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The heart is a muscular organ in most animals. This organ pumps blood through the blood vessels of the circulatory system. The pumped blood carries oxygen and nutrients to the body, while carrying metabolic waste such as carbon dioxide to the lungs. In humans, the heart is approximately the size of a closed fist and is located between the lungs, in the middle compartment of the chest.In humans, other mammals, and birds, the heart is divided into four chambers: upper left and right atria and l...

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Brilinta issues

Hi I have had 2 stents placed around 2 weeks back and was put on Brilinita 2 tablets of 90 mg each per day. Ever since I have started using this medication, I have had a headache all around my head - its not very painful but it is annoying, seems like slight electricity in my head all the time, along with this I am having chest pain on my right side which comes and goes - my cardiologist told me its got nothing to do with Brilinta - I am not too sure as my other issues such as blood pressure and diabetes is very much in control. Nothing else is wrong with me. Anyone else has had similar effect while using Brilinta? ## Can Brilinta cause diarrhea/loose stools? I've been on it for a year. At first I had diarrhea. It went away but the loose stools never really did. And I still have occ...

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Multaq and heart rate

I have been on Multaq one week. I do not have reduced a-fib and my heart rate is still around 80 which is normal for me. My doctor made a point of telling me to get my coumidin checked. I could go too high or too low. ## Are you also post MI with structural damage to the heart and low ejection/fraction? Just wondering what a safe heartrate is for someone with these issues and if a heartrate in the 80's makes the heart work harder. ## Sandra, any elevated heart rate means your heart is working harder, but a level in the 80's is not dangerously high, mine also typically runs that high. Some people just tend to have higher, or lower rates then others. What heart rate does your doctor look for? Jackie, how are you doing on the Multaq, now? Has there been any change? Are you also tak...

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Alcohol and Brilinta

Can you consume alcohol while taking Brilinta? What are your experiences? Thank you ## It would be best not to imbibe, without your doctor's approval, because alcohol can also cause blood thinning, and coupled with the Brilinta, it could cause your blood to become too thin, which can be very dangerous. The FDA lists the typical side effects of Brilinta as possibly including nausea, dizziness, risk of bleeding, diarrhea, and slow heart rate. Ref: Brilinta Information Are you on any other medications?

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Brilinta vs Plavix

Brilinta is newer than Plavix and a superior medicine if you can tolerate it. I experienced dizziness, confusion, and chest pain for about three months while taking Brilinta following a stent procedure. I recently switched to Plavix and the side effects have gone away. I recommend trying Brilinta if you can tolerate it because it is slightly superior for avoiding a heart attack or stroke, however if you continue to have side effects you might want to switch to Plavix.

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is there an alternative to ecosprin 75 mg which i am taking after a heart attack in 2005 but has caused ulcer and i vomited blood 2011

I have undergone angioplasty in 2005 after a heart attack. I am taking atorva 20 mg, deplatt 75 mg, ecosprin 75 mg. My cholesterol, triglycerides, are normal. I am not diabetic nor I have high BP. In 2011 I vomited blood and also used to pass blood in stool. I was in icu and I was told I have an ulcer in stomach/intestine region. I am taking pantodac 20 mg and iron tablets daily. My hb now is 13.4 gm%. What can I do to avoid further ulcers formation. Is there an alternative for ecosprin. It can be allopathic or homeopathic or ayurvedic. I am 173 cms tall and weigh 63 kilogram (140 pounds). Please let me know. I will be very indebted. Thank you very much. ## have you able to find alternate, how is your current condition now? ## There is no proven substitute for the drugs that you are tak...

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Stents and the effects of smoking

I was given a stent in 2013 when my Dr advised me not to smoke ever in my life. I need to know that if I smoke occasionally then what should I do to wash out any smoking effect from my body? ## Smoking, irrespective of whether you have a stent or not affects your cardio pulmonary system in negative ways. Just stop! Consult with your Dr and begin to exercise. Walking is excellent! If your heathy enough to add a weight lifting regime do that too. Make sure your diet is a healthy one also. If you’re overweight, lose it. Start today. No better time than the present..??


has anyone experienced nightmares with Multaq? Have been taking 400mg 2 times a day for 1 month now and am at the point where I don't want to close my eyes at night (althought it's better than the alternative)....also experience excessive bloating. ## The Multaq does cause bloating. You'll hear a lot of people complaining of gas issues. Multaq for me is causing Hair loss, didn't always until recently. Ive been taking it for 7 months. I get the following side effects; Hair loss, bloating, tiredness sometimes, not always, numbness in my left thigh occasionally, and ringing in my ears, this too just recently. I def would not take the drug, unless absolutely had to, which I do because of my PAC's. My Afib was cured by ablation, thank God. But since I have terrible PAC...

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Sumapen 500mg Efficacy

does sumapen 500 really treat a rheaumatic heart disease? is it really possible if sumapen is just a pennicilin? my doctor said to me i should take it until i got 40.. ## I had been prescribed by my doc last week of sumapen to take daily 500mg 2x a day bec i had rheumatic heart desease to heal or avoid any infection. my question is what will be the side effectes of taking sumapen dailycoz this is antibiotic, will this harm my kidney? ## yes sumapen is pescribed by doctors if you have rheumatic heart desease. The question is will it treat the deasease to heal? or just a regular medicine to avoid any infection. Does Rheumatic heart desease can be heal thru medicine..How long is the treatment? ## Is it ok to take Sumapen 500mg and Zykast 10mg? ## My doctor also gave me penicillin sumapen f...

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multaq anyone else take it

Okay I will start off by saying this drug scares me because it has not been out for very long. I have Afrial Fib which is not behaving I can be 70 beats one min and regular and the next I will be at 190 and in atrial fib and flutter. this is my last chance at a med I have tried all the others I usually end up in the ER two or three times a week. I have had one ablation so far. If anyone else takes it please let me know what it is like. I am starting it on Tuesday. ## I seem to be in the same situation you are in, however, my heart is rate controlled and have not been in the 190 range while in afib. I just started on this new medication yesterday. I have not experienced any of the side effects so far. I will go to the doctor tomorrow to determine if I can continue on this medication. I h...

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Aztor 10mg, ecosprin 150, Tonact 10, MetXL 50

Dear all, my friends father is taking Aztor 10, ecosprin 150,Tonact 10, MetXL 50 last several years. Now his sugar in blood is varying unsteadily. These medicines have any effect in body make the sugar like this ## I am taking Tonact 10.Will this increase my fasting blood sugar level. Thanks ## Is Tonact substitute of Aztor? ## I am eat ecoprin gold 150/20 Ramihat 5mg supar met xl 50 Razo 20 my right coronary artery 100% blockage..risk heart attack in my life........


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