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SarahAda Says:

I have had two refills of Adderall 20 mg that was manufactured by Teva/barr (Teva) and it seems to have much less medication in each pill. Refills by another manufacturer work. This is ridiculous, and where do we report Teva and who can check each pill for amount for medication? I would gladly donate some of my worthless ones to the FDA?

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Charlene Says:
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Re: Marc marchant (# 869)

I came back to let you know of another medschat forum to read positive posts for buprenorphine called "Rhodes/Purdue buprenorphine HCL 8mg RP B8 VS ROXANNE 54 411". Goozer will be the person who made this discussion thread what it is today. Now he too takes this for pain and so do a lot of others so I thought you might get some feedback with this medication. Until you could find the pain medication you're looking for, I have found so many people using this med because of the crisis of pain pills not being available. If you have insurance most like mine will pay for 8mg x 3 daily. So if a doctor prescribes 4 8mgs that's an extra 30 you will have to cover. Now I will admit between suboxone vs subutex there's a big difference. Just plain buprenorphine without naloxone is way better of a medication. I didn't know if you knew this or not? Good luck.

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Charlene Says:
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Re: Hamster (# 867)

Hi I'm looking for a good generic for my adderall 20mg, because of a backorder nobody can find them at least in my area nothing no pharmacy's know when they will get them in mentioned northstar?? And what kind of pharmacy has them. I live in Florida so Walgreens usually has teva. But back orders.

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Hamster Says:
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Re: Charlene (# 884)

The new Northstar company (was Sun Pharma) are ok...and seem to be made here in U.S. (I could be wrong).

They seem to popping up all over the place.

Try this point are options are limited.

Good luck.

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Bob Says:
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Charlene (# 879) --

I believe the stop signs ones are by Mallinckrodt, I’ve read mixed reviews, so thanks for sharing your results. I only know of these because my pharmacy tried to give them to me last time, but after I complained, turned out they still had Teva in stock too, so they switched them. Sorry this is late for your question about what to do about your next script, but when that happened to me in the past, my doctor would just change the milligram pill prescribed, keeping the dose the same though. I had to check with the pharmacy first (before going to or talking to the doctor) and find out which mg was available in the the brand I liked. So if it was only 10 mg available, he would prescribe two 10mg a day to equal the the 20 mg, so instead of the script saying 20mg 1 time a day, it says take two (10mg) 1 time a day. Of course this gets more complicated when the dose can’t evenly be divided or multiplied. Once the doctor wrote the script with really strange mg dosages in order to make the mg fit. Once, only 30mg were available so he wrote take 2/3 a 30mg pill once a day to equal 20 mg. It was comical. The pharmacists had to think about it, but realized that the doctor was just trying to make 30mg pill fit a 20 mg a day dose to equal a months supply. I think the doctor figured it by mg per month. So twenty 30mg, was the same mg a month as thirty 20 mg. Yeah, the things we’re forced to endure.*sigh*

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Mark Says:
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I'm not sure who manufactures my particular prescription, but I just received my refill & noticed the label saying the look of the pills were different. They are definitely not the same & not just looks wise. I take 30mg generic every day & these are just not as strong by a long shot. How would I go about looking into this? I honestly just found this forum from a google search & thankfully the first thing I saw was your comment.

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Sean Says:
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Re: Mark (# 889)

You can just Google the markings on the pill and it should tell you the manufacturer. The most complained about generics tend to be Aurobindo and Malinckrodt. The rest seem to vary based on the user and specific batches.

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Charlene Says:
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Hi, can anyone give me information on what brand does CVS usually carry? I was on 20mg and due to some type of backorder I'm told by every single pharmacy in my area, including my pharmacy Walgreens here in my doctor gave me new scripts for adderall 30mg...I know Walgreens carry teva, but what about CVS?? THX

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sparkertoo Says:

Re: Charlene (# 884)

The white stop-sign-shaped amphetamine (20 mg) is manufactured by MALLINCKRO. Lots of complaints, but I found it worked okay. Not quite as strong but also minus the nervousness associated with the one normally in stock. Can't find an old bottle to say who that manufacturer is but think it may be TEVA. Those tablets are slightly oval and pale orange. They are stronger but do have some garbage in them that makes me quite nervous. Hope that helps...

