Xanax 15 Mg

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xanax 15 mg
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is there a xanax that is 15 mg and that is green? because ive never heard of that before. so someone please help ## Hello, Nikki! How are you? No, there is no Xanax available in that dosage. The maximum dosages of it available are 3mg tablets in the time released version and 2mg tablets in the regular release formulation. This is a benzodiazepine that's most commonly used to treat anxiety and nervous disorders. It carries the risk of being habit forming and could cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, headache and irritability. Is there anything else I can help with? ## Yes, there are xanax in that strength. Has 3 5s, and Mb3, on the other side. GOOGLE HAS ALL THE ANSWERS JUST LOOK UP, PILL IDENTIFICATION WEBSITE ## That is False information there is no 15mg of Xanax the bar... ...
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Thu, Mar 17 '16, 4:28 PM
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ladder shape bar ## small oval yellow pill. xanax possibly 5mg. not sure says 106 s ....... ## I never heard of sa zanax any higher than 2mgls. If there is one higher it would quite likely be from a foreing country. Highest zanax in U.S. is the white or grean 2mlg. I was on a methadone clinic for almost 15 years. Everyone did zanax no pne ever even claimed to have zanax stroger than 2 mlg. ## Clearly we know there is a 3 MG Xanax XR ## Actually the small oval yellows are .5mg..which is a half mg.. ...
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Wed, May 04 '16, 3:00 PM
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i have a xanax bar that is peach in color and breaks into 3 even pieces with a 5 on each one... is this a xanax bar?? if so what type and what it the mg? ## this pill is called buspar it is not a xanax though it does resemble a xanax bar. it is perscribed for people with bad temper problems ## I found a pill in my room and it is a long white pill with GF P-120 what the heck is it?? is it a Xanex it might be but....i don't know?? can u plz. help me?? ## The bar that says 555 on it and can be split in 3 ways is a buspar and is for depression ## i need to identify what my son is taking ## x5665 on one side and the other side has 555 white pill long in shape does anyone know what it is ## Hi Randy, The pill which you are describing (imprint X5665 / 555) is Buspirone 15 mg which is an an... ...
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Sat, Mar 26 '16, 6:18 PM
morphine 15 mg and xanax
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Is it safe to mix these drugs ## Hello, Paap! How are you? They shouldn't be mixed without your doctor's approval. Both of them can cause depression of the central nervous system, which may result in dangerously lowered heart rate and blood pressure. This could cause serious problems for people with me medical conditions, such as heart failure. Both also carry the risk of being habit forming. Is there anything else I can help with? ...
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Wed, Apr 30 '14, 11:23 AM
pictures of 1 mg xanax
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Has the number 718 on it. It's white and oblong with 3 lines in the middle ## Martha, you have what is called Buspar, a different class of medication than a Xanax ## It is, however, also used to treat anxiety, but it must be taken regularly, it doesn't work as needed like Benzodiazepines do. This is a 15mg tablet manufactured by Watson Pharmaceuticals. The FDA lists its typical side effects as possibly including nausea, dizziness and dry mouth. Is there anything else I can help with? ...
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Sat, Dec 26 '15, 1:04 PM
Green Xanax
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I only read the first three posts on this subject and the first thing that popped in my head was......READ YOUR LABEL, in addition every pharmacy I have ever gone gives a very detailed description with each fill. So that makes me wonder if you dont have a prescription..... If you dont and you have never tooken Xanax, 3mg is WAY to much. This medication can very easily become abused. What if the person who responded to your question was just a 15 year old guesssing, ask an expert, ask your doctor and pharmacist. You need to know more about what your taking. ITS A HUGE RISK. just my opinion, not trying to be rude at all, It just sounds scary that you dont know which mg tab you have. Take Care and Best Wishes. :) ## Marie, in the future, if you'd like to respond to someone's post, ... ...
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Thu, Sep 19 '13, 3:16 PM
Librium vs Xanax
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I just got some Librium they have Barr 159 on them. I was just curious as to if anyone knows what the equvilant of one of these Librium pills would be to the mg of a Xanax. Thanks!! ## Hello, Even though Librium and Xanax are used to treat the same ailments and are in the same drug class, they are still two different medications that are formulated in two different ways. Since these medications effect everyone differently, there is really no way to justify an equivalent dose of Librium to create the same result as taking Xanax. An equivalent dose for one person could also be an overdose for someone else. Hopefully that makes sense. ## I agree with Jenna on the Librium vs. Xanax question. Librium is in my opinion much stronger than xanax for me even at the high dose of xanax vs. Low dose... ...
