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SarahAda Says:

I have had two refills of Adderall 20 mg that was manufactured by Teva/barr (Teva) and it seems to have much less medication in each pill. Refills by another manufacturer work. This is ridiculous, and where do we report Teva and who can check each pill for amount for medication? I would gladly donate some of my worthless ones to the FDA?

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SarahAda Says:

Actually, I am not alone in my complaint. I have found multiple web sites with the same complaint and Teva admits that the generic has very different components. I am filing with FDA, Teva, etc. When it does not work, it is a severe problem for those of us who need our meds to work. Thanks for your response. I will never take teva generic again, and my pharmacy is going to work with me, as well as my MD.

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SarahAda Says:

Another problem, beside not working (unable to stay on task, etc, ) I also have severe heart tachycardia with this. It is the ONLY brand that does this. TEVA needs to look at their formulation. Something is wrong and they are cheating the patient and putting us in danger.

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Anon Says:

I am glad I'm not the only one who notices this, Teva literally is a waste of money and energy. Gave me nothing but anxiety. Those 20mg pills are worthless..

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Verwon Says:

You'd have to report any complaints to the FDA, at 888-INFO-FDA.

However, there may not actually be anything to report. They do allow generic medications to differ from the name brands, in the amount of the active ingredient, by up to plus or minus 20%. This is considered an acceptable therapeutic window.

For most people, these differences don't cause any problems, but if someone is sensitive to medications, it means that one with a slightly lower amount may not work as well for them, as the one they were previously taking.

Even if you were on a generic before, they aren't required to measure against each other, just the name brand, so there can be differences from one generic to another.

The best thing you can do is ask your pharmacy if they can order the other one in for you.

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brian Says:

I used to take the Teva generic Adderall and recently switched to the Barr/Teva brand Adderall. There is definitely a noticeable difference, don't let people tell you "they are exactly the same" bulls***. I tested the generic on my roommate who does not take stimulants. The results: He did not notice any effects from taking a 10mg tab which should elicit some kind of euphoria/side effect. His reference is a generic Ritalin that I used to take before switching to Adderall. There has to be some sort of (illegal) quality control issue with these medications. I have read countless other forms of people having the same issues. I study biochemistry at the university and have been tempted to test these tablets in the lab to determine the actual concentrations of amphetamine.

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K Says:

Re: Nick87 (# 1069) Expand Referenced Message

It’s highly unlikely that the manufacturing will change any time soon. Just because they bought the entire company doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll go change every formula/production operation at every site that was previously owned by teva.

On a side note, there was a mass adderall shortage in the Midwest in February and March, and since then, multiple people and myself have noticed a massive decrease in the efficacy of the teva brand. I’ve also had the brand that just bought teva, and the efficacy of those things is s*** even compared to the (most likely) cut teva brand adderall.

There hasn’t been an FDA inspection in over a year, and even when they do come...they don’t actually test the products for accuracy. They simply rely on the data reports produced by the company. So they’re basically unregulated, and in addition to the massive shortage recently....there’s no way in hell we’re all crazy. The pills f***ing suck. Big pharma is just a giant drug dealer, cutting their supply.

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Kim Says:

Teva is crap! 20 mg ir is not controlling any of my symptoms and I am experiencing heart palpitations.

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Moses in TEXAS Says:

To say the least .....
Yes ! It's takes 7 Cor generic Adderalls to equal 1 NAME BRAND ADDERALL , and then you still can't get the qaility feeling that the
NAME BRAND ADDERALL PROVIDES ....., I can't take more than two 20mg NAME BRAND ADDERALLS , I DONT NEED ANYMORE, I DONT WANT ANYMORE , but COR Generic I can take 5 aday
and still sleep well at night , I new better , but I let pharmacy tell me and talk me into what he said was a good generic Adderall , I see that the
Generic Adderall went from BAD TO WORSE , never again , the difference for me and name brand Adderall and Generic is like night and
day . Those of them say anything good about generic Addderal simply
have never had the NAME BRAND so they don't know the difference ,
if all you had was sewer water to drink all of your life , and you never
had fresh water , then if your thirsty certainley that sewer water would
taste great . Cheers everybody , Bottoms up ! to those that never had the NAME BRAND , what you don't know won't hurt you .......

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Maria aka Riialicious Says:

Wow i can't believe I'm not the only one who noticed this. I was diagnosed with ADD when i was 15 (I'm 24 now) I'm no where near hyper but I am EASILY distracted, I forget everything, I'm just not functional without my medication ....... I'm 2010 i stopped taking my medication because I was pregnant in 2011 I was breastfeeding and then in late 2012 i went back to college and began taking it again .... my doctor always put barr/teva only on my scripts but i never payed attention to it... anyway , i noticed that the medication wasn't helping me... not even a little bit, .... i told my doctor over and over and he just put me on anti-depressants and kept changing my diet ..... I was dropped from my classes, messing up at work and i even started getting sores in and around my mouth......

