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Diconal supply ending?

I was put on Diconal in 1993 after having struggled with real pain and non effective medicaments post RTA/'86, where I lost right leg below knee, with both wrists broken etc etc. Stress am not talking about phantom pains. Presently STILL. have open on end weeping 7.5" below knee stump. Because of ill fitting prostheses my right hip is knackered.. Hip op not feasible since developed venous ankle ulcers on remaining foot. Also have damaged sciatica both sides intermittently flaring. To this add neutofibrotoma, mostly quiet but currently one is enlivened in right shoulder area which lately hurts so much at times though has left my right thumb & index useless! Diconal use has reduced over years to 56 per week. Last week local Boots pharmacist said their warehouses were now empty...

round, light blue pill with the imprint 00 on one side and 08 or 80 on the other side

Please help! I found this pill along with others in my husbands car. ## I took these for years. It's an 80 mg oxycontin. It contains 80 mg of oxycodone, and is in a time release form hopefully he won't chew it, that's a big big dose all at once. ## Hello, I believe that I found a pill that matches your description. Below I have linked a picture of an 80mg oxcodone pill that I found, can you tell me if this is the pill that you found? If this is the pill that you found just let me know and I'll provide you with some additional information if you want.

Is dilaudid stronger than oxycontin? Norco?

I am wondering if dilaudid is stronger than oxycontin? morphine? norco? norco 10/325? liquid 40ml norco 2.5mg/5ml? ## Dilaudid contains the active ingredient Hydromorphone. That said, it is a potent narcotic, and what it is stronger than depends on the dosage of each. It is not stronger than most dosages of Oxycodone, but is stronger than some. Oxycodone is the strongest product on the market approved to treat pain. Whether it is stronger than the others also depends on what dose of the Dilaudid you're asking about. Was this prescribed for you? You can read more about it here: ## Actually, Opana (oxymorphone) is about 2 to 3 times stronger than oxycodone, or contin. I went from a oxy 30mg ER to an Opana 10mg and have had the best results as far as pain relief. ## can you list the le...

Is There A Representative For All Chronic Pain Patients

Is there a rep. for the ppl. who were controlled on 3 OxyContin OC a day, who now suffer and have proved the new OPs DON'T WORK? NO MATTER WHAT PURDUE OR FDA SAY? We need a rep. for us chronic pain patients, who were controlled and NOW SUFFER & CAN'T DO MORE THAN LAY IN BED CRYING. ## Unfortnately, other than reporting your complaints to the FDA, there isn't much else you can do. I'm sorry you are having such a frustrating experience with it. Have you tried to talk to your doctor about using any alternative medications, such as Fentanyl, or the time released Morphine? ## I've been on fentanyl for 15 yrs until they changed patch, it didn't help that's why my dr.put me on OxyContin and that lasted 5 mo. Till they changed to OP, then they stopped working.So ...

green pill

i need help understanding what this pill is i was told it was an oxycoton it is a capsule light green with no markings could someone tell me what t is please i have been looking for hours. ## i have to agree, That is not an oxycontin Under any circumstances you must find out what it is b4 you do antyhing with it good luck ## Kristan is correct. Prescription drugs in the U.S. must ALL have imprints on them to enable them to be identified according to manufacturer, drug, and the dosage. If you have a pill with no markings it would have to be an over the counter medication. ## watson 509 lorcets are light green t ## I got the same pill. Lime green capsule with white powder inside, said to be 15 mg oxycodone. Did you ever figure out what your pill was? Is this a new brand of oxy? Please hel...

I Just Need Someone To Help Me Find A Doctor In Ky That Will Write The Oxy 30s And Xanax Something For Breakthrough Pain Whatever Else Do

Just want to find a doctor in Ky. that will write something prefferably the oxycodon30 for pain and 15's for breakthru, plus I've been taking xannex for around 5 years to try and help with the pain and anxiety which they do to a certain point. But I say the oxy's because I went to a pain clinic in Ga. 3 months ago and they wrote them for me and I thought I was in heaven as far as the pain was concerned but due to the pain I can't make those trips.!!! Someone PLEASE HELP!!!! ## I have been having anxiety attacks and the thing that helped was xanax ## @Micheal, I may not have a doctor I can refer you to, but I can provide you with a couple links that may be of service to you in so far as locating pain management doctors within your general area. All you have to do is input...

