Side Effects Following Prolia Injection

Lois Says:

I am 60 yrs old and suffer from osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, and myofascial pain syndrome. After discussing with my endocrinologist, I received my first injection of Prolia two days ago. Had diarrhea approximately 12 hrs later in the middle of the night. Awoke the next day with headache over entire head and face. That evening (12:30 am) I vomited approximately 10 times in succession. Awoke 5 hrs later with terrible pain and tightness from the top of my head down my neck, shoulders, and upper back. I am frightened to see where the pain will travel next, especially after reading the posts on this forum. Is there a drug out there to counteract the Prolia. I will definitely not be getting another shot in 6 mos. My doctor told me that the main side effect of this drug is worsening of skin conditions, such as eczema. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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Reggie Says:

Hi Lois, I am 47 years old and just had my 2nd IV last thursday (5days ago), I am in pain but however, this did go some weeks later, I didnt have any vomiting but have noticed and horrendous itching of my eyes and just recently put 2 and 2 together, perhaps it has to do with the prolia, I have pains in my arms hips and legs, my lower back feels like it is breaking, but again I will tell you, this did go approx 6 weeks after my 1st IV, I am a little concerned about my eyes and the redness I have all the time, hence the reason I have just contacted my optician this morning for an appt, I have some issues with my teeth also, so am making regular check up's with the dentist, I had recently over the festive season an emergency appt with a very bad toothache, he advised me it was the nerves as I had just had 2 fillings a week prior to this...I hope you are feeling better soon and look forward to hearing from you. xxx

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Anni Says:

There are far more side effects than skin conditions such as a fracture of the femur, low blood calcium levels, etc. I have suffered severe constipation, hip burning and pain, poor healing after dental surgery. In addition Prolia can cause cataracts and blurred vision, No doubt it can cause severe dry eyes and redness.

I wish I had never had the two shots of Prolia. I certainty will not be having a third!

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Lois Says:

Hi Reggie, I am feeling better, don't know if the vomiting was from the Prolia but I will not be getting a second dose. After reading on this thread of all the side effects people are experiencing, I find that this drug is not for me. My doctor will be prescribing the once-a-month Actonel..I will see how I do with this drug. I hope that your issues have resolved and you are feeling better.

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Donna g Says:

Dont ever take another. Shot. Take vitamin d and calcium. It is what helps.

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Poodle Says:

and put Magnesium into that combination too. I am suffering terribly from Prolia. Wish I had the constipation. I have constant nausea/vometing/diarrhea and went to my dentist yesterday to see if my jaw was causing me problems. My right arm is about useless where I had the Prolia injected and it has traveled up the neck to my mouth so it's a muscular pain so I cannot open it much. I have a sad story of all the effects of this poison in my body. There will never be another injection in my lifetime. Today I ordered some things on Amazon that are supposed to help build the immune system back. Call AMGEN and tell them your problems. That's the only way we will get this off the market. The FDA decided the results outweighed the side effects at the time but it's still a new drug and we have to keep pressure on them to stop it. Eventually, someone will come up with something that doesn't kill us from using it. You will see in the clinical study, some people died from Prolia.

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Poodle Says:

What I ordered is a very high concentration of whey in a liquid capsule. It helps our immune system as the body has a difficult time using proteins and is unable to store them so our bodies will eventually start eating up muscles to get the protein it needs for a healthy immune system. I just started it yesterday but from everything I've read on the net about whey, it does help our immune systems a lot. Prolia causes very weak immune systems so my hope is the whey super protein will help mitigate some of that damage. It's expensive but if it works, it's worth the money. What is whey? The watery milk that is thrown out from making cheese. They have found a way of getting it super concentrated in a very small capsule. This could also be why the Possibly Prolia is causing so much joint/muscle pain as it will not allow our bodies to use any of that for our immune system so it has to be supplemented. Will post more when I find out more longer term. In the meantime, think about it or act upon it. Pood

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Poodle Says:

Hi all. This is Poodle again. I'm past my 5th month and feeling like a human again and have surgeries scheduled for November. My immune system seems to be coming back well too. My Dr. did do extra bloodwork on me that checked my immunoglobins and Prolia has given me a severe allergy to anything with gluten in it. That is what was causing all of the diarrhea and vomiting. If you are still having those type of problems go and get more blood work done. I will never take any more Prolia EVER. I'm still with my Psychiatrist for sleeping meds. Don't know when that's going to end. -- maybe month 11. Hopefully the gluten allergy ends then too. Right now I can definitely state that I am basically free of Prolia. Just have to wait until the official end as any surgeon does not want complications. Hope this helps some of you. There is life after Prolia. That crap robbed me of 5 months of my life and life is a very precious commodity.

