False Positive For Medication Benzodiazepines

Becca Says:

Does anyone have a list of the medications that can cause false positives? I take quite a few meds and my probation officer said I tested positive. This is impossible. I only take what is prescribed to me, and none of them is on the list of Benzodiazepines.

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Verwon Says:

There are quite a few medications that can cause such false positives, as a matter of fact, it is far too large of a list for me to name them all for you.

However, if you can post back with the names of the medications you take, I will gladly check for you to see if one of them may have caused it.


Can you please post back with more information?

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need help Says:

Can Benedryl cause a false positive for Benzos drug screen? If so, where can I find evidence supporting that? A job is on the line!

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jo Says:

i was positive for benzodiazephines,the only thing I had taken prior was nyquil and valiran root

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jonesies Says:

I have been on pain medications for 25 years. I have always had a clean UA with only my prescribed medications in my system. This last time I tested positive for benzoides (or what ever that is). The only thing I have recently starting taking is Chlorphen Tabs for itchy water eyes and hives. Can Clorphen show up as a false positive?

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kruger35 Says:

i Tested positive for benzos on urine test for probation would diclofenac sod cause this result? or possibly bactrim (sulfamethoxazole) extremely curious and need to know asap thanks for your help!

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eric Says:

I was recently in a drug program clean as a whistle doing good and focusing on myself so I could beat this addiction,well,they gave me a random ua and the only thing I was taking was transform and I tested positive for Benzodiazepines so they went ahead and kicked me out for something I didn't even do.

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Sam Says:

I take Bupropion XL 150mg (24h), Lamotrigine 25mg, Trazodone 100mg, and Abilify 2mg. Can someone PLEASE tell me why I am failing urine screens for Benzos. I am gonna get kicked out of the recovery house and lose my job PLEASE HELP.

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sebastian Says:


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Yvette Says:

Will these meds Test positive or not for urine test at po (benzo's). Drugs listed : mirtazapine, trazodone, clonidine,seroquel,

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Margaret Says:

I have been testing positive for Benzo's too and I use to take them before but haven't since June 4, 2014 and I kept coming up positive for Diazaepam (valium) but thats the problem I use to tale klonopins and libriums so this is bull because I know what I put in my body and the nurse for my soboxin doctor is trying to tell me their lab don't make mistakes well whatever I don't trust these labs its sad people can loose everything because of positive results and the ones giving the test treat you like your guilty and will not even look into how this can happen, I wish their lives were on the line maybe they would help us if it happened to them. My last 2 urines have now been negative I don't get it I haven't taken anything different for it to now have been negative and I have not changed anything . My primary care Doctor gave me a couple of places that will do test to see why this has happened so at least she believes me.

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JoAnne Says:

I have been testing positive for benzos' for 4 weeks now. I have not had any benzos in 60 days. Both ua and blood test show a positive. The blood level was 300 out of a possible 1500. ( whatever that means.) I take just suboxone, lithium, and 800mg ibuprofen. Thank you to whom ever responds. This is driving me nuts.

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JHickerson0701 Says:

I have been in a methadone treatment center for 6 yrs.... I haven't had any problems with my drug screens until the last 3 and it's been showing positive for benzo's which I have not taken!!! I have been on a lot of meds so I'm wondering if any of them could cause a false positive.... I have been on Zantac,Prilosec,Dramamine,flagyl,clarithromycin,phenegran,benedryl. Can any of these meds cause a false positive on a drug screen for benzo's?? If I can't find a reason for the the positive the clinic I'm going to will make me drive everyday to dose for 30 days and that's almost 150 miles round trip!!!!! Please someone give me some advise!!!!

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GoingCrazy Says:

I have been taking random drug screenings and never came up positive for benzo. I recently started taking prozac 20mg once a day and trileptal 150mg twice a day starting last month. I took a urine screen last week and tested positive for benzo and it hasn't ever showed up prior to taking these pills. Will either one make me have a false-positive result?

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elize Says:

took nuzak 40 mg daily. stopped. rook sentraline 100mg seraquel urbanol . are these medications contains benzo or tested positive or false positive for benzo

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ziggy Says:

can amitriptyline cause a false positive for. diazepam im told tryclicic medication can is amitriptyline a tryclic medication that could cause a false positive for diazepam

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joe Says:

can someone list some of the prescibed medication that can cause a false positive for benzodiazepam

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Hypodermic Ck Says:

Wellbutrin will give a false amphetamine positive

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Elly Says:

Nuvigil, suboxone, lyrica, zoloft, sythroid, B12, Multivitamin, trazadone, flexeril, iodoral

Can you please tell me if any of these drugs will cause a positive benzo screen? Thanks.

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Corlyn77 Says:

Both can cause a false positive for benzodiazepine!

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Corlyn77 Says:

To be more specific, valerian root and Benadryl can cause a false positive for benzodiazepines.

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