Tenecteplase, TNK-tPA

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Tenecteplase (sold under the trade names TNKase and Metalyse) is an enzyme used as a thrombolytic drug. Tenecteplase is a tissue plasminogen activator (tPA) produced by recombinant DNA technology using an established mammalian cell line (Chinese hamster ovary cells). Tenecteplase is a 527 amino acid glycoprotein developed by introducing the following modifications to the complementary DNA (cDNA) for natural human tPA: a substitution of threonine 103 with asparagine, and a substitution of aspa...

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Tenecteplase, TNK-tPA
  • Injection: 50mg
  • Vial: 50mg/vial
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  • TNKASE Tenecteplase, TNK-tPA

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