Oxycontin 80mg Op Are Going Back To Oc


switching back to original form

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Would you care to elaborate? What is your source?

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Yes, we would like more details on this.

I just did a search in my sources and haven't found anything with even a hint that they have decided to go back to the original formula.

For many of the people that use it for chronic pain that are now experiencing problems, it would be a great boon.


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need help for filling priscription haveing to take3 80 a day have gragalated higher over 13 years lost my incheranece help please my body wont funchen with out the op are not any thing like the oc

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I have suffered from pain due to injuries since the week before my 21st birthday. didn't start taking pain meds til 3rd injury which occured in my early 50's Have suffered long enough and at my age just too tired to fight the pain any longer Have now developed fibromyalgia as well as another condition which has stopped my body from producing ANY natural endorphenes any more! just had a 4th accident nov. 26th and am in more pain than ever! have maintained same dose of pain meds for 6 years as DO NOT PLAY AROUND WITH PRESCRIBED DOSE also dr. has me taking another med. which help prevent developing a tolerence (namenda) was upset when the generics came out and they were NOT as effective! so releaved when they swithed back!! Now they've screwed things up with these new op's because of fools that don't even have a legit need for them,are stupidly snorting them!!! these op's make you nauses and are Not AS EFFECTIVE!!!! these are people who are always going to find something to abuse but those of us who rely on the med to have any hope of functioning are being screwed. I just hope and pray purdue will find the strength to fight for the people who TRUELY need the med. for legit reasons will go back to the old formula so that people who are intitled to a chance at a life are not forced to change to other meds which have all kinds of side effects which oc's did not have and worked better than pretty much everything else til they switched to the damn op's

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I couldn't agree with you more. everyone is saying the same thing.

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please help those in pain, go back to the old oxycontin asap! My son is in horrible pain since they changed it. he had a fairly functional life until they changed the formula. now he can hardly get out of the house and function. how do we get the old ones back. they changed it so the druggies wont hurt themselves. what about the poor innocent ones, who are not addicted. just trying to function !

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the new ops 80mg.does, not stop my pain because it;s
not the same and it does not ,ease my pain because,
my pain is so severe,when they go back to,the old
one,s like 80 mg. Oxycontin, witch made my pain ease up better than these new one,s

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Robin wrote: "need help for filling priscription haveing to take3 80 a day have gragalated higher over 13 years lost my incheranece help please my body wont funchen with out the op are not any thing like the oc"

Why would you say you lost your incoherence? Reading your message, it really does not sound as though you have! I'm having a hard time trying to understand you.

I'm guessing that "gragalation" is the act of performing "gragal", but what the heck IS "gragal"? Does it have anything to do with the ancient Chinese art of Fun Chen?

Does gragalating really get you high? or is it just the endorphins kicking in after a good Fun Chen session?

And if your health is such that you need to take 240 mg a day, is it even SAFE for you to practice Fun Chen?

Or am I completely misinterpreting you, and "gragalating" is something akin to becoming Clear with dianetics?

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the problem is my Med;s. were change to ops haven;t
done my pain no good,at all when will they change back
to old one;s Oxycontin 80mg at lease it eased my
pain is so severe,go back to the old one,s

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Chuckles the Clown says: "the new ops 80mg.does, not stop my pain because it;s not the same and it does not ,ease my pain because, my pain is so severe,when they go back to,the old one,s like 80 mg. Oxycontin, witch made my pain ease up better than these new one,s"

Why is it that nearly all of the people complaining are complete functional illiterates? Could it be that they dropped out of school to concentrate on their habit?

It's ridiculous to see post after post contain rants like this one that (while pretending to be from parents, doctors, teachers, etc) are clearly from people who obviously never got past the sixth grade! Why bother? You are not fooling anyone! (except maybe others like yourself)

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my answer is Mary Richards just for your information
I,m not about what, but my pain really is severe.
number one is unlike you,I served in Vietnam War many
years ago,so now being this wheelchair, may be what,
your response is like,it was when we came home back
home they, call us names, so by your smart remark;s
people like you don;t care how much us VET;S still

do not get any respect from people like you after all
we done for you.
thank,s very much Mary because we all suffer
from ptsd and no one can change that even from
wars so long ago, but vet;s never forget.
no man left behind that stands for all of us who severed
no matter what branch.

