Is Desoxyn Still Available As Adderall Substitute?

Ridgerunner007 Says:

Redbook 2009 page 375 "Pharmacys Fundamental Reference" 100 tabs of five mg Ovation Pharmaceutical "Desoxyn" is $381.65 wholesale, and is $457.98 retail, "cash in fist" or $4.58 per tablet. I used to take the former Abbott Labs of North Chicago, Illinois, the former 10mg and 15 mg. "Desoxyn Gradumet tablets, which were available at least from 1965 until 1999, these were extended (sustained release tablets) not the instant release 5 mg ones that Ovation is licensed to manufacture for Abbott. The 10 mg were orange, the15 mg were yellow. Even the white ones, 5 mg, were embossed with the classic little reverse "a" in a small letter. Much superior, in my humble opinion, were Abbott's former stimulant called "Desbutal" which also were methamphetamine Hci sustained release, but were in 10 mg tablets, pink on the front with the little "a" and blue on the back side, and 15 mg Desbutal, yellow on the front round pill, with the fancy small "a" and blue on the back side. These methamphetamine tabs also contained, 60 mg of sodium pentobarbital, and the 15 mg Desoxyn contained 90 mg of sodium pentobarbital, which Abbott made seperately as "Nembutal Capsules" affectionately known as "yellow jackets" on the street. My preference of these were the rare green capsules, containing pure methamphetamine hydrocloride, "instant release" added to "instant release 30 mg. of sodium pentobarbital" (Nembutal by Abbott). Unfortunately, again, Nembutal alone, which came in 30mg, 50mg, 100mg, and 100mg Gradumet sustained release tablets, while the others were capsules, along with the Nembutal Elixir (alcohol 18% with 20 mg. of sodium pentobarbital per each 5ml teaspoonful, was supplied in bottles to pharmacies of one pint and one gallon. The yellow capsules of 50mg or 100mg could be ordered by the pharmacies all over the USA in bottles of 1,000 count, as barbituates ruled the roost in the 1960's and the 1970's, until, Quaalude, Sopor, Mandrax, Doriden, and Placidyl 750 mg green gelcaps took over in sales.

The maximum dose suggested of all Desoxyn is around 25 mg per day. Maybe this year wll be a golden opportunity for some forum members to get their frustrated M.D's to titrate in say 1/2 tab of Ovation Pharma's Desoxyn, as a afternoon booster, when the sustained release Adderall XR, or the Vyvanse capsules wear off???? Dexedrine instant release SKF E-19 embossed tabs, of 5 mg one or two were good when one poops out, as good ADHD Docs already knew, but Glaxo Smith Kline, removed them from the market in 2009, and ShireUS/Barr Labs removed the equilavent 5mg and 10mg "DextroStrat" from the market, the prior year. No wonder there is such a product shortage, with so many stimulants off of the market now. vs. in 1973, there were exactly twenty three choices of Schedule II amphetamines on the market, technically, 21 choices, but, the now extinct, rocket fuel former "Preludin" instant release 25mg and "Preludin" 75mg sustained release were also C-II class, and, I forgot about the C-II class Novartis Ritalin.

