Will Oxycontin Be Changed Back To Original Formula

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mel1960 Says:
is Oxycontin going back to their old formula? OC instead of OP.

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Verwon Says:
At this time, Purdue has no plans to return to the original formula. They released this new one, with the specific intention of helping to prevent abuse of the product and discontinued making the original, when they did so.

They claim, however, that it works the same and causes the same side effects: nausea, drowsiness, dizziness and constipation.

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Are there any questions or comments?

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binda Says:
They re not even remotely close to the original OC formula. I'm concerned about what this new formula might be doing to me. At least I knew the olf formula eventually disolved, I'm not sure about this new version. Hopefully someone will make a similiar version as soon as they are allowed. I think the original patent expires 2013. I know that seems like forever but you know someone wants to get in on making the money that Purdue is losing. Once a generic comes out Purdue will be the loser.

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JDC Says:
I am writting this for my 95 year old father with cancer. He is not a drug abuser and really did not know anything about pain medication.. only that it helped control his pain. he is a vet of WWII and the Korean wars. After 2 weeks on the new OP formula he knew something was wrong. He told us his medicine had stopped working and felt sick all the time. He was taken off the OP and put on Opana and Duragesic 100 MCG/H pain patch and he says he still is not getting the pain relief he was getting on his green pills. He does not understand why they took him off his regular medicine and complains daily. This should tell Purdue, FDA, DEA and everyone else that this new Oxycontin plastic is no good. Recall and put the real medicine back on the market! This is unfair to the paitents this medication was intended for!!!!!

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Mr Jonathan 83 Says:
my dad was n a car wreck 1996 n 1999 he was put on OC 80mgs. Now he is on op there not the same. He still hurts but worse. GO BACK 2 THE REAL ONES. THE OP IS S**T!!!!!!! PURDUE YOU SUCK. TAKE THIS OP BULLS**T BACK. IT DOES NOT WORK AS WELL AS THE OC SO WHAT DOES THAT TELL YOU.

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Jane Says:
I agree with your grandfather-the new formula DOES NOT WORK THE SAME. I also realized something was different and it took about a week to figure this out. I did not feel right-and my pain was worse. I was experiencing ..hell. I did not know the pharmacist gave me the new formulated medication. There is nothing we can do except switch to a new medication. My pain management doctor upped my dose of Perc's but it did not matter. I have Arachnoiditis from the "off label usage" of steroids such as Depomedrol that were injected into my epidural space. I was Punctured-and now have Arach. These epidural steroid injections contain neurotoxins that are added to the steroid and this is written on the package of insert -under adverse events it states: DO NOT USE INTRATHECALLY. but pain doctors do these injections anyway-big bucks to be made. I learned the hard way. I wish I had researched these injections first. Off subject sorry-it is too bad for people that live with chronic pain that some of us can feel the difference with the newly formulated Oxycontin. I realize what people did with Oxy-but angry something that helped me get through the day changed my days now.

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Joan Says:
I hve ben on 8 to 9 40mg oxycontin 4 almost 10 yrs,for degenerating osteoarthritis,other debilitating disease&chronic pain. After being on the new formula op frm purdue for a month,ive ben in more pain,severe stomach cramping at times. Bad gas pains, and other unusual sytems,tht i hadnt had b4. Im going 2 talk 2 doctor about something else 2 use 4 my pain instead of the new formulated op's from purdue. Will i end up with cancer cuz of this ingredient thts like glue,or some other disease? PURDUE PLEASE BING BACK THE OLD FORMULA OC'S