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no wonder they changed the formula so now it doesn't work for those of us who really need it! When someones truly in pain they DON'T GET HIGH! unless their on the wrong meds! they just get relief from the pain!! and the op's no longer work as well plus they make you sick every time you take a dose! i take 80mg 5x a day since recent new injuries after taking them 4 a day for 6 years the oc's were great i could actually get out of bed and function and i LOVED THE FACT I NEVER FELT HIGH!!! just able to function, and when the DR wanted to raise me to 5 a day i was concerned i might suddenly start getting high HA what a JOKE the op's are such crap the only difference i've noticed is i get sick 5 times a day instead of 4 other than that can't even notice ANY signs my dose was increased. The majority of fools on this site should know their working just fine for them judging by their incoherent email YOU'RE THE ONES we people who are in REAL pain have to suffer!!

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what can we do to speed up the process to get the old oxycontin back in our system, to be able to function in this world. not be in pain, in the house, looking out the window. remembering houw the oxycontin use to able me to go out and join the world. i have horrible pain and to young to have to live like this knowing there is something out there that helped me. and my understanding is, the druggies will hurt themselves, so they changed the formula. what about us ! the druggies have already moved on to other drugs ! WHAT ABOUT US !

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No, women did not serve as soldiers in that war, but my husband, who left his leg behind there. fighting people whom he was brainwashed by his superiors to think of as "gooks", did!

But you do not know me any more than I know you. I have great respect for nam vets like my husband. HE did not dwell on his losses, but went back to school after the war ended. Before he was drafted, he had only been a high school dropout, but after returning, he went on to get his PHD with uncle sam's help! Yes, even now he still has some bitterness. You can't help that. But he did not let it stand in his way. And his drive to accomplish all that he did, in the face of all that he lost IS something truly deserving of respect.

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OMG! I can't believe that someone of your generation didn't get the Mary Richards / Chuckles reference! "Chuckles the Clown" was one of the best loved episodes of the Mary Tyler Moore Show!

Seeing Mary and all the other cast members trying so hard not to laugh, while talking about "Poor Chuckles" fate, was priceless!

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It's not entirely true that "When someones truly in pain they DON'T GET HIGH!"

When someone is initially prescribed the proper drugs, it is normal for them to enter la-la land. Euphoria is a recognized side effect of narcotic medicines. It's a side effect that subsides with continued use, however, while the pain relief continues to be effective. It is because this side effect subsides that those taking it to get high seek larger and larger doses, and it is because the pain relief continues to be effective after the euphoria subsides that those who take it for pain relief do not need to take higher and higher doses. At least not right away. Eventually the pain relief subsides too, but not at anywheres near the rate at which the euphoria side effect subsides.

Now, if only the constipation side effect would subside. Unfortunately, it gets worse at higher doses. I think it is this side effect that is one of the reasons people taking the drug for pain relief choose not to bother seeking euphoria, even though by definition ("feeling good") it would be nice to have. For those of us who just seek pain relief, euphoria would be a luxury that we cannot afford because the larger doses needed to reach it would necessarily increase our tolerance to the drug and hence reduce our pain relief. And continued pain relief is much more important than transient euphoria. If there is anything good to say about the new OP formula, it is that the way the body of the pill mixes with stool before the drug is absorbed in the colon, more water is retained in the stool than would be the case with the old formula and constipation is slightly less of a problem.

Hoping not to change the subject too much:

The relatively new laxative "Miralax" (PEG-3300) is a distant relative of the substance that makes up the OP pill's body (PEO-6000000), and I've found that although the latter is not a laxative, it helps Miralax last longer and more evenly because of the way the two substances mix with each other. With the old OC formula, I'd need Miralax daily to stop the constipation, and I'd end up with diarhhea. With the new OP formula, I can take Miralax once every three days, and have good movements daily without incurring the diahhrea that daily Miralax use would result in.

