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insurance company refusing to pay for oxycontin

insurance company now won't pay for chronic pain meds. (oxycontin) noting all kinds of reasons which I answered. It started with pre authorization, then reduced dosage, (have had same dosage for four years). I have never misused or tried to get meds. early. I know this is an abused medication but I have to go to work every day and this allows me to do so. They say I have a right to appeal and have looked for legal help but nobody will take case. Any help would be appreciated. I can't afford $900.00 per month. ## Hello, Josh! How are you? I am sorry about the problems you're having, that's horrible. As to the legal help, when the insurance company says you have the right to appeal, that is an internal process that you handle with them, they will tell you what information ... ...

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wysolone 10 mg side effects for psoriatic arthritis

hi i am a 34 years lady , last year i was diagnosed with asymmetric psoriatic arthritis, i was given sum lotion for my skin problems , i was also prescribed wysolone 10 mg once in night for 30 days, later it was reduced to 5 mg .... i felt active when i take it and they told me to reduce to alternate days and once in 2 days. Past 5 moths i was without any pain killers.... what i wish to know is that during cold seasons again my symptoms have come back and people scare me that if you take wysolone everyday your liver may fail , etc etc. i believe evry medicine has side effect but how long does it take to become severe..... and is there any other alternative medicine much preferred than this drug ??? please help and guide me as i have a small son so please guide me ..... ## Madam noting t... ...

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I Ve Found A Small Round White Pill In My Daughter S Room There An Awkward E On The Top Part And 44 Bottom This For Bi Polar

The pill is small, round & white. On one side there are lines to make it easier to break into quarters. On the other side is an awkward E on the top & 44 on the bottom. Could this be one of her psychotropic meds? ## This pill with the italic E and the 44 contains 4mgs of Tizanidine, which is a muscle relaxant that's used to treat muscle pain and spasms. Learn more: Is there anything else I can help with? ## Small white pill AN44 on one side noting on the other ...

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can I take my synthroid at same time I take linzess

I take synthroid and,belviq in the morning at same time I take linzess.? ## Hi Judy, Upon looking up potential drug interactions, I did find an article noting how Linzess (Linaclotide) has been known to cause diarrhea, which in-turn may affect the absorption of other medications that are taken orally, such as Synthroid (Levothyroxine)... essentially not allowing it to work as well as it should. So if you do decide to take them together, I think it would be equally important to watch for signs/symptoms of decreased thyroid function as a result of this interaction. Have you been taking the Linzess long enough to know how it affects you (i.e. regarding diarrhea)? ## The Linzess does cause some diarrhea ,if I take the synthroid and belviq 2hours later (after the linzess ) would that be long... ...

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pectox lisina

I have been given pectox lisina for removal of mucous its 2.7 grams granulado how many times a day is advisable ## How often do I take Pectox lisina for mucus drip at the back of my nose ## Hello Rcanning, According to the manufacturers website it is especially important to ask your doctor about the administration recommendations as they are going to vary from person to person depending upon their unique situation and bodies ability to absorb the medicine. It is also worth noting that nearly 80% of patients report that they experience negative affects if they take this medicine on an empty stomach, it is recommended to take this medicine 1-2 hours after eating a full meal. Your best course of action is to consult your doctor and verify how many times a day they want you to take it at th... ...

M363 vs Wat 540

been taking m363 & it worked. Recently pharmacy switched to watson 540 (white oval) noting 'different brand'? Is it just me, or is it possible they don't work as well on me? Seem to take more, which I don't wanna' do. ## Its not the medicine its you as you have developed opiate tolerance. You can tootle that and read about it. If you keep taking. This. You are going to be addicted. Is that what you want? You should read about opiates BEFORE you started taking them. Then you would know. They cause addiction to the same degree they relieve pain. Knowledge is power... ## mr go. I was placed on the lortab 10/500 several yrs ago folllowing the closing of my esophogus (due to systemic scleroderma) & the insertion of a feeding tube into my small intstine. Esophoject... ...

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I ordered AF Plus when I heard about it on 94.9 KLTY. I only paid $7.99 s&h. I received two bottles with 30 capsules each. I can't speak for anyone else but I LOVE THESE PILLS. I've been taking them for about 2 weeks and I already lost 8 lbs. These pills help curve my appetite and give me energy. My husband recently started taking them and he loves them also. My opinion is if you want to try something that wont affect you in the long run. Try AF Plus. ## Hey Genna, How are you? Glad to hear that AF Plus works so well for you! I haven't actually tried it before, but from what I understand it's ingredient profile is just Acai berry and Green Tea, is that correct? I noticed that some webpages also have a detailed description of AF Plus noting that there's "other... ...