Help With Finding A Pain Doctor That Takes New Patients And Prescribes Meds In The Bellevue Wa Area. Also Will Drive If Necessary

I need help finding a pain doctor in the bellevue wa state area and will drive further if have to. need doctor thats taking new patients and prescribes pain meds. In chronic pain since 2002 and will try all leeds ## Are you able to get into Seattle, at all? I can probably find you more listings there, if you can post back and let me know. Personally, I've found the options in the Bellevue area to be very limited and you generally get much better options if you go into Seattle proper, especially in the U District. ## I am looking for same and can get to seattle ## I have occasional severe back pain and I went to Dr. Escobar in Marysville. I had to tell her firmly that NO I do not need anymore pain killers! I think she over prescribes, but at the same time I've had lower back pain...


This is a prescription pain drug. ## The correct spelling is OxyContin. ## My cousin was prescribed this drug for a minor back problem and got addicted. He tried to stop tons of times. He died last summer of mixing the drug they gave him to help him quit with this drug. I warn anyone out there, please do not take this drug no matter how much pain you are in! ## Actually, when used properly under a doctor's supervision this is a very good drug to handle chronic pain conditions. It helps many people who have exhausted other treatment options. I am very sorry to hear about your cousins death, a true tragedy and one of many that have happened due to misuse of this drug. Oxycontin should NEVER be prescribed for someone who only needs short term pain relief for a minor problem. It should ...

OxyContin 40mg controlled rel tabs substitute

My insurance no longer covers Oxycotin 40mg ER. I was taking it 2 x a day and also taking Oxycodone 30mg 3 x a day due to my injury. I will like to know what will be a good substitute for Oxycotin 40mg ER. Thanks a lot. ## Hello, Matraquita! How are you? I'm sorry about the problem you've run into. There are several other options available, including MS Contin and Opana ER, both are time released and are available as generics. The FDA classifies this medication as a narcotic analgesic, so it has the potential to be habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, drowsiness, dry mouth and constipation. However, only your doctor can decide what would be right for you to try. Is there anything else I can help with? ## Sorry to be so negative but anytime release...

Substitute For oxycontin 40mg daily

I am facing major surgery in four weeks time and I am fearful that the same will happen as in a similar operation last year. Cold turkey during recovery and no one would listen. I want to die. If they give me more morphine. Would that work. ## Yes, it could work, but only if they give you an equivalent dosage. Oxycodone is stronger than Morphine, so you would require a higher amount of the Morphine to equal what you currently take. Thus, if you are on 40mgs of Oxycodone, to prevent withdrawals and handle your pain accordingly, you'd need 60mgs of the Morphine. Is there anything else I can help with? ## It helps a lot as I dreaded that the same experience might again. I will ask for a plan that must include the correct dosage of morphine e.g. 60mg. Are you speaking from personal expe...

Can I cut an oxycontin op?

Can anyone help me understand these OPs? The whole pill is plastic, right? I mean, unlike MS Contins where the coating is time released. So my question is-If the whole thing is a solid time release pill, why can’t I cut it in half? I am not trying to abuse it. My doctor made me switch from 5mg instant relase oxycodone to 10 mg oxycontin and it’s way too strong. It makes me feel sick and way too medicated to drive. I am taking these so I can have a life, not another car accident. So I would like to reduce the dose but it says not to cut them & I am not sure that is applicable to the plastic pills. ## According to medical literature, "extended/time-release" pills are not intended to be cut in half because it can release the full contents of the pill all at once (ri...

Is there a generic for Brand Name OXYCONTIN EXTENDED RELEASE?

The cost is way too high. I though generic oxycontin was coming back. Does anyone have an update? ## Hi, Marty! No, there isn't a generic and under the current regulations there won't be one any time soon. Since it is such a highly abused medication that has an extremely high rate of addiction, theft and diversion, the generics were removed from the market to help keep better control of the supply. If there is only one manufacturer, then it is much easier to know exactly how much has been manufactured, where it's being stored, where it's being shipped and etc. If you need a cheaper medication for pain control that is still time released, you may want to ask your doctor about trying MS Contin, it is a time released formulation of Morphine and there are generics of it avai...

Doctors Willing To Prescribe Heavy Pain Medication In Massachussetts

I am in need of a new doctor in my area that is not going to blow me off when I am a new patient with a history of taking M S Contin, Oxycontin and Oxycodone. If anyone knows a decent doctor in my area I would appreciate the refferall it is hard to just call around for one when I say that I have been on meds they say they don't do that. Are you allowed to go out of state? to the next state over I am so sick of the reaction the second you mention a history of narcotics. I have recently lost feeling partially in my arms and legs from a car accident. What happened to good old doctor's ## Hello, Unfortunately, no one can really know ahead of time what a doctor is or is not willing to prescribe, as that is based on the doctor's discretion and not on someone else's previous ap...

What is equivalent to 30 mg oxycontin?