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JuanPablo Says:

Re: Verwon (# 1)

Teva has been in trouble for this before, having their generic for Wellbutrin approved and then pulled from the market. However I think it's important to clarify some information about generics because there seems to be considerable misunderstanding about the FDA's requirements. Under the Waxman-Hatch Act, generic drugs are required to be "Pharmaceutically Equivalent", that is they must have the same active ingredient, in the same strength, dosage form, and route of administration as the original brand-name formulation. When compared, tablets of brand name & generic Adderall will contain the same amount of amphetamine salts. The "plus or minus 20%" is actually a reference to the FDA's bio-equivalence (BE) requirement which is an overly complex standard that is growing more archaic by the minute, especially given the speed of advances in pharmacogenomic understanding and screening. Under the original definition, it was thought that "two pharmaceutical products are bio-equivalent if they are pharmaceutically equivalent and their bioavailabilities (rate and extent of availability) after administration in the same molar dose are similar to such a degree that their effects, with respect to both efficacy and safety, can be expected to be essentially the same". BUT, the FDA defines bio-equivalent as "the absence of a significant difference in the rate and extent to which the active ingredient or active moiety in pharmaceutical equivalents or pharmaceutical alternatives becomes available at the site of drug action when administered at the same molar dose under similar conditions in an appropriately designed study." The FDA uses randomized, crossover studies to determine bio-equivalence; these look at a at a variety of pharmacokinetic (pK) variables. That means the entire 90% confidence interval of these values must also fall between 80% and 125%. To achieve this, the pK values of the generic must be exceptionally close to the original. It seems good on paper but in reality there is a lot of room for variation.

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SomethingIsFishyHere Says:

PatientsFirst (# 819) --

Excellent points, I agree 100%, but let's not feed the troll. Ignore the god-botherers and "youze r just junkeez" name-callers, for all we know they're getting paid by TEVA, lol.

Anyway. To all here who have noticed the obvious (generic IR Adderall is crap), I'm curious why the brand version (expensive "pseudo-brand" Adderall IR, " coincidentally" also made by TEVA) is no better. I've tried both. Neither resembles original Adderall IR as made by Shire from around 2004-2013 or '14.

In addition, IR mixed amphetamine salts (pseudo-brand Adderall or various generics) have, since somewhere around 2015 or '16, for various responders in this forum, me included:

1. Have not helped ADHD symptoms that had been controlled in previous years by MAS (mixed amp salts).
2. Have caused symptoms that no actual amphetamine should cause (ie weight gain, hunger, leaden inability to move, extreme lethargy, narcolepsy) and was actually formulated to improve.
3. Have also caused other symptoms and conditions unrelated to ADHD (migraines, ulcers, depression and suicidality, skin reactions, muscle pain, etc).

There was a poster named Bellflower or something similar who mentioned that these issues arose in conjunction with a few patents from India being approved. These patents involved adding and/or removing ingredients from all scheduled (or just schedule 2 and 3?) medications in order to make them "unabusable". Bellflower insinuated that this change was responsible for all of the problems we have been having, from inefficacy to paradoxical "side"-effects to dangerous reactions. This makes sense to me, because if the issue was ONLY that TEVA generic Adderall went to crap to make patients switch to pricy TEVA pseudo-brand, then TEVA pseudo-brand would work better, which it doesn't. Also, all generics of Adderall wouldn't be inferior to 2004-era Shire Adderall, which they are. In addition, we see this "problem" cropping up with other scheduled pharmaceuticals within the same time frame--a couple years or so after those patents had been granted, ie enough time to utilize, produce, manufacture, and distribute the medications in line with the new patent, and then phase out the remaining medications without it and/or buying out the manufacturers who chose not to comply in a timely fashion.

