Adderall Manufactured By Teva Not Working

SarahAda Says:

I have had two refills of Adderall 20 mg that was manufactured by Teva/barr (Teva) and it seems to have much less medication in each pill. Refills by another manufacturer work. This is ridiculous, and where do we report Teva and who can check each pill for amount for medication? I would gladly donate some of my worthless ones to the FDA?

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Verwon Says:

You'd have to report any complaints to the FDA, at 888-INFO-FDA.

However, there may not actually be anything to report. They do allow generic medications to differ from the name brands, in the amount of the active ingredient, by up to plus or minus 20%. This is considered an acceptable therapeutic window.

For most people, these differences don't cause any problems, but if someone is sensitive to medications, it means that one with a slightly lower amount may not work as well for them, as the one they were previously taking.

Even if you were on a generic before, they aren't required to measure against each other, just the name brand, so there can be differences from one generic to another.

The best thing you can do is ask your pharmacy if they can order the other one in for you.

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SarahAda Says:

Actually, I am not alone in my complaint. I have found multiple web sites with the same complaint and Teva admits that the generic has very different components. I am filing with FDA, Teva, etc. When it does not work, it is a severe problem for those of us who need our meds to work. Thanks for your response. I will never take teva generic again, and my pharmacy is going to work with me, as well as my MD.

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momS Says:

Thanks for info. I take generic Adderal because of severe traumatic brain injury. I have noticed differences and thought it was just brain injury...every day is different and I will never know how long it will take for med to work If it works at all! Now I know to check where it came from...that gives me some hope that life might get better! THANK YOU

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SarahAda Says:

Thanks for your response. I also take it due to a TBI. I notice a BIG difference in the meds. At first I thought I was needing a new dose, but it is clearly the medication. Thanks.

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SarahAda Says:

Another problem, beside not working (unable to stay on task, etc, ) I also have severe heart tachycardia with this. It is the ONLY brand that does this. TEVA needs to look at their formulation. Something is wrong and they are cheating the patient and putting us in danger.

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Moon Says:

I have graves disease. My thyroid was removed and I now depend on thyroid medication. Long and short, I have not been the same. Symptoms of ADD and narcolepsy made my life miserable, and so, for many years now I have been helped by dextroamphetimine,15 mg, brown and clear capsules by Barr. My last prescription had brown and clear capsules with the 956
Barr writing, but somehow they looked different. I didn't have any of the old ones to compare, but I did see the company written on the bottle was Teva, not Barr. OK. It has now been 2 weeks using the Teva meds, questioning myself about how I was taking them etc. because their effect is minimal. I can sleep taking 15 mg. and cannot stay awake past 12 hours taking one every 3 hours. I went to the internet and am happy to find I am not crazy, that the Teva capsules are more thanM likely poor quality. But, this is a struggle dealing with a what? And always a hassle with my doctor.

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sarah ada Says:

I am sorry that you are having problems. I had to switch to a generic adderal made by corepharma. The TEVA/BARR brand cont to cause tachycardia and I could not stay on task. THe rapid heart beat or tachycardia was the worst, but it was also frustating because I just did not feel like the tablets (orange, the short acting version) were working. I have reported my problems with heart rate to the FDA and they are investigating. Also Teva/Barr is aware, and they get very defensive, not helpful, etc. THIS month, no corepharma brand avail, but pharmacy would get real adderal and I had to pay for that, a lot to use the non-generic, and my physician had to write "dispense" as written. It cost me a bloody fortune, but it works, and no rapid heart rate. Try to ask your ppharmcy for the corepharma brand.

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sarah ada Says:

Verwon, thanks and that is what I did, I complained formally to the FDA andto TEVA/Barr. The Barr brand worked find until TEVA bought them out. They use something in the TEVABARR mix that works less well on ADD and causes a rapid heart rate. FDA has not responded.
With that said, I can take the Corepharma brand. It works well WHEN my pharmacy can get it. I have also had to pay out the wazoo to use Adderal (non-generic) when Corepharma is not available.
Giving the drug maker a 20% either way window is nuts, but it figures. Teva said they could also use different formulations, so different combinations of things. People just need to be aware. For me, the tachycardia and shortness of breath secondaryto tachy was not fun. I could not do anything. Again thank you, and others need to know.

