Blue Oxycodone 80 Mgs From India

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i got them from a pharmacy in india and they ar blue with no marking and a slit on one side to cut in half. There is a coding. on the packaging it says B.No OX 1082 Manufactured by Codimalindon Pharma if it means anything? Are these real?

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Newdude Says:

I just got the same thing today in the mail. Not much info available, I havent had a chance to try yet, what do you think?

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jimi Says:

i have some too. did you get off?

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Trisha Says:

I got the blu ones in the mail too. Has anyone tryed them yet? Mine are 80mg

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kimberley Says:

I just got these blue 80s in the mail too and they are deff. not tasting the same as the white us pills. they are brown underneath the coating and no marking. has anyone tried these yet? do they work? imma take 2 and see

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kimberley Says:

anyone tried yet? I just took 2, and I will be back to post for you guys ok?

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kimberley Says:

wow these are chewable, i just took mine whole, not able to snort like the oc 80s in the us. I can tell these have opiates in them, just I dont know how much. I am felling slightly high....

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newdude Says:

I crushed up one and snorted half of it, not too much going on, I am gonna eat one when I get home and see whats up

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kimberley Says:

Hi Newdude. did your package say oxy codil on it too?

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Trish Says:

I took a full one. that was 3 hours ago. I'm thinking they are fake. I would have felt something by now????

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Trisha Says:

Def not 80mgs of oxycodone. They have a weird taste to them

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NewDude Says:

Yeah, I would say, maybe, maybe 10mg in them at the most and that would be pushing it. Oh well, back to the drawing board. Anyone had any success with online ordering? I assume we all got these from the same vendor

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Trisha Says:

I need to find a new one too. Ive just been scammed a few times so its hard to find a legit place....

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cassie Says:

I got them tooo. I know they can not be 80mg. I took 2 and nothing! I called and complained. They claim they are going to refund my $$$ back to CC. Just tobe sure, I will also dispute claim w/ CC.

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Chuck Walla Says:

So, they are definitely fake, huh? What a shame. I figured as much, from the looks of them. I am glad I never actually took them, as who knows what is really in there. Oh well, thank god for disputable transactions. I've never been able to find any thing even close to this strong online. Anybody EVER had any success with getting these or remotely legitimate opiates online? If so, please share. In the meantime, I think we should spread the word on all the forums about this site.

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me Says:

who are you supposed to call and ask? i have the package still but there's no phone number or anything. it did say oxy codil??

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cassie Says:

Well I got all 236.70 of my $$$ back yesterday. I just called the 1800 # on the site to get it refunded. Now I need to find a legit site:)

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NewDude Says:

I just got off the phone with their rep and they said they would re-ship from a different supplier, I don't really need the money so I will see how this fly's, of course at no charge to me. Update to follow in a month if its anything like the last order

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neuroscience Says:

Received round blue slit indention on one side stated to be Ocycodone 80. They are from India. As far as legitimate identifications, the packet they came in does have just about all the info one would want: Batch #, MFD, EX, and name and address of pharmaceutical company that makes the - Codimalindon Pharma - VP.O Bathri Dist. UNA. Utilized for volunteers who state deadens the central nervous system, quells major pain. Impossible to say mg or even exactly what.....if I were forced to give an educated guess, I'd say HHMMMM, yea their legit.

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Tim Says:

Does any one have the 800# from their web site? Lost the web address..

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Tim Says:

Blues are prob made from drywall.

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