Renova 0.05 Tretinoin Emoillient Cream

Linda Auxer Says:

Renova Tretinoin was revised in 1998, to include patent 4877805. This patent involved numerous retinoids to be added to the formulation. These retinoids included isotretinoin (Accutane), Etretinate (banned 1998 the same year this cream was revised to include a banned drug), TTNPB (engineered hepatitis B virus), Acitretin (turns to Etretinate was in the body) and other retinoids not listed could have been used per Kligman stating this in patent 4877805. These agents were research chemo therapy agents that proved to toxic. Phosphorous is used with these products and is listed as a poison as well as retinoids are listed as a poison. Pharmacopeia states on Tretinoin, isotretinoin, Etretinate and other retinoids that they are research only and not to be used in humans. It lists known adverse reactions and hypersensitity of these agents to the skin which causes blisters, dermatitis, rashes, respiratory problems, myocardial infarctions, blurred vision, Keratitis, headaches, gastrointestinal problems, itching, brittle nails, alopceia (loss of hair), bone density and fractures, high lipid count, high glucose count. The NDA 19963 states that tretinoin peels the top layers of the epidermis exposing the stratum corneum to harmful UV radiation (means it causes skin cancer). Dr. Goyal had biopsy tissue testing proving that retinoid cause skin cancer, her biopsies were confiscated and she was warned to stop her research. None of these adverse events were listed on the patient pamphlet. There was no listing of isotretinoin or etretinate being used in this cream and both cause extreme birth defects. A person on Etretinate should never consider giving birth and there was no warning of this. These agents and the toxic gases and metals used in these products are toxic and cause infertility and sterilization. These agents are cancer causing agents and will deterioate your bones and body as a whole. Physicians will look away when you come to them with adverse side effects and they will lie to you. They are suppose to report adverse events tot he FDA, and they are not and allowing these toxic agents to stay on the market to hurt more innocent people. Rubber agents that harden the skin and what the developer AM Kligman used in his CIA testing on prisoners at Holmesburg and Retin A agents are used in this cream. Liquid silicone, cyclohexane, butadiene, DMSO are used in developing rubber at room temperature and making teflon. If liquid silicone enters the skin (via DMSO that partition the membrane and via rashes, open sores and blisters) it will enter the blood stream and to directly to the lungs and solidify and cause silicosis of the lungs. This is well known in liquid silicone civil suits from TMJ implants to breast implants. These agents cause scleraderma of the connective tissues. These agents alter genetics and the term used by pharmaceutical corps. is gene expression, which means nothing to the private citizens. These agent work at nano meters using light waves. These agents are microbial agents and Johnson and Johnson own NDA 19963 states pseudomonas and staphyloccus aureus were in this cream at levels that would not be detected. Xantham gum used to make tretinoin is from the xanthomonas campesti (fungus from vegatable plants like like tomato). Octatrienoic acid are aphids from the galls of insects and are known as anthropods. All trans retinoic acid is oxygenated plasma from the intestines. The 13-cis isomer is from the bacteriorhodopsin (bacteria/fungus). Per the Pharmacopeia cyclohexane, butadiene, and DMSO is not to be used on humans and list the side effects from skin rashes and burns, respiratory problems and gastro intestinal problems. Propionic acid is used in making 13-cis Preparation and it causes burns and should not be used on humans. Aluminum phosphaste is used in this preparation and in vaccines and it causes autism, alzeheimers and behavior problems. Aspartame is made from the bacteriorohodopsin and it is known to cause brain tumors and cancer. It is used in Sweet n Low, Equal, Stride chewing gum and other artificial sweetners. These agents do not make your skin beautiful alls they do is cover your skin in biofilms which these microbial agents secrete. The phosphorous compounds and other skin blistering agents will burn your face and cause impetigo and other dermatitis reactions and scar your skin forever. These agents are self replicating and self assembling agents and use ligands (carriers) and photons which falls under radiopharmaceutical laws that are being violated as these retinoid products are not being label radioactive. You deserve to know the truth and you can go to free patents and look up the patents used in creating these agents and then look up each chemical. You deserve to know is the cure worth the risk. I am telling you from experience it is not and there is no cure for aging or for fading freckles. These agents are from plants, fungus, and animals and they are biological agents. They are toxic and will cause Apoptosis in your body, which is the killing of cells good and bad. All who participated in allowing these agents to be approved and who prescribed these agents should be punished to the fullest extent of the law. All physicians who knew what these agents did to patients, now have an obligations to report this to the proper authorities and help all of those patients who have suffered tremendously. These agents will forever alter your genetics, your hair and your skin and will destroy internal organs. The RXR that they mention that these agents bind to is the human recombinant ecoli. The metals of platinum used as a catylst in the liquid silicone causes pseudomonas to grow to it and that is stated is the Alabama Third Circuit Court Documents on the liquid silicone civil suits and the drug Cisplatin is named is causing this too. These are chemo research agents and the biggest fear a cancer patient has is hearing the word chemo so why are these agents being used on us without our knowledge? No one gives up their eyes, hair, teeth, intestines or wants to suffer migraines on a daily basis to fade freckles. Many laws were violated in the developing of these products. When the patents expired on isotretinoin and tretinoin it gave anyone and any corps. the ability to use these agents in their products from hand creams, to body lotions, to suntan lotions and not properly labeling the toxicity of these agents they call Vitamin A