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Hey Michael. Wow, it was really nice to read your response and actually be able to relate to it. I am not thrilled with the new OP, but I also don't think it's the worst thing ever (not saying that's what you said).

The part I could really relate to was the mirilax. I had the same exact issues with the OC's. I had to take the mirilax daily, then very loose stools. Now I only take the mirilax once or twice a week with no problems.

I have been on oxycontin for 2 years. I was on the 60mgs 3 x a day and now with the switch to the OP's I take 80mgs 3 x a day. After a month of "getting used to" the new formula, I am doing pretty good now.

Just thought I would throw in my two cents. One thing I do know that my phamacist told me was "Anyone who complains about the new formulation is obviously abusing their meds!" Now, I don't know if I would say everyone, but it sure does make you look a little shady to them.

I am a chronic pain patient and like I said after an adjustment period and going up 20mgs per dose, I still have a life. Something to think about. Take care all!

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I have chronic pain and am permanently disabled from a MVA by a drunk driver. I have been disabled for over 12 years and have gradually worked up to the 80mg OC the past 4 years. I never had one complaint with the OC's. On the contrary, Oxycontin OC 80 mg (3xdaily) was a lifeline to issuing me quality of life with the ability to function daily. The OC's allowed me to feel and live as close to normalcy considering my conditions.
My problem with the OP is that I have found myself taking 4 - 5 a day. By the end of the month, I am left bedridden for about a week bc I am only taking 2 a day as I have ran short and the insurance company will not issue a grace period any earlier than 30 days!
At first I thought I was abusing my medicine! I was extremely concerned bc I have never had a problem with any of my medications. I take my medicine as prescribed orally, never crush chew/break shoot or snort them! Taking the OC's I have never had to look at the clock to see if it was time for my next dose, I just take them as needed. Now with the OP's taking them as needed has taken 1 week of every month away from my quality of life! I'm glad that the OXYCONTIN is not completely taken off the market, but I would be much happier having my quality of life back every day of every month! The OP's are not nearly as potent as the OC's bc the 2 tablets per day with the OC's (although I would have to lessen my activities) would not leave me bedridden!
I went to the ER for salmonella food poisoning. I was admitted and stayed for 4 days. Prior to being admitted, I had just picked up my new script of 80mg OP, but the hospital issues all medications and recommends that you leave your bottles of medicine at home. when it was time for my Oxycontin 80mg, the hospital did not have the 80's in stock so they issued me 2/40mg tablets and I noticed the "OC" on one side and 40 on the other! I thought maybe the OC's are still available but in the 40 mg only. I spoke with my Doctor regarding this finding, and he wrote my next script for 180 40mg Oxycontin ER . Now I am finding it difficult to locate that quantity in one place,let alone with OC on it.
I think my only alternative at this point is to exchange my script back to the 80mg @ 120 instead of the 90 quantity.
If anyone has any suggestions please feel free to reply! And if you know of where I can find the OC's Please pass the info my way!
Sincerely Amber0sia

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Amber0sia, hospitals and pharmacies were allowed to use whatever original formulation Oxycontin tablets that they still had in stock and since they deal with so many patients, I've no doubt that many hospitals had fairly large stocks of them in different dosages.

However, since their stock was probably purchased months ago, that doesn't mean that there are still any available at your local pharmacies. Most pharmacist don't keep as much in stock as the hospitals do, so they go through their supply faster and would have to had replace them with the new formulation, with the OP marking, much sooner.

This, unfortunately, means exactly what you suspect, you are probably not going to find any pharmacy with the original formulation still in stock to fill your prescription.


Are there any other questions or comments?

