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switching back to original form

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Ashleyyy Says:

We druggies haven't moved on to something else were waitin for the ocs to come back as much as u are they were the best and strongest drugs out there they gave the best high nothin has been able to replace it since !

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Jill Johnson Says:

I know this is a serious concern, the switch from the OC to the OP. However, I must say your reply to Robin guidry, made me laugh my damn ass off. That was hilarious.

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SOLandInPain Says:

Can anyone answer this question for me? I have never been prescribed the OC, but do take instant release oxycodone, which is the exact medication without time release. Wouldn't changing your dose to smaller amounts of insant release -with more frequency- solve the problem of the OP ineffectiveness?

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personinlife Says:

you would think that, but it's not true. IR is for just what the name implies, it;s a fast short term boost. It does not maintain the level of pain relief needed by chronic pain patients, but it does help when your ER dose can't "keep up"". IR meds have much faster peaks in a shorter actimg med.

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larry johnston Says:

well if u were taken them like u were spose to theres no diff they wouldnt of made them if they didnt realese 6.66678 mgs per hr as the real ones they woulda madem diff duhh if u wanna get off pills smoke crack for a week and then stop and go 2 weed and ull be fine

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J Says:

I understand how hard it is these days. I can definitely help you out if you need it. Just let me know

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My stomach hurts Says:

Thank u.you said everything I was thinking

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Never no way Says:

Cause of u losers that didn't get enough attention when they were children and feel that they have to abuse drugs that were made for sick people. Honest pain patients like myself can't get the help they need. And no no way will they ever change back to what they were. Cause of you bed wetters they will never change back.

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You are an ignorant fool!! All of you! If someone is in pain, it's not working. Addiction is a disease, get informed!

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bigmongo66 Says:

I have to agree, I was prescribed 80mg 2X daily, and a 40mg in the middle of the day. Now, I have been reduced to 8-mg 2X daily, and for breakthrough, they changed it to 7.5/325 hydro. WTF, and as many have said, since they changed the formula, I have not experienced the same pain relief. I only do not get violently ill when I take the medicine. Too friggin bad for the legitimate patients who were receiving the proper pain releif and now are paying the price becuase of junkies. Also, they main abuse nowadays is roxicet, because of all the "pill mills" here in florida, we are all paying theprice..

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jennie Says:

I put a pill in my mouth (I take 40mg OP twice a day) and then remembered that I had already taken my morning dose so I immediately took it out of my mouth. When I did, the pill stuck to my fingers...like glue!! I could see the gluey strands from my fingers to the pill. They are actually using glue to stop these junkies from snorting them! What is that doing to us???

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WYWY8 Says:


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Yaw Says:

Are u f***ing kidding me hydrocodone is 1000000 times
Better if u shoot it

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Dirk Says:

well if u want it to act allitle more like oc's than put in the oven (on Broil) until the OP(ON in canada) MELTS! once it melts let it begin to turn brown, ofcourse too brown and its ruined I would lean closer to the clear melted colour than the brown(cooked) thats it, the delivery matrix is beat(If not, severely weak'nd)

also so tid for tat... in 2013 the patent for oxycontin runs out, meaning that purdue no longer has exclusive rights to manufacture it. heres to hoping

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LifeonHold77 Says:

Ok, so I'm new to posting pretty much anything online, but really hope some one can give me a helpful suggestion.
I am a chronic pain patient who used to take 80mg of oxycontin daily. When OCs changed to OPs I also was extremely nauseas and sick and was getting very little pain relief....and I did swallow them, to be clear...after a few trials with different meds with my doctor, I was put on Opana ER 40mg 4x a day. Although it still did not give me the same relief the original formula Oxycontin did, I was able to go back to work and have somewhat of a life. The side effects have been almost the same. I need to take Miralax almost nightly but it also has effected my sex drive, which was not an issue with oxycontin.
Anyway, thanks to the many people that abuse these medications, Opana's formula was just changed as well and it is so much worse than the OC to OP change as far as throwing up on a pretty regular basis and is not helping my pain much. I have never felt the "euphoria" or any recreational side effect from either medication and am not looking to. I also do not want to take anything additional for breakthrough pain. I am aware my dosage is very high but I'd rather it be that way than going back to taking more than one like I tried with my old doctor many years ago.
Does any one have any suggestions as to wait I should ask my doctor to try as a replacement? I am afraid to go back to the OP oxycontin for reasons I've mentioned above but think an oxycodone based med might help better than an oxymorphone based med like the Opana ER...but will discuss either with my doctor if some one knows of something that might help as well as OCs did or even as well as the Opanas before Endo (The manufacturer) decided to screw them up too, for those of us who aren't looking to get high and just want to be able to live the best life possible, each with our own individual pain issues. At this point though, I might be irritated at those of you just trying to get your high on because I need these meds just to be able to function and the formulas are changing because of abuse but I'm irritated in general and welcome suggestions from anyone-but I really don't care how to "break it down"; etc....I just want to take it orally, as intended, and be able to get by, which is the most simple way I can say it.
I, of course, intend of discussing this matter with my doctor but not being a patient, some times people with similar situations can help more when it comes to suggesting a new medication...So again, I would sincerely appreciate any suggestions. Thank you.

