Tramadol Controlled Substance?

jr Says:

Is Tramadol considered to be a controlled medication? A narc med?

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Charlotte Smith Says:

I truly believe Tramadol is an addictive medication. I have been on this drug for 4 years. When i try to get off for a break it takes me about 10 days to feel norman again. i have chills, am ill tempered, I ache all over, i loose my appectite and I don't have the energy to move. My doctors have told me it was not addictive - but I beg to differ.

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Bear Says:

I do agree with you i have been on it for 5-6 years and everytime i run out my body goes through some things feels like my body has spasma and cold and hot sweat what can i do?

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Jeannie Says:

Same here, I go thru sweats & chills,ache all over&stressed & ill tempered, me on celebrex now.But I heard on TV that it's caused Heart attacks & Strokes.Before that I was on Vioxx,samething about Heart Attacks&Strokes...Whats a Person to do???

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Angela Says:

I have a small round white pill with RX 526 on one side. Can you tell me what this is.

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Andy Says:

Iv been told by 3 doctors and 2 pharmacist that Tramadol is not listed as a narcotic. I think we been lied too?

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cath Says:

narcotic or not its very adictive and can cause the same withdrawl symptams when its been taken on a regular basis. it can also cause u to feel high and giddy if u take a higher dose than usual. it gives u the same feelin as a narcotic and is controlled in england. it should be taken with care and caution and only if pain is at a point where u cant cope with it.

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Tammie Says:

I have even seen people try to buy this medication. I have been on it for three years. Also, If you notice on the rx info they give you with your tramadol it says caution if taken with OTHER NARCOTICS. Go figure

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jr Says:

I don't think that Tramadol/Ultram is a controlled substance such as a narcotic pain medication but, I do think that it will become controlled very soon. Doctor's and Pharmacist's all say that it isn't controlled but, do they really know what their talking about? Have they been on this drug for some years and then decide to quit taking it and then a few hours later they find themselves going through withdrawl syndrome. By withdrawl syndrome I mean; anxiety, restlessness, aches & pains all over like when your sick with the flu, pacing the floor, unable to sleep tossing and turning, runny nose constanly, loss of appetite or poor appetite, poor fluid/liquid intake, nausea/vomitting, abdominal pain, diarrhea, frequent urge to urinate, short tempered, isolation, etc, etc. Or maybe you've reached that point that you know you have a problems. One is that you now find your yourself addicted to Tramadol/Ultram and you know you must and have to have it. The other problem is that pain, what do I do to stop and ease the pain. Doctor's prescribed this medication to treat pain but, now they've introduced addiction into your life too. What happens when you try to mention it to your doctor? They insist Tramadol/Ultram isn't a controlled substance or narcotic. They even pull out their drug reference book, palm pilot, physician's desk reference book and show it to you. Or they'll simply accuse you of abusing it by taking too much, when that happens they label with you as being a drug seeker. Whatever, the case is Tramadol/Ultram 50 mg is almost the same as a narcotic pain reliver. It works by blocking pain receptors in the brain by binding them off when this happens the pain lessens or stops. When pain receptors within the brain are blocked off or binded the body doesn't produce it's own natural pain reliever dopamine so in return you now feel an euphoria effect like your high. Of course death can occur from overdoses and most commonly seen is seizures. When a seizure occurs you know it's time to admit you have a problem. Get yourself into a drug, addiction treatment program, and contact an attorney if your physician continued to prescribed Tramadol/Ultram to you even when you told them about concerns you had and effects it gave you. Remember this medication comes in many forms depends on who makes the medication. It could be the pure form or it could be a generic form but yes one form that Tramadol/Ultram comes is a small circular white pill with the numbers 526 inscribed onto it. Just be careful and never let it go beyond your contol.

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Valerie Says:

What is it and where does it come from?....Small white unscored tablet with AN 627.

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Verwon Says:

Okay, first, I will explain the Tramadol issue.

When it was first released, it was classified as a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory, so it was not considered a controlled substance.

However, it is derived from an opiate, so even though it does not cause the same side effects or act like an opiate, it does cause similar dependence, addiction and withdrawal problems, so about 6 or so months ago the FDA reclassified it as a Schedule II narcotic. As such, it is now considered a CONTROLLED SUBSTANCE!!

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Verwon Says:

Now, on to the ID requests!

RX 526 is Loratidine 10mgs, this is a generic for Claritin, the over the counter dosage. This is used to help treat allergies.