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Sandoz XR adderall

Hello. I've been taking sandoz adderall ir for about 5 months now, so far so good. I am taking around 10mg x2 a day and it doesn't last long enough, and when the crash comes I become very confused and bored. 1. Does Sandoz make adderall xr? 2. If not, what is the best generic for adderall xr? ## Hello Tyler, Yes Sandoz has been making an XR version of their Adderall since mid 2017. Due to the ingredients being different in the XR, as well as other generics, I wouldn't be able to tell you which one would work best for you. It's also worth noting that since you would be switching to the XR the medication may not have as strong of an impact as it used to due to the lower dosages of active ingredients in your system at a time. Hope this helps. Good luck! ...

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gabapentin 100mg q hs

I've been taking 100mg @ night for 3 weeks. I have lightheadedness in the morning. Could it be gabapentin, or the caffeine from coffee that I take about 1/2 to 45 minutes before I get the lightheadedness? ## I was on this medication several years ago and one of the side effects was lightheadness. I also had headaches. ## Hi Sharon, According to, if you notice dizziness, drowsiness or nausea while on Gabapentin, you should talk with your doctor. The MayoClinic also confirms that lightheadedness is a side effect of Gabapentin. Something else worth noting is that a caffeine overdose can cause dizziness as well. I don't know how much caffeine you take, but I wouldn't rule it out as a possible contributing factor. Hope you feel better soon! ...

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Metoprolol leg pains

I started metoprolol about 6 months ago, and after a few weeks on it, I started having pain in my upper legs (thigh area) and sometimes lower legs. I complained to Dr and they say it’s not from the med. I never had a leg problem and it’s getting worse. After sitting, when I get up my legs feel heavy and painful. Had anyone else had anything like this? ## Hi Jojo, Sorry to hear about your situation. Leg pain unfortunately isn't listed as a side effect of Metoprolol on or However, they do list swelling (inflammation) of the legs, which I believe in turn can correspond to pain. Source: [1] [2] There are also a couple other popular discussion threads here noting the ... ...

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Bentyl excretion rate

How long does it take for Bentyl to leave the bloodstream, if you have only been taking it for a short time? ## According to, Bentyl's primary route of excretion is through the urine (reportedly 79.5% of the dose). RE: Blood - They go on to mention that the average plasma elimination half life of Bentyl in one of their [9 hour long] studies was shown to be approx. 1.8 hours. Further noting that, "in subsequent studies, the plasma concentrations were followed for [up to 24 hours] after a single dose, showing a secondary phase of elimination with a somewhat longer half-life." Source: To my understanding (and please correct me if I'm wrong), the duration of time in which you've taken Bentyl shouldn't alter the dru... ...

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Preluden Availability

Does anyone still make preluden or is there a comparable drug? I took this years ago and lost 100 pounds. I have gained 50 back because I'm post menopausal. Please help me find this wonderful pill! ## How do i get some preluden are something like them for weight lose ## Hello Sonja, The specific drug Preludin is not currently available on the market but there are other phendimetrazine pills that are available on the market. It's worth noting that all phendimetrazine drugs are very rarely prescribed as they have been found to have highly addictive nature and has an extremely high abuse rate. I hope this helps. ...

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Watson vs Mallinckrodt Norco

I have been prescribed Watson brand Norco for years. Recently I was given this same drug made by a different manufacturer (Mallinckrodt). This formulation gave me headaches, cramps, hives and I'm vomiting. Why? ## Hi Lee, Whenever you switch manufacturers of the same drug, there's almost always going to be a difference in inert ingredients (binders & fillers) that make up the composition of the pill. Some people are more sensitive (or allergic) than others to these changes and that in itself may be a culprit for possible side effects. Something else worth noting is that different binding agents can affect bioavailability, which in turn means you get more or less of the actual active ingredient, potentially bringing about an onset of withdrawal symptoms. Unfortunately, determ... ...

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need anxiety med doc in oklahoma

I have suffered from severe GAD most of my adult life, including panic attacks. I am between psychiatrists right now. I am completely out of Xanax 1mg and have 4 klonopin to last an unknown timeframe. I am very frightened/panicked. I am unable to even go to the grocery store. Please help- I have called lots of psychiatrists and none are taking new patients. I am at a loss. Help! ## I don't know how much you are taking but you NEED to have a plan to get you to an ER. I spent 2 weeks withdrawing at home, noting the different daily symptoms, could have written a book. I knew I was getting worse as hallucinations were setting in. I was reading old emails from my ceiling. I almost died but was clearly able to communicate with the ER Doctor. He was amazed. They kept me for a week. ## Hell... ...