Dig this, "Desoxyn 5 mg by Abbott" wholesale price in 1995, was only $64.20 for one bottle of 100 tabs, and retail price for Desoxyn 5 mg brand, was only, $77.04, or 77 cents each. Source: page 1846 of PDR Generics First Edition, (medical economics) ISBN I-56363-118-0 and REDBOOK, which has been discontinued after 113 yrs of publication, the 2009 edition, had a ISBN number of 9-781563-637063. In the world of flim flam language: Removing the Redbook with prices, and the 21 Orange book quality codes, is called the "blow off" meaning, "A means of getting rid of the mark after fleecing him, without arousing suspicion". A "mark" is a sucker or a victim. a Flim Flam is defined as "deception, fraud, confidence trick" sources for terms: How Con Games Work by M. Allen Henderson
ISBN 0-8065-1014-5. "in the information age, it makes big pharma too vulnerable, for the masses to get too educated on the mark-up's and the radical mark-up's previously published, and for sale, if you called, Thomson Reuters, but, there is too much money now to be made, to allow this to happen now. thus, keep the intelligent "ignorant". I don't know the answers, even my Doc is shook up for the first time I have ever seen him "not in control" why? on my last visit, he kept saying DEA, DEA DEA, they can shut him down, and half of his patients are ADHD or Narcolepsy patients, and for a 65 yr old man to act shook up that I observed, after 13 years with him, I know he is very serious, that no-one leaves his office without a copy of any controlled med photographed, and he told me he could no longer write me over 40 mg a day of C-II stimulants, anymore, due to the DEA, and my chart shows I have been on as many as 55 to 60 mg of mixed amphetamine salts, and Dexedrine and Dextroamphetamine sustained release in my past, but the DEA, and the Pharmacy Police, and the PMP programs active in many of the 40 states, the pressure is on, to buy one's medications they need, off the street, via buying part of someone script, or, buying flying to Mexico, or Canada, for Asenlix, or Adderall, or to Belgium, or the UK, New Zealand, or, Australia, for amphetamines now, It ain't gona happen on the internet, but only a face to face, in those few countries, and am lot of money or plastic cards and time. Plus you have the limit US customs places on one for bringing in a script from another country. Mexico and Canada have tightened the rules a lot recently.

Does anyone out there know is Canada sold out of Adderall yet? I heard on another forum they were backordered in Canada, and only available in brand name only, is that true? I also heard that the UK may have stopped producing Dexedrine, my 2009 Martindale states it was still being produced in 2009. Switzerland dropped amphetamines in 2008. Chile still was producing methamphetamine sold in the pharmacies by prescription, in 2008, and 2009, "Cidrin" by Abbott Labs Source: Martindale pg 2158 the Complete Pharmacopoeia published by Pharmaceutical Press London UK price $700.00 published every two yrs, with all ethical drugs sold in 40 industrialized countries.

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Verwon Says:

I apologize, but the lack of paragraphs and white space makes your post very difficult to read.

That said, I am just going to answer the original question as stated in the subject.

Yes, Desoxyn is still available, but by prescription only, since it contains Methamphetamine as the active ingredient.


Are there other questions I've missed?

If so, please post back with them in a separate post, thank you.

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schoolgirl73 Says:

I am greatly interested in your wealth of information Concerning this topic. I was under the impression That Desoxyn Was only available in Canada. Please enlighten me

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EstimatedProphet Says:

ehhhhhhhh six up?^^^

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Shawn Says:

Its not only available in canada - perhaps more readily available. Its a great ADHD drug - tainted by the stigma attached to recreational crystal meth usage despite the pill only being 5mg of the pure dextromethamphetamine, vs a racemic (thats the common spelling, said as and makes more sense as Racemix - as its a ratio mixture of of levo and dextromethamphetamine (unless you got the hook up on that artisanal blue pure D-methamp Hcl lol) and that recreational doses are higher than the highest dose you can be prescribed (which is actually where you'd first see rec. methamphetamine effects 25mg but thats only if you havent used it before. A 20mg line of methamphetamine will feel like nothing to a veteran user. - if you have used before - even more so if you have a tolerance or use it often - the dose increases to get that inital sense of euphoria - 40-50mg is a medium to strong dose with 50plus mg being very strong. In essence - Desoxyn may be the safest thing to prescribe. I'm on Vyvanse - I like it cause its smooth, it lasts - its not so fun that I feel its worth wasting a ton of my medicine to feel euphoric effects.

To keep up a methamphetamine habit on a prescription of desoxyn would be literally impossible even if they still made the 10mg tabs that were discontinued.