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sarah ada Says:

wanted to say, yes, they allow difference, but NOT drugs that are harmful. The FDA needs to know about problems. TevaBarr will not do anything, so we have to HOPE that the FDA gets enough complaints about rapid heart rate. THAT is a bad thing for people and dangerous, depending on your health. I have a TBI, but heart is still good. Again no probs until TEVA bought out the Barr company and it became TEVABARR. There is something wrong wiht their makeup of med.....they are cheap or maybe using caffeine for an ingredient. LOL

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brian Says:

I used to take the Teva generic Adderall and recently switched to the Barr/Teva brand Adderall. There is definitely a noticeable difference, don't let people tell you "they are exactly the same" bulls***. I tested the generic on my roommate who does not take stimulants. The results: He did not notice any effects from taking a 10mg tab which should elicit some kind of euphoria/side effect. His reference is a generic Ritalin that I used to take before switching to Adderall. There has to be some sort of (illegal) quality control issue with these medications. I have read countless other forms of people having the same issues. I study biochemistry at the university and have been tempted to test these tablets in the lab to determine the actual concentrations of amphetamine.

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Kim Says:

Teva is crap! 20 mg ir is not controlling any of my symptoms and I am experiencing heart palpitations.

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Anon Says:

I am glad I'm not the only one who notices this, Teva literally is a waste of money and energy. Gave me nothing but anxiety. Those 20mg pills are worthless..

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Moses in TEXAS Says:

To say the least .....
Yes ! It's takes 7 Cor generic Adderalls to equal 1 NAME BRAND ADDERALL , and then you still can't get the qaility feeling that the
NAME BRAND ADDERALL PROVIDES ....., I can't take more than two 20mg NAME BRAND ADDERALLS , I DONT NEED ANYMORE, I DONT WANT ANYMORE , but COR Generic I can take 5 aday
and still sleep well at night , I new better , but I let pharmacy tell me and talk me into what he said was a good generic Adderall , I see that the
Generic Adderall went from BAD TO WORSE , never again , the difference for me and name brand Adderall and Generic is like night and
day . Those of them say anything good about generic Addderal simply
have never had the NAME BRAND so they don't know the difference ,
if all you had was sewer water to drink all of your life , and you never
had fresh water , then if your thirsty certainley that sewer water would
taste great . Cheers everybody , Bottoms up ! to those that never had the NAME BRAND , what you don't know won't hurt you .......

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Sophia Says:

You know I took generic cylexa and Walgreens switched to generic made by TEVA That s*** made me want to punch people in the throat. Now I get it filled at cvs.

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James Says:

I have noticed that the Corepharma version of generic Adderall
has improved.... I once thought it was very weak...Things have changed,
and I think it is because Corepharma has been under duress by the FDA.

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Adrian Says:

I have had issues with Teva and prefer Barr. I have called many pharmacies with no luck. I have express scripts and they take care of my medication coverage. I called them and let them know that I rather use the generic xr version from Barr. They had me ask my Dr for a new prescription specifying that I only receive my medication from Barr labs as a manufacturer. I have to mail it to express scripts and they will process as a special order and mail the medication to me directly.

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Twowheelexpress Says:

I have been taking generic adderall for about six years. For the last couple of years I did not pay much attention to which brand and simply had my script filled at Walgrens. Whatever they had, I took. Just by happenstance I had my script filled for July at CVS. I was taking 15mg tabs and they filled in with Melenckrot generic. I immediately felt much better. Attention picked up and mental clarity improved greatly. I thought it was the change in brand but was not totally sure. August rolled around and the CVS pharmacy was out of Adderall completely. Not thinking much about it, I stopped in Walgrens and had the script filled. Teva brand tablets. As soon as I started taking them I fell back into the ADD thing. Fuzzy thinking. No focus. Ect. Ok, so round three starting today. Got my script a few days ago. Went to the same CVS I originally went to. They were out of Adderall. I got on the phone and called around. Found another CVS in a nearby town. Went there and they filled the script with Aurobindo brand generic. When I looked at the bottle I was extremely discouraged but paid the bill and left. That was ten hours ago. Hats off to Aurobindo, whoever they are. I feel alive again. I will never accept Teva brand again. They have wasted a lot of my time and money with their substandard product.

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JoJo Says:

Started with core pans this month received Teva. SUCKS, doesn't control any symptoms of ADD , but I can't breath at all, heart is way out of wack, and my mouth is so dry I can't stand it. Never again will I get my meds from teva!

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Maria aka Riialicious Says:

Wow i can't believe I'm not the only one who noticed this. I was diagnosed with ADD when i was 15 (I'm 24 now) I'm no where near hyper but I am EASILY distracted, I forget everything, I'm just not functional without my medication ....... I'm 2010 i stopped taking my medication because I was pregnant in 2011 I was breastfeeding and then in late 2012 i went back to college and began taking it again .... my doctor always put barr/teva only on my scripts but i never payed attention to it... anyway , i noticed that the medication wasn't helping me... not even a little bit, .... i told my doctor over and over and he just put me on anti-depressants and kept changing my diet ..... I was dropped from my classes, messing up at work and i even started getting sores in and around my mouth......