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trigestrel work same as triphasil

I ws using triphasil bt when I go to the clinic they ddnt hv it they give me trigestrel, is it the same as triphasil cos nw I hv abdominal pain and I hv discharg not a smelly one bt normal my problem I never hv discharg before it started when I use trigestrel ## I also would like to now is this the same pill as my periods is gone. Will this indeed effect my pumples on my skin again. ## Hello Gabie, According to the NIH these pills are the same in their composition and their uses so yes the pill is the same. Both pills are contraceptives and if you are experiencing abdominal pain and discharge you may have a separate issue that you need to discuss with your primary care doctor. It is worth noting that these two brands are commonly interchanged as they have the same composition and that u... ...


i understand that its availble in Canada. But goes by a differant name. Do you know what it is called? I was happy to hear that there is a new cranberry flavor. 2nd ? If a pt has insurance does a pharmacy dicount cards work on this prep?? ## Hi Sue, Based on my research, Prepopik is reportedly available in Canada under the brand name "Pico-Salax". And to answer your other question about using pharmacy discount cards along with insurance - When I look at many of these pharmacy discount cards they often make a statement noting that "this card is not intended to act as a replacement for insurance" - so my understanding is that the discount therefore isn't associated with an insurance policy. That being said, I don't see any reason why insurance and savings cards can... ...

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Inherent wide angle glaucoma at age 50

My (inherent) wide-angle glaucoma was diagnosed by a kind man, my Optician. His body language guarded, he searched for someone along with me, to break bad news, noting irreversible damage. I'd rapidly lost by failure to account for 30% of my adult vision. Being without all/any treatment for the Glaucoma for about twenty agonizing months. Indicating that I begin using Xalatan "one drop in each eye before bed daily." Adding "If I used more drops that it would not help my situation." I believe I disagree yet without power to convince. Factually; for whatever reason, I DO enjoy relief from pain, headache, visible swelling, (iop?) when that prescribed amount is readministered 8 or 12 hours again later (BID). I experienced marked relief; well, what and why the discussion? ... ...

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nurses responsibility in deriphyllin

Deriphylline drug Role and responsibilities for nurse while administering deriphylline drug ## nurses responsibilities in administating inj.deriphhyllin ## According to medical literature, breastfeeding while taking Deriphyllin is generally not recommended, unless absolutely necessary, due to part of the drug being secreted through breast milk. My research also suggests that Deriphyllin may cause irritability or other signs of mild toxicity. On the other hand, The American Academy of Pediatrics considers Deriphyllin to be compatible with breastfeeding, noting that side effects are unlikely unless it's delivered in high (toxic) concentrations. They go on the state that the peak milk concentration of Deriphyllin occurs between 1 and 3 hours after ingestion of the dose. Therefore, expo... ...

How Long Should I Take The Indomethacin

inflamation in my foot, no pain gout suspected, taking 50 mg indomethacin, makes me sleepy, how long should i ake this med ## Hi bobbi, I haven't found any specific details mentioning exactly how long one should be on this medication, but I did locate a rather broad statement quoted below, that may be of help: "Suggested Dosage: Indomethacin capsules 25 mg b.i.d. or t.i.d. If this is well tolerated, increase the daily dosage by 25 mg or by 50 mg, if required by continuing symptoms, at weekly intervals until a satisfactory response is obtained or until a total daily dose of 150 mg to 200 mg is reached. DOSES ABOVE THIS AMOUNT GENERALLY DO NOT INCREASE THE EFFECTIVENESS OF THE DRUG." If dosing instructions are noting "weekly intervals" I can say that it's probably ... ...

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What is the use of hydrochloride in Tramadol?

So I just got tramadol and it says that it has hydrochloride in it. Is it opioid-based? I read the instructions and it said they are a narcotic. ## Hi Nancy, According to Wikipedia, hydrochloride is defined as an acid salt. This is not opioid-derived from what I can tell. In the pharmaceutical field, my understanding is that the presence of hydrochloride acts as a catalyst for better absorption / bioavailability. For this reason, hydrochloride exists in a myriad of drug formulations (including non-narcotics). However, there are reports of individuals being hypersensitive to hydrochloride and noting that they should try to avoid it whenever possible. These patients may be few and far between, but if in doubt I would encourage you to contact your pharmacy just to be on the safe side. I ho... ...

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