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yellowish round pill with M in a box and numbers 595 on other side
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Found a pill in my daughter's room - it's a yellowish round pill with M in a box and numbers 595 on other side. Anyone know what it is? ## The round yellow pill with M on one side and 595 on other side is the generic oxycontin pain killer 40mg. It is extremely addictive so you should talk to your daughter about it asap. ## I am holding one in my hand at the moment, and it is 100% a 40mg Controlled Release Oxycodone. This is a highly potent drug, and if it is not prescribed for your daughter, than it is also very illegal. Hope that this helps. ## Well, there is no doubt it is an oxy, and that's an opium, which is highly addictive and starts to hurt you Cuz Once you r addicted, I'd you don't have it, you become what is called "DOPE SICK" this it's very very...
Updated 2 days ago.
Pain Doctors Alabama
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My dr in Mont., AL has been prescribing me 3 80mg oxycontin for several years. My visit last week he refilled my script and said it could be the last because he was told there was diversion possibly coming from his practice. Btw that was 3 a day. If he doesn't refill my script on my next visit, I need to find a Dr. quick. Is it legal not to wean a patient off? The pain clinics in this town are full. ## If he cannot continue to prescribe, he should be able to refer to another doctor or clinic that will accept his current patients. Has he suggested anyone? And yes, it is perfectly legal for a doctor to stop prescribing your medications, even if they are habit forming, at any time. They are not obligated to treat you or prescribe anything, unless you are in life threatening danger. As ...
Updated 12 days ago.
Oxycontin damaged my teeth
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Has anyone else known oxycontin to rot the teeth? I used to be on vicodin until my doctor told me I needed to switch to a morphine based meds. She put me on ms contin but I had problems with it so she put me on 80mg oxycontin. Eventually my body built up a tolerance so she kept raising it, i have am now on from 4-6 per day of the 80mg tabs. It scares me that this is what rotted my teeth because only 5 yrs ago i had only 2 cavities that needed filling and then only 1 yr after going on the oxycontin i had to have all my top front teeth pulled as they where rotting from the inside out the dentist said my mouth looked like a heroin addict's mouth looks. He said it was shocking to him that normally he only saw such damage from someone who abused drugs with so much dental damage, but i ha...
Updated 15 days ago.
Doctors Who Prescribe Oxycontin In Oklahoma
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I have been in Pain management since 2004 in California and just Moved out there to muskogee Oklahoma... unfortunately there are NO doctors here willing to treat my pain i was on a regiment of 80mg Oxycontin 2X daily 10/325mg Norcos every 4 hours and 4mg IV dilaudid as needed for breakthrough pain... i am in search of a doctor out this way who is actualluy willing to perscribe these meds... thanks ## Well, the first question I have is, how are you checking with the doctors about getting help? The reason I am asking is because if you're calling various doctor's offices and asking if they'll treat you and prescribe specific medications, then you will pretty much always get told no. When someone does that, doctor's and their staff are taught to see it as drug seeking behavi...
Updated 19 days ago.
picture of 10 mg oc
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10 oc ## Please help! Found a tannish maybe peachish small round pill, it seems to have more of a smooth coated texture then powdery, with what looks like a 10 on one side and a oc on the other. It was near where kids were brushing teeth in mom in laws bathroom! They said they didn't touch it, but still worried! We don't know what it is! ## This is an older Oxycontin tablet, which contains 10mgs of Oxycodone in a time released formulation, tablets with this marking are no longer available on the U.S. market. The FDA warns that it carries the risk of being habit forming, and may cause side effects, such nausea, dizziness, headache, constipation, and dry mouth. Even if they did touch it, it would not cause any harm, it would have to be ingested to cause any issues. However, in the...
Updated 22 days ago.
red pill tcll 60
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red round pill tcll 60 ## I'm not too sure where or what this pill was used for.?? I have cerable palsy, and I used to take this pill for my back pain..I used to take this pill last year when I broke my back..since then I've had it fused back together..just wondering what this pill was or is.??? ## its a oxycotin op 60mg pill they're time released ## That is incorrect, this is not any type of prescription product. Pills marked with TCl are over the counter products, which are available as generics and store brands in many different stores. I can't find a listing for this one, because over the counter products are not required to be logged in the databases, like prescription medications are. The time release Oxycontin 60mg would carry the marking of OC 60 or OP 60 on the ...
Updated 25 days ago.
Oxycontin and side effects
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I have been taking Percoset and Norco for about 18 months, with no real side effects. Six days ago, my doctor switched me to Oxycontin 20mg twice a day. For the past 3 days, my ankles and feet have been rather swollen. Can Oxycontin cause this. I thought Percoset and Oxycontin were the same thing, except that Percoset is immediate release and Oxycontin is sustained release. I also take hydrocodone every 4 hours for break thru pain. ## YOU REALLY NEED TO GET OFF OF OXY IT IS REALLY BAD ON YOU I BEEN TAKEING THEM FOR 5 YEARS AND NOW WHEN I TRY TO QUIT IT MAKES ME REALY SICK I WOULD STAY WITH THE PERCOSET OR GO TO LOWER TAB 10 OR GO TO KADDEN ## @ Wes. I appreciate your concern. However, I have had 6 surgeries in the past 17 months with at least 1 more to go. So, I will not be getting off ...