But to answer your question, its not that it's not available in the US - its like XYREM (Sodium Oxybate aka Pharmaceutical Grade GHB - used by narcoleptics with cataplexy at night to sleep, as they have to take large amounts of Desoxyn - and they need the Xyrem/Sodium Oxybate/Pharma GHB / Gamma Hydroxybutyrate - yes the recreational club drug sometimes called Liquid E / Liquid XTC or Liquid G - because its the only sleeping drug strong enough to knock them out (they go into twilight sleep similar to a coma only your vital functions still work on their on - IE GHB was once used as the main anesthethic for child birth (all my aunts/uncles and mom were bron using GHB anesthetia) - because it dilates blood vessles and relaxes muscles completely - to where pain isnt felt - but unlke other anesthesia that causes the person to literally go into a coma or, similar near-death state - if you weren't given pain killers/benzos/nitrous oxide usually midazolam/versed for the benzo which replaced halcyon/triazolam which was the go to and Halcyon/triazolam - replaced the og anesthetuc IV benzo Flunitrazepam aka Rohypnol (aka colloquially as 'Roofies') although sometimes Ativan/Lorazepam is used being, the only other benzodiazeapne sold in an IV Ready Solution in ampules (along with Versed/Midazolam aka 98% of the time the IV'd benzo cause as soon as it hits your blood stream, your under and its half life is so incredibly short that as soon as the IV is taken out - you start to come to the 5mg tabs while probably the strongest short acting benzo Ive ever had - phenazepam takes the cake for most potent by weight but midazolam orally - one 5mg tablet and your OUT like a light in 30 minutes and in 3 hours SNAP your up like someone just flicked the midazolam switch off (thats how short its half life is haha) it would make THE perfect sleeping benzodiazeapine in all honesty, if it lasted 6-8 hours - its also the only one Ive tried that felt uniquely Euphoric - no dopamine, not opioid endorphins, but a GABA euphoria (which isnt like the rest of benzos where that "euphoria" is the peace and tranquility felt when no longer stressed, anxious and hung up on events past, present/future. vtriaz before = thats beyond there with this and more a very pure relaxed as a human can be type of pure bliss, Makes me wonder if the triazobenzidiazeapam - Id say you probably could I think - if not Rohypnol - despite being rather weak (not librium weak but weak lol) benzo - when given intravenously its quite nice and wiht continuous drip from the IV bag - you muscle/nerve paralyzing drugs

if you have pure 100% dextromethamphetamine crystals then you've got the most potent clean methamphetamine out there most of the time is a racemic of levomethamphetamine and dextromethamphetamine in varying ratios- just like dextroamphetamine vs levoamphetamine -dexedrine - the preferred less side effects more euphoric - easier come down, better all around period - levomethamphetamine is so un-recreational infact that its sold over the counter as (one of the vicks brand I believe) nasal decongestant inhalers. Its even less useful as an otc stim than Benzedrex Inhalers which leave me more tweaked in the bad way than levoamphetamine and also make me extremely hypertensive, dunno why Benzedrex would have that effect on me.

Same with methamphetamine 'sl entiaiomers - the righthanded or dextrorotory is the desirable entiaiomer - racemic methamphetamine - 50% levomethamphetamine 50% dextromethamphetamine ratio - not including inevitable crap cut into it - Crank I believe is the specific slang for racemic methamphetamine, Also a term for all methamphetamine but ive seen the racemic referred to as crank id imagine cause its probably more speedy and 'cranked out' perhaps because the dextrorotory entiaiomers of ampehtamine and methamphetamine are always as a rule - smoother, more euphoric, potent and desirable it seems when it comes to most stimulants esp. amphetamine/phenethylamine classes and atleast quite a few other stims (IE like Focalin is dexmethylphenidate - dextro shortened to dex) the levorotary entiaiomers of both amphetamine and methamphetamine are more heavy on the body load, speedy, tweaky - not as euphoric and not as potent per weight either - and where all the side effects of adderal come from, and why there gone if you just take vyvanse or dexedrine because theres no levoamphetamine just dextro, I beleve Glass, Ice, shards, or crystal are usually used to refer to pure Dextromethamphetamine - in my head that makes sense atleast, never done methamphetamine myself nor had the chance to try desoxyn. Racemic methamphetamine ive seen can be moist, pastey, with adulterants (off-colors - like red means they didnt get all the pseudoephedrine pill coloring out - if I remember correctly) not white icey crystalline at all like a pure not mix of chemicals should be. Ive also sometimes a powder perhaps the racemic dried out or washed, or even the crystals that go ground down to dust -, but im pretty sure if you got 99.9% pure Dextromethamphetamine and washed it correctly as many times as necessary you'd come out with beautifuly crystals shards (again I could be wrong - thats speculation on my part - crank always seemed like a less gloryfied term than shard, glass, ice, gear etc - tho in the body building computing gear can be steroids.