Yesterday I picked up a 20 day supply of oxycontin 30 mg. It was a 20 day script. At 2 a day my px was for 60. I was HORRIFIED when the pharmacist billed me for 325.00, including my insurance discount. They claimed there is not a generic oxycontin. Oxycodone 30 mg was $15 for 60...so needless to say I was shocked!!! Is there an equivalent slow release to replace 30 mg of oxycontin? There has got to be something. I got into a bit of a habit with taking too many 30 oxycodone, which is why I was put on a slow release. Any advice out there? The pharmaceutical companies are gouging us beyond belief, and I've got a medical condition due to an accident where I need these pills, at least for another 2 months or so. The $325.00 price has me in a state of high anxiety however. Is hydromorphin...

Oxycontin Drug Equivalent

I am currently taking three 20mg oxycontin a day. Due to insurance reasons the Dr wants to switch me to dilaudid or morphine er. Given the choice, which one gives better pain relief and at what dose would be the equivalent to my 60 mg of oxy which is not currently controlling the pain? Thank you. ## Dilaudid is the more potent of the 2, so you'd have to take less of it to be equal to your current dose or Oxycodone or to raise it for more pain relief. According to NIH tables, it would only take 7.5mgs of it to equal each 20mgs of Oxycodone. The FDA warns that these medications carry the risk of being habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, headache, dry mouth, and constipation. Is there anything else I can help with? ## HI magnum5471, From my experience, ...

Oxycontin OP 20mg

I have been on Oxycontin for 3 years. I am not stupid, I did not ask the doc to keep increasing my meds, I would decide to stop taking them for a two week on and two week off if I could. I am in chronic pain,my life has been altered to the degree I cannot walk without assistance any distance. I do walk into a store that has carts to push. Two back surgeries, the type of back that just keeps getting worse, had I not had the surgery I think I could have controlled the pain with Vicodan and Advil. But the doc. said I had to have the surgery. then the 2nd one did me in.It is a reputable doc who has done many surgeries, my opinion he wanted the money because this is when they discovered surgery was making things worse more than better. I blame that doc for me being in the pain I am in and fo...

Oxycontin Op 20 Mg

oxycontin op's of any mg are bulls*** im in chronic pain 24/7 predue f***ed up the people that need out of pain cause of junkies. im no junkie the pharmacy gave me op's what do u think that tells me. they do haye the oc's. when u go get script, if they give u op's ask them so do u think im a junky u r profileing me. rite w.dc.complain about it / discrimination board i told my own kid to stay away from me. dont let them give u op's if they dont work u want generic oc's. ## There are no generics on the market for Oxycontin, it is a time released formulation of Oxycodone and is only available, now, as the name brand. The ones with the OC marking were the original product, manufactured by Purdue and were also the name brand. Pharmacies were permitted to sell them, un...

oxycontin 40mg op picture

Dropped one oxycontin 40mg op tabs in the sink, what a slimmy mess, what are they making them out of, is it harmfull? ## No, it is not harmful, however, they have been specially designed to help prevent abuse. The substance is supposed to be something that can only be broken down by stomach acid, so it retains its time released properties, even if someone tries to chew, crush or dissolve them. Do you have any other questions? ## worried about addiction and what is the best help to get ## worried about addiction to oc's and what is the best way to get help ## I have these OP 40mg ocycontins. What are they? I have chronic pain and been on OC's for about 8 months, but these things are completely different. I use to take off the time release, because they work better, but I can'...

Pain Doctors Alabama

My dr in Mont., AL has been prescribing me 3 80mg oxycontin for several years. My visit last week he refilled my script and said it could be the last because he was told there was diversion possibly coming from his practice. Btw that was 3 a day. If he doesn't refill my script on my next visit, I need to find a Dr. quick. Is it legal not to wean a patient off? The pain clinics in this town are full. ## If he cannot continue to prescribe, he should be able to refer to another doctor or clinic that will accept his current patients. Has he suggested anyone? And yes, it is perfectly legal for a doctor to stop prescribing your medications, even if they are habit forming, at any time. They are not obligated to treat you or prescribe anything, unless you are in life threatening danger. As ...

Why do people continue to go to CVS or Walgreens???

The Internet is flooded with horror stories about these arrogant, cocky, self absorbed pharmacists who think their s*** doesn’t stink as well as the pharmacy themselves. CVS and Walgreens have grown too big for their britches, but what I don’t understand is why people insist on flooding these stores every time they get a prescription? Insurance is insurance and there are tons of small pharmacies that will all go out of their way to cater to you a lot better than the name brands/chain brand outlets. So I ask again why do y'all keep going to a pharmacy that you hate? I think we should all have a national "go somewhere other than CVS or Walgreens" month! ## Well I'm on many medications and Walgreens not only has auto refill, but all my meds show up at my door ex...


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