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Verwon Says:

AN 627 is Tramadol 50mgs, the generic for Ultram. As I said above, this is classified as a narcotic, though its actions on the body are those of a NSAID.

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Back Says:

I have back problems. The doctors started with 50mg Tramadol two at a time. That didnt work but one doctor mentioned trying a 325mg Tylenol with it and it works better but i still have the pain and burning really bad with electrical shock feelings.

They moved me to Lortab and it did nothing at all. Then the doctors combined Lortab and Tramadol and it helped a little.

The next step the doctors did was move to Percocet 5-325 and it helped the pain but not the severe burning and electrical shock feeling.

The doctors then combined the Percocet and Tramadol together. The two together work wonders. I can use two of the Tramadol with ONE 325mg Tylenol for about 6 hours.

They had me take one Percocet with two 50mg Tramadol at bed time and allowed one other Percocet OR if it was severe take two 5-325 Percocets with the two 50mg Tramadol but NO MORE THAN TWO PERCOCET 5-325's in a day

I have to say the Percocet took the pain down great and the addition of the Tramadol took ALL THE BURNING AWAY and allowed that ONE Percocet to be as strong or stronger than two Percocet's without Tramadol.

Now when they put me on Tramadol I had no questions but when they put me on it with Percocet I had many questions and rejected to take it at first but they explained its just like Advil but that is far from the truth.

The doctors even moved my dosage up on Tramadol so I could get by as the pain hurts but you I think the burning feeling is far worse than the pain. Im at four to six Tramadol for a bad back problem that the pain is so intense it brings tears and high blood pressure.

I know without insurance Tramadol was like $9 but since they changed it last year as some sort of Controlled Substance it can no longer be offered with a discount so its $30 for 30 pills. Now I did look around and found them for $15 for 30 pills.

Im sorry to those that have to go through withdrawl symptoms as I have not had any.

If your taking the prescribed amount for a REASON I think it is normal for people to be ADDICTED TO LESSER PAIN so they can have a life.

I have noticed if I do anything AFTER I take the medication I can hurt myself WORSE so keep this in mind too. I assume because you don't feel the damage your doing to your body with the medication in your system.


Even after prescribed I called every Pharmacy I could find and they said to take it being it was prescribed like this.

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NoxDox Says:

Go to rehab. Some people get psychologically addicted to non-steroidals and acetaminophen.

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NoxDox Says:

go to a compassionate physician that communicates with your primary care physician and will prescribe low dose semi-synthethetic opiates in low quantities and see you in a frequent basis. Treat with real pain medication not magical designer drugs like tramadol or NSAIDS that can kill you.

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NM Doc Says:

You folks have no idea!

Tramadol is not a narcotic, as it does not induce narcosis. This is the definition (and the only definition) of a narcotic medication.

Tramadol is not an NSAID, as it has no anti-inflammatory actions.

Tramadol was only recently (early 2011) classified as a Class IV Controlled Substance. Prior to 2011, tramadol was not a controlled drug in any sense of the word.

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shawn Says:

as a pharmacist i can tell you guys that it us very aadictive and they need to classify the rugs as a control substance.

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chairityj Says:

You should check Walmart pharmacy. My nuerologist had me taking 2 three times per day and it only cost $10 and I have no insurance.
I see many people referring to withdrawal symptoms. I think if you just run out or suddenly stop, yes, you will have withrawal symptoms. But, the same is also true with anti-depressants. There is a difference between physical dependence and addiction. There are many medication that you must be weened off of or you will go throw physical withdrawal.

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Jim Says:

Yes, Tramadol can cause withdrawal symptoms, but not anywhere near as bad as Hydrocodone or Oxycontin. However, the withdrawal from Tramadol seems to last much longer, months even. But as I said, not really that bad.

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Jim Says:

Yes, Tramadol can cause withdrawal symptoms, but not anywhere near as bad as Hydrocodone or Oxycontin. However, the withdrawal from Tramadol seems to last much longer, months even. But as I said, not really that bad. I found it to be a good step down drug from other opiates, even if switched suddenly like I was. I suffered from severe back pain for more than twenty years until I found a doctor that took me off my on and off dependency on Hydrocodone. I know what withdrawal is like. He prescribed the Tramadol along with Prednisone (a steroid) and gradually weened me of both. I experienced almost no withdrawal symptoms. My back now only gives me occasional problems and when it does, Naproxen and or Tylenol will cure the pain.

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