Active Ingredient(s): Sodium Oxybate
FDA Approved: * July 17, 2002
Pharm Company: * ORPHAN MEDCL
Category: Narcolepsy

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Xyrem Overview

Sodium oxybate, sold under the brand name Xyrem among others, is a medication used to treat two symptoms of narcolepsy: sudden muscle weakness and excessive daytime sleepiness.[2][3][4] It is used sometimes in France and Italy as an anesthetic given intravenously;[5]:15, 27–28 it is also used in Italy to treat alcohol addiction and alcohol withdrawal syndrome.[6] Sodium oxybate is the sodium salt of γ-...

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Excessive daytime sleepiness

Is metodate as effective as adderal for Narcolepsy? ## Hello. Marc! How are you? Yes, though it may not be as effective for you, since it can vary from person to person. This medication also carries the risk of being habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, headache, insomnia, anorexia and weight loss. Are there any other questions or concerns? ## I used Xyrem. You take it at night and wake up refreshed. ## Anyone take amitriptyline for sleep? I’m on 75-150 mg a night for insomnia, but usually take 150 mg. While it definitely helps with my sleep I’ve been wondering here lately if it could be related to my excessive daytime sleepiness. I’m on and off napping all day everyday. It’s so hard to keep my eyes open, I’m so unmotivated a...

cataplexy/ narcolepsy

I've been on Xyrem for 1 week so far to try and help my symptoms from the above illnesses. Anyone share any good news? ## Well, on week is not long enough to see the full results, yet, from this medication. Hopefully someone with experience using this will post more information for you! ## Hey there I have been using xyrem for nearly 2 years now and the results are amazing. I am fully refresed and awake now when I wake up and I am currently studying at sixth form which I could of never done before. It has changed my life complety I have second chance at life I still have an odd nap now and again after been at school all day. There is some side affects but not the many sometimes u may find that u pee the bed but just dont drink loads before you go to bed. I dnt get any hallcunations ...


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Sodium Oxybate
  • Solution: 0.5gm/ml, 500mg/ml
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  • 68727-100 Xyrem .5 g/ml Oral Solution by Jazz Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

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