Need Doctor. West Subs Of Chicago That Will Prescribe Pain Meds

HertinTim Says:


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Verwon Says:

The plethora of posts really wasn't necessary and, if you type in all caps online, it is equivalent to shouting and you won't get many responses.

Now, as to your situation. One difficulty you may be creating for yourself is by trying to insist on a certain narcotic medication. Many doctors see this as drug seeking behavior.

It is actually much better to let your medical records speak for you, whenever you see a new doctor, that way they can see what has been documented by other doctors and they are more likely to take that under consideration. Therefore, you should always make sure to take a copy of your records with you, or make sure that they are sent to the doctor's office, before your appointment.

That said, have you tried a regular pain management clinic/specialist?

There are several in the Aurora area:

Dr. Ramesh B. Bathina 630-966-9999

Fox Valley Pain Management 630-897-6044

Dr. Gregory Arnold Provena Mercy Medical Center 815-901-1856

and that is just a few of the local listings.

However, we have no way of knowing what they will, or will not prescribe, nor what insurance coverage they may accept.


Is there anything else I can help with?

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HertinTim Says:

Thank you. The site kept asking me to verify "those squiggly letters" so I had no idea there were numerous posts until I went back and looked. If anyone cares to read my l o n g bla bla bla, go nuts. Again, sorry for multiples, caps and even responding. My problem beside my back, 1. is I have tried so many meds, some made me want to cry and die, some did not work whether not strong enough all the way to tired or wired, nauseous waiting to puke, super emotional an depressed 2. I read a lot about this stuff-know just enough to make me irritating (maybe) 3. Brutally honest to the point. I am not f'n around with my health, Norco works, that's what I want, I'll try others that have not already failed, but I need meds to live a "regular" life and do PT, fact. Doesnt take a rocket scientist to look at this mri (recent) compare to 1 yr ago mri and the diisc looks less herniated to my wife and I-PROGRESS. I HOPE I FIND A DR. THAT WILL TAKE CARE OF MY MEDS (sorry bud), I'm open to an injection (what the hell, why not do 8, I have a money tree). I hope others get something helpful from all this info (me b****ing? Maybe next post). I studied a lot of anatomy while training for Ironman and a ton about spine when I was selling spine implantations. I've physically have seen a number of ACDF, PLIFS, 2 levels to 4 levels- these surgeons are amazing what they do. I'm not gonna mention names in this general area, but there's three guys maybe 4 that I would let cut me.

But for know, I need! someone who is going to manage my pain with meds, I'm open to acupuncture.

Curious to know if you would do injection #8 if 7 did not work?

I will be back to running 5-10 miles 3-4 days a week by 2015, worst case 2017, but that will include 1/2 distance Ironman Triathlons. I' say a prayer for all of you please say one for me. The rest of my complaint is below if you care to. Again, I need medication and am open to...standing on my head 5x's a day if that will help. BTW, I have no back pain, it's all radiating nerve/sciatic pain starts at glute med/max, sometime glute min. (rarely) travels down thru IT band area, into outside calve/peronius (peronius nerve), disc degeneration L4-S1, herniated L5 S1 abutting exiting nerve root

Bla Bla, But thank you for listening, this (disc hern) has changed my life completely, but i am gratefl to walk and have healthy family

I'm unfortunately not some young kid looking for a high, I should have been shouting, but was not. After typing for a few sentences and being very passionate about my care I wasn't really concerned about retyping after I realized my cap-lock was on. Working the hours I do and being uncomfortable most of the time, getting to bed before 3 am was more important than making a good impression on a website post. If i offended you or anyone else, I certainly do apologize, that of course is not my intention.

I feel a sense of desperation only because of the Dr. ("Pain Manager") I see now. A perfect example is the first and only 10 minutes he spent with me asking about my condition, yet not hearing a word I said about having a surgeon, having 7 injections (none offering more than the remainder of the day of relief, which was most likely the Novocain that goes in first) and without looking at my films or reports from surgery, went on and on about how we need to immediately schedule #8 and eventually see the Neuro that he uses.

I have been in the spine implantation business in the past; we cannot fool ourselves into thinking we are patients, we are clients. That's not to say these guys don't care. My experience/knowledge is just enough to hurt me, I know what works for me and I am straight forward about it. However, I know you are correct, I certainly don't like it when my clients tell me what I should use and do, besides that my words are most likely received as seeking. Truthfully, I am.

I don't agree with reducing my medication, nor does my surgeon and pharmacist, the reduction has simply brought me to using Ibu just above the max allowable dosage. Which depending on which study you read is worse than the Tylenol. My pharmacist said, "That's why meds like Norco/Vicodin were created; more pain relief "less" damage to the liver."