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Poodle Says:

Did have the cataract removed that Prolia caused and have a nice new lens in there. Next week is my hip replacement surgery. I'm so thankful that most all of the Prolia is gone. None of the supplements I bought worked in the least. Just wasting money desperately seeking help of some kind. I still have the autoimmune disease Prolia gave me and it seems as if my hair falling out is much less than before. I got through Prolia with a lot of help from my MD's. Pain medication and sleeping medications. Now I'm ready for a 'normal' life. There is hope for all of you as I made it through this so you can too. Just NEVER have a second inj. of Prolia. Be well all~

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Mary Says:

I received my first injection three days ago for treatment of osteoporosis. This was recommended by my OB/GYN and my primary care doctor. I try to be very cautious when taking medication. I felt a little lightheaded that day and the next day I was having severe pain right jaw and bottom teeth and headaches. This is day number three and I cannot even brush my teeth on the right side without pain. I will not take this drug again.

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Poodle Says:

Mary, I had the same problem and went to my dentist. He took X-rays and checked my teeth well. Everything looked fine but he knew I had a big problem and when he pressed on a certain place on my back lower jaw I about came out of the chair. There is a muscle in there and it had traveled up my arm into my neck and ended in my mouth. I would highly suggest another visit to your Dentist and ask him/her to feel around in there and I think they will find the problem. PROLIA LOVES TO ATTACK OUR MUSCLES and it doesn't care which muscles. If it is a muscle issue which I suspect, you can have acupuncture or dry needling to break up that muscle band or it's going to continue to be a big problem. You will need a referral for dry needling as that is Physical Therapy but you don't need a referral for acupuncture. My dentist recommended moist heat which did zero. That is also how Prolia kills our jaw bone -- it eats up the muscle supporting the jaw bones and there goes everything. Please go back and ask him or her to feel around well in there. X-rays only show our teeth are good and the jaw bone has not been attacked but you do need help now! Be well~Pood

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Poodle Says:

Mary, how are you doing? Did you go back to your dentist? Some people on another thread here had to have braces put on their teeth to keep them in line where they are supposed to be and supposedly after the Prolia goes 'poof', some things can return to normal. Do not count month 6 as being pain free. It lasts in the body someway even though it is supposedly gone, it's damage is not. There is a lady on another thread that is having the same problems 2 years after the Prolia went 'poof'. Please let us know how you are doing. Be well~Pood

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Kitty Says:

Poodle: Glad to see you are back. You are a wealth of information. Please direct us to the other web sites and threads that you speak about.

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Poodle Says:

Amgen has a copy of the 'Dear Patients Letter' that you all can read and or copy. It has about all of the side effects listed on it. Wish I had seen this BEFORE my inj., not months later. Go to your MD or Emergency Room if You have symptoms of a serious allergic reaction that includes: low blood pressure, trouble breathing, throat tightness, swelling of face, lips or tongue, rash, itching, hives. Low calcium causes spasms, twitches, cramps in your muscles, numbness or tingling in fingers toes or around your mouth, SEVERE JAW BONE PROBLEMS, unusual thigh bone fractures, serious infections in skin, lower stomach, bladder, lining of the heart, Prolia is a medicine that may affect the ability of your body to fight infections. Call Dr. immediately if you have fever or chills, skin that looks red or swollen and is hot or tender to touch, fever, shortness of breath, cough, severe abdominal pain, frequent or urgent need to urinate or burning feeling when you urinate. Skin problems: redness, itching, small bumps or patches (rash) your skin is dry like leather, blisters that ooze or become crusty, skin peeling, severe bone, joint or muscle pain. This is column 1 -- there are 3 columns. Let's get something straight right now for those of you that are new to Prolia. It's a chemotherapy drug. It has a twin called Xgeva. Prolia just contains less of the active ingredient than Xgeva does. It's made from the ovaries of Chinese hamsters. It's not a chemical like the previous meds were. This is totally biologic and Amgen is in the business of making biologic drugs. Why should we be on chemo w/o cancer?? Amgen is also now stating that one has to have Prolia for TEN years for it to work. That means we are all suffering for no benefit. Hopefully, some day a lawyer will get smart and sue Amgen on behalf of all of us. It matters zero if we don't get money, if they can get the FDA to take a closer look at this poison. I was taking double the calcium and vitamin D recommended by my MD and also took magnesium too to stop a lot of the muscle pain. Unfortunately, the side effects do not go 'poof' when Prolia supposedly goes 'poof'. They can and do last for as much as two years. There are many threads here about Prolia, some are just under Prolia, others are Prolia side effects and other questions that people pose having to do with Prolia. Look this place over well before you ask your questions or write your questions differently to find all the threads. I think we have about 8 going currently. It does not mention autoimmune diseases. I know of 3. Mine and two people with Sjorns where Prolia goes crazy and deposits bone where it is not supposed to be. It seems to have to be diagnosed at Mayos as our MDs don't get it yet. Just remember: NEVER AGAIN!!!!! I found my T-scores and noticed that Salmon Calcitonin was working slowly. Better slowly than all of this mess. I think the Actonel is Vioxx or Celebrex and they got sued. Why it's on the market, dunno. At least one can quit it. With Prolia you are in for the whole term. If you have specific questions, ask and I'll do my best. I'm not a MD. I'm just a survivor of this poison. Be well all~