Well my psy recently went through a huge legal suit and retired in October so my family doctor filled a one time emergency script...... but this time the manufacturer is Corepharma &&& OMG IT F***ING WORKS.

excuse my language but after a YEAR of complaining i am totally stoked....... I'm upset that my life turned upside down during this experience but stoked that it wasn't just me or my body .... it was the manufacturers .... never again will i use Teva

OHHHH and let me add that i was on two 30 mg pills a day..... then switched to two 30 mg XRs then back

I just filled the perscription yesterday and I only took two 10mg corpharma pills and I feel fine (My family doc had to perscribe three 10mg twice a day and not two 30mg)

I know this is way off topic but how is it that the "Same medication" could affect so many people like this? Are they trying to trick us? I honestly feel like barr/teva should be responsible for getting me kicked out of college. Their product was supposed to help my disability not make it worse!

id love to hear similar stories!

{edited for privacy}

- Maria C.

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joe Says:

Re: BlessedLady (# 1118) Expand Referenced Message

Sorry but when you have been taking the same meds for 20 years and your med company sells this product to another company and it no longer works, this has nothing to do with your body, it's all about profit. I have had this happen to me not once but twice.

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sarah ada Says:

Verwon, thanks and that is what I did, I complained formally to the FDA andto TEVA/Barr. The Barr brand worked find until TEVA bought them out. They use something in the TEVABARR mix that works less well on ADD and causes a rapid heart rate. FDA has not responded.
With that said, I can take the Corepharma brand. It works well WHEN my pharmacy can get it. I have also had to pay out the wazoo to use Adderal (non-generic) when Corepharma is not available.
Giving the drug maker a 20% either way window is nuts, but it figures. Teva said they could also use different formulations, so different combinations of things. People just need to be aware. For me, the tachycardia and shortness of breath secondaryto tachy was not fun. I could not do anything. Again thank you, and others need to know.

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I have read about every post since July, and have felt better just knowing I didn’t have a serious medical problem. I don’t keep up with the economic situation, the medicines I take, nor the manufacturer when I pick up my prescription each month. All I know is for 15 years it has had the same effect for me, no difference until August last year. I noticed the 2 30mgs didn’t seem to be working like they always have. In September it got worse and I started feeling nauseous all day. And my appetite has increased dramatically, like I was pregnant. I knew that wasn’t possible. In October it got worse along with feeling like I couldn’t hold my eyes open, sleep at 8:00pm, felt exhausted the next day, and when awake I would randomly have to stop in my tracks to “throw up” but only dry heave... my daughter who is only 10 was so worried begging me to go to the doctor. So I did, I had a full panel blood work done, a full physical, and evaluated for depression. I am a very outgoing person with a demanding job, I knew I wasn’t depressed, however I was put on anti depressants. I took my doctors word and tried them and that didn’t work. Money wasted and time wasted. Then I switched to Vyvanse. It helped a little bit not like it should. The cost for that was $289/month after insurance. That obviously wasn’t a viable option so I went back to the generic Teva Adderall. This past weekend I had had enough, call my doctor and asked for 1 week of the Brand (not knowing Teva actually bought the patient). I was reluctant to take it, being the same manufacturer but I did. And OMG, I felt myself again.... like I actually took my meds not a puke, sleep, make me hungry pill! Then I got to thinking... this makes perfect sense... Teva bought the patient to the brand and is now producing both medications, well if they make the generic as s***ty as possible people will eventually give up and find a way to switch, knowing that there’s no comparable to the “real Adderall” on the market right now. Hence, forcing the brand which is 7x the cost of the generic. Their pockets are 7x heavier. I have consulted with a lawyer and he is researching my options. When I say I have been living in hell, he’ll is a good word for what I been living in. That generic made me not want to live anymore... I can’t count the times I have said I wish I was dead! This is not me, and never has been. The medicine, the vitamins, the antidepressants, the doctor all the time, the constant feeling of incompetence... that’s been my life for almost 7 months all for what?? Someone else to get rich off my suffering. I’m suing for pain and suffering if I can. I challenge everyone to get your doctor to write you 5 days of the brand only and see the difference. And if you see the same difference I would say this is a intentional conspiracy, which I will be sending to the FDA after my lawyer gets all the info together for me. I agree, bulls*** and getting worse.