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Tue, Jul 04 '17, 7:38 AM
Taking Soma 350mg, Xanax 2mg and Oxycodone 15mg 4 time/day
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My doctor has recently become hesitant to give me Soma with the combined drugs and wants me to use a different Muscle Relaxer. Is there a new law coming to NY to prevent doctors from prescribing the three drugs together? I fave severe spinal stenosis at multiple levels and two herniated discs causing chronic pain, ## Be careful as you don't want your Xanax or Oxycodone compromised as well. Many Doctors do not like prescribing SOMA which has little therapeutic quality. You can live with a different muscle relaxer while the other medicine can cause serious withdrawal problems. ## My bf has taken soma 350mg, klonopin 1mg and an ir 30 mg, plus drank about 4 beers. Do I need to worry about an overdose? ...
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Fri, Mar 31 '17, 12:49 AM
is this a fake xanax
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It's white rectangle with four lines, one side is blank, other side says G3722. It looks fake to me ... please let me know something. ## Hi kayla, Based on the description provided, I've identified your white rectangular pill as generic Alprazolam (2 mg); also known as Xanax. Manufacturer: Greenstone Limited National Drug Code (NDC): 59762-3722 Size: 15.00 mm Alprazolam is primarily used to treat moderate to severe anxiety disorders (e.g., social anxiety disorder) and panic attacks, and is used as an adjunctive treatment for anxiety associated with moderate depression. You can learn more about this drug on the page for Alprazolam Details I hope this helps! ...
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Tue, Jun 25 '13, 1:20 AM
what is 7.5 mg clorazepate equivalent to xanax
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I get a script of 60 of the 7.5 mgs of tranxene (clorazapate) and I need a doc or a professional in the pharmaceutical to give me a correct answer because my doc doesn't like giving out the really strong benzos and says she's hesitate to up my dosage to 15mgs and the 7.5 don't work I gotta take four or five just to relieve a lil bit so I'm just curious bcuz a zanny Barr usually does the trick sometime two just depends. So, please I need help to know the equivalence from the 7.5 to any mgs of Xanax. Thanks please reply ASAP! ## Hello, Wade! How are you? Yes, this is a very mild one. Each 7.5mg dosage of it is equivalent to only 0.25mgs of Xanax/Alprazolam. The FDA warns that this medication carries the risk of being habit forming and could cause side effects, such as naus... ...
Updated 2 years ago in Clorazepate.
Tue, Nov 17 '15, 2:43 PM
oxycodone 15mg and xanax 1 mg need a dr in Virginia that will prescribe them to me.
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I have Cervical stenosis and thoracic disk bulging and RA is also see on Xray which seems its beyond repair no surgery due to curvature of neck and thoracic along with 3 lumbar and Heart Problems all say no surgery i couldn't handle it nor would it be possible to repair. Im taking Neurotin Right now but I need my meds back and keep getting turned down please if you know a DR here or near by please help me out I am willing to drive if its sure that Ill get them my body couldn't handle a long Drive with no help for this Pain. Im 44 I dont think I should be bed bound, whats wrong with the DRS? Not wanting to give people a life. Would Rather See them in Bed Getting Blood Clots! :-( ## Hello,. Shelly! I'm sorry that you're so miserable. Unfortunately, it's no longer all i... ...
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Sat, Jun 24 '17, 9:35 PM
taking xanax and trazadone 150 same time to sleep
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Is it safe 2mg of xanax spaced apart by two hours and trazadone ## 2 mg is a large dose at a single time but generally yes it is safe to take the two together, preferably at night ...
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Sun, May 31 '15, 5:30 PM
xanax 500 milogram purple
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are these used as sleeping pills? ## Well, first off, there IS NO 500mgs Xanax on the market! Yes, it is occasionally used as a sleep aid. From the color, I cannot tell you what this is or what the dosage is. Can you please post back with the imprint from the tablet? ## no such pill exists especially when the most commonly prescribed form is .5 mg and a typical o d rate is 10 to 15 mg ## Xanax comes in strengths of 0.25, 0.5, 1, and 2 mg. ## it's called a purple coffin and it will put you out for four days. ## Yes, I had them in the early 90, trust me 4 days, no hole joke ## have purple xanax , scored on one side, on the other it says INTERDRUGS across the top w/ a 1.0 under that in the middle. I am pretty sure they r real but what I worry about is if there is anything else in these... ...
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Thu, Sep 25 '14, 7:44 AM
picture of generic 0 5 xanax
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White totem shaped pill m/63 on one side scored into 3 parts 5/5/5 on the other ## M 63 (Atenolol and chlorthalidone 50 mg / 25 mg) ## Hello, Davis4! How are you? The tablet with the marking MB3 5 5 5 is manufactured by Mylan Pharmaceuticals and they list it as containing 15mgs of Buspirone. The FDA classifies this as an anti-anxiety medication. Its typical side effects may possibly include nausea, dizziness, dry mouth and headache. Is there anything else I can help with? ...
