Prolia Side Effects Duration

Daphne Says:

Would like to know if anyone had side effects from Prolia but they went away - and how long did it take for that to happen?

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Verwon Says:

There have been many posts about people suffering side effects, which in theory should wear off in a few weeks, but it hasn't worked that way for many.

Here's a link to a post with comments from several people that have been suffering problems:



Are you also suffering from problems?

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Phyllis Says:

First injection Feb. One week later could barely walk or use my arms due to pain. Now have back pain, musculoskeletal pain, cholesterol very high and walk with a cane or walker,very seldom drive now, due to arm weakness.AND my doctor said there were no side effects.!!! Will not take second shot in August.

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cindy Says:

Have you rec'd any info on your question. Or since May can you tell me if you still have the pain? When or if you have reprieve yet... My 3rd Prolia Injection 8 days ago after 3rd day WOW. . The pain is unbelievable.

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Navybebe Says:

Only side effects I have after 3 or 4 injections so far is my jaw pain, but it went away soon and my muscles ache quite severely to different parts of the body. Still after all the shots. Feels like severe arthritis here and there.

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Anderperson Says:

The side effects of bone, muscle and floating body pain were severe for 2 months and continued with less pain for over 4 months. The itching and rash continued for over a month and was treated with prednisone. The dizziness and lack of balance lasted for over two months. The nausea lasted over a month. The overall side effects continued for 6 months. My immune system was weakened and the results of this continued for the last 10 months. I came down with Epstein Barr virus, have had strept three times and pick up whatever goes around easily. My cholesterol is still very high. My reactions lasted over 11 months. My health is very poor, and I continue to struggle to regain it.

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Lala Says:

One of my biggest worries is the jaw/gum problems. I have two friends, one in Cslifornia and another one in Florida that have lost thir teeth and both needed implants and dentures. This threat along with the horrible pain and discomfort produces in me panic. I am 69 and I have decided to be exposed to the minimum of medicines possible.

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Sandra Says:

Had my Prolia shot in early Feb 2014 now Mar 25 after a scan showed extreme bone loss. I have been experiencing major pain issues. Within a week I had stabbing pain in right shoulder blade, left leg and foot swollen and reallly red and for the past week I have had jaw pain on the left top which radiates up to my eye and down my neck into my shoulder. The injection site was in my left upper arm. I also have Lyme Disease so it is hard to tell which symptoms belong to which problem at this point. I just know that since the injection I have been in extreme pain and popping T3 with codeine without much relief. Is there any way to flush the Prolia through my system quickly and get back to just trying not to fall down?

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Mo Says:

Had 3rd injection of prolia. Have severe lower back pain,nausea,arm and leg pain.hands hurt . Have tried to be active. In constant pain. Called dr. on pain meds. Will not take anymore injections of prolia.

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Katherine Says:

My mom was extremely sick after getting her second injection of Prolia. She could not lift her hands up to get dressed in the morning. She could not zip up her pants after using the bathroom. All her joints and muscles ached. She had severe jaw pain and had trouble eating and sleeping. She was completely disabled for one year. We even filed a complaint with the FDA telling them to take this drug off the market. My mother's oncologist from the Mayo Clinic suggested that she take acupuncture. My mom received 10 acupuncture sessions and has been cured of her joint/muscle pain. The acupuncture therapist made it a point to work on her muscles and joints. She has regained her strength and energy and is back to feeling well again. She refused to get a third injection of Prolia. This drug has some very nasty side effects and should be taken off the market. Do your research and look for other alternatives but don't get a Prolia injection. For those suffering, we recommend you take acupuncture and maybe you will be healed like my mother was. Blessings to all of you!

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Rose Says:

I am with you will never take another Prolia shot again. Itch all over with hives. I hope I don't get worst.

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merle64 Says:

First (and only) injection 6 months ago...ongoing side effects, but perhaps beginning to lessen the last week or so. Time will tell.

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Rosemarie Says:

I have suffered from hives, light flashing in my eyes and ovarian cancer. Prolia should be taken off the market. I am under going chemo right now. I know Prolia is responsible because all of this happened after the shot.

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Poodle Says:

The FDA wrote me that in the test subjects of Prolia, side effects started to go away in as little as 10 days and lessens as time goes on so that at 2-1/2 months we should be symptom free. That does not seem true from what I'm reading here. I wonder, how much money AMGEN paid them to release this poison.

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Rose Says:

I am sorry to read all the side effects. I really believe it caused my ovarian cancer. All my troubles started after the first shot.

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Gloria Varnadeau Says:

Prolia is a terrible drug! It has made me very sick, muscle, joints, digestive problems, skin rashes, blisters. Had my last shot Feb. 16, 2015. Will never take another one. Not sure My body will ever be then same!

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Poodle Says:

Oh my Goodness. What have they done to me. Still at 11 months and immune system is not back yet??? I personally believe Prolia to be worse than death itself because it sure makes us feel like we are or wannabe. I'm in tears reading your post.