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druggie Says:

you guys are ridiculously ignorant. its making me sad lol. the new ones work you just may need to up your dose a little bit. i know that most of you "legitimate pain patients" who "don't get high" (what a joke) will still complain but if you are not abusing them up your dose and they will work EXACTLY the same. also they will get anyone high i don't care how much pain you're in. it is still an opiate analgesic. you guys just get them legally that's the only difference. you're one shady doctor away from the addicts that you talk so badly about. try cold turkey for a couple of days then see if you can honestly say you're not an addict. also the formula was not changed because of abuse purdue and endo pharma do not care about curbing abuse. the more people abusing them the more money they are making. they changed the formula on oc's and opanas because the patent ran out so the formula had to be changed in order to retain the patent and continue to be the sole legal manufacturer of the most addictive drugs in existence. do your homework and look into this before you go on the internet running your mouth.

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MM77 Says:

I posted under the name "LifeonHold77" previously, but changed it due to a change in my circumstances & it sounds overly dramatic anyway........
The patent for oxycontin's new formula is not up until 2025...that's true, however, although Purdue claims the new patent is good for new and old formulas, generics can still hit the shelves as soon as April, 2013 for the companies that have already challenged the patent. Purdue won most of their lawsuits, but not all of them and it seems realistic that the pharmaceutical companies manufacturing generic forms of the older formula(which there obviously are & have been many of) will be able to successfully challenge the patent because Purdue Pharma claims only to produce the OPs. I have heard rumors Purdue does still make ocs, but market them under the name Apotex, a smaller pharmaceutical co. they share profits with. Some have claimed they can buy 80mg generic original ocs easily from pharmacies in areas of CA from Apotex. As for Opana ER, Endo isn't winning as many battles from what I can tell. A generic was supposed to be released months ago, & yes, they pushed it back with their latest formula, but it is still to be released in Sept 2012 or early 2013. Endo believes they will still have the advantage b/c doctors will prescribe their new "tamper-proof" formula to avoid liability & abuse.
As for the formulas being the same, I've been told by professionals I believe to be reliable that Oxycontin was quite different. OCs released 30% of the oxycodone immediately, the rest was time released. Opana has TimerX so is not so different. However, I've also am told that Endo released 2 new formulas. The first was recalled & replaced within a week. I was given the first, according to my pharmacist and now that has been resolved, I am not having as many problems. I am still extremely nauseous on the new formula, taking Phenergan, which makes me extremely sleep It does seem to be some what less effective than the d older formula, but maybe I am just getting used to it. I am doing a 100x better with it now. I still feel like I did better on an oxycodone based er tablet than one w/ oxymorphone, mainly b/c of the difference in sidea effects and I really would like to get rid of the constant nausea, so like most, no matter circumstances, I prefer these meds before being reformulated.

Anyway,"druggie", please understand that I am fully aware that even though I stick to my one doctor I've seen since 2003, take the dosage I'm prescribed thenumber way I am supposed to...I know I am addicted to it b/c of what it is, the high dosage I tak and the many years I have taken it. I did not mean to come as thinking I am "better than" anyone who uses these medications via other methods. To had their own.Truth is, we all appear to have something in common. Honestly, I wrote that while starting to panic & had just listened to my GP tell me the FDA pushed for these meds to be manufactured differently because of the wide abuse. Purdue & Endo trying to keep generics from being available by pushing out the patent date makes perfect sense & I know they could care less if it's abused...it's all about $$ to them. You're right, I didn't have all the facts and still don't, so I apologize if I offended you or anyone. You do seem to know what you are talking about and I am wondering if you agree with what I've said about Purdue's patent successfully being challenged or do you think they truly are powerful enough to keep generics down until 2025 or longer?.... and also about Opana ER still having a generic coming out sometime next fall or winter? ....and have you heard of this oc generic available from Apotex? My info comes from my doctor, pharmacist and the most legit reports I've read...but there is an overload of online forums, blogs, etc.--many rumors spread & so many contradictions plus so many articles from reliable news sources, I could've misunderstood or overlooked the fact that I mixed in out of date info. Just would like to hear what you know about each of these issues if you get a chance....would like to hear from anyone who has relevant knowledge they're willing to share....links to sources would be great, if allowed.
I want to say once again, I apologize if what I said before insulted anyone--druggie called me out on that & I agree with him/her---& while I'm at it, please forgive the manner in which I type-I know I'm repetitive & long winded.....but to anyone reading and/ or w/intent to reply, thank you for your time & I wish ALL OF YOU well & the best of luck to come.

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mj Says:

God bless you! I am sorry that there are so many fools in the world.

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Sufferedtoolong Says:

With the last Thread i read - there is a MAJOR different between being an ADDICT or being DEPENDANT!!!

For those of us that struggle with constant Pain - when you are in pain and you take your prescribed dose - you don't get "High" - however, you'r pain magically melts away.
These pills work for pain, and if taken as prescribed - you do not get "High" - however - you'r pain is lessened to a degree to where you can have a better quality of life and function more properly without that god awful pain always being the top thing on your mind.

However, A "Drug Addict" is a person who uses such drugs to get High.

There is nothing wrong with being dependant on such opioid's, if you are actually in pain, and getting relief from the med's so that you can have a better quality of life - However, it's the "Addicts" who caused this in the 1st place, not those of us who are suffereing and "Dependant" on such medications.

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Nobody Cares Says:

OP is a nightmare for this CPP.- it does not treat PAIN !
OC worked fine.
Please bring back the OC, the ones which work.
Abusers will always find something, always. I'm suffering, why is it like that?

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