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Brilinta issues

Hi I have had 2 stents placed around 2 weeks back and was put on Brilinita 2 tablets of 90 mg each per day. Ever since I have started using this medication, I have had a headache all around my head - its not very painful but it is annoying, seems like slight electricity in my head all the time, along with this I am having chest pain on my right side which comes and goes - my cardiologist told me its got nothing to do with Brilinta - I am not too sure as my other issues such as blood pressure and diabetes is very much in control. Nothing else is wrong with me. Anyone else has had similar effect while using Brilinta? ## Can Brilinta cause diarrhea/loose stools? I've been on it for a year. At first I had diarrhea. It went away but the loose stools never really did. And I still have occ...

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Alcohol and Brilinta

Can you consume alcohol while taking Brilinta? What are your experiences? Thank you ## It would be best not to imbibe, without your doctor's approval, because alcohol can also cause blood thinning, and coupled with the Brilinta, it could cause your blood to become too thin, which can be very dangerous. The FDA lists the typical side effects of Brilinta as possibly including nausea, dizziness, risk of bleeding, diarrhea, and slow heart rate. Ref: Brilinta Information Are you on any other medications?

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Brilinta vs Plavix

Brilinta is newer than Plavix and a superior medicine if you can tolerate it. I experienced dizziness, confusion, and chest pain for about three months while taking Brilinta following a stent procedure. I recently switched to Plavix and the side effects have gone away. I recommend trying Brilinta if you can tolerate it because it is slightly superior for avoiding a heart attack or stroke, however if you continue to have side effects you might want to switch to Plavix.


HELLO. MY DAD GOT A STENT LAST MONTH. THEREFORE NOW HE HAS TO TAKE BRLINTA...but now he doesn't have energy..gets dizzy..doesn't feel like comes and goes...1 day he feels good, he is walking, watching sports.. And the next day he feels like this normal? Please help. ## Hello, Habib! How are you and your dad? Shortness of breath is actually the most common side effect of Brilinta. That, plus his feeling so awful should ease up as time passes and his body gets used to the medication. Learn more Brilinta details here. But he should also discuss it with his doctor, just to be sure that it's solely due to the medication. Is there anything else I can help with? ## I had a MI in April and angioplasty. I was put on Brilinta and developed SOB / difficultly breat...

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Brilinta now causing oxygen therapy 24/7

My father had a stent placed in dec 2017. Immediately following procedure he said he couldn’t breathe. They put him on oxygen (before stent his pulse ox was 98 room air), dr attributed the shortness of breath to the Brilinta. They said it should clear up once out of his system. It’s been almost 3 months and still on oxygen 24/7. Anyone else have this happen? ## I had 3 stents put in Mar 2017 Brilinta 90 mg x 2 a day. The shortness of breath started immediately OR 3 weeks later, lots of tests all neg, summer not bad, shortness of breath came back in the fall in a big way. I have been fighting that plus weight gain, and anxiety all winter plus headaches. I stopped taking it last week cant deal with all the side effects, especially the shortness of breath. Dr next week, he is g...

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when time to take ecosprin 75

when should Ecosprin 75 be taken. my gums bleed and the blood does not stop. I am on Brilinta 90mg twice, Metosartan 25 and Ecosprin 75mg once after eluting stent fixed in October, 3months ago. Can the drugs be reduced. is there some remedy the gum bleeding is stopped externally by applying medication. Please advise.

Ticagrelor, Breathlessness

My father suffered from a heart attack 3 weeks ago and now they put him on Ticagrelor 90mg twice daily. Up until having the heart attack, my dad suffered no shortness of breath. Once being put on this tablet he began to feel like he was occasionally not getting enough air into his airways. This would happen at any time of the day/night. It was not so much a breathlessness from overexertion but as if for a few seconds his airways were blocked. Cardiac nurses were informed and said it was likely to be this tablet and to see how it goes. 3 weeks passed and still no change in the breathlessness, however, it was getting worse and happening more often. My father had a CT scan done prior to having a heart attack and they wrote back to him to say they found a nodule on one of his lungs - the ad...

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Shortness of Breath and chest pain

I have been taking Brilinta for since the last week in April, the normal 2 times daily tablets. I have developed a severe case of shortness of breath. I can't even do simple tasks anymore. I did not realize this was one of the side effects of the medication until yesterday. My daughter, has been very concerned over my condition, and we got to discussing what changes could have taken place since my last stents were put in. I have five in all, three put in the last weeks of April. I have also had heart bypass surgery. The only think that I could think of was the switch from Plavix to Brilinta, well that and the three new stents. I have also had some chest discomfort, I had just chalked it up to angina at first, but it seems to be getting worse than better. Is there another drug they c...

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Brilinta and muscle discomfort

I have been on Brilinta for 2 days at 90 mg , 2x per day and i have this muscle discomfort below my right armpit and some slight burning sensation in my back same side.. I wonder if anyone else has something like this. I had no side affects in the 1st 24 hours. I also have some slight unsteadiness, fatigue . Would like to know your thoughts.There might be some very slight cramping in my legs too. Will all this go away once i get use to this med? ## Hello, Robin! How are you feeling? Has there been any change? It could be due to the medication, especially since you are so new to taking it, according to FDA reports. You may also experience nausea, dizziness, and headache. Yes, such side effects should go away, once your body gets used to the medication, but that may take about 4 to 5 week...

