Oxycodone 80 Mg No Markings White From India

Joel Says:

I don't think these are real. They r supposed to be 80mg oxycodone. They are white with no markings at all. Come in packs of ten.

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David Says:

Hi Joel,

Based on your description, I honestly don't believe these are real either.

Not just because they're foreign, but since they don't have any markings whatsoever, it could literally be anything from A to Z.

It might be a good idea to try and get your money back if you're able to. Depending on what form of payment you used, there are certain companies like paypal that offer some degree of buyer protection... but to what extent, I don't know.

Does any part of the product labeling happen to list the name of a manufacturer by chance?

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Help it hurts Says:

Maybe they are oxycontin, which doesnt do crap for me and they are the easy meds to get

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Joel Says:

Yes David. I did get my money back..the co on the packs is Rhodes. The packaging looks legit but the N D C # does not.It also say do not use if tabs do not carry an R and P. On scored side. They don't carry anything. I wish I could send you a picture of what they look like.

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amputee Says:

same thing just happened to me , i think there vitamin c pills they glued there own lables on cause some of mine were coming off

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sugar Says:

i bought a red round pill....scored in fours...was told it was 80mg oxycodone....?

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Jesse P Says:

Give yourselves a break people!!! I was prescribed 4 80 oc and 4 30 Roxie's for 6 yrs.. It's a road to hell!! I finally was forced to go on Bupenorphine and my life became enjoyable again.. I look at pictures of myself when on the oxy and now 2 yrs off. I look 10 yrs younger and wish I could get the time back (and the money) everyone develops a massive tolerance and has to go out and purchase more meds to make it to the refill after a few years, I don't care who you are... I honestly thought I could take more opiates than anyone in the world. I used to chew 2 80s at a time and I shouldn't forget the fentanyl lozenges all day long as well. Be good to yourself. I didn't think it was possible. I had three days of hell getting used to the be up in our thing and then I was free of the evil opiate curse that ran my life. Best of luck to all of you. I don't judge you. I just know what it's like. I was probably the worst.

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WJOinfo Says:

I agree with you totally. I was out of control on opiates. I would get my script filled and then be looking after one week. I was getting ninety 10mg lortabs twice a month. It really is a living hell. Finally I asked my doctor to put me on methadone about 10 years ago. Currently I'm taking 80mg of methadone a day. My pain is under control and I never run out before my next visit or refill. I truly believe that methadone has saved my life and I don't have to scrounge around looking for pain pills all the time......

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Biter of Animals Says:

My buddy just got the same thing but they had a large, shallow "E" stamped into one side but nothing on the back. 40 and 80mg by "Apotex" but the label is clearly a laserjet piece of paper.

Obviously they're fake but I want to know what's in them. If there is any oxy at all in there.

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