The diff entiaiomers are created through a process called Dextrorotation or Levorotation.

These refer to the properties of rotating plane polarized light. If the light rotates clockwise as it approaches an observer, this is known as dextrorotation, light with a rotation to the right. If the light rotates counterclockwise as it approaches the observer, then the light exhibits levorotation, rotation to the left.

A compound with dextrorotation is called dextrorotatory or dextrorotary, while a compound with levorotation is called levorotatory or levorotary. Compounds with these properties are said to have optical activity and consist of chiral molecules. If a chiral molecule is dextrorotary, its enantiomer (geometric mirror image) will be levorotary, and vice versa. In fact, the enantiomers will rotate plane polarized light the same number of degrees, but in opposite directions.

Apart from direct measurement of the optical rotation of an actual sample, it is only possible to determine whether a given chiral molecule will be levorotatory or dextrorotatory, directly from its absolute configuration, via detailed computer modeling. That is to say, both "R" and "S" stereocenters have the ability to be dextrorotatory or levorotatory [but referred sto as stereoisomers in the context of the talking about the rotation of the stereocenters "(R)-amphetamine" and "(S)-amphetamine" - this can be confusing as there are multiple nomenclature - naming conventions - IUPAC name is the one most common but always found with the other prominent two the CAS# and then 3-4 ways of representing the full name of the chemical compound (for example amphetamine is shortened, amphetamines are A lpha - M ethyl - PHE ne T hyl AMINE (alpha-methyl-phenethylamines, take the only spaced capitlized letters - put em together - contracted long name to: amphetamine (and its own family - with subtituted amphetamines) - methamphetamines are N-METH hyl A lpha-M ethyl PHET ethyl AMINE (N-methyl-alpha-methylphenethylamine contracted into: Methamphetamine - there are several other acceptable ways to name the chemicals as well (if you wiki them - they're all on that rectangle on the upper right that says methamphetamine then 3 diff chemical spellings, then IUPAC name, CAS# - elemental formula - dunno if thats the correct name but when you see lik CO2H2O....etc (lol hard to come up with a random one off the top) and a few others. IUPAC is the internation nomenclature, naming convention - so everyone can be on the same page - like how hydrocodone here is ...hydrocodone, it's not in the UK/europe but a different opiate with the trade name hydrocodone (dihydrocodeine/DHC? Im not sure UKers fill in the blank for me haha.)

