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has anyone experienced nightmares with Multaq? Have been taking 400mg 2 times a day for 1 month now and am at the point where I don't want to close my eyes at night (althought it's better than the alternative)....also experience excessive bloating. ## The Multaq does cause bloating. You'll hear a lot of people complaining of gas issues. Multaq for me is causing Hair loss, didn't always until recently. Ive been taking it for 7 months. I get the following side effects; Hair loss, bloating, tiredness sometimes, not always, numbness in my left thigh occasionally, and ringing in my ears, this too just recently. I def would not take the drug, unless absolutely had to, which I do because of my PAC's. My Afib was cured by ablation, thank God. But since I have terrible PAC...

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multaq anyone else take it

Okay I will start off by saying this drug scares me because it has not been out for very long. I have Afrial Fib which is not behaving I can be 70 beats one min and regular and the next I will be at 190 and in atrial fib and flutter. this is my last chance at a med I have tried all the others I usually end up in the ER two or three times a week. I have had one ablation so far. If anyone else takes it please let me know what it is like. I am starting it on Tuesday. ## I seem to be in the same situation you are in, however, my heart is rate controlled and have not been in the 190 range while in afib. I just started on this new medication yesterday. I have not experienced any of the side effects so far. I will go to the doctor tomorrow to determine if I can continue on this medication. I h...

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Multaq issues

I have been taking Multaq for almost 5 months. Yes it helps, maybe to much, I am exhausted it keeps me so low and irregular, I don't have the energy to do anything much. I work full time but I can't wait to drag myself home and crash. I have gained almost 23 pounds since and am very depressed. I am not sure what caused which first. I have exhausted all meds. I was on Tikosyn for 7 years, but my income exceeded the limit for the patient assist program, and 600.00 a month is a bit to much for me. I am on the medication program for Multaq, the income level is set higher so I qualify. But I don't like how it makes me feel, I was hoping someone else had some info. as to how it reacted for them. Thanks ## Multaq contains the active ingredient Dronedarone, it is mainly used to trea...

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Multaq and Shortness of Breath

Has anyone else experienced notably increased shortness of breath attributed to Multaq? ## Multaq contains the active ingredient Dronedarone and is most commonly used to treat irregular heartbeat. The shortness of breath is listed as a serious side effect and is warned about in the patient advisory leaflets, you should contact your doctor immediately. Are there any questions or comments? ## i do experience periods of breathlessness but always search for an alternative reason ie flu or a cold. I have felt the same with most of the medication i have tried at some point in time. Do you have it constantly or occasionally? I was suprised looking at the 'Multaq' forum that hardly anyone has mentioned it as a side effect. As with the previous reply it may be best to seek advice from yo...

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Can i stop taking multaq?

I have been taking Multaq for 10 months. I was hospitalized at that time for bronchitis. When asked what medications I was presently taking I stated all of them. I also mentioned that I have MVP and was taking 200 mg of Acebutolol 2 X daily. I also mentioned that 18 year's ago I went into A-Fib for 3 days. While hospitalized, they put me on Multaq. I since don't feel any PVC's but not sure if the Multaq eliminated them. Previously, I was taking Betapace as a preventative for A-Fib. Since taking the Multaq, I have been suffering with my stomach, extreme tiredness and get winded easily. Is taking the Multaq and Acebutolol over doing it ? I was told that the Acebutolol controls the lower part of the heart (PVC's) and the Multaq the upper part of the heart (A-Fib). I feel I ...

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Multaq and eliquis and possible skin rash

I was put on multaq and eliquis in mid April 2017 after being diagnosed with AFib, AFib with flutter and SVT. My body adjusted well and there have been no side effects....until now. It's been 6 weeks since starting and I've developed a bad rash around my ankles that is slowly creeping up my legs and also affecting my hands and arms. Wondering if anyone on this forum is also taking multaq and/or eliquis and has experienced delayed side effects? ## It is possible, although, a rash could also be caused by circulatory issues, or an allergic reaction to something, according to FDA and NIH reports. I sometimes experience itching on my legs and feet due to how my heart and blood pressure medications affect my circulation... it can also worsen an allergic reaction, since when your blood...