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Poodle Says:

Of course Prolia causes cancer because it weakens your immune system which fight the cancer cells. We have cancer cells in us all the time. It is the job of our immune system to kill them. When Prolia diminishes this response, yes, you can get cancer very, very easily. I don't want it again!! Once in a lifetime of that is certainly more than sufficient. Hopefully, you will find an excellent oncologist.

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BB Says:

I have been on Prolia for two years and recently I have been suffering from shortness of breath and tightness in my chest. Has anyone else been suffering of any respiratory symptoms....

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Poodle Says:

FDA writes half life of Prolia is 26 days. It continues to linger in the human body for 11 months. I don't know if they followed up after 11 months or just quit keeping track of subjects. I am now in the care of a Cardiologist. Thanks Prolia!!

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Poodle Says:

Short answer: NO! Prolia can stay in a human body in trace amounts forever. There is no end to a half life. It goes on to infinity. There is nothing known that will delete Prolia from the human body. FACT: Straight from AMGEN.

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Dawn Says:

Re: cindy (# 3) Expand Referenced Message

It will be 3 years on March 7 th since my one and only Prolia injection. I still suffer from angioedema episodes to my ears and face. It happens for really no reason. The pain in my back is excruciating at times but I find if I push myself to walk at least 2k per day then I can struggle through it. It is the worst poison in the market. Maybe people should really look at what we are being told to take in our normal lives not jut the vaccine. Anyway all in all I am better than 3 years ago but will never be my energetic self.

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Marion Says:

Re: Poodle (# 13) Expand Referenced Message

I don't understand why this is not causing more of an uproar. I foolishly allowed myself tp be bullied into having 6 or 7 shots with the last being 2 to 3 years ago. My jaw and thigh bone aches are persisting. My GP (not either of the 2 who gave me shots) insisted as late as last week when I approached him for some sort of relief that the side effects go after 6 months. He either lied or has been hoodwinked by Amgen. I regret the day I ever had them. No one ever told me of possible side effects. That is such extremely bad patient care. I too wonder how much the big Pharmas are raking in as well as what the docs get as kickbacks. They will all deny this of course.

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Nikki Says:

Re: Kazz (# 309) Expand Referenced Message

I've never heard of getting a relay drug. I was never given anything. Most of my doctors dismiss my claims of Prolia being so bad with side effects.

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Sal Says:

Re: Nikki (# 314) Expand Referenced Message

Thank you, Nikki. Good health to you!

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Nikki Says:

Hi y'all,

I've had my first iron infusion and I can't wait to start feeling better. That same day I had a phone visit with my rheumatology PA. The x-rays I got a few weeks ago said my osteoarthritis was now in both hips. It's mild and she said on my right hip I have a spur on the bone. I've had osteoarthritis in my fingers for years and was a bit surprised about it settling in my hips. Am wondering if this has anything to do with the Prolia.

Does anyone know or have any experience with spurs? I'm going to call the office and ask if they get bigger and what do they do about them.

The PA asked if I wanted to try a NEW osteoporosis drug that came on the market 6 months ago. She didn't say the name. I told her sure go ahead and give me the information. Am I going to take it? No. Not even with a set of borrowed lips. My thought was to get the information so I could help others on this forum in case your doctor tries to suggest another drug.

Well, I looked up this new drug and guess who makes it....If you said Amgen you win a prize! This is what I found in a Google search: The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the new medication romosozumab (brand name Evenity), from the drugmaker Amgen, which appears to dramatically boost bone density. Apr 12, 2019

Just from the name of this drug we can make a pretty educated guess Evenity is in the same drug class as Prolia.

Thanks for the help and I hope some of my information is helpful to someone.

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Lizzie Says:

Re: Nikki (# 308) Expand Referenced Message

Have not had my iron checked... thanks for mentioning it... will get it checked.

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Sal Says:

Re: Kazz (# 311) Expand Referenced Message

I second that!

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Kazz Says:

Re: Lizzie (# 307) Expand Referenced Message

I too will never take another ostio drug....after my 2 shots of prolia dont think i would have survived a 3rd....this drug causes more problems than its worth

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Sal Says:

Re: Lizzie (# 307) Expand Referenced Message

“Extremely rare”....”Not related “. This is a common refrain. They refuse to believe that Prolia could cause serious side effects. I had severe muscle spasms and weakness, three Dr.s dismissed me, claiming it must my Fibromyalgia. I kept saying that I have had Fibro since before they were born, even though it had not been identified. Finally I went back to New York to see the Physiatrist who treated me when I lived there.
Anyway, it turned out that I had a severe low calcium level, dangerously low. Never allow them to dismiss your symptoms.

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Kazz Says:

I had lots of side effects from prolia they started about 6 weeks after the injection. Bad headaches...dizzyness...vertigo...chronic constipation. ..
Hip pain...dry mouth and lips...strange taste in my mouth...ear infections....utis...and many when stopping you need a relay drug to protect yourself from compression fractures to my my spine....its a terrible drug that drs are very trigger happy and anxious to inject you...wish I had never heard of prolia...

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