This is basically about the position in space-time within the body - as chemicals are spinning 3D molecules - at least, if the as above, as below axiom holds as it almost always has in my experience (if Im wrong please lemme know haha) - then they're certainly spinning - atoms, cells, etc - planets, stars, ceilestial bodies - all move in similar ways - speed being the difference due to being microscopic = incredibly small and really fast rotation, and macroscopic = incredibly big and slow rotation - and basically the chemical "Keys" to opening your receptor sites which are also like 3D door locks - the better the chemical key "Fits" or Binds Selectively or Un-selectively (THC since it's CB1/CB2 agonist and hits both of them without being selective over without cannabinoid recptor - something that was Selective would hit only one receptor specifically (within the receptor complex...I think - or it could be selective iigands only bind to one receptor period, dont have a ful grasp on it) - also it theres Binding Affinity - how well it fits and the measurable ammount of how much it binds in qualtative data, many other factors come into play (the size of the molecule - too big and it cant cross the Blood Brain Barrier - BBB Permability has alot to do with wether or not something actually works well, in the CNS atleast), there can be full agonists, semi-agonists dont bind fully, and the two confusing easy to mix up ones Antagonists and Inverse Agonists [which do the opposite of agonists, but somehow aren't antagonists - I'll explain in depth lol - sometimes inverse agonists kind of just act like a block so that nothing can bind there - but its not blocking the actual normal action of the receptor just a new ligand/chemical binding to one of the receptor complexes many different sites ... I think - Inverse agonists kind of throw me off. This is what I found about it - its technical (im good with chemistry so thats fine with me but for some it wont make much sense) but the best straight forward explaination between Inverse Agonists and Antagonists = "A receptor antagonist is a type of receptor ligand or drug that blocks or dampens agonist-mediated responses rather than provoking a biological response itself upon binding to a receptor. They are sometimes called blockers; examples include alpha blockers, beta blockers, and calcium channel blockers. In pharmacology, antagonists have affinity but no efficacy for their cognate receptors, and binding will disrupt the interaction and inhibit the function of an agonist or inverse agonist at receptors. Antagonists mediate their effects by binding to the active (orthosteric = right place) site or to allosteric (= other place) sites on receptors, or they may interact at unique binding sites not normally involved in the biological regulation of the receptor's activity. Antagonist activity may be reversible or irreversible depending on the longevity of the antagonist–receptor complex, which, in turn, depends on the nature of antagonist–receptor binding. The majority of drug antagonists achieve their potency by competing with endogenous ligands or substrates at structurally defined binding sites on receptors. - can be represented in 2D but inside the body they/re three dimensional, so the if amphetamine or methamphetamine or any chemical - doesnt fit/bind to the site with an appreciable affinity - it wont fit the "receptor key hole - which releases your neurotransmitters that ligands bnding to the receptor site, on the specific receptor complex - by way of a conformational change that happens when the ligand binds - amphetamine I believe D1/D2 receptor agonists, with some low 5HT (serotonin) affinities - methamphetamine having more serotonin releasing properties thus more euphoric (and probably more dopamine/norepinephrine released as well) as well as a few other receptors that im not sure what role they play in the chemical - I think it hits the alpha or beta receptor wether it blocks it or not who knows, it may also be a Sigma Agonist (most good recreational chemicals tend to also be Sigma Agonists and/or TAAR1 agonists)

