Pain Management Doctors In And Around The Baton Rouge Area That Prescribe Meds To People Who Really Need Them & Accepts Medicaid


Does anyone know of a doctor in and around the Baton Rouge Louisiana area that will prescribe pain meds that takes Medicaid? I'm seeing a doctor now in Maryland but I really need to move back to Louisiana very sad that your pain keeps you from moving. I have a sister that is terminally ill and sad to say dying...and meds are keeping me from going to take care of her in her final days. Please help

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@J J,

I may not have a doctor I can refer you to, but I can provide you with a couple links that may be of service to you in so far as locating pain management doctors within your general area or which ever area you plan on moving to.

Just input your city or zip code for narrowed results:
{link removed because site no longer exists}

I'd consider calling up a number of them to see if they are accepting new patients. To get a real vibe for the doctor you may even want to follow up with a visit in person.

I hope this info helps and wish you good luck on finding the right doctor!

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As far as I have seen most p.m. doctors accept medicaid, as many of us are on medicare.

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I live in Louisiana. The New Health System for Medicaid is called BayouHealth. Medicaid in Louisiana Will Not Pay For Pain Management.

Medicare and Medicaid Are Not Simiiar in what they will pay for.

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There are several other Medicaid providers besides bayou health, and medicaid does pay for them (providing the Doc accepts it). I am unhappy with who I have and am switching but the larger problem I have is finding one I trust.... so I'm in the same boat

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There are 5 Plans through Bayou Health, with 3 of them you must see a provider in their plan,(Amerigroup Real Solutions, LaCare, Louisiana Health Connections ) with the other 2 they only need to accept medicaid (United Health Care Community Plan, Community Health Solutions)

If all you have is Medicaid, you Must use Bayou Health. look at their website..bayouhealth at the end put com. There is a difference in Medicare and Medicaid and also a difference in Medicare that is supplemented by Medicaid (dual eligible)

If you're referring to opioid pain meds for chronic pain that is not cancer, there are certain state laws physicians have to go by. And Medicaid does not pay these providers enough to do all of the paper work and extra time needed to do functioning test every 3 months.

Also Senator Charles Grassley, sent letters to Louisiana as well as 33 other states wanting to know what investigations were being done in regards to medicaid patients that were being prescribed high numbers of opioids and antipsychotics meds by providers. So now providers that write high numbers of therse rxs are closely monitored and they know it. Center for Medicaid and Medicare has sent out several letters warning about Diversion in both these programs. In the October 2012 Provider UpDate for Medicaid Providers in Louisiana, stated that treating chronic pain that is not cancer should not be treated with opioids due to addiction and diversion. Provider Manual for Louisiana Medicaid states that Medicaid Will Not Cover Pain Management for chronic pain patients.

Since bob is on Medicaid in Louisiana and has no problems getting pain meds, maybe he could give you the name of his dr. But, I would recommend not only looking at the list of providers but also calling them to be sure they accept only medicaid.

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Do you know of any pain mgmt Drs. in or near Baton Rouge that will take cash pymt that are reasonable b/c I've had to go on SSD due to chronic pain, from severe Fibromalygia,Lupus, lung and kidney disease. I'm only 36 and all of this has struck me in the last year, I'm now bedridden and can barely walk. I've read Suboxne works miracles, I just want to finish enjoying my daughters finish school more than anything. I will travel a bit if necessary too, Thanks...

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Suboxone can only be prescribed by certain drs who are trained it it's use. Suboxone is not used to treat chronic pain, it is used to treat drug addiction.

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I had broke my lower back and had to have a lumbar fusion that failed almost 15 years ago. My current pain doctor / neurologist lost his ability to write Percocet and I'm struggling on just lortab daily. The Percocet 10 mg ten a day handled my pain adequately. To keep having "something" the best my doctor could do was Lortab 10mg 270 a month. I had MRI's and nerve testing that indicates almost 100% nerve damage in the lower half of my body. I have Fibromyalgia, arthritis all over my body. I have diabetes type 2, high blood pressure, high cholesterol. I am on a Nutrisystem diet and want to be able to exercise to help me lose weight and better my health the right ways. I am on Alabama Medicaid and having an extremely difficult time finding a pain management doctor. I could try to do a cash basis if it wasn't too great. My primary physician doesn't have a problem with giving me a referral but I have to find the doctor. I would love if the ability to "fix" my back so I could go back to work and not have to take pain medication was a reality but it is not. I have been searching for many months and need sincere help please. I deserve the right to thrive in life instead of just exist. I have a difficult time driving for periods of over 25 miles so it would be great if I could find a doctor that was close to me. I need help please to be as healthy and a productive member of society as I possibly can.

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Good thing you aren't on Louisiana Medicaid. Beginning May 1, 2014 Louisiana Medicaid will limit the payment of hydrocodone containing drugs to 720 units in a rolling 365 days.

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Similar to another question asked earlier, I would like to know where there is a pain management clinic in Houston Texas that takes Part D Medicare. Most places I have contacted do not accept it?

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You use Medicare Plan B for drs office visits. Go to website and put in Physicians Compare. That should take you to the page where you can find out what Pain Management drs in Houston accept Medicare.

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Medicare Part D is for prescription only. You just need to ask if the dr take Medicare.

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please help point me in the right direction {edited for privacy} because I don't want to bother with nerve blocks, etc., as I am getting older and have a husband with cancer and a special needs child. I just want one prescription a month, without any abuse here.

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Teresa, Louisiana Medicaid will not pay for Pain Management. So you won't find a Pain Managament Dr who will take Medicaid there. Finding a PCP who will prescribe pain meds for you will not be easy. I recommend you pay out of pocket if you want something for your pain. You will need copies of your medical from your previous drs if you want any dr to prescribe the pain meds.