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Daisy Says:

Multiple drs have told me that the Prolia will remain in your system for 7-12 years. That's YEARS. No one has an answer for how to rid your system of it. Sorry. I would love to hear how to get rid of it.

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Lulu Says:

My mom had a DEXA scan and it showed she has early signs of Osteopenia. Her Dr suggested Prolia 1 shot every 6 months. My biggest red flag was the rare possibility of jaw bone loss. My mom is currently on Letrozole after being on Anastrozole for a week and suffering from severe joint and muscle pain. She aged in a matter of days with Anastrozole. I want her to have good quality of life I'm so scared & confused. My mom looks on to me for all her medical decisions. She currently is experiencing numbing of her finger tips and is on Neurontin.

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Christine Says:

I have had 3 prolia shots..I have had severe bladder infection, have extreme joint pain, itching skin, weight gain 25lb, and just found out about this poison...also my immune system must have taken a hit because for the first time in years I have had several colds

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Judith Says:

Amgen and Prolia.....This medication killed my MOM....ok? ok... What r u doing? Some doctors are forcing the patients to used this poison ...6 inj's. of that Prolia were administered to my 87 year old mom who died after the 6th one just one month ago... in Puerto Rico...

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Lupie Says:

Please count me in on any info. U get on this drug, just had my first injection. Have severe headache's and hate to complàin but this is this is getting to be too much. I have broken 3 vertibre last yr. Over the yrs. ribs, more than I can count, etc. Now I'm worried about side affects and its not the only drug I take. I have Lupus and have for half of my life. I also had kidney cancer 12 yrs ago in my late 30's. Feel like a toxic waste dump! But I to trust my doctor. This drug scares me cause you can't undo it, have to wait all this time to get it out of your system. I just want to stay well informed ( and alive ) my life lately has been hard. And with the DEA or whoever making doçs afraid to control pain it makes me willing to try anything. I don5 know what's worse, pain meds or all these new meds to fix the osteoporosis that was caused by prednisone and on and on. At 54 I'm blessed to still have a husband. I am high maintenance. Jaw pain, lost or chipped teeth. I'm so embarrassed that for over a yr. just after I lost my job thankfully, I woke up and was missing 5 teeth! I did mention jaw pain and that so many dental problems? I've been on most of the bone building drugs. My DEXA wasn't good and who knows what drug caused all the dental problems.

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Judith Borunet Says:

don't don't don't use Prolia again or never in your life....u can check in internet other treatments...and discuss with ur doctor or switch to another doctor...

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Poodle Says:

@Lupie~Good grief! I cannot believe you don't have pain meds. The DEA, itself, says Dr. are supposed to write scripts for patients in pain. They pretty much have the street drug problem with our drugs taken care of. If your Doc is still unwilling, ask to be referred to a pain specialist. We have two and we are far from being a city. Just know that you can never have an unscheduled pill or you will be booted out as a patient. Please read my post # 13 where I copied all the information that we are supposed to get from our Doctors. It's provided by Amgen and is called 'The Dear Patient Letter'. You may want to print it and ask your Dr. "why did I not get this?". Amgen says you are supposed to give this to me. Then, look at the bewilderment in their eyes. Could not get 6 hours out of a previous pain med so she changed it and it's working well. Be well~Pood

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