Dark Green Oxycodone From India?

Nodoze Says:

I filled my prescription what was supposed to be oxycodone 30mgs from India. I got my package today and it was 40 (which is the amount I am prescribed), long oval shaped dark green (like a forest green) pill with no markings except for a score on one side. Can someone please tell me if this is a legitimate brand?

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Idk Says:

I know this is old, but can you tell me if these were legitimate? I'm supposed to be getting the same things you described but they said they're 80mg but will be less strong than US making them 40mg. Please let me know before I waste money. Thank you!!!

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Helena Says:

Hi, just saw your post and another person's post, yours is way over a year old.. Hopefully you will get an update email from here.. My curiosity is peaked. Did you figure out what you received? I would have wrote or caked around to testing lab and had it tested but someone said you can buy kits to test for opiates in pills in stores? Wow. I did not know it was available in India? I was always told.. If it sounds too good to be true, it is. I would like to know the ending of your story.

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Idk Says:

Hi Helena! Definitely NOT oxycodone :(... Lol, I actually did buy the kit from Walgreens & sent it to the lab. Nothing came up... I'm almost positive they were Tramadol & just added Tylenol or something to them to pass them off as something else. Since then I've found out that India DOES NOT MAKE OXYCODONE, or anything like it for that matter... Definitely a waste of $300, but lesson learned! Hopefully my foolishness helps other people before they get scammed.

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nhculber Says:

I just got that same pill. is it legit? have u found out

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Idk Says:

Hi Nhculber, definitely NOT,unfortunately. Read by post below. I ordered Tramadol through them too, and they couldn't even tell me which was which, lol. They felt like Trams to me, same effect, kept me "at bay", not sick. There's soooo many of these places online & not enough money in my pocket to burn =/. I tried another place & ordered the same thing. They sent me what appeared to be Vicodin, but we're a weird mixture of browns & light browns, even stamped them with the 10/350 imprint. Pretty crafty, eh? Nope, they made me feel weird as $h!t & not in a good way, pretty sick feeling & dizzy/hazy. I got those 2 years ago & still have 26 out of 30, haha, idk wtf is in them!

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Branson492 Says:

Re: Idk (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

I can tell you exactly what they are. They're definitely not oxy but it's pressed Tramadol.

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