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Adderall Patient Says:

I would like some input on Adderall 20 mg Instant Release. I have been through four manufacturers. I was on Activist and lots of people did not like it, however it worked for me. It had its fault but in the end it was recalled. Sometime during that period Teva bought out Activist. Since then I haven't been able to get an instant release to work without bad side effects. Then I was told there was a Name Brand being sold by Teva. I was able to get this with pill logo dp 20. I took only ten milligrams and my heart was racing out of control. I called the F D A and they advised me that the pill with imprint dp 20 was a generic. What I would like to know is how can it be Name Brand when through research shows after Shire discontinued AD 20 there was no other name brand. I have looked up NDC codes one on my label 57844-120-01, and the other 00555-0767 and both codes refer to the same pill. I do know the drug stores promote it as being name brand but it looks like it is one of Barr's version when they sold out to Teva. In fact the literature refers to Teva as being the packager. I know the pill with B 974 is being sold by Teva as generic although that pill is 30mg. My pharmacist advised they were both the same but the one they are calling name brand caused serious heart problems within minutes. My main question is if the FDA says it's generic how are they getting by selling it for four hundred and twenty dollars?

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J Says:

Your pill is the brand name for adderall 20 mg. What happened is Shire sold the brand name rights to make adderall ir a few years back. Since then Teva has been making both a generic (b973/20) and the brand (dp/20). Though the latter costs hundreds of dollars more, I've had very little noticeable difference between the two...hope this helps.

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Verwon Says:

The tablet with the dp 20 marking is the name brand. I'm not sure why you were told it wasn't, additionally, Shire has not discontinued their product, they have just restricted their production in the U.S. to the time released formulation, having sold the license for the regular release to Teva Pharmaceuticals.

The FDA warns that this medication carries the risk of being habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, headache, insomnia, and anorexia.

What are you considering to be serious heart problems? Any stimulant, such as this, carries the risk of causing palpitations, elevated heart rate and blood pressure.

Please don't misunderstand, I am not trying to diminish your experiences, I'm just trying to get a better understanding of what happened, so I may be able to help you more. I am very sensitive to medications, myself, so I know how horrible it can be, when something unexpected happens.

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J the adderall expert Says:

I am not sure if you were responding to me...but regarding my experience in this area...I'm an expert (at least I think I am after 10 plus years of adderall usage through a doctor....the inactive ingredients in both the generic 20 mg (b973/20) as the "brand name" dp 20s ... its like a different drug then the adderall from years past....the only brand generic I think is worth looking for is the eon/sandoz with the e 401 (20mg) or e 404 (30mg) instant releases....the teva, corepharma,mylan, aurobindo and actavis are all crap in 2016 and its leaving me and all other adults with adhd in a terrible place...we are looked at as drug seekers simply because we want to make sure the meds we are legally prescribed are doing their job....its a sad day when an 800 dollar perscription for adderall brand is less effective than the sandoz generic....anyone with experience in this area should comment about their days with dp30 dp 20 of tevas brand compared to sandoz gerenic....

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James Says:

Re: J (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

Teva only distributes. Barr and Duramed manufactures the drug.

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Vickie Says:

Re: J the adderall expert (# 3) Expand Referenced Message

Just had my ADD medication refilled from Kaiser Permanente and they gave me Teva. I feel like I have drank 10 cups of coffee never felt like this before. Kaiser Permanente informed me after calling concerned about the medication that they had changed manufacturers. I DON'T LIKE THIS medication.

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Frank Says:

Re: James (# 4) Expand Referenced Message

You're referring to the brand name version that Teva markets (i.e. the license they purchased from Shire)? Or their generic? If the former, does Teva manufacture their own generic, or is that also contracted out to a different manufacturer?

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Tiredobnsikntired Says:

It is my understanding, based on personal research for answers that explain the inconsistencies in the effectiveness that there is not a brand name for instant release Adderall. There is only a brand name for extended-release adderall. It appears that multiple manufacturers are producing instant release Adderall including TEVA of course, but there remains to be no brand name or even an authorized generic available for Adderall instant release.

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Sickntiredobnsickntired Says:

TEVA is trash now. I have taken a 20 mg. IR for 15 years. The lack of regulation by the FDA, the very ones that are suppose to protect us...has led to inconsistent quality in generic prescriptions. Based on my research, please anyone correct me if I'm wrong (I'm hopeful I am) there is no brand name or even an authorized generic available for generic adderall IR. Only the extended release is available with a brand name, which I believe is still Shire. I am a consumer and patient that has had enough.

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James Says:

Re: Frank (# 6) Expand Referenced Message

This is a great question.

Based on my research, Barr Pharmaceuticals manufactures it for Teva who distributes it,

As to whether this is Generic or Brand, I am not sure

I believe that Duramed Pharmaceuticals places a role (thus the dp)

I could have what I stated “in reverse” or, could be wrong about both—
By that I mean Teva may both manufacture and distribute.

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