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holly Says:
My husband has been on several very strong pain medication for many years. None of the meds that he had been given really made him feel confortable until he was given oxycontin 80 mg (oc) he finally had some quality of life and was able to go outside and take a short walk. Then the government decided that purdue should change the formula and came up with the op's. Purdue claims that they produce the same quality of pain relief and they are so wrong. He told his doctor that the whole pill would end up coming out in his stool not desolved, he experienced withdrawal and extreme pain. His doctor ended up putting him on opana 40 mg, this medication is a joke as well and very over rated. We are back to square one with no quality of life for my husband or myself. What is it going to take for purdue to get it. Maybe a lawsuit would be something to open their eyes, if purdues higher ups had pain like some of us do maybe they would act on all of these complaints. The way i look at it is they are looking at people with severe and chronic pain as if we are all drug addicts and abusers. Not all of the people that have pain abuse their medications and maybe they need an awakening. Top officals for these pharmacudical companys should maybe look at us as human beings and treat us as that and not like a dollar sign. But then again purdue is losing money because i have not heard of any person not one that gets any relief from this new formula.
Purdue needs to start listening to their dollar signs (their customers) any read our comments and bring back the old formula so we can all have a quality of life.

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Verwon Says:
Holly, since it is a time released pill, it is perfectly normal for him to see it in his stool. That is just the outer shell, but the medication has been released into his body and he would experience that with most time released medications.

I am, however, sorry that he is having such problems with pain and not getting the relief he needs to his suffering.

Has he spoken to his doctor about using the regular release Oxycodone formulation? It is available as both the generic and name brand Roxicodone, but it is not made by Purdue, so it isn't formulated like the Oxycontin OP.


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anonymous Says:
You obviously have no idea what you're talking about, there is no "outer shell." there is only a wax coating that dissolves almost immediately in your stomach, beyond that, there is the medicine which is made to dissolve completely. If he is finding undigested pieces or whole ones in his stool, his body is not breaking them down and he is not getting the drug into his system. Why would you post such terrible misinformation?

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jimbo Says:
I agree! My mom complains of the same thing. She was given the 40mg OCs for years until purdue got a wild hair up their asses and changed the formula. She says she gets no pain relief with the ops, and I can tell she's telling the truth just by observing her reactions after she takes her dose. And she does not abuse them. They, (the ops) make her nauseous, unlike the original OCs.

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FrightenedAgain Says:
Hi, I am writing bc I had been receiving the original oxycontin for years. For about 3months, I was unable to get the original & was taking the OP formula. I was terribly sick, hives, nausea, hormonal changes & more. I was ready to switch to a new med when I suddenly started receiving the original 'OC' again through my mail order service. After about 2-3 weeks, EVERY one of my symptoms went away. It took me awhile to be convinced that my symptoms were indeed from the new formula but there is way too many coincidences to say 'they may have been related'. Honestly, my LEAST complaint was pain relief. Yes, the OP was much less affective but my other symptoms were so overwhelming that it almost trumped the pain. The reason I am writing now: I had sent in my new rx fill to the mail service I use (Walgreens), I just received a call from them that as of May 20th, all generic have been discontinued. I'm a wreck here as I am petrified to give these 'OPs' another chance. I'm afraid of all those symptoms returning, I'm afraid of being in pain, I'm afraid of what is not yet 'known' about this 'new' formula. I have a very young child & my quality of life with him was horribly affected when I was taking the OPs. Has anyone heard of any REAL problems with the OPs, meaning long term medical problems? Please, I'm begging for answers here as I do not know what my options are as well as I obviously do not want to be harming my body long term from what the 'unknowns' still are.

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Verwon Says:
FrightenedAgain, the active ingredient in the new Oxycontin formulation is still Oxycodone, just like what was in the original formulation, so the long-term health risks should, theoretically, remain the same. It is only the inactive ingredients of the tablets that they have changed.

And otherwise, if they do cause any other problems, with long-term use, there is really no way to know, at this time, because they haven't been on the market long enough for anyone to know.

Have you considered talking to your doctor about trying a different medication?


