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SarahAda Says:

I have had two refills of Adderall 20 mg that was manufactured by Teva/barr (Teva) and it seems to have much less medication in each pill. Refills by another manufacturer work. This is ridiculous, and where do we report Teva and who can check each pill for amount for medication? I would gladly donate some of my worthless ones to the FDA?

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Just medchatting Says:
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Re: Moses in TEXAS (# 13)

If only I could afford name brand Adderall I would definitely try it. It’s crazy expensive.

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SlyKitty Says:
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Re: sarah ada (# 8)

Hi Sara, I can't believe you are describing almost to a T what I'm also experiencing. I don't have the rapid heart beat episodes, though, as often as the terrible shortness of breath; it is debilitating at times. Scary stuff. You have to wonder just what is in our medications, our food, water, even the air we breathe. The test might be to stop taking the Tevas for a couple days or so and see if the symptoms go away. I tried that but I felt so weak that it created another problem!

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Hamster Says:
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SlyKitty (# 902) --


I have tried them all and am now on Adderall XR Brand/30 mg by Shire.

These are the real thing with very few side effects. Great motivation and improved mood from that crap Teva generic.

Unfortunately, it will cost you. My co pay with Express Scripts is $100 or $20...seems they roll the dice which price I get!

Adderall XR does not come on strong as it has beads for 10 hour coverage (not quite..ha).

Bottlim line is its a clean med that is made in States!

As always, this is my opinion only but if you can swing it (cost) and are using this Med as intended its worth your consideration

Good luck


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Allie Says:
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Re: Lizzie60 (# 903)

Yes, your doctor's hands are tied due to the e treme regulations imposed on ALL meds that are "controlled substances". Doctors are not to blame! Plus unless you can get Adderall made by Shire, it's all garbage. I was switched to Ritalin because of this. Try the Ritalin - working somewhat for me but I still cant stay awake. No way to live!!

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QuestionEverything Says:

Aguywhocaresaboutothers38 (# 895) --

Well said. Add the tampering with previously effective inexpensive scheduled medications to the ridiculous claims now put forth as a cover-up, i. e. "opiates cause MORE pain, benzodiazepines cause MORE panic, CBD and biologics cure EVERYTHING, stimulants don't REALLY help ADHD--zap your brain with this new FDA-approved device instead!!" and it's easy to see what's going on.

Those of us who HAVE been helped by scheduled meds prior to the tampering of the active and inactive ingredients of those meds and subsequent convenient rewriting of basic pharmacological principles know the truth, but no one wants to listen to those of us old enough to remember the difference in medication efficacy. Meanwhile, the younger generations are prescribed the latest antipsychotics "off label" for everything under the sun starting in childhood, to terrible physical and mental consequences. But nooo, chronic pain patients who want to be able to live without suicidal pain, patients with anxiety disorders who want to go about their lives without being in a constant fight-or-flight response, and ADHD people like myself who couldn't even be sure I'd make a plane flight for business trips prior to stimulant treatment, we're all just delusional about the changes in our medication. Sure.

And everyone is supposed to just shut up and not care that proven medications for panic, pain, and ADHD are not only demonized but tampered, and instead celebrate that marijuana suddenly went from Reefer Madness to legal to touted as the ultimate cure-all for every ailment. Sorry, but this total 180 would seem suspicious to me even if my own personal neurochemistry didn't respond poorly to cannabinoids.

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Lo Says:
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Same here. I don’t like teva the best adderal is sandoze

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James Says:
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I have tried every generic for Adderall IR

There was a time, approximately two years ago, when the quality of Adderall IR made by Teva did appear to be unacceptable

However, with in the last year, I have noticed a marked change for the better, and I have found others on the net who have stated the same.

Also, for every generic someone hates, you will find one person who loves it

At first, when Corepharma began manufacturing generic Adderall, everyone seemed to say that it was much weaker than all of the generics.

Then, after it was on the market for about two years, (and I also am guessing after all of the complaints received) suddenly everyone (on the net) seemed to advocate (highly) for this company. They no longer make generic Adderall IR.

From the years of approximately 2005 to 2012, it appeared (to me) that Teva received significant accolades, especially on the main ADD forums...

Then it appeared that they change their formula, (this is, indeed, a true fact, which I personally investigated with company officials)

Beginning approximately a year ago, individuals started noticing, or rather, started posting, astute and cogent comments stating, and I will summarize with this statement below:

Teva may not be perfect, but it is more efficacious and “stronger” especially when comparing Teva with companies such as Mallincrokdt and other low quality pharmaceutical companies).

I personally will agree, and I believe it is untenable, that although Teva, without question, is not consistent, they are actually preferred (specifically when —compared—to other generic companies) most of which actually make the drug in third world countries....