Updated 25 days ago.
oxycontin 15mg is there something else I can take?
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I am seeing a pain management doctor right now she has me on 15 milligrams of oxycontin the extended relief. I called her and told her that it was not working and she said the next time I come in maybe that she would up the dosage. I've been experiencing headaches major mood swings. One minute I'm happy the next minute I'm crying and then the next minute I'm a raging lunatic. I I want to be on something that is long lasting, I've already been the Norco in the percocet route. Those were not strong enough for me. Is there anything that I can ask the doctor about that is longer lasting? That is also not extended release, and will last longer to make my pain stay away longer? Thanks for any help. ## Hello, Phylis! How are you? If you want something that lasts longer, an ...
Updated 27 days ago.
percocet7.5 and oxycontin 15mg
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I have been taking 2 7.5 percent every 4 he's a 1 oxy 15 mg for over a year now and its gotten to where its only taking the edge off for maybe an hour. I have crohns disease with multiple surgeries I have tried the fentanly patch and they made me sick I need some suggestions on what I need to ask my doc for next? We have a good relationship but I just don't know where to go next it. Seems the percocet is what's not working anymore is that from taking it for so long?please I don't know I need suggestions! Thanks ## I meant 2 7.5 every four hours and 1 15mg oxycontin every 6 hours for breakthrough pain ## I too have Crohns Disease. I have run the gamete of pain meds. I am now taking methadone, and have been for about 3 years. I can say that this has been the best medicatio...
Updated 27 days ago.
Small round blue pill with NN on one side and 5 on the other
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I'm trying to identify a small pale blue bi-convex pill with N|N on one side and 5 on the other side. My friend said that they are oxycontin but I believe it actually is oxybutynin. Anybody know for sure? It's from Canada and most likely a generic brand. ## Yes, there is an Oxybutynin from Canada that matches this description, it is a 5mg tablet, and is most commonly used to treat overactive bladder. The FDA lists the typical side effects as possibly including nausea, dizziness, blurred vision, and urinary retention. Is there anything else I can help with?
Updated 28 days ago.
Help With Finding A Pain Doctor That Takes New Patients And Prescribes Meds In The Bellevue Wa Area. Also Will Drive If Necessary
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I need help finding a pain doctor in the bellevue wa state area and will drive further if have to. need doctor thats taking new patients and prescribes pain meds. In chronic pain since 2002 and will try all leeds ## Are you able to get into Seattle, at all? I can probably find you more listings there, if you can post back and let me know. Personally, I've found the options in the Bellevue area to be very limited and you generally get much better options if you go into Seattle proper, especially in the U District. ## I am looking for same and can get to seattle ## I have occasional severe back pain and I went to Dr. Escobar in Marysville. I had to tell her firmly that NO I do not need anymore pain killers! I think she over prescribes, but at the same time I've had lower back pain...
Updated 29 days ago.
Oxycontin instead of Percocet
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I am prescribed Percocets 5/325 from my pain clinic. I have a dr appointment in one day. Well i had run out of my Percocets 5 and I had some Oxycontin left over from a surgery I had before. I went ahead and took it. At my dr appointment in 1 day I know they will have me do a drug test. Will it keep me from passing it? Or will it just show up that I have something else in my urine? Or will it be okay? Please help, I need to know. ## They both contain oxycodone....you will only fail if they test for that specifically. It's synthetic... Can you give me your docs name? I'm in agony.
Updated 29 days ago.
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Is oxycontin and Percocet the same thing except without the tylenol ## Yeah. It's usually extended release instead of the percocet, which is immediate release. Not all the time but that's what I've seen. ## Hello, Katy! How are you? No, Raine, you are correct, both contain Oxycodone, but Percocet also contains Acetaminophen/Tylenol and Oxycontin just contains Oxycodone in a 12 hour time released formulation. The FDA classifies this medication as a narcotic analgesic, so it has the potential to be habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, drowsiness, dry mouth and constipation. Is there anything I can help with? ## Is a 18 mg xtampza ER stronger or the same as Percocet 10mg? ## Suzie, Both medications contain oxycodone xtampza er is an extended rele...
Updated 29 days ago.
The CVS pain police
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CVS, a company involved in scandalous behavior in the past is now going to dictate policy on pain meds and prescribing. I urge all pain patients to contact your public officials to not allow this company to now play god with what is prescribed to you superseding your doctors orders and for many patients to file litigation against this company and the CDC or any other governmental agencies that allow these criminals to become your doctors and set the rules. This organization cannot be allowed to set the rules when it comes to your healthcare. They have again overstepped their authority and this latest fiasco shows how they have no regard to patients who need these medications for quality of life. Trying to take medication from people who need it is criminal. Just google this company and ...