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vitalmessage Says:

You need to review your drugs and products used at home. If you used retinoid drugs you must review labels and patents for 1-,2,3,4-tetrahydronaphthalene. This is a pesticide and used in drugs and is a toxic poison per chemical material data sheets and is commonly used with other chemical agents. Look at patents 5594034,5637738,4880941, and see how this compound is developed using pseudomonas, aspartic acid, asparagine both derivied from bacteriorhodopsi 13-cis retinoic acid see patent 4556518 and 5889186. This agent is used to mimic serotonin and effects 5HT receptors. Serotonin effects appetitie, memory, sleep, sex behavior, anxiety, depression and hallugenic per patents information. They admit in these patents "mode of action still not well known", if you don't know how something works you should not use it on humans. Per Pharmaceopiea retinoids like tretinoin and isotretinoin were for research and not to be used on humans. They know all receptors in the body and are using toxic agents to signal these receptors. These chemicals are sprayed by planes on crops and causing more toxicity to the endocrine system, hepaitic system, central nervous system and why there is so many health issues happening. You have a right to know this information for free and should not have to pay to find it in a book. No physician should be prescribing poisons to their patients. Wake up before it is too late.

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vitalmessage Says:

Review patent 4556518 on Prep of 13-Cis retinoic acid, Hoffman and LaRoche. Then review patent 5290699 on developing aspartame. should take you to the protein bank showing what the 13-cis isomer is, which is the bacteriorhodopsin (bacteria/fungus). Use 13-cis isomer as key search word. These agents secrete toxins and are used in sweet n low, equal and Stride chewing gum and other food sources and beverages. Products must carry a label on them showing it causes PKU, but to a child buying a pack of gum that means nothing nor is the word warning written on Stride gum pack. The 13-cis isomer is Accutane and why this agent is so toxic is because it effects serotonin, melatonin. These agents effect central nervouse system, gastrointestinal, eyes, bones, liver, lungs, skin. Adverse events to skin are dermatitis, blisters, lesions, cheilitis, rashes yet they state it is good for the skin and prevents wrinkles. Your skin is burnt by propionic acids and digestive organism from the intestines such as all trans retinoic acid, they are using psuedomonas and fursarium (furanoid to make nano tubes) that create biofilms on the skin and bacteria and fungus infections and they state this is good for skin. The phosphorous compounds will burn the skin alone and damage the bones depleting the bones of calcium as phosphorous replaces calcium. You need to research patent 7349834 Molecular Motors, US Health and Human Serv., to see what they are using viruses, bacteria and other microbial for in making nano molecular motors. You can't afford not to research your drugs and vaccines and must ask your physician to provide patent numbers and all chemicals involved in vaccines and drugs before taking them. Your health is at risk. Attorneys are not helping everyone, only a select few defying you and many of their Constitutional Rights.

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vitalmessage Says:

Review patent 4981784, Ronald Evans, Salk Institute, publication 1991. You will see in this Retinoic Acid Receptor patent he is using kidney cells from a monkey, a mouse, a mammalian mouse tumor virus, and the simian virus. I looked up simian virus to find that this was put in the polio vaccines in the 1950's and 1960's that has been causing malignant mesothelioma and other cancers in people who were vaccinated and may have come in contact with people vaccinated. See SV/40 Cancer Foundation on the internet and it will explain this to you. If they knew that this vaccine was contaminated and banned in the 1960's why are there being patents using it now? I found many patents using it. Who is protecting us and why do we have a FDA division if they are not protecting our lives from this type of criminal acts. They are not curing cancer they are creating it and hiding the adverse reactions statistics in many drug reactions.