BUT YEAH: I went on a long rant - Desoxyn is available here just IMPOSSIBLE to find a pharmacy that stocks it - I heard theres one in Mexico - check Canada too but its like do you wanna go there EVERY MONTH or every couple of months even to refill your sch-II prescription (it's treated exactly to me as do most substances that we ban im sure) Xyrem/Sodium Oxybate/Pharmacuetical Liquid GHB - if a narcoleptic needs it - I looked - the only pharmacy that carries it is in canada, shipping is expensive and who knows about customs crap - and the price is UNGODLY - I think if I remember 400-500 a vial that MAYBE will lst you a month (ghb tolerance grows rapidly if you use it everyday - so narcoleptics end up upping their doses to levels even recreational GHB users wouldn't touch cause it would kill them literally - thats how high tolerance gets - and thus that month vial becomes half, then 1/4 etc until you need 4-5 vials a month - insurarce doesnt cover it even if you have narcolepsy w/ cataplexy - despite that being the only treatment plan for narcoleptics with cataplexy - Xyrem at night - Desoxyn in the morning and afternoon if needed, lke - a recreational drug that has medicinal uses but we dont want to that - looks bad to have someone prescribed from a doctor two Sch-II drugs - which are also Sch-I street drugs - but when sanctioned by a doctor and prescribed,, it's okay... GHB has tons of potential as a mood-stabalizer/mood enhancer, calorie free alcohol replacement with no toxic metabolites (just water and carbon dioxide) and also as antianxiety, antidepressant, sleep medicine, it relaxes your muscles and veins so blood can get to your internal organs/vicera better - if you sleep on it - it releases Pulses of HGH - Human Growth Hormone - with anti-aging and androgenic/anabolic effects the reason it was so huge in the body building community - used to get it OTC at ANY GNC worldwide 1LB tub for nothing then the media demonized it - blamed it for date rapes which were proven false by drug panels - and GHB is extremely Salty you'd have to be dumb not to know its in your drink or that something other than alcohol is in it. Roofies were found in 1% of the victims, GHB was not found in any of the samples taken from victims after the event (in enough time so that they ghb would still be in their body) - the real culprit is obvious in my eyes - Alcohol - people drink themselves til they blackout all the time, im not saying NONE of them were used as date rate drugs - they were only in infinitesimal amounts - so small when taken into acount the sample size taken that, the fact that those results made so many things illegal is outrageous, 1% isnt enough to stake a fact on or even begin a hypothesis for...but any chance they have to blanket ban every and anything recreational that might get us to have some fun to think drives them nuts and even morso that they're not getting ENOUGH of the cut - they want that pharma lobbyist money man, not the small cut m sure they get from the black market and cartels lol.

That was ALOT of writing - I apologize if its scattershot cause I lost track of things.

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J Says:

I am prescribed Desoxyn and until recently, I haven't had trouble getting it. Apparently the generic is being discontinued, but Walmart has it on order for me. As long as you can get a script, I'm sure Walmart will order it for you.

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Korath Says:

Yes, the greatest statement of all time, I used to get 60 desoxyn every30 days

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Korath Says:

Desbutal, and my favourite Obidrine LA

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liz Says:

I take nuvigil 250,have adHD live in indiana I did not think they made desoxyn anymore

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liz Says:

is desoxyn available in indiana instead of nuvigil

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xTouchxMexImxSickx Says:

It's available EVERYWHERE in the United States. It only comes in 5mg tablets, and good luck getting a doctor to write it to you since its literally pure methamphetamine.

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jeff Says:

The good old days! In May 1955 I contracted polio in my legs. I was 5 years old, sent home in November 1955 with newly diagnosed spina bifida which caused double vision and bladder spasms. My Pediatrician prescribed percodan which was terracoated and contained phenacetin, caffeine, & oxycodone hcl (2 types). I was also prescribed cafedgot to alleviate migraines. The remedies were excellent. I lived an active childhood. Dr Jones had all his child polio victims caddy because the resistance of carrying 2 golf bags for 3-4 miles was physical therapy. We had 50-60 caddies every weekend. Fat kids were almost non-existent. Today 50% of 12 yrs and younger are fat. I am a retired Anthropologist having spent 20 years in 3rd world countries where remedies are bought on the black market. The USA is heading in the same direction.

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Caddinsome Says:

I live in Texas and was recently prescribed 90 5mg Desoxyn/month. Before this I was taking 3 Dexedrine 15mg Spansules and 3 30mg Addereall IR per day. I can truthfully say Desoxyn seems nowhere near as potent as the former two medications.

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Wayne Says:

Re: Korath (# 7) Expand Referenced Message

Yes I had a prescription for obidrine LA, and it was my favorite as well. I believe it was 30 mg but they quit making it in the early seventies that's the last time that I was able to get it

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WKS Says:

Re: schoolgirl73 (# 2) Expand Referenced Message

DESOXYN is NOT available by prescription in Canada. To the best of my knowledge, which is extensive, it never has been since the 60's or 70's.

DEXEDRINE 5 mg fast release and spansules up to 15mg has always been available here. Recently (between 2015 2017) the patent exprired and Dextroamphetamine for the first time is available in generic. This improved the product. 5mg tabs are 1/4 the size of the old orange triangles which means per pill the ratio of active drug to filler (wax [paraffin] food dye) is much better in favour of less additives.