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FrightenedAgain Says:
Thank you for your prompt reply! I think that is a little backwatds as to the fact that people taking this new formula are basically guinea pigs. That is what frightens me so much. I had considered Opana in the past, even filled a script for it, but returned it to my Dr as I was hesitant to try a new med bc I've had some reactions in the past to most opiates. All in all, I'm a neurotic person so a change like this had me crazy when it first happened & now again. I'm back & forth over asking my Dr to try Opana again as I'm reading here that it made many people sleepy. It's very hard to tell from these boards who is abusing their meds & who is not. If I could just get honest opinions from people who do not abuse, I would at least feel a little better knowing where my knowledge is coming from (I hope that makes sense?) As for the 'OPs', I just can't see how its unknown if the inactive ingredients are safe?! That is my main concern at this moment & its difficult to choose a medication without that knowledge. I feel like I am playing russian roulette here & its clearly a horrible feeling!

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guest Says:
I have now taken the new formula op's for 2 month's. I was relieved that i did not have bad side effect's. I take them as prescribed. However i find i have been reaching for my breakthrough pain med's more often. I am having so much more pain..these new op's just don't cover the pain like the old. And it feel's like i am going through slight withdrawal. Am feeling jittery..am having bad headaches from the neck pain. Considing all the ir pain med's i should NOT be going through withdrawl's! Ppl. we have a very corrupt FDA . They will for a price approve ANY drug purdue develops. This is what frighten's me. There is absolutely no accountability with FDA and pharmaceutical companies. Remeber viox? They knew how dangerous viox was yet enough money passed through hand's and it was put on market. What will it take?

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DA Says:
Anonymous, you are accusing someone of posting terrible misinformation when you don't have a clue to what you are talking about. With time release meds certain people due pass the shell of the drug. This is called a "ghost" by the pharma companies and it is indeed a known fact. Also, the medicine is most assuredly been delivered to your system.

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Anonamouse Says:
I'm gonna explain this one more time. what you are saying is the equivalent of someone saying they ate a butterfinger and then said 'i can see the chocolate coating in my stools but I know I absorbed the crunchy orange part into my bloodstream. Preposterous. The coating on ops is a super-thin WAX coating. It's not a damned capsule. Try sucking on one for 30 seconds and you will easily see how obviously right I am about this. It will dissolve immediately. It has no structure, and therefore no possible way to pass through your digestive system without dissolving in the first two minutes from stomach acid. The inner part is bound together with a plastic-like polymer. That's the part that dissolves with much more difficulty. Anyone who has ever taken this drug can easily observe this obvious truth.

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Anonamouse Says:
There is no shell!!! Did you even read my post??? Please explain how a wax coating with no supporting structure keeping it together can pass through your digestive system intact!? The point is people are not getting the drug completely dissolved or they wouldn't be complaining about it not working. I understand a capsule made of cellulose can pass undissolved. OPs ARE NOT CAPSULES. You work for a drug company don't you?

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DA Says:

Page 15 Line 9

Tell the MANUFACTURER after years of extensive clinical testing they don't know what they are talking about.

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Mozdzierz Says:
I too am a patient who uses the medication only as directed and notice that the new formulation is not as effective. I hope they will go back to the original formula, because it is the only medication that works for me.

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guest Says:
I can't beleive those who really beleive Purdue changed their oxycontin formula out of concern for 'death's from patient's overdosing' The fact's are purdue was going to lose their patent on their oxycontin..thus the new op's. The trial's conducted on this atrocity are laughable. One pill to a opiate innocent one week and another the following week. No trial's done in ccp and no study of side effect's. I smell lawsuit's galore. Even purdue's sale rep's state op's are a joke. Not only are op's ineffective but purdue blocked other compnaies from making generic and with these new oxycontin the price has risen substantially! All about money..greed and power. And it's about to go tumbling down upon them. Sales have tumbled..patient's making their exoduse from this shameful company.All trust has been violated! Meanwhile patient's are NOT taking the same drug oc as purdue claim's..The fda had a report they took down from internet saying in essence additional med's(heart.diabetes.) are leeched into the op's gel. Pretty much making them ineffective.

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