Rhodes Pharm Manufacturer For Rp 10/325 Generic For Percocet

DsKitty702 Says:

Horrible experience with RP 10/325 generic for Percocet 10/325 prescribed by my Pain Mgt Dr. I got the prescription filled at Walmart a month ago. Since that time, I have been in withdrawals, with aching muscles, mostly in my shoulders and wrists, the pain I felt before going on any pain pills over 25 years ago, also the chills and sweating, just as if I were in complete withdrawal. I took the bottle to the pharmacy and told the pharmacist what was happening and he told me he has had no other complaints and couldn't do anything for me...okay, so my husband is now picking up my new monthly prescription at Walgreens, and the manufacturer is Actavis, which I believe is the old Watson and I am praying they will take away the withdrawal feelings. Has anyone else had this issue with the Rhodes Pharm Manufacturer?

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Verwon Says:

Yes, it is not just you! There have been others that have complained about them. It does work for some people, but not for all.

There have been far less complaints about the one from Actavis.

The FDA warns that this medication carries the risk of being habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, headache, dry mouth, and constipation.

Have you tried taking it, yet?

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Skeeter Says:

Yes, I had the same exact issue in November 2016 and again in December. The newer generic pills gave me about 3 days of cold sweats, fatigue, and some nausea. Whenever I came across an older Watson or A- brand, the pill actually worked. I wanted to be certain, so I waited until today to tell my pharmacist. I have been on the same script for about 10 years for degenerative disc pain. I think that that qualifies me to discern between the two. The pharmacist gave me a mixture of the old that worked, the ones that don't help, and a new generic. It was all that she had in stock. I took the A- brand and it worked wonderfully in comparison to the new generic. I plan on taking them back this week. I just hate sounding like an opiate addict to the pharmacist, but ineffective generic pills deserve to be pointed out.

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Fiftygirl912 Says:

Rhodes is awesome for me!! I take 2 10mg at once and I feel great! I even have a little energy along with pain relief! Love them! Everyone's body is different I guess. Rhodes lover here!!

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Kristin Says:

Thank you for validating that you had the same issue and I'm not the only one.

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Nicki Says:

I'm am having an issue with the RP 10/325 generics as well. I brought it to,the pharmacists attention and he acted like I was crazy. I had I spinal fusion and know my body!!! Not real sure what to do...

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Mike Says:

The Walgreens that say...A333 are a joke...Trust me - Gotta get Watson 932? Round White...I'm trying to research them as we type...lol..Anyone know where Watson perks are? 10mg.

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ArthriticallyAmbulent Says:

Yes. Last month, I filled my prescription at Walmart and got the white pills with RP on one side and 10 325 on the other. They are made by Rhodes Pharmaceuticals. They are weak when compared to the Actavis (larger yellow pill) 10/325 generic percocet that I had gotten for the last 2 years at Publix. I didn't have withdrawal symptoms, but they were significantly weaker for handling my pain. I would say they felt like 5/325 - 7.5/325 strength pills that I have taken before. I just filled my prescription at Publix and am taking the Activis med again. Definitely a good difference in my pain management.

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Lildarln Says:

You all are not alone. I'm in Pain management for a crushed leg for one issue and I never had one single problem with my Percocet 10/ 325 until it was filled by RHODES. I thought I was goijng to die and the month of June of 17 was going through help. Withdrawals, severe headaches, sick at my stomach constantly and the list goes on and on. I will never be in a pharmacy and not ask if my scrip will be filled by this poison. I feel for each and every one of you. I'm new here and I want to help and I need help as well. Thank you

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choice nonne Says:

I was given a script of 10 mg oxycodone that I have been taking for 2 years for acute pain. This month I went to cvs and there was a different type of medicine in the bottle. I took it as prescribed and it may as well be Bayer aspirin. I called the pharmacy and told them I need my regular script as this does not help. I was told they would not accept it back and that I should call my doctor. Asked my doctor to change my script. I have never had a pharmacy tell me the med was new or not as effective. My doctor will not change script, so I suffer and don't know what or how to regain ability to do my duty of chores that have to be done. If a person is in acute pain and it affects your being able to do anything, what do I do. Thank you for explaining the Rhodes Pharmaceutical to me. If I can make a few more days, maybe Walgreens will have medication that will ease the pain I live with everyday.