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multaq coupons

Are there any coupons available for Multaq tablets? I've just been prescribed this drug, which is very expensive. Thanks ## I personally haven't seen coupons in general for prescription drugs. Do they exist? I know that some pharmacies may carry a special promotion for certain drugs once in a blue moon, but as far as finding a coupon for Multaq, I believe it would be a good idea to ask your local pharmacy if they have any store discounts that could be applied to a prescription. ## My doctor has $30 off coupons from his rep. ## If you are a senior and on the medicare drug program, I saw on the Multaq website that if you get your doctor to fill out a form they will supply your Multaq for free while you are in the doughnut hole. ## I get my $30 coupons from my doctor's office. ...

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panic feeling on multaq

At times I feel as if I am going to go into know the feeling you get that something is just not right.I had this feeling the few times I was in afib. Since starting multaq I have only had a few minutes of afib and this was in stressful situations where a family member died. My doctor said this feeling is part of the disease where you feel like you might go into it but, the med is doing its job and stopping it. Of course this is great, but, that feeling that come is frightening to me. At that point I want to panic. I was completely healthy until Feb of this year when I was 911 to ER for afib. I converted and am in normal sinus now and the multaq I guess is doing the job. I had flutter now and again before the big afib attack, but, didn't think anything about it. ## I have ...

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Multaq side effects

Does the tiredness go away after being on Multaq awhile or does the tiredness continue? ## Multaq made me tired for about 6 weeks and then I started to feel more energtic. I love this drug as I have been in rythem since last April. Stick with it, I am sure you will feel better soon. Take care! ## Has anyone used Multaq for v-tach? ## Multaq contains the active ingredient Dronedarone, it is used to treat atrial fibrillation. It is hard to say what might be causing your tiredness, it could be the Multaq, or it could be your heart problem. If it is the Multaq, as was already said in one of the other posts, it will eventually taper off, but it can take 4 to 6 weeks. Are there any other questions or comments? ## I am a registered nurse. My very good friend has been in the hospital many times...

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Multaq and weight gain

I've been on multaq for my afib diagnosis since April and have gained 12 lbs. in such a short time after just having lost 40 lbs in the many months prior to diagnosis. My healthy eating has not changed and exercising doesn't help to rid the pounds. I can only attribute this new additional weight to multaq. Has anyone else experienced weight gain being on multaq? ## Yes, that is a possible side effect of this medication, along with nausea, dizziness, headache, and dry mouth. However, it should top out around this gain amount and should not continue. If it does, you should contact your doctor. Are you on any other medications? ## Only other new Med started at the same time as Multaq is Eliquis. Otherwise I've been on couple other meds for years.

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How long does it take before Multaq works

How long does it take Multaq to get into your system and actually work? I started taking it this morning and it has been 3 1/2 hours and nothing. ## Never mind. I found out the answer. It takes 2-4 days. It didn't work for me so I have to check into other options. ## Hi Kat, Thanks for providing valuable feedback from your own personal experience. Hopefully it'll help others who may be facing similar problems... I was just wondering though if you based your evaluations off of taking Multaq on an empty stomach or with meals? Surely it gets into a patient's system the same day it's consumed, but I'm guessing there's a certain threshold of how much is built up before one notices how it really affects them day to day - Is that right? At any rate, I'm sorry to hea...

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congested heart failure & a-fib meds...

I am an 83 yr young healthy female & have been on Multaq & Xarelto for 7 months & now am having problems w/ them (rash, itching & flu-like symptoms etc). My question is can I have the implant devices called ICD & AICD instead of these meds?

experienced increased potassium with Multaq?

Atere 3 months of Multaq, I began to run dangerously high potassium levels, not low! Any other similar experiences? ## It doesn't appear to be a very common occurrence, but a search I did turned up reports from 13 other people that have experienced hyperkalemia while taking Multaq. What did your doctor advise you to do? ## I started multaq Jan 2013, and started having high potassium levels a month later. I'm still on multaq and still have high potassium levels. Hoping to be able to get off the multaq soon. Had a catheter ablation in August 2013. ## Jimmy, I'm in a situation here, I used to take cymgen(symbalta) for a year and half. Though im off it now, i started tapering off in October last year and stop taking it altogether in January this year. My potassium is still low, ...