Someone used the term "Dextro-meth-amphetamine" as something prescribed in Canada. Perhaps that term was an extrapolation from whatever the ingredients in Adderall are, however it is not correct in the context of this thread. "Meth" and "methyl" are widely used throughout chemistry and pharmacology to indicate aspects of the formulation of a compound. It is misleading as it implies some form of methamphetamine is prescribed in Canada. IT IS NOT. Seeing "meth" in the name of a drug means nothing except to a chemist. You will frequently see "nitro" in heart medicine but it does not imply explosives.

I have NEVER heard of DEXTRO-METH-AMPHETAMINE beyond liquid D-amphetamine which was the active ingredient in the miracle pick-me-up cocktails compounded by "Dr. Feel-Goods," under the guise of vitamin supplements, and which were inj. by the doctor and were only allowed legally (in the US where one may employ their physician privately & perhaps Canada before we had socialised medicine -pre 1959 when I was born) for a relatively short period on the pharmaceutical timeline of "accepted" protocol. THAT IS NOT TO SAY PROPER PROTOCOL. Much of what is prescribed today, for what, and to whom, is dictated by political expediency and not medicine. The laws are fluid and not infrequently coerced by the pharmaceutical conglomerates. Needed drugs are with-held from the marketplace of one country unless other drugs or aspects of it's use are written into policy to the satisfaction of the corporation. In 2014 an intravenous antibiotic became unavailable in Canada for months because our lawmakers & The Canadian College of Physicians and Surgeons were not approving another drug in an entirely unrelated category. Hospitals were scrambling to hoard whatever they could get and it was used on a triage basis. I digress. Something I find interesting as an example of the politics behind the ease of what is available to different demographics is a readily checked fact that Dexedrine is NOT a triplicate prescription in Canada and Methylphenidate (Ritalin) is. In the US the opposite requirement prevails; DEXEDRINE is triplicate and RITALIN is not. Ask yourself if the humans on one side of the 49th parallel are genetically so radically different that there is not a universal agreement on accepted usage and availability? WE ARE NOT -this is politics not medicine (an art btw) and most certainly not science.

Never look at any of this conundrum without remembering: PHARMACEUTICAL COMPANIES are merely drug cartels. They employ the simplest strategies of drug dealing, loyal to one underlying edict: Maintain the highest profit margin AND public image.

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WKS Says:

Re: xTouchxMexImxSickx (# 10) Expand Referenced Message

Your answer is inconcise. There were a few questions in the original post. When you say "it's" are you referring to DESOXYN or ADDERALL? I am not informed about ADDERALL. If you require DESOXYN you will require a specialist i.e. a psychiatrist whose field is ADHD in adults, Narcolepsy, or, is a researcher in the prophylactic use of stimulants in adults & overall harm reduction in society.

WKS XoXo ???

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Chickity Wickity Says:

Re: WKS (# 15) Expand Referenced Message

Yeah, I was talking about Desoxyn, I'm pretty sure!

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Kimberly 123 Says:

Re: Caddinsome (# 12) Expand Referenced Message

Have you ever been prescribed Vyvanse for ADHD? I am currently prescribed Vyvanse 70 mg. and it works much better for me opposed to Adderall & Adderall XR. Adderall"s side effects that I experienced such as feeling physically bad and then not to mention the crash feeling it gave me at the end of the day was awful and would put me in such irritable moods. Vyvanse side effects are minimal for me.

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Kimberly 123 Says:

Re: Shawn (# 4) Expand Referenced Message

You are obviously a Pharmacist!! Lol.

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Fed up Says:

I take 75 mg. of Desoxyn generic a day & the price is almost 3500 a month. My insurance company is not going to pay for it after next month. Why does the price keep going up? It has tripled in the last 5 years.

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