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Steve Says:

Anyone who has been on this brand of generic adderall and who has noticed that it has made them gain weight, I want to tell you about my experience with this. Teva (adderall) seems to be effecting my thyroid function. To the point that I was extremely hypothyroid. TSH was almost at .50. hypothyroid will cause rapid weight gain and fluid retention. You will feel a little "sick" in the mind. It is just an uneasy and unpleasant feeling.These manufacturers of the generics get their drug precursors from China. Heavy metals effects thyroid function. They suppress the thyroid. And...what exactly was China putting into (a bunch) of their products? Say it with me....Lead.

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Nancy Says:

I've written the FDA twice complaining about Teva generic medications. Both times, they allowed Teva to investigate. The FDA webpage states that generics must work as well as their brand name counterparts. Like most Federal Agencies, the FDA is not doing it's job. There should be a congressional investigation into the poor performance of the FDA and they should be forced to prove, by tests other than the manufacturer's tests, that these drugs work. Then they all should be fired when they can't do so.

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Martine Says:

Re: CRWTRL (# 602) Expand Referenced Message

Thank you for posting! I'm sorry for you and anyone else who has shared in this nightmare experience. My worst ever experience was with Mallinckrodt generic brand of Adderall 20 in Oct 2017 Now here it is March 2018 and Teva is bamboozling me. With Mallinckrodt my symptoms were a living hell/violent nightmare: vomiting, constant migraine like headaches, irritability, brain fog, confusion, racing nonsensical thoughts, depression, lethargy, self harming (insane frustration led to slapping myself to attention when I lost my keys, gathered paperwork for kids school etc..). My mindset quickly slid into a s*** alley gutter where I was overtaken with distortions, depression, misery and despair. Poisoned by a "bad batch" of who knows what; my mind decided the following: If I have to live life as a half wit, and can't contribute to society, I may as well suicide to end the never ending shame of being an unproductive burden to society etc.. I felt isolated and alone. Of course to be surrounded (at work) by Spock people whose brains aren't poisoned just tightened the noose on this sad cycle of shame. Suddenly everyone seemed to possess laser like acuity and focus in all circumstances, where I "didn't get it" I felt like and anxious alien with a waning oxygen supply. (VENT).

So anywho... I tried to report Mallinckrodt to the FDA which didn't connect me to any solution and no person from the FDA spoke to me, I just filled out some forms and that was that. To me the FDA proved to be another infinitely wadded up s***ball of red tape an unreachable and farcical joke of an operation. When I first filled my prescription and swallowed the poison, I had an instant crashing headache followed by violent vomiting. I thought i had the flu! But it was not the flu. I called my pharmacy and nurse practitioner for help and wasted my precious time on a useless pursuit. I was "shamed" by the Nurse Practitioner who prescribes my script, then I was "shamed" and actually "taunted" at by the pharmacist. CVS treated me as some kind of common criminal as I reported my adverse reactions to a prescription purchased at their pharmacy? I thought I was doing us all a favor and trying to problem solve with information that might help others avoid pain and suffering! I am a very articulate and calm person, I do not yell or talk nonsense etc.. I was treated as if a raving lunatic for standing up for myself and telling them how horribly wrong I'd reacted to this generic brand? Do we not all have a right to decent prescribed medicine?

It'd be great to sue them! Here I sit (this very minute) sick and feeling depressed on Teva. My last two months before this current script seemed o.k., but that was likely due to Teva not starting to use horrible ingredients yet. OMG - I cannot afford the brand but I have taken it and noticed a marked difference! Perhaps we should think about legal action? Is that even possible? Best of luck to you and all who suffer at the hands of these greedy, deceitful, thieving miscreants. I wish justice could be served. What words do we use to convey the message if we cannot prove they've poisoned us? If those of us who have suffered are ignored how can we prove it? Big Pharma is 100% guilty of reprehensible criminal violations that effect all us and chip away at our human dignity. Why be relegated to discredited exile? How do we get this out in the open? They just deny it!

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2tired2 Says:

Re: Amethyst (# 698) Expand Referenced Message

I also take the ineffective generic adderall mfg. by Teva. (20mg IR) Walgreens started filling my scripts with the Teva brand during what I like to call the "Adderall Prohibition". Based on my research (which is ongoing due to vast & contradictory info. on this subject) I see endless complaints dating back from 2011-12 to current regarding the ineffectiveness & inconsistency of quality with generic Adderall IR. I too, have filed a complaint with the FDA as I've seen hundreds have done before me. Yet, despite these complaints from all over the nation being reported to the FDA for YEARS now there has been no action from the FDA and absolutely no steps taken whatsoever to address and correct the problem. To date, correct me if I'm wrong...there is not a single "authorized generic" available for Adderall IR according to the FDA list of Authorized Generics. Adderall XR however has an A.G. avail. from Shire. Whom I think it's safe to say we all wish were still mgf. IR as well.