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can clopilet a 75 substitute brilinta 90 ?

I am taking Brilinta 90 once a day. I also take Rosuvas 10 once at night. I have undergone a cabg surg in June 13. Since then I am on Brilinta OD & Rosuvas 10 OD. I wish to know if I can take clopilet a 75 instead of Brilinta. ## I am taking Brilinta two times per day 90 mg but the price is making mi sick if there any substitute medication equivalent to Brilinta.

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High Altitudes & Brilinta

If you take Brilinta twice a day like 90 or 60 mg tablets, keep out of the higher elevations like 6500' and up. Had an episode where I was at 10,000' in a hotel in Colorado and it about killed me. No sleep was possible when every 30-45 secs you would start gasping for air. I had to go to the local medical center and was put on oxygen and was able to sleep. When they checked me out I headed straight toward Denver and the heavier air. The lack of oxygen put me into near panic modes, my brain was signaling distress and confusion was rampant. The previous year I was at the same hotel without any issue and was not on Brilinta. When the hospital checked me in my BP was in the 150s and heart rate was in the upper 80s. It's pretty scary when you deplete the body of oxygen, I felt ha...

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which is better between brilinta and preva as

I am having 2 stent 3month back, i was prescribed brilinta 90 twice a day i have taken it but coz of its high cost i want to have its alternative, does preva as70 will solve my problem ## There is no best medication that I can mention, it really depends on what works best and is safest for you. The best thing to do would be to explain the cost issue to your doctor and ask them what else you can try that would be cheaper. The U.S. FDA lists the typical side effects of these medications as possibly including nausea, dizziness, increased risk of bleeding, and easy bruising. Are you on any other medications?

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I take Brilinta twice a day. I hyperventilate too much and regular shortness of breath. Everything I have read, even from the manufacturer has said that these are possible side effects. My cardiologist brushes it off and said he does not know why it is happening. I have a lousy insurance but I have to go to tons of specialists to find out if I have other problems. This is costing me. Why won't doctors place the blame on Brilinta? Should I keep trying to find out the problem or believe the manufacturer? ## You should believe the manufacturer, these types of side effects are also listed by both the FDA and the NIH. You may also experience headache, blurred vision, and cough. Unfortunately, doctors are not required to study medications as much and as in-depth as other medical professio...

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nitrocontin 6.4, lipicure 40mg and brilinta 90m side effects

I am a Tanzanian and went for treatment to Narayana Hospital in Bengaluru and I am Back home now. I was diagonised blockage 70% and 2 stents were inserted, the medication prescirbed as follows Nitrocontin 6.4 i tab twice a day, Lipicure 40 once a day, Starcad B-25 once a day and Brilinta 90mg 1 tab twicw a day.I am a diabetic. The side effects I get after taking these medication I fill light headedness,loss of consciousness,diarrhea and acidity Please advise which of the medication has these side effects and what should be done.

Brilinta with Lipitor

I had a heart attack 5 years ago with two drug eluted stents installed I was on plavix for 3 years with no problem .my cardiology’s stopped the plavix after that period for minor surgery but then recommended me to stop it completely. One and half years later I had another MI and was informed that one stent had a thrombosis got clogged again. I was informed it is extremely rare for stent to be clogged after so many years. I was prescribed Brilinta by the doctor that perform the Catarisation .within two weeks follow the procedure I was having muscle pain in my legs the pain specifically the hamstring area the pain got worse and my whole body was in pain I had hard time getting out of bed my legs were collapsing underneath me .Research over the internet about brilinta shows that comb...

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Ecosprine 12.5mg

My father whio was on medication for diabetes and sugar from the past 5 to 6 years got angioplast on 15-jul-2013 and he was medicated for some blood thinning mediceines brilinta,cilacar,storvas,ecosprin,and on Nov 8th he was admitted in the eneergency ward of the hospital, and was found that the tab brillinta 90 was the main cause of the ulcer. Now my question is till how many doctors and hospitals we have to visit by spending lakhs of rupees and what are the precautions we have to take for my father to get himm free from the effects of the medicined whjich wwe ha ve to follow. ## My father whio was on medication for diabetes and sugar from the past 5 to 6 years got angioplast on 15-jul-2013 and he was medicated for some blood thinning mediceines brilinta,cilacar,storvas,ecosprin,and on...

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Oval Pink Pill T 90

I have no Ideal wat it is I found It can sombody tell me wat it is ## Based on the description provided, the closest match I could find is identified as Brilinta (ticagrelor) 90 mg. This pill is also imprinted with "T 90", but it happens to be yellow and not pink. Manufacturer: AstraZeneca Ticagrelor is used along with aspirin to prevent serious problems with the heart and blood vessels in people who have had a heart attack or severe chest pain. I know the color of the pill is different than you described, but I do wonder if the imprint suggests that they could be from the same manufacturer? If anyone else has thoughts on this that would be great!

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