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Green Pill Shaped Like A Leaf

Almost looks like a spearmint leaf ## It's actually shaped like a leaf, rather than being just round or oval? If that is the case, the only guesses I can make are that it may be some type or mint, or possibly an illicit drug of some sort. ## Might be an herbal viagra substitute ## It may be a green tea mint from trader joes... (google image search it) ## I can’t figure out this pill, it’s green shaped like a leaf/tear drop one side has the veins of the leaf and the other side has TJ ## Yes that's exactly what it looks like. ## Definitely sounds like a Trader Joe's green tea mint:

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Af Plus Tablet Ingredients

I heard an ad for this on the radio today. I've never heard of it and just really wanted to know, what's in it and does it work? ## Hi Betty, Could you be referring to the AF Plus weight loss tablets? Based on my research, AF Plus a supplement advertised as a One-a-Day Natural Alternative for Enhanced Weight Loss and Energy. Each capsule is said to contains the following ingredients: Acai fruit extract, Green tea leaf extract, ginseng root extract, pomegranate fruit extract and amia fruit extract. I hope this info answers your question, please post back if you need any more assistance! ## Nice combination of exotic fruits w/antioxidant properties and energy but lacking in appetite suppression. Konjac root, glucomannon, PGX are much better as they make you feel full and hence, le...

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Absolut 3g Tablet Information

Hi. I need to know what this Absolut tablet is used for... and if there are any side effects? plz help. ## This is a nutritional/herbal supplement product that also contains vitamins and minerals. As such, it isn't tested for side effects, as is done for prescription medications. Are there any other comments or questions? ## The question is what is Absolut 3G prescribed for and or for what ailment it is. ## I actually want to know if the Absolut 3G has any side effets? is it a good suppliment? ## Effective in combating age related issues such as fatigue, waning memory & overall physical debilities and mental faculties. In my own experience I felt a welcome change within a week of starting on this tabs. Dosage is strictly one tab day. Medical clarification is that primarily it is...

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Big Green Oval Pill

Almost one inch long. 1/4 inch high. Solid green with no makings on it at all. Oval. Deep green almost like a forest Green. ## If there are no markings, it may be difficult to determine exactly what this is, but I will keep looking. We can rule it out as being a U.S. prescription medication, since they are all required to have markings to enable their identification, however, it could be any one of a large number of over the counter items. There is also a small chance that it could be a foreign medication. Where was it found? ## I found a baggie of large dark green oblong shaped pills with no markings in my son's room. He first said they were magnesium pills and then said they were vitamins he got from our kitchen. I know they were not vitamins from our kitchen, and since he felt th...

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I have been fighting cancer for 5 years and still going. I have tried so many things like this that are empty promises. All they do is put down chemo, which has been the ONLY thing keeping me alive so far. I did this fatal Mexico heat treatments with they charged me $40,000 for two weeks of treatments and they almost killed me because they did NOTHING to help me. I know everyone has a special ingratiate to kill the cancer they have, but I have yet to find mine, but I do know there are people who take advantage of us, because we will do almost anything to stay alive. ## Hello, JOJO! How are you doing? I am very sorry about your continued health struggle and I really hope you beat cancer very soon! And your warning to others is greatly appreciated. There have been many that have asked abo...

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green world sliming amaigrissant capsule

Does anybody know any useful information about greenworlds slimming amaigrissant capsules? - Effects, benefits, manufactures, and a website where I can actually find an image of it? ## Greenworld slimming (amaigrissement) capsule is basically for people who want to lose weight, without food restrictions or have very busy daily schedules, thus don't have time to exercise. -it's a natural floral formula which helps you lose weight safely with no complications or side effects -it lowers the cholesterol to keep you healthy -improves your immunity -prevents the symptoms associated with obesity pains. Bad cholesterol, tiredness etc. Composition: Cassia seed, hawthorn fruit, jasmine petal, roseleaf, bitter orange flower petal, mulberry, green tea This product adopts a natural floral fo...

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Polyphenon E Ointment

Looking for details on Polyphenon Pharma E ointment or capsules. ## I am wondering if this could help with prostate cancer relief? ## Polyphenon E is a supplement containing an extract from Green Tea, this it is NOT proven to help cure or treat anything, including Prostate cancer. For appropriate treatment for such a seriousl medical condition, you should follow your doctor's advice. Did you have any other questions? ## One should not rely, exclusively, on one's doctor for advice, on anything. Urologists are in charge of a patient's medical prostate cancer treatment. They are surgeons, not oncologists, and are quick to resort to extreme treatment (i.e. removal of the prostate.) It is estimated that 80% of all prostatectomies are unwarranted - that is, the patient would have ...