From what I've read, the mfg. of generic Adderall IR is NOT regulated as I believe the term "regulated" is supposed to mean. It is not monitored regularly to ensure the product being dispensed to patients is satisfactory on therapeutic levels. Even with the allowance of % differences between brand name & generic there should NOT be a difference in effectiveness that compares to one taking Morphine vs. a multivitamin to treat severe pain.

For those of you that want to pitch in here with your theories of tolerance being the problem. Please, give me a break while you go away. I was diagnosed at 10 yrs. old with ADHD. I have tried every medication available through the years and I have taken Adderall well over 15+ years. It has always been consistently effective for me until the past few years when it has become more and more inconsistent and most frequently completely ineffective. If it was an issue of tolerance, it would have come years and years ago. Especially given that I have a naturally high tolerance to everything. I have yet to have general anesthesia for a surgery that I don't wake up mid-way through the procedure. I know my body and it is NOT tolerance.

I know I am not the only one fed the F up with this bulls*** & no one standing up for our rights and our health concerns. The FDA sure isn't doing anything about it. The doctors and pharmacists aren't joining together to do anything about it. So who do we go to for help??? On the FDA website it defines the other gov't agencies and what they are responsible for overseeing also. The DEA states it "works to enforce the controlled substances laws & regulations of the United States". Including "the manufacturing, distribution, and dispensing of legally produced controlled substances." Really??? That's news to me because all I've seen is the DEA concerned with preventing chronic pain sufferers adequate relief from the diseases they suffer from. When did it become their right to act like drug counselors or speak for the people with chronic pain resulting from proven, documented diseases??? How about some of that focus be put on mfg's like TEVA??? How about we, the patients become a priority and these goons that manufacturer generic drugs actually be regulated and be held accountable?

What can we do to stop the neglect and complete lack of care that is affecting the quality of our daily lives? Please, give me your feedback. Let's band together and make it happen!

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BobH Says:

Re: GodIzGood (# 720) Expand Referenced Message

It doesn’t mean Ashley is addicted. It does mean that, for an individual with ADHD, life without the proper medication is difficult. One goes from a daily routine of accomplishing ones tasks one by one to being almost overwhelmed by ALL the tasks that need to be accomplished. Because everything cannot be done at once it results in extreme procrastination with the result that nothing gets done. It is pretty depressing when you can get nothing done. I call it the “sink full of dishes” syndrome.

You look at the dishes to be washed and you don’t know where to begin. Intellectually you know you just clean them one by one but with ADD it looks like an overwhelming task. It really does take a supreme effort of willpower to simply do the dishes - plus the lawn has to be mown, the laundry needs doing and the bills need to be paid. Oh, and what about weeding the backyard, and the car needs an oil change and when’s the inspection due? I should really clean the kitchen of course! That’s ADHD for me - and I’m in my sixties. (Of course I have ADD - I’m too old for the “H” part!!)

That’s just normal life until you’re diagnosed and get the right meds. If you don't get the meds for whatever reason going back to your old “normal” is pretty damned depressing.

So it’s not addictive withdrawal symptoms we’re talking about it’s the sudden inability to conduct your life as you know you can. Telling anyone to stop taking any prescribed medication is a very dangerous thing. I hope this helps you better understand the nature of ADHD.

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Tom Says:

What the hell is in these pills? Is there any amphetamine at all?????

When I take a teva 20mg pill now, I get loads of sweating, acid reflux and headaches with NO focus or motivation. Also I'm hungry all the time and I've gained like 20 pounds in the last 6-7 months because of this new teva orange pill

Sometimes I think there's no amphetamine at all in this pill! I'm getting all the bad side effects with no benefit at all! It feels like I'm taking lots of caffeine with this thing.

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momS Says:

Thanks for info. I take generic Adderal because of severe traumatic brain injury. I have noticed differences and thought it was just brain injury...every day is different and I will never know how long it will take for med to work If it works at all! Now I know to check where it came from...that gives me some hope that life might get better! THANK YOU

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sarah ada Says:

wanted to say, yes, they allow difference, but NOT drugs that are harmful. The FDA needs to know about problems. TevaBarr will not do anything, so we have to HOPE that the FDA gets enough complaints about rapid heart rate. THAT is a bad thing for people and dangerous, depending on your health. I have a TBI, but heart is still good. Again no probs until TEVA bought out the Barr company and it became TEVABARR. There is something wrong wiht their makeup of med.....they are cheap or maybe using caffeine for an ingredient. LOL

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