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New Warning and Precautions from FDA

My wife has been taking Multaq for 9 months. In January, she was hospitalized with renal failure and treated with IV's. Multaq was suspended upon admission. Her kidney functions returned to normal after four days at which time she was discharged. Multaq was again started. Several days later, she began to have problems again which were confirmed to be the return of renal failure. Here is the FDA Warning and Precautions on Multaq as issued in January of 2014: Hopefully, this will be of assistance. ## This is a further update on my wife's situation since she has stopped using Multaq. It has now been 8 days since she has taken it and she has now developed an appetite, increased energy level and personality that was lost during ...

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dizziness and black out

I have been on Multaq for 6 months and last night I experienced major dizziness and blacked out twice. I have been light headed all day today. Have called my doctor but got no answer. Has this happened to anyone else out there? I'm a 57 year old man. ## Hello, Mike! How are you? Those can be side effects of this medication, as reported by the FDA, you may also experience nausea, headache, and easy bruising. Severe dizziness and fainting are not common side effects, but they have been known to happen. Has your doctor gotten back to you, yet? ## Yes, I went to the doctor and she ran a number of blood test on me. She took blood pressure sitting, getting up, standing and lying down and getting up. All bold pressure was ok but she was concerned with my heart rate. She said it would jump ...

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Multaq & Afib

I was started on Multaq after ablation got my heart to beat normally. I has previously been in Afib 62% of every day. The ablation did not last very long and I am again in Afib most of the time. My doctors want me to continue the Multaq just the same. My only symptom is fatigue. ## Multaq contains the active ingredient Dronedarone and it is used to treat irregular heartbeat, including Atrial Fibrillation and your doctor probably wants you to continue taking it, because they fear worsening or your condition, if you stop. In addition, a sudden withdrawal of these types of medications, that affect heart function, can result in rebound effects, which could cause your condition to worsen and put you in life threatening danger. Are there any other questions? ## Some background first...... My ...

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Heart ablation

I had radio frequency ablation twice due to having A fib. The first one was performed Dec. 2015. It made my palpitations less frequent and lighter. The only sign of A fib after the first procedure was I could just be sitting in a chair and I would get short of breath as if I could not get enough air. Sometimes no palpitations at all. I had second procedure Feb. 2016. I went off the Multaq April 15th. Wore a heart monitor from June 13 to July 13, 2016. Just got the results July 26th. I am A-fib free. I am overjoyed with the news. I have had Paroxymal A fib for six years. I planned all vacations by searching for hospitals in case I had to go to ER for conversion. It has been a journey. So if you have A Fib you might consider having an ablation. I stayed overnight in hospital rested at hom...

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multaq side effect

Tiredness fatigue sweating weight gain I have been on multaq2xday for three years it does regulate the a fib thinking aboutgoing off of the meds I have no energy I'm a 64-year-old postmenopausal woman ## Yes, those can be side effects of this medication, as listed by the FDA. You may also experience nausea, dizziness and muscle aches. Alternatively, rather than stopping it, you could speak to your doctor about trying a different medication. Is this the only medication you are on?

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Multaq and the liver

Ive been on multaq a number of months now and it has been working well. Today my cardiologist told me I should stop it because of increased risk of liver damage. Now this is after he originally told me there were no , whatsoever none side effects form this drug. Having had recent colon surgery and recovering from that I don't want to upset the apple cart at this point but in my my next 3 month appt I may stop it. He said I may go into a-fib again. Im a little depressed and getting a liver function test. Any comments? ## My cardiologist said the problem occurred with just two middle aged women, and if it is working, I should not change my medicine (as a middle-aged man). ## Well, my first comment is that you should never believe anyone, even a doctor, that tells you that a medication...

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why can't you take ranexa and multaq together?

I just started taking Multaq and was told to stop taking Ranexa why? What happens when you take both ? The Ranexa was working very well now i have to stop. I would rather not stop taking Ranexa ## It is actually very dangerous to take them both at the same time, it can severely increase the levels of the Ranolozine that your body absorbs and retains, which has the potential to cause QT prolongation and cardiac arrhythmia. Why does your doctor want you to switch if the one you were on was working fine? ## Can I take ranexa and Tylenol Together

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