My accounts stated above come from the fact that I am a pharmacist, and I have “heard it all” so to speak — and am also an individual who must take this for narcolepsy.

To sum up, never allow your pharmacist to dispense the formula manufactured by Mallincrokdt.

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David Says:
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Re: GaslightingTheMusical (# 896)

The problem with this type of “Conspiracy
Theory” that generic companies are actually compromising their own product is not a viable or very rational theory....and here is why

I will first say that...although God knows the
FDA is not perfect, there are some highly ethical and reputable scientists working there

Although these generic companies, which it needs to be understood that although they have labs here in the United States, where they produce the product for the FDA to evaluate in the initial stage to allow them to produce the product, they eventually produce the product in Third World countries

The FDA simply does not have the manpower to investigate every single plant in these third world countries, let alone every single generic drug they manufacture in these third world plants, for bioequivalency

However, generic companies, especially the big ones that manufacture generic Adderall, would not be stupid enough to place products or ingredients into the formula that would be anti-Delachal
However, generic companies, especially the big ones that manufacture generic Adderall, would not be stupid enough to place products (or ingredients) into their formulas that would be antithetical to drug’s purpose because if this was discovered by the FDA in “random quality inspections” which means that the plant is not aware the FDA will be investigating them…

Neither the date nor the time

If these generic companies were so stupid as to compromise the bioequivalency or the ingredients of their product, the FDA would demand the generic firm not only
“cease and desist” production of THAT
product...but the FDA would also complete
something, that at the surface, would not seem to be very deleterious to the firm...
and that is

Sending them a Official FDA Warning Letter

You would think… It is just a letter…

But in the kaleidoscopic world of the pharmaceutical industry specifically as it relates to pharmacies, these letters are essentially “Death Letters” to the generic

Thus, I understand that mini generic companies probably try actually not to be by equivalent to obviously save money, but they also are not stupid enough to take “risks”
Because they know, quite keenly, that
“a risk” simply isn’t worth it

Most of these generic companies are publicly traded on the New York stock exchange.

For example, if it was Found that a generic company was actually placing ingredients into the drug (that have no purpose other than to stop addiction or other conspiracies that have been mentioned on this board)

If this was found, the setback, in terms of the “warning letter” and other swift actions would absolutely destroy their bottom line.....

so much, that even though THEY ARE stupid, they really aren’t -that- stupid...

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Lo Says:
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The FDA did nothing about my complaint.

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Sparky Says:
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Has anyone filled a prescription for Teva 30 mg Adderall online only to find out that the NDC # 0555-0762-02 is really only 5mg? I think this is from a fake pharmacy in India or China? All I know is they are very weak. And not sure what they are, they are round pink, which is not even a color listed on Teva's website. Thanks.

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Sickntired Says:
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Re: Lo (# 914)

People have been been filing complaints for several years now to the FDA regarding Teva and other mfg. of add medications. I have yet to see the FDA take any action and sadly enough don't have any confidence they ever will

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stuart522 Says:

Re: David (# 913)

Not to turn this into a ''who's right'' match, but, I work at pharma companies under warning letters, consent decrees, 483's, only since 2012, none of them have died, one gets a warning letter and then maybe in a couple years the fda turns up and does an AUDIT of your records, audit meaning they don't look at everything, they don't bring equipment to evaluate the product, EVER! But lets talk about generics...they are NOT equivalent to brand names and that's not a secret, that's the definition, it can be made using different techniques, different excipients, different API's. (active pharmaceutical ingredients) and they're standard of proof?? They have to state that, "ours is just LIKE theirs" that's it!! There is no machine that you put differently made pills in and it says in robotic voice, "Mmmm, this Adderall is better than the other" or the converse, "this pill is sawdust and pig lips from India, made in unclean tanks using shotty chemistry" do you think insurance companies and Walgreen's buys barrels full of pills for what a monthly prescription for 1 person cost, because they like India, or because they like money and profit. mine is name brand=6k/month or $200/pill which I can tell you worked, people aren't making up the fact the loss of efficacy of generics, vs. generic, $67/month or $2/pill. But perhaps you're one of those crazy conspiracy theorists that thinks a 2002 KIa that costs $600 is the same as a 2019 Mercedes. that costs 85k. they must be the same right?? Because if not, KIA would be out of business...(sarcasm, showing your failed logic).

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David Says:

Re: stuart522 (# 917)

All that I am attempting to articulate is this:

If an FDA quality control inspection crew (came unannounced) and found gross negligence in a company’s operations, this —destroys- not only the firm’s “Bottom Line” but, and perhaps even more importantly, their reputation.