I've also learned that Norco, a semi-synthetic hydo (sorry to disappoint you opiate lovers Norco is not a true, natural opiate) is combined with a paracetmol like tylenol to stimulate enzyme production in the body, that makes the Hydro more effective for pain relief because it actually stimulates the actual brain, Aceta's primary function is not pain relief WHEN combined with hydro, and damage to the liver is less likely when taken this way, however asprin a true pain reliever has a lot of potential for harm to the liver (also most of this liver damage comes with meds and drinking too much. I have 3-6 beers a month if that), and Ibu's or NSAIDs they call em' you, me whomever sounds like a definite ulcer, stomach destroying drug to me. My "Doc" knows I take omeprazole for acid reflux, now "hello." It doesnt take a Dr. to figure out if a patient is subject to excessive stomach acid, do I want to cut his hydro, knowing he is taking more Ibu (stomach killer) or maybe just leave the guy where he's at, AND actually tell him, "Try to stay away from nsaids.

Sorry I am not a Doc, but I know how to read and speak to people like you, the pharm and other docs. And realistically, and believe me I know my body is chemically addicted to hydro, 'be a fool to think otherwise, however I have been to a lot of sites in 2 years and 6, 8 even 10 Norco a day wouldnt be cutting it for the kind of addiction these docs are concerned about.

And here I am at a website, asking for info to get the proper dose of meds. I think it's CYA (cover yo a**) on their part.

I am not an f'n Dr., this guy should keep me on the 8 a day I was on, but I won't push the issue so I can at least get the 6. If I took 8 that would eliminate about 2500 -3500 mg of Ibu, I would be able to walk a hell of a lot more for exercise & Phys Therapy. I'm sure I'd be a more pleasant husband and father.

Sorry to go on, but just being able to write to someone I think understands...would love to hear more about other people and their situations.

One last hum dinger, we (the wife and kids are supposed to go to Missouri to visit family, want to leave Thurday night yesterday, my refill date is Fri. I speak to he nurse, she says fax over a letter of ex. I send it Wed night, the pharm sends her request Wed night. The trip is 6 hrs. (bad idea anyway) but I am asking for a Thurs night pick up vs. Fri morning.

So Thursday, I'm stressed, wife is stressed...are we leaving tonight or battling trafic in the AM. (Yes, they have Walgreens all over the planet). I'm so tired of disappointing my wife with crap like this, I go one step further, I map out multiple ways to travel with Wlagreens on the way. There are! Great! only 30-40 miles off track
so now instaed of 6 hours...who the hell knows. Anyway, my pharmacist is getting upset for me (HE CALLS!). THEY'RE DOING their best o get the approval from the Doc. Finally I get a call the orders been sent in, however he is just going to give you enough til Tues when I have an appt w/him, and then he'll give you the rest of the script (every 2 weeks for me). Oh, and by the way, she says, we have a new policy, if you do not make the appt you get charged the full fee, it's a new policy.

I just met this guy 3 weeks ago?!. I had to ask for the MRI, I had to go to his choice facility (which was awesome BTW, MCAI Imaging in Aurora/Naperville, awesome facility not freezing and empathetic people, NOT sympathetic, don't want PITI

Dr. X, a "friend" has told me

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HertinTim Says:

THANK YOU SO MUCH :) Little joke about the caps, feels good to laugh a little.

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Hertin Says:

Are you a Dr by chance, and do you have any experience with any of these suggestions?

I know my message sounds desperate, but even my pharmacist, surgeon and wife(!) agree with me. In fact, the pharm and the surgeon said the extra ibu I'm taking is worse for me than then actually going back to 8-10 norc per day. I did some research on Wikipedia and it confirmed my thoughts, plus I'm still in pain. THX

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Verwon Says:

No, I am not a doctor, but yes, I do have tons of experience and knowledge, that's why I'm here.

I was on pain management myself for about 7 years, only to discover later that it was all due to being misdiagnosed.

And yes, they are correct, taking that much Ibuprofen can be very dangerous. It is very harsh on your stomach and may cause conditions such as ulcers and gastritis.

My pain issue actually turned out to be due to a stomach injury from a car wreck, my doctor never checked for such things, so I never knew it was there. Allowing it to continue for so long, untreated caused me to develop severe gastritis and I also took tons of Ibuprofen daily. That just worsened it, until I finally ended up in the ER quite a few times due to the pain. It took several years, before I got a doctor that finally figured out what the problem was.

On top of that, since Ibuprofen is a NSAID, it can cause fluid retention, which may result in congestive heart failure and high blood pressure. There is no way to prove definitively that that's what caused my blood pressure to soar, at a very young age and made me go into full congestive heart failure a little over a year ago, but since all other tests for causes have come up negative, they believe it's highly likely.