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I took 5 perk 5mg on tues at 8 clock will it be out my sytem on friday morning ?

i took 5mg perks and i ate 5 of them on tues night at 8 clock u think if i drink alot of water and green tea it will be out of my sytem on friday morning if i fail i do 364 days in jail please guy i need your help ## It is very likely it will not show up. Pills usually take 3-5 days to get out of your body. Getting specific I think it's 72 hours, but in case go buy an over the counter drug testing kit right before you have to go take the test.Good Luck ## Sorry to hear about the situation you got yourself in. In regards to a drug test, Percocet can be detected in your urine for up to 3-4 days after your last dose; up to 24hrs after your last dose for a blood test; up to 1-4 days after your last dose for a saliva test; and up to 90 days after your last dose for a hair test. So depend...

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menabol for belly fat

I am 36 yrs Male/78kg/5″9′ height and tried almost everything to loose fat since last 90 days. my diet - 10 almonds 250gms chicken breast boiled 100gm sprouts or 5 boiled egg whites a day Normal Lunch green tea 2-4 times a day lemon juice once a day 4-5 ltr water per day protein(whey) shake at night Working hard in gym most of days cardio only (3 days cardio + 3 days very slight weight training) in cardio I do trademill(20min)+elleptical(20min)+cycling(20min) and in weight training I do very little or no such as 5 kg chest press etc. I am trying to be active in my daily routine too But my actual problem is that I look slim(as per my friends) than before but no change in weight as well muscle mass. I came up to to use Stanazolol(10mg) for cutting and increasing muscle mass but m

glutaphos tablet

im already 17 how many times a day do take glutaphos? and who's much effective RIQALL,GINSENG GREEN TEA GINKGO TAURINE BACOPA or GLUTAPHOS plzz help me im really slow ## Glutaphos is a nutritional supplement, claimed to help with mental acuity. It contains 200mgs Dicalcium Phosphate, 325mgs of Glutamic Acid, 5mgs of Thiamine and 10mcgs Vitamin B12. That said, since it is not actually a medication, the side effect profiles have not been studied, however some users have reported occasion nausea, after taking it. It is usually given as 1 tablet daily, or 1-2 tablets with a meal, after strenuous mental activity. That said, however, everything you have mentioned are nothing more than nutritional supplements that are not actually proven to help with anything. This means that none are effe...

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Benetol Weight Loss Pills

does benitol really work?????? ## Banital is actually an over the counter supplement that is claimed to help with weight loss, however, as such, that also means it is actually not tested and proven to do anything. From what we have found, it seems the active ingredients are: Phaseolus Vulgaris, Green Tea Leaf Extract, Peppermint Leaf Extract, Cinnamon Bark, Lemon Verbena,Chamolile,Ginger Root,Licorice Root, Tangerine Peel, and Chicory Root. The only real way to safely lose weight is to use a proper diet and exercise regimen. Are there any questions or comments? ## well, i am not really an overweight person, but i retain sometimes water, and i don't eat very much and still stay the same weight that i cant keep it off why!. ## Sabrina, do you watch you sodium intake in what you do eat...

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i took methampetamine 6 days before a drug test. will i pass?

I've read that it is only detectable for 3-5 days and my test is for my po, so I'm hoping and praying to god that I will pass. Will I? ## I've been drinking a gallon of water and a gallon of green tea a day ever since. ## I took methamphetamine five days ago and have a urine test on the seventh day. Will I be clean? ## I took methamphetamine on Tuesday at 3pm til Thursday at 8pm. I have a urine test on Tuesday at 1 pm. Will I pass?

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Fruta Planta

Insomnia Dryness of the mouth Fast heart beat ## hi, i just ordered the fruta planta from amazon from a highly rated seller with great reviews from the product. it was fairly cheap so if it doesnt have that silver seal i wont be too upset. but i do have ONE IMPORTANT QUESTION!! i read that one of the ingredients that was banned from the FDA is a seritonin reuptake thingie..(sorry im so informal but i know nothing about that) and i am on an antidepressant already. will this be harmful to me? i dont want to tell my doctor yet he would deffinately be mad. but im willing to do anything to lose the weight. please answer!! ## As a medical student, I would not recommend taking this pill. I have been doing research on this pill as some friends have started taking them. One of them ended up in t...

