Blue Oxycodone 80 Mgs From India
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Comments Submitted Says:

i got them from a pharmacy in india and they ar blue with no marking and a slit on one side to cut in half. There is a coding. on the packaging it says B.No OX 1082 Manufactured by Codimalindon Pharma if it means anything? Are these real?

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Nikki Says:

What pharmacy was it where you got the prescription filled?

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Utkarsha OD Says:

In Bangalore Vartur hospital the doctor generally prescribes tramadol for bike accidents. However, my friend said that he got a oxycodone hydrochloride. The doctor may give you this. Don't worry if u have a tolerance. The percocet brand 10mg has a blue color label at back with a bar code and it is manufactured in India. Otherwise u can take hydrocodone. But remember if u don't have a tolerance it is possible to OD, respiratory depression, anxiety, seizures, addiction, etc.

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Tk Says:

Hi there, I saw your post and wanted to reach out. I've been prescribed 1mg clonazepam along with 30mg codiene tablets for the last 3 years due to a car accident I was involved in last year. I no longer have medical insurance due to being laid off and now I'm dead in the water with nothing. I'm dreading the day I take my last dose because after that I won't be able to purchase medications due to the cancellation of my insurance. It's hard to find a legitimate Internet source to fill anxiety/pain medication prescriptions. Is there any way you can lead me in the right direction? I'm worried about what may or may not happen when I run out, the pain and anxiety attacks are too much for me to handle. Thank you and hope to hear back soon. -T

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PAul Korn Says:

Yes I would like to know where you got Valium or Zanex please advise

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Tk Says:

Def interested in your post, trying to get off or rapper down from all this. The anxiety meds sound perfect so let me know what you think.

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Leonard Says:

I am a NRI in Ahmedabad India, terminally ill. I get morphine from Civil hospital. My US Dr. Just retired so he cann't Mail any more oxycodone to me. I take 20 mg daily. Need honest Rx who can I contact. Will be here max of 6 months.

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Joshua Says:

Where did you order them from? I've been debating to fill my prescription online but didn't know who to talked that has has any good experiences

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ChronicPain Says:

I totally agree. Recreational users are making it hard on us, the real patients with the read need for these medications to carry out a normal life.
I'm a Crohn's Disease, Degenerative Spinal Disease, auto-immune disease, patient of 20+ years.
I tried Marijuana as a medical option for pain finally when I was 33 and I decided it wasn't for me.
I don't even know what a high from the Methadone and Oxycodone and Clonozepam in addition to Humira and Prednisone

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ChronicPain Says:

I am a 22 year patient of Crohn's disease. 3 surgeries later and the chronic nature of Crohn's and being autoimmune, I also developed chronic all-over inflammatory process through out my body and it hit me especially in my lumbar lower spine (l2-l3, l3-l4, l4-l5, l5-S1 with a herniated disc in L3-l4). In addition, I wake up with stiff fingers, hands, sore elbows and knees and of course the back pain is through the roof...all while I'm still tolerating constant abdominal cramps, on/off bleeding despite the surgeries which cost me my Ilium, Secum and over 13" of additional small intestine (all removed). Chronic pain is my companion, daily, hourly, every second of every minute...unless I'm distracted by visitors, which is rare lately. I got divorced as a result and I see my kids two weekends a month.
I have 5 doctors, Primary, Gastro, Rheumatologist, Pain specialist and my amazing Psychiatrist.
I've been on Vicodin (hydrocodone 5/325 then 10/325), Oxycodone (15mg short), Humira, Prednisone (sometimes when things are extremely bad), Clonozepam, Nortriptyline and Methadone.
I'm traveling to Goa for 2 months. My pain specialist wouldn't give me two months supplies of Methadone and oxycodone. It's funny. They are willing to give me Humira, which can cause Lymphoma and/or Colon Cancer, Prednisone, which has HORRIBLE side effects but wouldn't give me my pain medications which they (i never asked) got me to be officially diagnosed as an "Opiate Dependent". He expects me to have my sister pick up the refill from the pharmacy in the US in 30 days and to overnight the meds to me in Goa, India OR that I come back to the US to just pick up my meds. The FDA along with the DEA have made it near impossible to get a script for a Narcotic based medication, despite the long history of documented evidence leading to my dependence.
So, my questions is, what are my options to get my medications, especially Methadone (10mg) and OxyCodone (15mg), supply for 30 days in Goa, India.
Any help would be appreciated. This is really a legitimate inquiry.

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Tj Says:


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nicki Says:

I have had severe pain from variety of injuries... broken back, dislocated shoulder, lots of concussions and various broken bones as I get older the pain gets worse.. if someone could please help me locate a pharmacy I would greatly appreciate it... my email is {edited for privacy}.. I'd really b a life saver...

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Jon Says:

What was the site of the pharmacy?

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Lost without u Says:

Post the infor...then

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dan Says:

I get 30mg oxycodone for my back pain due to a horrible car accident that killed my best friend. I've been weaning off them because I truly believe they are destroying my joints. Sure I'm still in major pain from the accident, but now I have pain all over. I told this doctor about it but he just keeps giving me roxys. I must have 200 sitting in my medicine cabinet.
Trust me stay away from that s***, it just makes your body worse.
I only take one at night so I can sleep.
Meanwhile every month he gives me 180. Wtf

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Beeznuys Says:

Jp is just another BS'r. Im sure he wants us to send him some $ 1st and then wont pull through on his promise. Then he will be off to another board.

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Clarke811 Says:

Was it from painreliefpharmacy?

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Joshua Srekcah Says:

I know of a place that runs an IOP and since my doctor was shut down and all his legitimate patients are now suffering (thanks to all the fakers out there grrrr). They have 50mg codeine pills but that's it as far as opiates. I also order Valium and Xanax from them as they help with the mental aspect of withdrawl. If you are not a faker and are LEGITIMATELY IN PAIN I could give you the information. Thanks, Joshua

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Joshua Srekcah Says:

I don't know if you got my message, I am a legit patient. My doctors reputation was ruined and now any Dr I go see deny's me because my previous doc was labeled as a quack. I have cancer and a dependency to oxycodone and I am in dire need of a legitimate source. Please respond to me if you will I would be greatly appreciative and would send you a cash bonus once the source was verified as legit. Thanks, Josh

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Joshua Srekcah Says:

I was prescribed roxyicodone 30mg for 5 years, I have legitimate pain (cancer) and the doctor had written prescriptions to illegitimate patients thus his license was pulled. Now any doctor I go see will not put me back on my medication because my previous doctor is labeled as a quack. I would love a legit supplier, so please let me know asap!

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Reji Says:

If you have insurance, try their "mail order" pharmacy. That was my "saving grace".

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