This would explain why different generic manufacturers stopped working at different times, why old leftover Adderall by the same manufacturer would work while the others didn't, and why one pill in the same batch would work while others didn't.


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GaslightingTheMusical Says:

Tom (# 831) --

Yes, exactly. Hunger, acid reflux, weight gain, no effect on ADHD symptoms.

It's almost as if whatever is in here (NOT amphetamine, obviously) is designed to increase the bottom line of the companies that market GERD medications, add numbers to the large swath of the population shelling out cash in order to not be a "victim of the obesity epidemic), and line the pockets of the car insurance companies (after we ADHD'ers, now unmedicated, start having more car accidents as untreated ADHD sufferers have been statistically proven to do).

And then, when we call attention to our poor health and ADHD symptoms increasing to their unmedicated levels, the drug rehabs can get in on the $$$$ when we're called "drug seekers in need of addiction treatment", even if we have not had our dose raised since we started the medication, nor ever went against our psychiatrist's orders!

When we assert this, and once again state that there is something off with our medication, the manufacturer of the latest EPS-causing, weight-ballooning, zombifying anti-psychotic can increase their revenue too, because obviously we're all just suffering clinical paranoia, as obviously the pharmaceutical companies and the FDA/DEA only have the patient's best interest at heart! Presto, the new "atypical" antipsychotic becomes authorized for a new ADHD symptom, "ADHD related paranoia".

In all seriousness, though, I want to know why we don't have access to purchase kits that will tell us what exactly is in these generic Adderall--because it sure isn't amphetamine and harmless fillers. They either think the public is so stupid that we'd believe actual Adderall could cause hunger, fatigue, and weight gain, or--more likely--they realize that we have no power at all and the ridiculous-seeking scenario I've outlined above is more likely to be accepted than our collective first-hand accounts of taking obviously counterfeit and contaminated medication.

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WhatIsInThisStuff Says:

Bellflower (# 833) --

I absolutely agree with this. They are monkeying about with "avoiding abuse" and in the process they are also "avoiding therapeutic effects" (ie pain relief for opiates, anxiety relief for benzodiazepines, and now relief of ADHD/narcolepsy symptoms for amphetamines) as well as producing a ton of paradoxical effects (weight gain, sleepiness, and hunger for amphetamines) and new negative effects on health (heartburn, weight gain, etc).

Any idea what specific ingredients they are adding to cause this? Are they severely limiting the amount of amphetamine in the pills itself too, or just adding materials that alter or neutralize the beneficial effects of amphetamine on ADHD, while also causing paradoxical reactions? Are their additional contaminants added to "deter abuse" which produce unpleasant symptoms even in prescribed therapeutic doses such as harmful adverse effects to the GI tract and perhaps other bodily systems?

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ItCorruptsAbsolutely Says:

For those with advanced knowledge in psychopharmacology or organic chemistry: what adulterants, contaminants, precursors, fillers, or "anti-abuse materials" (that as Bellflower posted, was the ultimate goal mentioned in a patent filed in India riiiight around the time generic Adderall became ineffective, bizarre side-effect laden crap, with Indian manufacturers popping up like dandelions) could:

1. Render Adderall ineffective for ADHD symptoms (probably by interfering with amphetamine's effects on dopamine release, inhibiting re-uptake, and barring agonist effects on TAAR1 and dopamine release via VMAT2).

2. Produce water retention, extreme hunger during the DURATION of the drug's effects, leaden fatigue, and weight gain?

3. Can cause irritation of the upper GI tract?

These are the three most common reactions to generic "Adderall" I have surmised, through extensive perusal of this thread, other threads on MedsChat, and similar posts on other ADHD boards.

This is not just an instance of there being less active ingredient in generic Adderall, or isolated incidents of patients reacting poorly to a relatively harmless filler present in one or more generics.

There may be nothing any of us can do about it, but I would at least like to learn what substances could create the current state of generic Adderall. Knowledge may not be power in this type of situation, but it at least is comfort.

Hypothetically speaking, scientists of Medschat, what could be going on?

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