So yes, I can definitely say that I have over 10 years of experience dealing with these fun types of adventures. LOL

Anything else I can help with?

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Oliver Clozov Says:

Give lower case fonts a try.
Consider them your friends.
Makes reading your rants much easier.

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Hertin Says:

FYI- fox valley pain is some gynocological facility and the othe 2 tell you right on the phone that they do NOT manage pain medication, they do injections.

It's been a while and I stopped taking Norco, however I take Gabapentin and an occasional tramedal. The problem, although its nice being off narcotics, I cannot do any exercising with the exception to my physical therapy X's, or lay on the couch.

Thanks for your help and treating me less like a "dope-head" and more like someone that just wants to live a normal life.

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Hertin Says:

Thanks, that helps a lot.

If you've come to this site to be a smartxxx, you want to think about, if you have any, one of your children being in a really bad place physically AND mentally, having a place to come to feel comfortable getting things off their chest, which that alone can help; it's clinically therapeutic.

If you read everything you'd have an understanding of why the "CAPS." I was looking for real answers from real people, and my ego was not going to get in the way of wasting time re-typing something so someone like you, wouldn't judge me. Why don't you read all the pain SOME of the people are in, others are simply drug addicts. However, even those addicted type people need help.

I am extremely fortunate, and since your throwing stones around, it sounds like you are too. The difference is I am humbled by the gifts in my life and completely empathize with anyone in any kind of pain. Not sympathize, look it up, huge difference.

So do your penance and read, and absorb the information. You too can become grateful. With my financial situation and some of the people I know, I could get drugs illegally with 1-2 calls. Thank GOD I don't. There's only 2 reasons to be on this website, get help or give help. If you read, the gentleman that was kind enough to reach out, has one intention
To help. It's amazing what you get, when you give. 'Bet that guy sleeps great at night.

Check it out.

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frandy Says:

i v been working at ups (united parcel service) and have hurt my back multiable times.. i live a life of extreme pain everyday it hurts to wake up in the morning .. iv been taking percocet and other pain medication that buy off the street which is expensive and dangerous . i need to find a dr that will help me with my pain and suggestions i live in lombard but willing to go anywhere in the chicago area

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A Says:

Did you ever find a dr that would prescripe your pain meds?

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Ric318 Says:

Hello, and not to be a wise guy but I really do feel your pain.
It is difficult to find a good Pain Management Doctor , so many of them want to shy away from opiate based medications even though in their purest form , opioids have a great affect on many people and pose very little risk to the liver.
I suppose that the Doctors are concerned about abuse and misuse and they have good cause to be. Prescription medication is one of the safest growing problems as it relates to addiction , (not dependence as a diabetic is dependent on insulin) , happening today.

At any rate I will make a recommendation right here for anyone to see. Which leads me to a question. Why don't others do the same. If you know of a good doctor who will meet someone's needs , why not simply post it for the entire community to see. If the physician is truely good , they will require evidence that an individual requires a particular type of medicine. And , the SHOULD listen to what you know has worked best for you and take that into account when coming up with a treatment plan. We are told to take a interest in our treatment and not simply listen to doctors , yet when we do we are chastised for it bu our peers and the doctors. That is dead wrong.

At any rate. I found a gem of a pain managemen doctor in a Dr. Jaine located out of hinsdale , I may be wrong on the spelling. He is awesome. I will warn you about a couple of issues. First , after your initial urine test , do not come up dirty on subsequent and random tests. Be honest if there is going to be something in the first test and be prepared to explain why , obviously it can't be an illegal hard drug, but if it is weed simply be honest and tell them that it was the only thing you could get your hands on that helped your condition. If is a legal narcotic no big deal , just tell them it may show up and why. You pretty much get a pass on the first test but that sets your baseline for all future tests in which only what he has prescribed you better show up. Do not come up short on your refills , make sure that they last as long as they should. If your meds. Are not cutting it and you are in pain call him and he will work with him to adjust your needs. But , he is also going to expect you to bring in the balance of what should be left in the prescription that you have and he is going to expect that the quantity is right or very close to it.
This guy is good. He has heard all the BS and he plays by the rules and expects you to as well. But , if you do , he will help make sure he keeps you as pain free as possible. I messed up with him and am know stuck trying to find a doctor who is even half as good. I did not mess up on purpose but I did break a rule by mistake and came up short once. This was over a period of almost two years yet he still showed me the door. I cannot over emphasize the importance of following the rules. I made a legitimate mistake and he still let me go. He would rather be safe than sorry. BUT , be a good patient and you will have a great doctor to treat your pain. Once again , his name is Dr. Jain and his telephone number is (630) 794-9999.
If any knows a good pain doctor like this guy I would very much appreciate if you would share it. My spinal chord is a mess and I am in horrible pain. I have not yet been able to find a good replacement for Dr. Jain and if I do I guarantee I will understand the rules and not mess up. One final note , be prepared and expect to meet with his associate psychiatrist , it's no big deal but part of the program. Good luck