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I am 31 I was in a bad car accident in 2004 while being 3 months pregnant, I shattered my hip, broke my arm (which had to have a plate put in to fix ) my hip has a metal bracelet with pins) km also diabetic with neuropathy in my feet legs and hands along with bulging and herniated disk in my lower back....I have been on pain med since 2004 and now with louisiana medicaid not covering pain management I am stuck without a doctor...If anyone knows a doctor that does take it...or a not so expensive doctor around the the hammond/ baton rouge area (would even drive a little further) plz plz let me know thank you!!!

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It will be very difficult if not impossible to find a dr that takes Medicaid and who will also rx pain meds. Your best bet is to pay out of pocket to see a Pain Management Dr. Some PCP's will prescribe pain meds for chronic pain, but you will usually need to be a long time patient. You can try an ortho dr, but finding a private one who accepts Medicaid, may be impossible. Even if you find one, them rxing the pain med is doubtful. Sorry.

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I'm in the new Orleans area and can't seem to find a Dr that accepts Medicai d to hhelp me with a herniated disc. I've been in pain for a month and can't find anyone that can help. Keep getting sent back and forth between orthopedic and my primary. Never had a problem with my back until now. How can it be chronic if it's the only time I've ever had a problem? Will to drive at least 100 miles if necessary.

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Mark, Louisiana Medicaid won't pay for Chronic Pain Managament, That is why you can't find a Pain Dr who will accept it. They want you to either have surgery or deal with the pain. I don't know what pain meds you take, but depending on what they are, there are limits of how many doses Medicaid will pay for. The rate of abuse and diversion is very high with Medicaid Receipents. Higher prescribers face disciplinary action in every state.

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Being this is a yr later you've probably found one by now. But anyone else...just go to yellow pgs under pain mgment. Until 5 yrs ago I had best doc in town. Dr. Grey Barrows. he started me on roxy 30 mg & ms contin er 30 mg...240 oxys a day...and then suddenly he starts cutting me back on my oxys and then bang...he won't do anything but procedures. Those of us with scripts were given 1 mth meds and a kick in the booty. Fortunately I found dr next door. Get this...5 yrs later and half the meds I use to take...1 day walk in & dr. Walter Ellis hands me mth script & says hes retiring. Yea to the joint. His assistant Terry Braud was writing scripts for fake patients and selling it on the street. Due to this & being their patient no one wanted to take me on. It took a mth &s half to gind doc. I went into withdrawal...even had to go to street. I didn't do anything wrong but was persecuted for their crime. Go figure. Try Interventional pain Institute. ..dr barrit Johnson.

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My husband was also recently discharged from their practice (barrow), as well as another friend ours who was seeing dr. Clark. Are you seeing Dr. Johnson? We are having hell finding a new dr! It's been about 2 mos now

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Re: Rlane77 (# 6) Expand Referenced Message

Suboxone is a great pain medicine. You don’t get a mental high from it. I take suboxone and have had 2 spinal fusions and currently have 3 fractured discs in my thoracic spine, I don’t feel any pain; however, if I don’t take suboxone for a few days and take regular opioid pain medicine, I am in a tremendous amount of pain, debilitating many times. Suboxone is I think 20 times stronger than morphine…thing is, you become reliant on suboxone, it’s more difficult to get off of if you choose too. It stays in your system for 14 days, and the withdrawal is worse than other opioid withdrawal. If I knew then what I know now about taking suboxone for chronic pain, I think I would’ve just stuck to the opioid pain meds, easier to detox from. Yes, I know this thread is many years old.

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Re: BigMistake (# 274) Expand Referenced Message

Were you able to find a Doctor??
I'm looking also....

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It’s a crime how the government has taken over and cutting the ability to have joy

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There is 1 doctor in the entire state of Louisiana that practices pain management and he is in Vidalia,La. And understandably according to reviews, has developed a very Godlike attitude and may or may not grant you his services.
Thinking of moving to Texas, personally.

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Re: Sherry (# 278) Expand Referenced Message

Louisiana Medicaid does not pay for Pain Management Doctors.

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Re: Donna (# 277) Expand Referenced Message

Bayou Health was the name of the Louisiana Medicaid program until Louisiana expanded Medicaid. The name of the Medicaid program has nothing to do with what Medicaid does and does not pay for.

Louisiana Medicaid has never covered Pain Management for chronic pain.In recent years fewer and fewer private doctors accept Medicaid. Medicaid pays very little for reimbursement. Medicaid Primary Care Physicians (PCP) and other Medicaid doctors can prescribe pain medications for chronic pain. But, Louisiana Medicaid advises against it.

The disability process is complicated. It takes time for information to be gathered and evaluated. DDS adjudicators want your case off their desk as quickly as you do. As soon as your case is off their desk there is room for another one. It just takes time. Hopefully you will hear something soon.

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Re: Wanda (# 276) Expand Referenced Message

Almost all, if not all pain management doctors accept Medicare/Medicaid in Louisiana. Medicaid when you have Medicare is not the same same as Medicaid only. The link below is a good place to start looking for a doctor when you have Medicare. Having Medicaid when you have Medicare does very little, if anything to limit the doctors you can see.

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I'm disabled and I have serious neck and back issues and I need help very badly. I suffer everyday with this. I've been through so much that it's taking over my whole life and I need help very badly and it is very hard to find a good doctor. So if someone can please help me ASAP {edited for privacy} I would really appreciate it. I'm so tired of suffering and I need help. Thank you so much.

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Re: BL (# 272) Expand Referenced Message

Louisiana is cheating the people it is not fair that they do not cover pain management and that they take their good old time to accept you for disability. Louisiana people are getting screwed. Shame on Louisiana

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I need a pain management Dr around Lafayette or baton rouge that takes Medicaid. Please help

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