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Mon, Oct 19 '15, 2:49 PM
bupropn hlc 150 mg
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Will this medicine give me Entergy are make me sleeping ? Will this medicine cut my appit. ## Hello, Tabs! How are you? The FDA classifies Bupropion as an antidepressant that can also aid in smoking cessation. It may not actually give you energy, but it does elevate mood, which could seem to add it. Its typical side effects may possibly include nausea, dizziness, headache, insomnia, nervousness and dry mouth. And it could go either way regarding its effect on your appetite. Is there anything else I can help with? ## I accidentally took two of the bupropn150 mg today. I'm out of town and didn't have them marked. Should I be concerned? I also took a Xanax! ...
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Mon, Aug 24 '15, 9:50 AM
has anyone seen an oval 15 mg percocet oxycodone that looks similar to xanax. does this exist
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Does this exist? Sin was buying them. I'm scared she may be getting herself into something far more dangerous. Always fear meds I've not been able to locate on the internet w/ an image. ## Hello, Sophie! How are you? Are there any markings on it? That is what would enable them to be identified for you. But to clear something up, there is no 15mg Percocet. Percocet contains Oxycodone with Acetaminophen and it is only available in a maximum dosage of 10mgs of Oxycodone with 325mgs of Acetaminophen. Anything in a higher dose is either Roxicodone or its generics, or the time released Oxycontin. The FDA lists this medication as being a narcotic analgesic, so it has the potential to be habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, drowsiness, dry mouth and const... ...
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Tue, Jul 26 '16, 1:10 PM
3 mg xanax daily vs ativan 2 mg daily combining benzoate
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I have been on benzoate for 15 years and the 3 mg xanax er was working great until the generic was changed on me by the pharmacy. I have been asked to try 1 mg ativan twice daily and my anxiety and panic kicks in that if I say these work and then they don't I won't be able to function. Are these the same and if not how do I get my dr to keep me on the best meds for me and my chemistry. Is there a way to find a generic specific, where the fillers do not affect the half life of my meds? Also I never sleep and I know this just adds to the anxiety then the panic. Any advice? When I take the ER it works as long as I have a .5 to take as needed. Which seems to be in the evening. How do I explain to my dr that the combination works, without it being a concern that I'm just trying t... ...
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Mon, Sep 26 '16, 2:41 PM
My Xanax Doctor has returned!
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I just learned that my old Xanax Doctor is back in practice! I still have 1500 Bars (3000 mg) left from when I saw him last. I am very excited as I need to speak with him, and it had nothing to do with Xanax. However since he is back in my life should I start with more? I only pay about a Dollar for a bottle of 90 Bars with Insurance. Thoughts? ## Where is he located lol ## I'm so jealous who is this doctor? ## He is located in California. Saved me from death when I stopped taking these things. Spent a week in the ER with him! ## be careful with that stuff...I took xanax 1 mg/day for six years. the withdrawal was TERRIBLE ! It took me two years to get even somewhat back to normal. Benzodiazepines can induce a neurological disorder all their own !! ## Xanax is Poison no doubt about i... ...
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Tue, Oct 28 '14, 1:50 PM
Switching from Xanax to Atarax
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Sure hope I can get some help here. I've been on 2 mg. Xanax for years, well over 8 years. My doctor called me last week and told me as of January 1st, Xanax, Valium, believe she said all Benzos will no longer be around! I did some research on this and saw where some States are doing this but did not see North Carolina (where I am), listed, of course I'm not through checking into this as it does take awhile, so thought instead, I'd come here and see what, if anything, anyone else has heard. I've been with this doctor for a little over 15 years so don't think she'd lie to me. She wants to give me, "Atarax" staring in January. What I've read of it, in other forums, most said it did not help their, Anxiety and Panic Attacks (I have both), plus it gave so... ...
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Fri, May 05 '17, 12:37 AM
ohio doctors that prescribe xanax
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I've had anxiety and bad panic disorder now for 15 yrs. I was taking 2mg 4 times daily Got new primary dr. He don't believe in xanax. He gave me a few to see how they work. Go back in first of aug. I need a Dr that understand my dilemma. Please refer me to someone that can help. Thank you ## Even the patent holder of Xanax do not suggest 8 mg a day. When you're cut off, (and you will be) you are a prime candidate for withdrawal including a stroke ## I am sorry, Jon! I do not have a list of doctors there to refer you to, I live on the west coast. 8mgs a day is not a commonly prescribed dosage, as Eddy has already stated, but doctors do have to adjust most dosages according to how the person responds to any given medication. The FDA warns that this one carries the risk of bein... ...
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Wed, Oct 11 '17, 9:35 AM

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