Updated 1 month ago.
Dilemma with 2 narcotic scripts from 2 doctors
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Hi all. I have intractable pelvic RSD, peripheral neuropathy, lumbar facet spondylosis. I live in California and am about to have to change insurances at the end of this month. The new insurance has ridiculously high Rx prices. I go to a PM for all my pain meds, but my primary dr has in the past managed them for me. My question is if anyone knows if I get an Rx for the 60mg Oxycontin twice a day like usual from my PM and then my primary to write a script for 40mg 3 times a day and then I can go to 2 totally different pharmacies and fill one with my insurance and the other at another pharmacy and pay with cash, will that flag the DEA and cause my PM to get a notification of "Doctor shopping"? I am just trying to have enough meds to get me through an extra month until my husbands ...
Updated 1 month ago.
finding a doctor who will prescribe pain medication in Arizona-Tempe, Mesa, Phx., Chandler
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I have been going to a Dr. for pain medication I have had several surgeries, I have Disc Disease, list goes on. He had me on oxycontin 80 mg and oxycodone 30mg. Over the course of the years I was put on a very large quantity. Every dr. I call tells me to go to detox. There's a problem there are no beds opened in AZ. and I need to be on Pain medication to be able to wk. I am willing to switch I just need a dr. that will even see me. Someone please help. ## I wanted to add to my post that I can do to a dr. in tempe, mesa, phx. Arizona. I just want a dr. that will treat me like a human being and not a drug addict. I am 46 years old I had a successful career until all my health problems. Again if someone can please give me a name of a dr. or dr's that I can call to see if they can h...
Updated 1 month ago.
OP 20
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OxyContin OP 20 ## Yes, this is the new 20mg Oxycontin OP, it has been designed to help prevent abuse of the drug. Whether crushed or chewed, it will retain its time released properties. Otherwise, it works the same and has the same side effects, such as: nausea, drowsiness, dizziness and constipation. Read more: Are there any questions? ## NOT EVERYONE gets this so called new OP 20 pill. I just got out of surgery 3 days ago and the OP 20 oxycontin i was prescribed breaks apart easily and can be crushed like a normal pill. I broke mine in half so i dont go through a 20 pill prescription fast. Im guessing if the dr or whomever feels that a patient may try to abuse a medication may be on the outs of getting an abuse proof form of the med. Thats my opinion.
Updated 1 month ago.
Took 2 OxyContin 60mg accidentally-what should I do?
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I just realized when I took my nighttime meds that I had just taken an OxyContin 60mg about an hour before that. (so I took two about an hour apart). I'm afraid I could overdose, but I know addicts probably take much more than that, so I'm not sure if I'm safe or not...I've been on this drug for well over 6 years ( 60mg at least 3 of those years), so I think I have a pretty good tolerance for it-what should I do? I'm ready to go to sleep but I don't want to wake up dead.. ## I'm sorry I didn't see your post sooner. How are you doing? Opiate tolerant or not, that's still a pretty high dosage to jump up to and, in case it ever happens again, you should know the danger signs to watch for, just in case. The early symptoms of a possible overdose might incl...
Updated 1 month ago.
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OVAL SHAPE, GREEN IN COLOR ## Pictures of oxycontin. 1118 inprinted on one side and 93 inprinted on the other side. Oval shaped and green. ## The green Oxycontin tablets, which are manufactured by Purdue, are round. The FDA warns that it carries the risk of being habit forming, and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, headache, constipation, and dry mouth. Cassie, the tablet with the 93 1118 marking is manufactured by Teva Pharmaceuticals, and they list it as containing 600mgs of Etodolac, in a controlled release formulation. It is a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory that is used to treat pain, fever, and swelling. The FDA lists its typical side effects as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache, increased risk of bleeding, and stomach irritation. Is there anything els...
Updated 1 month ago.
Need doctor who will prescribe methodone for chronic severe pain.
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I have a rare kind of polyneuropathy that affects my long nerves. I have had severe chronic pain for over 8 years. My pain doctor in Florida switched me from oxycontin to methadone because the oxycodone made it difficult to sleep. I recently moved to Mass. and so far the two doctors I've been to eliminated my breakthrough meds (oxycodone 30 mg. 4 times a day) and decreased my methadone from 140 mg a day (taken evenly in 10 mg a day) to 70 mg a day (10 mg. tabs throughout the day) and I am back to excruciating pain. I cannot work, eat a healthy diet, sleep, take care of my family, etc. Why don't any of these doctors realize that although there are risks related to taking opiates, that QUALITY of life is what is important to me? Do you know of any doctors in Mass. (Lowell area) th...
Updated 1 month ago.

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