pain in the big Hospitals ! I had to get out of bed and walk cause on c-sections you got to be active or you will not recover properly ! And PAIN OH MY NOT GOODNESS!!! But I took plain Tylenol and checked out hospital! My premie was in hospital for two whole months before I could bring him home and needed 24 hour care practically! I had no help and was on that schedule --I almost lost everything from the income loss of not being able to work throughout lengthy recovery! I had weights around my ankles and just would sit and stare in dispair believing how is this WEIGHT Leaving? Is it leaving? Am I gonna be like this? GOD HELP ME PLEASE DO SOMETHING TO HELP ME COPE And care for my sickly child! I am a petite person I shopped out juniors section in my late 40's!! So the crisis of the weight up to the 200 blow up and then 160 draining 40lbs of fluid off me cause of heart threat! But it was a day by day walk til it all came back to normal (smiles) NOW the LYRICA my appointment was today to docs office but last night Was WORST BACK PAIN I EVER EXPERIENCED! I cried so hard "I could not help it" and all I had was those STUPID TYLENOL 3's and I was sick of taking them cause not effective for level of pain! Before dispense pain meds now LOADS OF MONTHS OF EVALUATIONS so can see, while in meantime OH WELL! Then as if the excruciating back pain was not enough the blinding ACUTE MIGRAINE STARTED ! I thought OH LORD "this is GOT TO STOP ..and really my goal is to go herbal Alkaline diet --on Foods that heal cause beginning not to be able to DEAL with all this medical red tape and different medical care and preferential treatment to others as opposed to another! And you just be respectful and take it "WHEN SOMETIMES INSIDE YOU ARE SCREAMING, Don't you HAVE A MOTHER OR A GRANDMOTHER --WOULD YOU TREAT THEM THIS WAY --crappy stuff for pain that do not work!

I wish the gabapentin worked for me! But sometimes it just makes me ACHE Worse. So today "I told him I was in worse back acute nerve pinching agony in back and head! So with my reg. Blood pressure pills and other reg. Stuff with NOT EVEN THE TYLENOL 3's ! They do not want you ADDICTED TO THOSE EITHER ! I did not even care --I hate putting stuff in my body for serious pain and the pills just LAUGH HA'HA; mocking you cause do not WORK! Now I'm ready for some pain medicine and know how to take meds responsibly cause to scared of them !!! Got to go all around the mulberry bush, now "but swipe ,swipe that INSURANCE CARD ! The way it is set-up in American health care ! Politicians have THE BEST GOVERNMENT HEALTH CARE BY THE BIG GOVERNMENT THEY DESPISE ! But seem like "WHO they despise is they own countrymen and fellow neighbor! It is battle battle battle and do NOT get me started with dental care it took me 30 years to get my teeth WORKED ON BY DENTAL TECHNOLOGY MASTERY ! Worked on and Not pulled out ! I was successful to have Last root canal I needed last Christmas Season! WHEW WHAT A WAR!!! But my doctor just prescribed my reg meds and I took to pharm and low and Behold! They told me: the doctor did not have his dea number on script ! I said for what it is just my reg meds and MOTRIN WHAT A JOKE lol. She said he has prescribed you some Lyrica and I said what is THAT? She said it is supposed to be for acute back distress and inflammation and Pain "I said Oh --cause I was completely DESPERATE TO TRY ANYTHING, she called him and got his number they forgot to write on top of script ..and she told me it was in a class of controlled substance ! I felt a little hope cause ANYTHING BESIDES THOSE 3's and the 4's are worse -they make your stomach nauseating so I request the 3's as a better then nothing thing. But today did not care! I felt good ridden better OFF WITHOUT CRAP THAT DO NOT WORK FOR HARD PAIN ! My MRI brain scan and MRI body scan is this Friday so excited for them to properly diagnose WHY THIS PAIN ? WHY THIS PAIN AND EVERY SINGLE DAY! It has made my depression not better ! It is hard ! But I was at pharmacy with my bag of meds to take home and Pain was already doing it's reg. thing HURTING ME ! It is hard to rest cause got to do things, handle ALL KINDS OF RESPONSIBILITIES NOT FEELING WELL BARELY STANDING ON YOUR FEET. And when sit down need all kinds of pillows propped against your back! I literally have to sleep sitting up ! Mentally sleep to me is to much like being dead and the NIGHTMARES From some of these medicine clash reactions have been to much to bear at time and SHOCKING THE THINGS THAT CREEP INTO DREAMS AND THAT PAIN FOLLOW YOU IN YOUR SLEEP, AND IT IS SO WORSE TO BE IN... THAT PAIN WITH TOTAL NIGHTMARES VEXING YOU :( But I took my first Lyrica today and did not even come close to any relief :( but read reviews that said it can take up to weeks for some to feel effects of Lyrica, so with that I feel a satisfied hopeful :) IT IS BETTER THEN NOTHING ! But glad you LOVE THIS ...WHAT YOU DEEM A WONDER MED FOR YOU :))) just do not understand the acute addiction, with possessed by it ..all is mind over matter and discipline of what you need and not what you cannot live without til it has gripped your SOUL! But girl I will say this I like your style of telling a Story it is FAR OUT... Shalom, be Blessed ..And pray for my Strength in The good Lord and I will do same for you! WE GONNA MAKE IT AFTER ALL! God bless the one and only MTM?