Well my psy recently went through a huge legal suit and retired in October so my family doctor filled a one time emergency script...... but this time the manufacturer is Corepharma &&& OMG IT F***ING WORKS.

excuse my language but after a YEAR of complaining i am totally stoked....... I'm upset that my life turned upside down during this experience but stoked that it wasn't just me or my body .... it was the manufacturers .... never again will i use Teva

OHHHH and let me add that i was on two 30 mg pills a day..... then switched to two 30 mg XRs then back

I just filled the perscription yesterday and I only took two 10mg corpharma pills and I feel fine (My family doc had to perscribe three 10mg twice a day and not two 30mg)

I know this is way off topic but how is it that the "Same medication" could affect so many people like this? Are they trying to trick us? I honestly feel like barr/teva should be responsible for getting me kicked out of college. Their product was supposed to help my disability not make it worse!

id love to hear similar stories!

{edited for privacy}

- Maria C.

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Kim Says:

Teva's generic Adderall is fine. It meets orange book specifics.

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RJ Says:

Has anyone who has taken Adderall IR or Generic Adderall IR
at relatively high doses (60MG) for narcolepsy OR ADHD for an extended period of time noticed significant changes in your skin,
specifically with wound healing?

I have noticed that even small ulcers and / or skin lesions fail to
heal commensurate with my overall health - which is excellent.

I can't (necessarily) find this side effect in the prescribing information, and I do take other medications that could be causing this....but this drug, because it reduces blood flow, is my best guess at the cause.

If anyone has experienced wounds that fail to heal in a manner that they should and you meet the criteria above (extended time of usage at rather higher dosages) would you be kind enough to respond to this inquiry here -- as I am wondering if this is a common occurrence

Thanks to all who respond!

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stephen e Says:

Re: Dakota (# 1350) Expand Referenced Message

oh my gosh!! you have NO idea how relieving it is to see someone experience the same thing as me. everyone was telling me that i couldn't get them only from antidepressants. i only experienced them after this new batch of teva.

they are better now after six weeks though i do still have waves of them daily and yes, it does feel similar to vertigo when i am trying to sleep or leaning on the couch! they are stronger after eating. hoping it'll clear up by march at least.. planning to try again on a much smaller dose after the shortage is over.

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TimmyTruth1 Says:

Re: Rcma (# 1352) Expand Referenced Message

This sounds literally so creepy.....

You should not being using adderall to try to feel high and you do everyone who actually needs the medicine a horrific disservice.

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Rcma Says:

Re: Cheri (# 1351) Expand Referenced Message

Interested to know your take on Aurobindo. I won't prejudice you with my experience, but of all generics, AURO stood out for me but I will wait on revealing its effect.

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Cheri Says:

I've been taking Teva the last 6 months. Before that , other generics that weren't consistent. I'm glad that I started late in life bc I have 47 years pre-adderall to compare it to. When I first took Teva I was like, this is what adderall is supposed to feel like. By the second bottle it ended up being unpredictable. Before addy I was super forgetful and easily distracted but I had clean sustained energy and stable moods. Now after 17 mo being on generic adderall, I feel up then down, sharp then dull. Tried Dexedrine and it made me tired. Picked up my script today and it's Aurobindo. So if this is just as unpredictable as the rest, I'm going to wean myself off of this. It's not worth the inconsistency!!!

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Dakota Says:

Re: stephen e (# 1345) Expand Referenced Message

Stopping Adderall does that to me too with the brain zaps, usually it happens when I lay down and start to fall asleep, it can last for a couple months after stopping, I read that it's just the changes in dopamine in the brain or something, it did stop with me after a month or two, whats weird is that depending in the brand, I either get them or don't when I stop.

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Jess Laurel Says:

Re: Optimistic (# 1342) Expand Referenced Message

They have to say that

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Jess Laurel Says:

Re: Optimistic (# 1344) Expand Referenced Message

The manufacturer generic is worth any other manufacturer makes poorer quality products and their generics are worthless. Teva makes a wonderful generic.

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Jess Laurel Says:

That’s amazing that you find TEVA 20 MG so easily . Pharmacy supplies are scarce for the best manufacturer, Teva . The other manufacturers (sun,Abidino,Nortis , and a new generic out of NJ) contain as little as 2 mg of active ingredient per 10 mg

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Barney Says:

I’m having the same problem with my tevas it’s like I didn’t take it

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