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Wolf Says:

Re: Lildarln (# 8) Expand Referenced Message

Do not take gabapentin w/oxycodone as the inactive ingredients have magnesium. Wait a couple of hrs. Too watch out taking stool softeners with your meds. Take it before bedtime if you can

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john Says:

no your not dreaming had same problem with same pills no pain relief etc

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Jeffrey aka Kyd Says:

I've been taking Actavist 10/325 Percocets for a several years. Never had problem. My last refill I got Rhodes 10/325 Percocets and they don't work with a crap! Today I took my first Rhodes, and I'm feeling withdrawals and my pain is NOT diminished at all... I think I got 325 Tylenol, but no Oxy. I called Walgreen's... they said they couldn't get Actavist and call my Doc... Even if I got a new script, they said my insurance wouldn't pay for a new Rx. My last script for 100 pills (I've been dropped 20 pills/mo) cost me $26.52... Used to be $47.00... I guess by removing the Oxy, they're $20 cheaper! SoB's

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Suz Says:

Yes. Horrible. They do not work. Been on oxycodone for years. No pain relief. Withdrawals. Itching, chills, jaw pain, neck pain, rashes, feeling irritable and I can't get out of bed. Aurobindo brand is just as bad if not worse from India. I found an independent pharmacy that carries Endocet. Healthmart. Look it up in your area and see if they can order it or may have what works. I've suffered for 3 months with no pain relief. Aurobindo brand is made in India. The doctor doesn't care. I've told him how much I've suffered.

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Jeffrey aka Kyd Says:

Yeah... I was getting Actavist 10/320 for a few several years, never had a problem... my last Rx was switched to these RP/10/325 Percocets... they don't work with a crap.

I have another post describing in more detail... bottom line, I think you'll like Actavist

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Lil Nitro Says:

Re: Skeeter (# 2) Expand Referenced Message

I've read somewhere that the cheaper pharm. companies were putting 75% of the narcotic in their drugs, IP, Mallinckrodt and more, and selling to pharmacies to increase profits while the patients were having to take more for the pain, upsetting stomachs and running out of meds early. It's ridiculous for us with legitimate problems to have to suffer while ppl that fake pain so well and can get them no questions asked, and sell them in order to get their drugs of choice, use other ppls urine to pass drug panels. Ppl, myself included, have to worry that you might get fake meds, identical to the ones they're prescribed, possibly from pharmacies, rarely I hope. I got percocet 10/325 from Walgreens made by Actavis. I've gotta say that that company, so far, make the best. A 333 oval shape. Mallinckrodt anything needs to be pulled off the shelf permanently.

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Jeffrey aka Kyd Says:

Re: Lil Nitro (# 15) Expand Referenced Message

I agree, the Actavist 10/325 is a good medication. Better than my last script I got filled at Walgreen's. They didn't have Actavis Percocets, but gave me Rhodes Percocets 10/325... These new ones seemed weaker and I felt withdrawals... I was getting 4/day, i.e. 120 pills... but my doc last prescribed me 100 pills and said with all the OD flack from Opioids, that issue has put undue scrutiny on Percocets. So I have to suffer b/c some ppl use Percocets recreationally, or alcohol and end up dying... Why do I have to be punished b/c of *****s?

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Tracy Says:

I got the RP 5 Percocet and they make me feel really jittery and nervous to the point I’m even afraid to take them. Makes me feel horrible. Anyone else have that problem?

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Jeffrey aka Kyd Says:

Re: Tracy (# 17) Expand Referenced Message

I've been prescribed Percocets 10/325. My last script filled at Walgreen's switched manufacturers, i.e. Rhodes ( I used to get Activast, never had a problem with them)... but these Rhodes are crappy... I bet they're more like 7/325 b/c they don't last for 6-8 hrs... more like 4 hrs. My doc said the DEA wants ppl to only get 3 pills/day... Next office visit, I'm going to ask for ER (Extended Release) and see if I can get a higher dose... maybe 15/325...

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Sourpus Says:

This is the first time I ever got these little white round Percocet pills with RP 10 325. It also says TB on the bottle after the name of the pill. What does the TB stand for?

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Julianna Says:

Re: Sourpus (# 19) Expand Referenced Message

I’m pretty sure the TB listed after the Oxycodone 10-325, 5-325, or whatever dosage you have been prescribed, just stands for “tablet”.

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