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Shalomia Says:
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WOW WHAT A TESTIMONY FOR YOU SIR ! CONGRATS There is hope for us (medicine consumed) and lives stolen in doctor visit after doctor visit ...To bad PAIN is not a made up thing in our heads ,like sometimes they do think "I believe", but it is a reality multiple millions live with in reality daily ! But when I hear what you went through and conquered taking highest amounts of strongest medications That exist ! I too feel confident that a Change must come ...and Mind over matter is powerful. Thanks for your comment

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Tony Says:
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Ok so it's people like you who misuse narcotics and drugs like Lyrica that give honest non-abusers a bad name. Sorry man but your post was putting it out there. First you take to much then go without. Then when you do get it again you don't meter it out but literally gobble it down! Rip me and put me down until your last breath but it's people like you who have caused the nations opioid scare! Use your meds as prescribed or not at all.

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Jussagirl Says:
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I just got off lyrica as my dr said I shouldn't be on the lyrica AND the gabapentin- she increased the gabapentin and decreased the lyrica- problem was my insurance denied to cover the reduced dose of the lyrica!
So I went off it cold turkey- with no problem and no side effects whatsoever.

I realize this is MY experience and everyone's experience and tolerance is different.

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Diane Says:

God bless you! I believe you have helped me more than we both know! God is the answer! Best of luck and l will pray for you and your family.

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Tramar0346 Says:
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Re: Pregabalin Goblin (# 2)

Post was ridiculous. You must have been high when you wrote it. Geez..

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Dream queen Says:
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That person also wrote that 6 years ago. And what's with the racism ?? Black white purple pink it doesn't matter your color addiction doesn't discriminate. But apparently you do sir or ma'am. Some people have it in them to become addicted to something more than others. Kudos to you for it overindulging and abusing your medications. It starts with the pills in the medicine cabinet that teenagers find from their parents and then they get physically addicted as you all are aware. From there it goes to H becauE it is cheaper and easier to get. You all know the rest. Pain pills don't even work. They make you feel a certain way that may be euphoria in the beginning but then it just changes. All this medicine is crazy. All these prescriptions for this or that is ludicrous. It might make it tougher for those who need a good narcotic but if your needing it your dr will know it and will prescribe it to you legally. Otherwise your just wanting it. Evaluate yourself before your seen by the dr on why you "want" the prescription. Peace.

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Helping myself Says:
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Hello. I have neuropathy and fibromyalgia, and use tramadol + lyrica! I decided to cut down to 2 lyricas from 3! And apparently have found I have looked in my pill container & realized I have cut down on tramadol too! I started using Tylenol once n awhile, only 1-2 daily. I feel it helps! I also take Xanax but cut that down a year ago, not a lot, but cut it a bit none the less! If anyone can just cut down not a lot, just half a pill or 1 that would help u & replace with Tylenol. I am not a dr but I believe I know myself & my dr doesn’t know me well at all. He has yelled at me before over why I take tramadol. His nurse tried to tell him I have fibromyalgia & he was like oh that was it! Please don’t do what I decided if you need your dr n don’t know yourself. Thank u.

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