Now: is it conceivable that a firm would produce a product that is not bioequivalent

Absolutely… This is...untenable

But they also know that they are, in many ways, “ruined’ if they do this and are found out

Source: "FDA Says it Discovered Problems With Generic Version of ADHD Drug Concerta". Web. November, 2014.

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David Says:

Re: stuart522 (# 917)

First let me state that I don’t believe that big Pharma is corrupt. That is in untenable.

However, I do not think they are out right stupid.

If they can get away with providing a less superior product, less bio equivalent product, I believe they would do that.

However, they know keenly well they are taking a risk.

If the FDA plans a non-scheduled plant quality control review, and a generic firm is voraciously inculcating poor quality control methods, including providing a product that is not equivalent with the brand name, they are in deep deep… You know what...
Goodbye to their bottom line.

The top executives know that if the FDA discovered whatever malfeasance they are inculcating in their methods, this could cause them to literally go —out of businesses—

Many generic firms have, or have been, taken over in hostile takeovers by other generic firms for this, or similar, reasons.

Consider the recent generic Wellbutrin Situation in which the generic firm was not bioequivalent to the brand-name drug.... and the other issue with Strattera.

It is much like the corruption that goes on and any gambling casinos.

You know there is corruption and “skimming” of money at the top…But they are careful, and for a reason… They (try) not to be stupid.

If the FDA discovers that a specific generic firm is not using high-quality control methods, and their products are not bioequivalent, by law, they can order that generic firm to immediately “cease and desist.”

Please understand that I am not poignantly naïve.

I know there is a real problem, based on my personal experience of taking different generic brands and noticing profound differences.

Mallinckrodt generic Adderall IR had absolutely no efficacy or potency, for me, whatsoever. Please avoid this generic company!

It is usual, because I remember between the years of 2006 to 2012, everyone on forums commensurate with this one, send to profoundly advocate Teva/Barr.

Then, around 2012, I noticed “suddenly’ people, who before profoundly disliked Corepharma before, now set it was the “very best to get’… And that Teva had changed their formula....and was no longer as good as it once was.

I have tried most all generic Adderall IR companies, and for me, Teva, although (obviously) they have had “ups and downs’, as reported online, which just about every other generic firm making this has had...

But..through the years I have found Teva to be more potent and efficacious (for me personally)

And I understand, most keenly, that this is an individual differences issue.

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David Says:

Re: David (# 919)

My first sentence in my previous post contained an error

I meant to write: First let me say that I believe Big Pharma is correct. This is untenable


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Hank Says:
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Re: Hamster (# 908)

What pharmacies carry Shire? Or how does one go about finding that information? I am experiencing HORRIFIC side effects from both TEVA and aurobindo and had felt for about a year they just simply did not effect me like adderall used to and would find myself needing to take more and was afraid I was destroying my tolerance or becoming addicted to it but it makes much more sense now that the quality of the medication and whatever unregulated fillers are in there are causing the unpleasant symptoms!

I actually missed two days of work this week after 3 nights of insomnia, relentless panic attacks, migraines and the WORST brain fog I’ve ever experienced to the point I could not get anything done at work as if I truly had shut down all cognitive ability in my brain...anyway ended up going to see a doctor today about what I could do to combat these side effects but I’m seeing now the bottom line is that these generics made in India are garbage and making me sick to the point of seeking medical care.

Anyway, I’m glad I’m not crazy and imagining these symptoms are my problem or in my head.

Any info on how to find shire would be much appreciated.

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allie Says:
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Re: Hank (# 921)

Apparently Shire is also made by Teva now. Did you ever try corepharma back in the day before they discontinued it? There's a manufacturer who bought their recipe cape called, EPIC... I have read reviews about it and they say it is identical to The Olde Pink corepharma pills that were amazing and got discontinued. Unfortunately I only had a chance to take them for two months I had never had them before when I moved back home to Atlanta that's what I started getting filled with my new doctor. And then all the sudden they weren't able to get them and I got these Mallinckrodt buls***; don't ever accept them because I think they're in a lawsuit over this. Nobody can identify the ingredients and not even the employees. There's all kinds of stuff in the media about it. Stay away from that crap and I know what you mean about the aurobindo. That stuff is junk garbage. Hot garbage okay LOL.

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Hambobe Says:
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Re: Hank (# 921)

After trying all the generics, multiple times, I settled on the Adderall XR by Shire. They do not make IR..Its clean, works, helps my anxiety. It comes on slowly but it works albiet less immediate as the bids are different size designed to last 10 years. Only drawback is price (maybe your insurance will allow as sub for generic. Then its $20. If not, copay is $100. If no insurance you'd go broke. Your Doc needs to put "Brand Necessary " on script. Good luck - and usual disclaimer- it works for me..and not Doc.

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