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Can pee be too diluted for probation test?

I was just doing what I normally do before drug testing I am not trying to come up clean but just have lower levels of THC show up Instead of being high. The only thing I'm worried about is that when I took the test my urine came out completely clear do you think they'll just order a new test or will it be able to be tested? I drank 2tbsp of baking soda in cranberry juice and 1 green tea Arizona .. Usually when I do this it comes out light yellow but I haven't used baking soda before. I want to use another drug but don't want to have a surprise test because she wasn't able to have that sample tested....


I ordered AF Plus when I heard about it on 94.9 KLTY. I only paid $7.99 s&h. I received two bottles with 30 capsules each. I can't speak for anyone else but I LOVE THESE PILLS. I've been taking them for about 2 weeks and I already lost 8 lbs. These pills help curve my appetite and give me energy. My husband recently started taking them and he loves them also. My opinion is if you want to try something that wont affect you in the long run. Try AF Plus. ## Hey Genna, How are you? Glad to hear that AF Plus works so well for you! I haven't actually tried it before, but from what I understand it's ingredient profile is just Acai berry and Green Tea, is that correct? I noticed that some webpages also have a detailed description of AF Plus noting that there's "other...

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Research Results On Crucial Green Fu Ingredients

According to internal research by Green-Fu and backed by findings from Australian Healthy Food Magazine, Green-Fu's two key ingredients, Moringa and Chlorogenic Acid (from Green Coffee Bean Extract), when combined in special ratios with our other natural Vitamins, Minerals, Amino Acids possess a stronger but much safer fat burning and antioxidant effect. This is particularly so, in comparison to established antioxidants for example green tea, garcinia cambogia, grape seed or raspberry extracts. One of the main compounds accounting for Green-Fu's many overall health benefits is a compound called Chlorogenic Acid. It neutralizes free radicals and addresses the problem of hydroxyl radicals, both of which may result in cellular degeneration if left unchecked. Chlorogenic acid can al...

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AF Plus Pill

So what does this pill do for you if it does not make you lose weight? ## Hi Tri, From what I've read online, AF Plus is basically a nutritional supplement that contains an extract from Acai, as well as Green Tea, and quote on quote "other powerful nutrients". However It doesn't actually state what those nutrients are, so I don't know if that's some sort of gimmick or what..? The manufacturer also claims that, if taken daily, AF Plus may help fight free radicals while promoting & supporting weight loss. Although there's no direct statements saying what else it does. I'd just imagine that you'd probably have to take it daily for a long period of time in order to notice an improvement in your overall health/well-being. I hope this info helps!

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Kancyna Green And White diet Capsules

I have heard that the kancyna green and white diet capsules are very effect for weight loss. I cannot find any information about this pill. I am scared to take something that I know nothing about. I have heard that it is herbal and all natural. But cannon find anything information confirming or denying this. Is it safe to use? ## Were can I. Purchase this green teas tabletn in Durban South Africs. Does it makeyour stomach work and why. Are there fake onesi in the market ## Hi Nelly, While information on kancyna diet pills is lacking over the internet, I think it would be wise of you to consider other alternative weight loss options. I recommend incorporating the following steps into a daily regime in order to have the best weightloss and health results over your lifetime (as opposed to ...

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The difference of the pink pills and the green is that the green are more strong . That's why the green ones was took out the market. This pills have a not good side effects. Do not take this pills ## I have had success on the pill I alternate between the pink ones and the green ones (color package that is) both packets have the same color pill. It's beige and green. Dry mouth Diahrrea Heart beat does go fast but this was rare for me. I do recommend this ## Hello, Thank you for taking the time to share your review on these. Just out of curiosity though, what type of pill is this exactly? Is it really only a green tea capsule? I can't imagine a company taking green tea off the market because of its potency; since this in and of itself is usually regarded as a safe. However, i...

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af plus enhanced weight loss and energy need help

I heard of af plus on the radio and would like to try ,I. In my late 20's and overweight by 100lbs ,I've tried a lot of diet pills but they don't seem to work ## Hello, Cookie! How are you? I'm sorry, but this website doesn't manufacture or sell any products of any type. It is an information only website. And AF Plus is just a nutritional supplement that isn't actually proven to help with weight loss, from the limited information I can find on it, it's listed as containing acai extract, green tea extract, ginseng extract, pomegranate extract and amia fruit extract. Thus, it's likely not going to work any better than the other stuff you've tried. Have you consulted your doctor? There are some prescription medications that can help, when used along with...

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