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vitalmessage Says:

In patent 4702911 vaccines you will see that they are using bacterial hairlike organelles and named are cilia and flagella (whiplike). Putting this in a vaccine would cause these agents to alter our hair and become apart of our genetic makeup. Patents like 6130082 and 7914797 will further educate you on what is being put in our drugs to alter our DNA. You will find esherichia, salmonella, proteus, pseudomonas, bacillus and others. You will find that they use to use Freund's adjuvant in vaccines but stopped do to it being a cancer causing agent and that the mineral oil was nonmetabolized. They use peanut oil and if a child or a person is allergic to peanuts they would and could die and have serious health issues involved. In many patents research the terms granules, wires, threading such as in patent 7598356 using cyteine knotting proteins that create "seatbelts" and latches that open and shut. See "Glycoprotein Hormone Assembly in Endoplasmic Recticulum, pdf "35437-35448, Johnson and Johnson, Robert Woods Johnson Rutgers and UMD-NJ. It will give you knowledge of this chemistry and you can view the stick and ball drawings of this cysteine knotting chemistry. You will see the term threads itself and assembles. Retinoids and their stereoisomers and geometric chemistry are nanotechnology and are at nanolevel used to self replicate and self assemble to larger structures. As stated in Hank Albarelli Jr. publication "Human Guinea Pigs Demand Justice", Worldnet Exclusive Commentary, posted May 30, 2002 he states that AM Kligman, developer of Retin-A and Renova 0.05% and 0.02%, Johnson and Johnson who purchased patents from Kligman, Dow who developed liquid silicone, US Army, CIA and Univer of Penn were jointly involved in the guinea pig testing of prisoners at Holmesburg Prison. That Kligman stated the facility was "an antropoid colong" and in which Kligman uses in Renova patent 4877805 octatreinoic acid (aphids from the galls of insects which aphids are anthropods). This joint action were individuals working on the MKNAOMI projects which led to MKULTRA and other projects. Hank Albarelli in his publications last year on Voltaire website stated that these experiments have led to the new emerging disease Morgellons. Using microbial, toxic gases of dichloro, ethylene, PEG, methylene, butadiene, silicone, cyclohexane, DMSO, nylon, carbon black and other toxic agents that are known to cause blisters, dermatitis, rhinitis, sinusitis, respiratory, myocardial infarctions, leukocytosis, high lipid counts, viruses used to create nanowires, protein crystals that open and shut via cyclohexane ring, high glucose (diabetes), hepaitits, cancer, short term memory loss, appetite loss, weight loss and gain, bone destruction, dental carries, silicosis of the lungs and many other health issues and that these agents are used in many cosmetics, drugs, and suntan lotions is the cause of many diseases that are happening now and are unexplained and denied by the medical profession who prescribed these agents and endorsed them. The characters in this one drug that caused so many health issues to me are the same characters involved in projects that caused harm to prisoners, so why would the FDA approve these agents? Why would Donald Dobbs of the FDA and David Banks refuse to investigate and help me? Why are attorneys denying me my right to redress and help for disabilities caused to me from this drug that was advertised safe and had no warnings of these severe adverse reactions. It is time for our journalists and media to but two and two together. Why is the FDA holding me up from obtaining exactly what microbial was used in this cream and all active and inactive ingredients that was supposed to be labeled on the cream under 21 CFR 201.57 and that radioactive agents were involved? Anyone who has used this product or products like it your health is in severe detriment whether you know it or not. Because you have not see a physical reaction to your skin is only because you were not allergic to the chemicals but it does not mean your bones and insides are not being affected.

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Verwon Says:

Thank you for all of the information you have you posted.

However, it would all be much better if you had documentation that supports the various claims you have posted.

Most side effects and drug dangers are well known and are documented in the drug information by the U.S. FDA.

As to the sweeteners, those scares have been being spread for many years and it is only relevant to using extremely high amounts of them, which actually turns out to be way more than the average person can consume in a lifetime.


Have you considered staring a blog, or something, where you can freely post your information and views?

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