Isosorbide Mn Er 30mg

Sandy Says:

Isosorbide mn er 30ml was added about 8 days ago to my mother meds. She is 85. Two and a half days ago she started complaining of pain from her upper thigh going down toward her knees in both legs. I am wondering if Isosorbide could be the cause since this is the only thing that has changed in her routine.

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David Says:

Hi Sandy,

Is your mom taking any other medications that could potentially have an interaction with Isosorbide?

There doesn't appear to be any related side effect information that mentions leg pain or inflammation within the lower extremities, so I'm thinking that Isosorbide could simply be interacting with another med or that this is more or less a just a rare side effect of the drug that isn't listed with the other more common side effects.

In either case, it sounds like your mom may want to ask her doctor about switching medications if she feels that Isosorbide is the culprit here. I do find it strange that this medication is used to prevent or treat chest pain (angina), but as a serious side effect of this drug, it can also cause chest pain. Makes me wonder if it can also cause leg pain...

Does anyone else have any thoughts on this?

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Sandy Says:

Hi David,
Thanks for your reply. I did check out her other meds and everything seems ok. At the time I posted, I did not know she had been having pain in her lower back. The good news is that the meds are not causing the pain. The bad news is that further investigation has shown that she has a degenerated lumbar disc that has collapsed on the one below it. Lots of pain and looks like nearly two weeks before any treatment other than pain pills and icing can be started. Thanks for your input.

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Nina Says:

You keep posting this same message all over the place. It is taking up a lot of space where I am looking for information on isosorbide. Your post keep showing up saying the same thing. There were around 8 in a row in one of my google searches. You need to do something else with your computer. Try playing second life at secondlife. Think you have too much time on your hands.

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Donna Says:

Hi, My mother 86 years old has been taking this medication (3 once a day), for about 8 months, and is complaining of weakness in her lower legs. She does take other meds, but I find it interesting that someone has almost the same reaction. I think it has some merits. That this may be a cause.

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gma Says:

My mom just isosorbide one is white is blue is this normal? Also she had been on Digoxin only to be hospitalized w/ digoxin poisioning which I found hard to believe seeing the mgs. Never changed, but with that all said & done she was on nitro time capsules but because they are not fda approved medicare part b wouldnt cover them so they gave her the isosorbide, does this sound right? Well also I waswondering one is blue one is white, please get back to me please.. THANKS!

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