When Adderall Stops Working

Emitt Dean Says:

Ive been on Adderall for fifteen years and am on 90 mils a day.I am a serious case of A.D.D with severe learning and cognative problems so when I found adderal . I was able to partially function for the first time in my life like way closer to normal than ever before. Now the drug is usless to me unless I abuse it or for lack of that term . Up my own dose and play doctor .I then run out and become worthless and disabled terribly with lack of energy and major massive suisidal deppression. Im desperate at 50 years old and not be able to find an answer for this . I need help yesterday Does any body have any feedback for this .

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Jenna Says:


I'm so sorry to hear about your situation. Have you ever tried anything besides prescription medication? I have dealt with ADD the majority of my life and have found ways to battle it without medication. There are natural remedies out there for almost every health issue, wouldn't it be nice to not have to chase after medications and just get to the root of the problem? That's just my opinion anyway, I'll link you to a couple pages that offer more information on natural alternatives for ADD. :)




I sure hope this helps!

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DDT Says:

I am 67 have been on adderall for years. Live in South Florida . Now, I can not even call and ask the pharmacy if they have adderall in stock or which generic they dispense . The generic is not the same as brand. I have battled with many side affects, and now the frustration of just trying to fill my prescription for Adderall IS 20mg 3 times per day! Just last weekend Walgreens up near my mom had adderall but would not fill ... I was too far away from where my psychiatrists' office was located !!! The FDA has advised all of the approve to pharmacies . No laws made ..."BUT if we want to keep our pharmaceutical license we better follow FDA's advice." Now the good news! Post Haste Pharmacy stock Adderall generic made by Sandoz !!!

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cat Says:

CHECK THE MANUFACTURER! different companies tweak the components and the medication doesn't work as well bc they put less in each pill!

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NA Says:

you are facing the situation that I amd everyone else on CNS stimulants will face...here is what I know that can help... wean off on an amount so low that you won't know it is even in your system, thereby eliminating cravings for more. take a anxiety medicine with this - not Benzos, preferably a antihistamine of some kind. do this at a dose even as low as 5 Mg. Take this process and do it for as long as you need. it will take me 5 years before my brain returns to baseline dopamine production others - maybe less. you need a break , can u take one? i mean is that conceivable? lmk

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Rocky66 Says:

This is most definitely a big part of the problem. They then have the nerve to charge ridiculous prices for the products. The last time I filled a prescription (2 months ago) it cost me $54.00 cash (I have no insurance). I filled a prescription 2 days ago and it cost me $103.00 cash. Both were for CorePharma Adderall 30mg. There is no excuse for this. They're way beyond using the "... Well the R&D costs were through the roof.." I'm livid, yet there seems to be no recourse. The corrupt business operations of the pharmaceutical industry should by now be obvious to everyone. They have held this country hostage to their greed for so long that I fear many actually believe it's alright.

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Lucy Says:

I TRULY understand how you feel!! Wish these drug companies had to live & suffer like those of us who HONESTLY have a real medical illness!

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Dee Says:

Adderall changed my life to. for the first time in my life I felt normal and could function as I have depression and bipolar and ADD. An extremely helps with depression. I'm very upset myself I have no answers for you I need answers to
They've Crackdown on the opiate epidemic and they should not be messing with the formula of adderal. Really makes you wonder what else they're going to mess with. Please fix this problem if FDA

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Jimiez Says:

Re: Lucy (# 6) Expand Referenced Message

Amen I’m with you. The Pharm companies have have the FDA, along with the entire Govt in their back pockets. I know “Dallas buyers club” is just a movie but it’s close as it gets to being real as real as if you or I have a mental illness.

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Someonewhocares39 Says:

Yeah the meds have majorly changed I noticed Teva generics Also linger when around high levels of EMF and you get fatigue! It’s also the 5G mobile towers created by Israel yet banned in Israel . And guess what Teva generics are Israel. I’ve been studying alternative news for 2.5 years . And pharma has definitely changed, especially when managed medicaid kicked in I’m sure it affects Medicare too. I couldn’t be a dr or pharmacist and be able to live with myself. Also that Indian generic aurobindo is fowl ! I had both my pain meds targeted my Percocet, my Xanax and my adderall . Now I found a natural thing for my pain kratom which isn’t legal in all states so take note of that. But for my add and fatigue caused mostly by high levels of EMF that’s like totally unescapeable things days on a. Fixed budget I’m on Disabilty and in hud Apts .

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Someonewhocares39 Says:

Re: Jenna (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

Right now cause of the environment of high levels of EMF and can’t move yet. I haven’t found anything natural that works. For my pain I found kratom. A lot of us who need Adderall need it for fatigue.

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