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Allison Says:

Google: Dr. Joseph Giachino. He's a pain Dr. who has his own practice in Melrose Park. I used to see him years ago for legitiment pain however, he does abuse his ability to write out pain medication prescriptions to people who don't need it. I started going somewhere else once he actually lost his medical license and his wife was arrested for selling pain killers out of their home. They used to carry the medications in their office. They had their own primary stash on sight of meds but that was taken away. I had a friend that as far as I know, is still going to his clinic. They accept Medicaid and do everything from pain management, dentistry to OBGYN. It's pretty ghetto and the wait time is ridiculous! He favors patients and will let them just walk in when he has a full room of patients. Sometimes there would be people sitting on the floor because of how busy he was and that's how he got shut down because it was always supposed to be a very "under the table" type thing but I know what it's like needing to be on pain meds and doctor's have really stopped prescribing them because of all of the overdoses from narcotic pain meds lately. Good luck to you.

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Paul Says:

Simply using the word "need" will get you booted out of any Dr. Office. You need to be very cautious and as another responder said-let your records both medical and pharmacy speak for you. Never say need,that is drug-seeking behavior to Drs.. You could say that you have been responding to pain relief,40-50% from a certain drug.

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SW Says:

A logical thinking person doesn't have to be any type of professional to see unbelievable, almost frightening neurotic behavior in an individual who is either on too many medications or just out of their stash. Wow. S.W.

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Madison421 Says:

Dr James Kelly in Naperville and Kankakee. He is easy to get into very quickly, doesn't require records and writes anyone almost anything. The girls that work in his office are difficult to deal with but if you make an appointment, get in to see the Dr, you will be glad you did. He is easy-going and laid back and doesn't hassle you about anything. They are Dupage Pain Consultants and 630.778.7300 is number - ask for ANNA.

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bobbyj Says:

I'm am in chicago on business. I'm in a ton of pain. I paid a Dr $400 yesterday and he gave me tramadol. Its not working. I can't spend the rest of this trip in pain. Any suggestions?? Email me {edited for privacy}

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princessofpain Says:

Dude, I feel ya! I've been thru every possible treatment known to man more than once and I'm getting no relief. I've been getting those injections for over a year and it ain't cheap... the doc prescribed me tramadol, gabapentin and baclofen too. When I decided I couldn't afford the shots that weren't working anyway, he cut me off the meds cold turkey. Heartless!!!!!! Now I'm going thru withdrawals from drugs that really only took the edge off anyway, never gave me back anything close to a life worth living. I've done PT, aquatic PT, chiro, acupuncture, therapy (mental), meds, light exercise (what I could handle) - I used to be a freakin aerobics instructor, for God's sake! Now I can barely get outta bed because the pain and lack of mobility is so bad. I live close to you, so if you find someone, please please please post!!!!!! I feel for you and will keep you in my prayers.

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frakiedynomite Says:

I ALSO HAVE A PAIN PROBLEM. Chronic back, knee, fingers, all my joints are worn down from hard labor and stress. I hardly sleep at all. I have tried other meds like Vicodin, my father a Dr. gave me for back pain, morphine ER too strong, too long, Lyrica and Ibuprofen make me drowsy or mess up my stomach. What worked perfectly without feeling cloudy or nauseous was hydromorphone. 4 mg in the day and 4 at night. I could work without much pain, felt energized and could feel near normal and sleep better without tossing and turning every half hour. It pisses me off when you find a pain reliever that works but NOOOO you're a junkie because you want dilaudid. I know that you become dependent on them but that is the same with the non opiates that are TOXIC and have more side effects. Opiates have one, you need them. So why is it SO damn hard to live your life on your own choices? This will make US get illegal street versions or pills from someone. So what the hell? Our military is protecting fields of Opium for whom exactly? IT SHOULD BE EASIER TO GET PAIN MEDS than H but that is not the case for people who really need the pain relief. Please is there a Dr. out there who can help without the BS? Probably not but let me know.

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InNeed Says:

Anyone know of a doc willing to RX norco at least 7.5?? Seeing a new doc and he dropped me down waaaaaay too low.. I was taking 1-2 every 4-6 hrs; I have a compression fracture, disc dessication, etc... Plz help, I'm in the central/southern IL area :/

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TammyC Says:

I'm in the same boat as you & I'm on the same medications. The Norco 10-325 is also what I take for the most part but I'm also on a few others like Morphine & Gabapentin. If you don't like the Lycria you could try the Gabapentin as I have been led to believe the side effects are not as severe.

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