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as like alot of folks out there w/ chronic pain on long term meds (OC 80's) there are numerous side effects I deal w/ever day.Talking about consitapation, I have found that using colace ( otc product ) am and pm really helps in passing the hard stools.I also drink a fair amount of H2O. for me the biggest issue has been loss of libdo over a period of time I am in my late 50's and this sucks to say the least. I am trying replacement therapy now and hopes that in time things will improve. I never did have "the old" oxy's prescribed to me so I do not know the difference between the two. I was just moved to them because my old meds were not working nearly as well from when I first started taking the script. I must say that moving sideways to the Oxy's has not given me the relief I expected. But still it is better than the option of not having pain meds available. best to all

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Re: Never no way (# 28) Expand Referenced Message

Let me tell you something. You're on here complaining just like all "junkies". Guess how I became a junkie? My family doctor prescribed me a wonder drug with a twenty percent chance of becoming dependent on it; as you are now obviously or you wouldn't be on this chat site. And just so you know there is still the same amount of pain medication being released in the same time frame as the original Wonder drug. So stop your b****ing about us "junkies" because I can promise you that a great many of us, myself included, had no idea that by a doctor prescribing us something to stop the pain we were or could still be in from happening would change my life forever. Trust me I would have rode out the pain. But you see now whether you believe it or not I have been given a disease called addiction that I'll have to battle the rest of my life just like you.

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Re: Oxycontin right shoulder guy (# 233) Expand Referenced Message

Nobody gives a s*** about your religion or your beliefs. People are going to do what they're going to do. This dumba** war on opiates is going to lose just like the war on drugs has been losing and always will since the 80's.

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Re: John (# 241) Expand Referenced Message

Yeah the oc I could swallow op formula bottoms out in my stomach so nobody knows when they're going to switch back to the old formula because I'm Not The Only One it makes sick

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Re: Postal canary (# 246) Expand Referenced Message

You're exactly right! I got to a point that I couldn't take the 60mg or 80mg any longer because the stomach pain it caused was unbearable after years of use... Plus you're lucky if they worked for 8 hours and a lot of times only lasted 6 hours giving you any tolerance towards your pain whatsoever! I'm so sick and tired of being a suffering victim of an out of control over reaching government. We are the true victims of the lost and futile war on drugs. It's just like our government to victimize a severely injured person a second time with more failed policies, make the victim the perpetrators and then act as if nothing has happened... Business as usual for the American government! The pharmaceutical companies have basically ruined all types of narcotics with the government's help using our tax dollars and big incentives for those who participate in their one size fits all socialist attack on innocent suffering Americans! Almost nothing narcotic works as it did years ago from analgesics, sedatives, stimulants and etc...

Look at all the various threads here on Medschat.com about any type of narcotic medications and you'll see one thing in common, nothing works like it use to! The drug addicts aren't getting high, but people with various conditions are needlessly suffering because of the sheer lunacy of the government's complete overreach into the lives of people who have done nothing wrong! People with legitimate needs for narcotic analgesics, sedatives, ADD meds, ADAD meds and so on have been reduced to 3rd class citizens in their own country! Shame on these looney politicians! Don't go after bad doctors or drug addicts who both break the law, go after legitimate patients and make them suffer and pay for the government's inability to control anything! Welcome to America, where the innocent will always pay for the sheer ignorance of the government!

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This is NOT going to happen in the UNITED STATES. In fact if anything they will change the formula AGAIN, and will make it even worse. Do that the people affected by the anti abuse binders, get even sicker from them. The US has a such a war going on against drugs, OxyContin in particular that several cities here r suing Purdue for lying about them being less addictive. Turns out that was a big fat lie and Purdue knew it! So ah, I wouldn't hold my breath or make any bets. Way to go Purdue.

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Is oxycontin going back two of the original OC formula because the op is making me sick and from what I'm hearing I'm not the only one it's making sick I take the medication for legitimate purposes
I've been shot a few times during the war and I don't have too many alternatives medication wise

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Re: Blackie (# 231) Expand Referenced Message

post a pic, I was prescribed 80's for 2 yrs.. I can tell u

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Re: Ana steveyologist (# 235) Expand Referenced Message

Be nice. They thot they did have a clue lol - Till they were corrected.

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Re: Blackie (# 231) Expand Referenced Message

Pharmacy don’t just add some extra pills for compensation. So I’m either slow or you’re talking about ...never mind to each his own good luck. ??

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I really like the oc better than the op 80s. I have been on them for years myself and they changed them around April 2010 to the op ones and the oc to me are a lot stronger and better in my opinion.

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